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  1. Yep, the mod Josh mentions is a good stop-gap until they get it fixed.
  2. If these forums would let me, I'd swear in order to voice my pleasure with this update, lol. After SU5, I had to shelve this because the culling was killing me. Now no culling, everything on ultra, smooth as butter. Asobo catches a lot of grief when things go south, so in turn they should be commended when things go this well. Absolutely loving this title again.
  3. Bummed the scenery pop-in won't be fixed until late August, but better 3 weeks than not at all.
  4. I've been traveling the last few days and hope to hop in later today, but am curious: regarding the anti-aliasing and shimmering, has anyone tried increasing the anti-aliasing in the Nvidia control panel to compensate?
  5. I was doing a flight to Key West (KEYW) approaching from the west (RNAV approach runway 09). The island looked like a blurry blob until about 3-5 miles out, when everything started popping in, populating the island (trees, buildings, etc.)...right in front of me. I was looking straight ahead, no panning. Real immersion killer. While the improvement in smoothness and framerate is substantial compared to pre-update, the cost isn't worth it IMHO. This title has a lot going for it, but when nerfing what is arguably the sim's greatest strength (the visuals), this is going backwards. This, plus the new "washed out" look, things just not looking as crisp, etc. I really, really hope they give us something in the future, be it a setting, slider, whatever, that allows us to adjust this to our preferences.
  6. Was glad to see this thread. I was flying yesterday in the Carenado Seneca at 10,000 feet in the pre-set of scattered clouds and decided to switch to live weather. About 20 seconds later the plane flips over and I get the message my flight was terminated due to stress on the aircraft. Never happened before. I'm guessing I got hit with one of these 60mph "bursts".
  7. If you have an xbox controller you can also unbind the right joystock from the 'cockpit look' function. That fixed it for me. I also saw another suggestion to create a large enough deadzone on that stick to where it stops moving.
  8. For me the performance gain is substantial, but as a Track IR user, the pop-in when looking around completely breaks the immersion. I don't mind giving up some of that performance if they can fix the pop-in.
  9. Likes: Much smoother, trim wheel more responsive, no CTD yet with live ai traffic. Dislikes: Pop-in looking around using Track IR.
  10. Yep, there are a ton of GA airports like this in MSFS. Lots of great scenery around them, but the airports themselves are missing the buildings, hangers, etc.
  11. Live weather is decent for me with the exception of the constant lightning in anything but clear skies. If they can't do lightning correctly, I'd prefer they just remove it altogether until they can.
  12. I know this is an old thread, but FWIW, I've found that when using REX weather in MSFS, setting the weather source in pilot2atc to 'NOAA Real Weather' keeps things more in synch than when setting it to 'REX Weather'.
  13. Very strange, I'm just not seeing all the planes that others are seeing. For me it's as if Live Traffic reverted back to how it was at release---a plane here, a plane there. I did a flight earlier today from KTYS to KATL, the latter which is one of the busiest airports in the US. As I came in and landed, I saw all of 3 planes (both onscreen and looking at Pilot2atc's "show aircraft" feature on its moving map).
  14. A few updates back they improved live traffic where the volume was pretty decent. I noticed about a day before this latest update the live traffic disappeared altogether. Post update it's reverted back to the way it was months ago--a plane here or there if you're lucky. Guess it's back to ai traffic for now, though that seems to impact performance a bit (little less smooth, a few less frames). Between this and constant lightning/thunder, Asobo seems to struggle with any feature that includes the word 'live'. Oh well, fingers crossed for next update.
  15. I think this has gotten worse somehow. If I select 'Live Weather', anything short of clear skies is automatic lightning and thunder. 😒
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