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  1. Wise87

    PMDG 748 LN:1 ERR AT

    The Level-D announcement was two years ago at FlightSimCon. Not holding my breath on them releasing anything.
  2. Wise87

    PMDG 748 LN:1 ERR AT

    I think there made up folders to hide something else in the pipeline. It’s simple alphabet folks.
  3. FYI, Leonardo has release the Maddog SP1 beta on their forums. Sure has been a busy few days with all these releases and updates.
  4. Wise87

    QW787 update 1.1.2 out

    Yes, the installer is in the QualityWings redistribution folder.
  5. Thanks for the info. I brought it up because it happened to two of us.
  6. Myself and another user just finished up our second flight with the 747-8. The first leg was from KPAE to KSDF, 3.5hrs. Weather at KSDF was cool, rainy, with wet runways. On our second leg we flew from KSDF to OMDB. After 12.5 hours we landed at OMDB at early evening, 96*F. We both used brakes 2 and reverse. They have long runways so we were light on the brakes and rolled all the way to the end. We both had over heated brakes and tire failures. We had to use maintenance to repair them in ordered to taxi. I we have flown the 747-400 and the 777 and never experienced overheated breaks before. Is there a way to turn it off completely?
  7. Wise87

    PMDG 747-8 Being released today

    Sales must have been pretty good. Last night on VATSIM alone @2345 CST there were 320 pilots online. Of those, 100 were fly the 747-8. Not too shabby for being out only a few hours. I’m on my second flight now and just messing around with the EFB and ACARS system have made the 747 fun to fly again. I always enjoy learning something new.
  8. I have two like that. Strange.
  9. I purchased the 747-8 one time but have two keys in my account. Which one do I use?
  10. He can get that fixed when he drops off the plane and picks up the -8, LOL
  11. I wonder if there waiting for 1948 (748) GMT, 😉
  12. I think some folks are getting worried because Robert did say to check back tomorrow morning and nothing has been said. Then they state that the winner on Chewwy's stream would most likely be the first to receive the first copy of the 748 during the giveaway. So I can see why some are thinking not today. Just my guess.
  13. WOW almost 800 viewers on Chewwys Twitch Stream. Even PMDG is hanging out on his channel. Can't ask for better Hype than that.
  14. The website has been up since early evening yesterday. Also They said to check back in the AM today for more info. That has pretty much passed except in Hawaii, LOL
  15. Morning has pretty much passed in the US and Daytime GMT is about to turn into evening. Not feeling it today.