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  1. Steve Any news on this paint?
  2. I’m looking forward to the release. VATSIM has been needing its own version of MTL for years. I like the fact that it will be maintained and updated periodically. Only thing this program will not fix is pilots using incorrect aircraft codes when flying online such as; 747-400 Freighter is 744 and not 74F. Now if VATSIM would just hurry up and fix the audio :)
  3. I didn’t notice any long loading time. For me everything was instant. I run a 1080ti and 7700k@5.0MHz. I didn’t even restart the sim when I departed back out of Atlanta. I went KMDW-KATL-KFLL without restarting P3Dv4.1 and noticed no slowdown on my end.
  4. Just finished an arrival and departure from the updated Atlanta during the VATSIM FNO in the PMDG 737 and I am impressed with the new update. There was tons of traffic and my performance with DL and all options enabled was smooth. Atlanta is now a joy to use. Before I had to turn off all the Atlanta features and use the lite textures to even get anything smooth.
  5. The taxi signs still said RW14 when runway is marked 15. They forgot to update the taxi signs which they have fixed.
  6. They posted a fix for the taxiway signs on the Aerosoft forums.
  7. Now we just need the 747-8 to make this complete :)
  8. Perfect timing. This Friday's Vatsim FNO is @ CYYZ. Perfect time to try out the updated scenery.
  9. Steve, I agree with you 100%. Will see what happens over the next few weeks. As I've stated in my previous post I preferred the CS 757 over the QW 757 and I reported a great flight yesterday with a few minor issues but no show stoppers.
  10. Now your badgering the person which is clearly a AVSIM violation. I have clearly stated my own experiences which had nothing to do with sound as you implied and in other post I said I like the plane but I also disagree with the way CaptainSim released this. I also referenced the CS forum as a source. You need to stop backpedalling and let the topic continue.
  11. I read it in the CaptainSim forums as I stated above. How is that falsehood or my opinion when I referenced the source. I posted what are the top topics posted over there. And I clearly stated what I encountered.
  12. We’re in this who entire posting did I say I had the sound issues? Read before you point a finger. I clearly stated what others had posted and what I experienced. And I clearly listed what I encounters and it says nothing about sound.
  13. Funny how CaptainSim didn't correct anyone for over 24 hours when the entire FlightSim Community to include Facebook, Forums, and Twitch Streamers were referring to it as the BETA release. I guess they didn't want to hurt sales. Even FSElite had to post a correction an hour ago.
  14. As CS has clearly stated "What's the difference the initial release version number make? We'd call it 0.1 or 11.5." Funny I have heard something similar from another popular person, LOL
  15. Well many on there forums who have been reporting issues such as spool up, radio tuning, reversers, sounds, etc. I myself have come across a few after a second day of flying it. My auto-throttle stopped responding during decent, I couldn't get the ILS back to Auto Mode. The cockpit lighting at dusk are delayed until complete night. Yes I can fly it but it is buggy for the price.