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  1. I decided to give it a try as Atlanta is one of my primary airports I fly in and out of and night time always disappoints when pulling into the ramp. They did a really nice job with the light placement. All the ramps are nicely illuminated now. I’ll need to do a flight to the airport to see how it looks on approach. For what you get the price should have been below $5.
  2. The problem is the pay scenery is by ImagineSim and it's not worth it, even after the update.
  3. I fly in and out of Atlanta a lot but at night the ramp is pretty dark. I figured since it's an Asobo Airport they would have fixed it by now. I noticed a KATL Airport Night Enhanced from DreamScenery is on the Marketplace. Anyone using it and is it worth the $10? Looks like the latest update was 30 May, 2024.
  4. You’re the guy they refer to in this Video 😉. SFC is not always a fix all.
  5. This is also what I hate about software that requires some type of server to be able to use it. Users pay for software but can no longer use it or install it if the company decides to go out of business.
  6. I run Aivlasoft EFB every flight on a client PC. From seeing my route, multiplayer aircraft etc, it will be a loss as I have been using it for years.
  7. Thanks for the info. It falls along the original post here. Good to know I can order some parts if the magnet fix I'm using stops working.
  8. I'm leaning towards getting it and if and when I do, I will be sure to perform some of the checks you mentioned. Right now I'm trying to get up the courage to purchase it, hahaha. CaptainSim has put me off on their products over the years and I've been disappointed too many times to depart with my money. You can't blame the public from being cautious.
  9. I can't believe I'm saying this but I may have to check this plane out. I'm a retired USAF Crew Chief who worked on the C-130E, MC-130E, HC-130N/P for 20+ years. Time to perform a preflight and engine run on this bird to make sure its ready for flight, hahahaha
  10. Yes, I’m still using the magnets on my yoke and it’s working great. Maybe once a month I was needing to run a quick recalibration but doing flight control checks before taxi took care of any issues. I’m still very pleased with my fix. I even added one to the left side of the throttle quadrant because I found the spoiler/speed break was not going back to the full forward position without me pushing on the lever pretty heavily. With the magnet now as soon as it hits the forward stop the speed break/spoiler is retracted.. Thrustmaster has issues with these things. I closed out my last RMA ticket because I did not want to send it in again, but I told them how I fixed my problem and they thank me for the information.
  11. PacSim just released Greenville–Spartanburg for MSFS2020. It looks outstanding and its actually priced nicely $18.99 Site Link Latest Sim Update (SU15) tested product; Accurate Terminal, Concourses, and airport layout; Accurate interior layout of Terminal and Concourses; Custom Animated Jetways; Sharp PBR Textures (4096x2 and 2048x2) applied to models; Latest High Resolution (7cm-30cm pixel) orthoimagery replacing MS version (Covers just the airport); Custom vegetation and accurate hand-placed autogen (vegetation) that conforms with airport layout; Fully tweaked and optimized since beginning of project for smooth simulation experience; Elevation/terrain mesh corrections which include dips and drainage system Apron/taxiway grunge work (oil stains, tire marks, etc) Added new airside models (trucks, tugs, baggage conveyors, vans, trailers, etc) Added wigwag lights to all hold-short points Accurate FAA Tower Parking garages Cerulean Aviation FBO, hangars, and freight warehouses (Fedex and Cerulean) ...and much more.
  12. Why even post on the PMDG forums about how the 737 gets more FPS then the Fenix? If your getting less FPS with the A320 then let Fenix know. Not much is going to be accomplished on PMDG forums to address it unless your trying to stir the pot which appears you have accomplished as they have removed your original post. You did make Reddit so congratulations.
  13. I already had some from over the years. I’m just confirming that the announcements do work.
  14. Announcements have been working great on my end. I’ve installed a few airline specific announcements per the guide so I don’t have to mess with the default ones. I’ve been hearing them all depending on my phase of flight.
  15. I like the new announcement features. I was able to use my FSLabs announcements and with a little renaming per the guide, worked perfectly in the Fenix.
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