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  1. Nobody I know has purchased it yet but someone finally made a video on it if you want to see the details.
  2. I watched a few Twitch/YouTube streamers last night flying the T2G Orlando event on Vatsim in hopes to get a glimpse of the new scenery. To my surprise not a single one was using the new T2G release. They were all using the Asobo version.
  3. Southwest Virtual. Also some are asking on the Taxi2Gate Facebook Page. Apparently you have to leave the Asobo version enabled as he uses the hand-crafted scenery’s exclusion zones. So if I get this right, we're paying $25+ for a scenery that is using Asobo handcrafted objects? If we disable it then we get strange building effects. Seems like we're being charged for what we already have. T2G is actually replying on there Facebook page.
  4. I'm reading on Discord that some people are claiming that default buildings are showing through, even with the handcrafted version disabled. Can someone confirm this.
  5. I agree, I just used FB as my initial reference. I didn’t list all of the old school devs who are doing a great job as the list would be long. The community knows who they are and we appreciate the work they provide. By the way, you forgot PacSim, 😉
  6. Except for Flightbeam it seems like some of the old school scenery developers are not giving it there all when it comes to scenery development. IniBuild and the new guys are killing it and at a much better price point.
  7. Here is the english Link Even with the P3D discount which is around $3 USD, it’s still on the pricey side. Not to happy with photos they provided. They leave out a lot of details. Most of the photos are of approach’s to the runways. I’ll be looking forward to a review on this one.
  8. I'm still on the fence for either the MK or Dominic version. Waiting on a detailed comparison between the two. Also the Dominic isn't on the iniBuild Manager yet so I have time.
  9. Based on their TFFR release they will probably use SimMarket (SM). I try to avoid SM when it comes to MSFS2020. I’m not a fan of their forced installer. I prefer FSDT Addon Manager, Orbx, Contrail and iniBuilds Manager.
  10. Someone has already pointed out the the jetway section attached to the terminal looks too small for even passengers to walk trough. I can clearly see it from the images they posted.
  11. Just saw the post on Facebook that KPHL is about to be on SimMarket. Looking at the 25+ photos on the FB page, the airport looks really good. I can't wait to see a comparison between the two Philly Airports.
  12. It's working now. Just extremally slow on the download.
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