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  1. I'm still on 460.79. Is there any benefit of updating to 466.27 for P3D and MSFS2020 on my 3090 FE?
  2. Any suggestions? Still loading slow at times.
  3. Not sure if this was posted but if you finds the 787 taxi and landing lights too dim, there is a fix here. Works great.
  4. Just an update for those with two hat switches, one on Joystick/Yoke and the one on the tiller. If you use Chaseplane you can only configure one hat switch axis at a time. I used FSUIPC to make key commands for the Tiller Hat Switch so I could look left or right during taxi when in virtual Cockpit. I used CTRL + Left Arrow and CTRL + Right Arrow for my key assignments. Just make sure you don't have those keys assigned in P3D. In external view I just used P3D's Lt, Rt, Up, Dn Pan Views for the tiller switches works fine.
  5. Mine arrived today and all I can say is WOW, this is exactly what I have been missing for years. No more using joystick twist or rudder pedals to taxi around the airport. My hand sits nicely on the tiller and is comfortable to use. I've tried it with all the PMDG, FSLabs, TFDI and the Maddog. I pretty much spent the afternoon taxing around the airport. The biggest joy was taxing around in the FSLabs and we know how finicky that can be. This time it was nice, smooth and precise. I followed the video instructions for the complete setup. I will provided more feedback later but I wanted to drop a quick thanks to Nobby for a great product and communication. Now it's time to do a flight.
  6. I read Robs review. From what I saw the size and the angle of the tiller is representative of the actual Airbus tiller from the photos on the website.
  7. Mine is at the mercy of FedEx in Melbourne AU. Hopefully it will move along it’s Journey soon. Reading some of the initial reviews I cannot wait to get my hands on mine.
  8. I'm hoping to see movement on mine soon. I can't wait to try it out.
  9. I would be cautious by any company that is having internal issues and make promises they may not keep later on. Remember SunSkyJet who basically disappeared after everyone donated to the KDTW. He came out back in July on why he was out of touch and was moving forward only to be not heard from again. While I have purchased a few of WF scenery products I’m going to stick to major scenery developers. It’s a shame because their Hong Kong scenery is outstanding.
  10. If you uninstalled it then you can delete the folder in the add-on folder. If you think you shaders are still messed up then just run a repair on the P3D client. If your system is still sluggish after all this, then it wasn’t Envtex/Envshade.
  11. If someone could post a night shot of the roads and night environment that would be much appreciated.
  12. Any status on your order yet? I'm seriously considering ordering on myself.
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