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  1. I’m getting some great performance in the Fenix A320. I run at 30 FPS in the 2020 graphics menu and by turning on the Integrated graphs for the displays, I get smooth performance. Flew around LAX at night with clouds and didn’t dip below 30.
  2. Hope you figure this out. I went though this with my kids and built him a PC so he could enjoy flightsim as much as myself but it turns out I was the only one really interested to begin with. When it came to planes, thankfully I purchased the good ones and he used the free ones. Now if he was seriously interested or in flight training then I would look at getting him the PMDG or something to that level to further his education. Buddy of mine also had the same wishes that his son would enjoy MSFS2020. Got him all setup with 2020 and a new xbox only to have him go back to his other games a week later. If I was to do it again and set up my kid up in 2020. I would start him off in the FBW A320 to learn the basic and flows. If I saw that he was definitely into the simulation and wanted to go further into the systems then I would accommodate his interest. It's a tough call, good luck in your outcome.
  3. There is only one post on the Orbx forums so if something needs to be addressed then I would post there. Otherwise they will think everything is fine. I'm going to hold off until I see more feedback.
  4. Blackbox711 or KatiePilot are also good recommendations.
  5. If Felix can pull pull this off with quality, systems and immersion for the price they offer, then PMDG needs to step up their game. Felix will become the new gold standard when it comes to MSFS2020 high end aircraft.
  6. Did you also change the change the previous right click to the middle click per there instructions in the mouse profile? To use PMDG Type interaction, you need to re-assign the TOGGLE COCKPIT VIEW FREELOOK (HOLD) in the COCKPIT CAMERA options. We have found that assigning it to Mid-Click works very well. Once I did this right click worked for me and the middle mouse works like it did for P3D.
  7. Just change your output default audio device. The Yoke took it over so just switch it back to your speakers. Happen to me but took a few seconds to set it back to my speakers.
  8. You guys left out the TFDi MD-11. This is one I'm waiting for for cargo fights.
  9. With the Thrustmaster Boeing Yoke I can get the gear to go up and down but I can't get the mouse to put the gear handle in the OFF position.
  10. He's still holding strong @ 1700+ viewers after the release.
  11. Sorry Steve. I normally remove the pictures when I quote.
  12. Looks good as always Steve. I hope you consider a C40B paint for one of the BBJ’s
  13. I'm happy I got the NGXu so I'll simply use the first $69.99 on the 737-700 and use the left over $30 credit on the 737-800. My $99 almost got me 2.5 PMDG packages for the price of one. (P3D NGXU + MSFS 737 + $30 on second MSFS 737 )
  14. Relax, abrams_tank already pointed to the post I missed by Rob so my third paragraph was incorrect which I freely admit. But you new this anyway.
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