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  1. I’m on AT&T 1Ghz Fiber. I get around 950 down and 935 up. My connection is smoking fast. I run Cat6e directly to the Flight PC. I’m ready for 2020. For this area it’s around $60 a month Last test I ran. https://prnt.sc/sngfzq
  2. Couple more weeks? Those are not the words FSLabs pilots want to hear while waiting for it to be updated for P3Dv5, LOL Glad I'm still on 4.5HF2 😁
  3. You can change it higher but max is 18 regardless of higher value.
  4. I'm unable to download from the Library. 504 Gateway Time-out The server didn't respond in time.
  5. See if renaming anim.bgl to .OFF fixes the issue. It does for V4.
  6. No issues with the 747 update for me on 4.5HF2. Just finished a flight and everything was the same except for the new taxi features which is fine. Nothing as dreadful as the NGXu. Texture load is instant when cycling views.
  7. I hope they didn’t use the same updates from the NGXu for how it taxis in the sim. I still hate how the 737 feels on the ground.
  8. Maybe not back then but from all the excitement on all the social media sites and the official announcement, it appears an MD-11 is a much welcomed addition and most likely will be profitable in 2020/21. I wish TFDI the best and for me it will be a day one purchase. i can see a SteveDra UPS paint on one, LOL
  9. Thanks for the reference and providing it in a way to educate myself and others unlike some in this forums.
  10. I think the MD-11 will be a hot seller for TFDI. I fly for UPSVAC and I know we've been dying for a MD-11. TFDI has come a long ways and didn't give up on the 717. I'm sure the MD-11 will be a huge success for them. Probably more than the 717. As far as PMDG and the MD-11 goes, I don't think disappointing sales had anything to do with it. I think it's due to an old partnership that went different ways after the MD-11 project.
  11. On their FB page there is a discussions that the 767-200 and RR engines.
  12. I can't wait to see the price of the expansions. They are not going to be cheap. The 757 base is $75.70 with a $49 freighter expansion. Seeing the 767 base is $134.99 / $99.76 I can imagine the freighter will be close to $70 based off past pricing. Again just a guess.
  13. They are good when it comes to manipulation.
  14. People are not paying attention to the line "if the expansions installed" if you want the CF6-80, RB211. If the base is $100+ I can only imagine what the expansions will run. I'm guessing around $50 a pop.
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