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  1. Yeah, this totally kills the immersion. FSX was my first flight sim and one of the simple joys was successfully navigating the taxiways with a real life chart in hand.
  2. Enjoying the impression posts, both for and con. The debating not so much. Oh well, such is the nature of the internet. 🙂
  3. I downloaded the plugin and ran the installer before the patch. Since the patch, it starts automatically for me as well. Every switch worked except the avionics switch, so I thought "what the heck, I'll start the plugin separately as well and see if that fixes the avionics switch". When I did that, I got a message saying another instance of the plugin was already running.
  4. Thanks guys. Sometimes it's hard to know what's a specific design decision vs. a bug (not that this would've been a huge deal even if it was a bug).
  5. Very minor cosmetic quibble here--maybe I'm not pointing and clicking in the right place. When I select my plane, weight, etc., I'm zeroing out the co-pilot weight to where I believe I'm indicating that it's just me in the plane. However, when the flight intro sequence starts, I see two in the cockpit. Am I missing a very obvious setting such that if it's just me in the cockpit, I'll only see one person in the plane?
  6. Ok, so I went into my Nvidia Control Panel/Set up Digital Audio/Open Windows Sound Settings/clicked on my speaker device/properties/Advanced Tab, then changed 'Default Format' from 24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality) to 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD) quality. Then I restarted my PC. Issue went away. I then changed it back to 24 bit, restarted my PC, and the issue is still resolved. So initially I thought maybe changing from 24 to 16 bit did the trick, but having switched it back to 24 with it still working, I'm thinking just restarting the PC did the trick, at least for me, for now. Maybe I had some kind of load coming from somewhere initially? Interestingly enough, I had the same issue with FSX back in the day. It ended up being a cloud-distance setting that was too high on Active Sky.
  7. I encountered something new for the first time recently: I selected the C172 (classic) and started the session cold and dark. All normal up to this point. Then when I fire up the engine, I start to hear an audio 'popping' sound that occurs every 15 or 20 seconds or so. Turn off the engine, popping disappears. Then strangely enough, when I exit and go to the main menu, I'll hear the same pop during the menu music--but I didn't hear the popping sound in the menu music before the flight. Any thoughts what this could be? Anyone encounter anything similar?
  8. I haven't been terribly impressed with the default weather engine and its bugs. If REX puts out anything resembling what Active Sky did for FSX, I'm sold.
  9. Just curious, does Pilot2atc recognize and/or direct AI traffic?
  10. Yes, I noticed the sim's overall performance degrades as a flight goes on and even created a thread for it a few days ago. I had wondered if there was some type of memory leak within the game. However, I never considered it potentially tied to AI or Live traffic (I've been running 50% AI traffic myself). Good find. Many times I would fly out of my hometown airport (KBNA) starting at 60fps, cruise around the city for 20 or 30 minutes, then land back at the same airport. By the time I would land and park, my fps would be 30. I really hope they get this one sorted out.
  11. Lately as I've taken more flights, I've noticed my average frames tend to drop as the flight goes on. For example, I'll start the flight at roughly 60 fps (1080ti with high settings), fly around the area for 30 minutes or so, and by the time I land and park, my fps will be around 30-32. None of my other sims or games exhibit this behavior. Is this indicative of some type of memory leak within MSFS? Have others reported similar issues?
  12. Ah, thanks guys. Well that explains that.
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