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  1. Noticed a bit of a quirk testing in the past few days. Seems that when injecting traffic using FSLTL, only about 1 in 10 aircraft are actually flashing their beacon lights, nav lights, etc. If I start up FSLTL without FSHud, all the aircraft are flashing their lights normally. Strange, as I'm not sure why that would make a difference.
  2. I been trying FSHud out the past few days with the latest betas and I've got to say, it's pretty impressive (I'm a long-time P2ATC user), what with it controlling AI traffic.
  3. Is there value in downloading the newest version if no interest in the GPU load feature?
  4. I downloaded and installed FSHud beta today, but thought I'd first test this concept with GA aircraft that had flightplans to see if it might recognize and control GA aircraft. To do this, I installed Corsten's GA Mod found here with his instructions: https://flightsim.to/file/51413/gamod-offline-version Once I fired MSFS up, I then set the sim traffic to "off", and when firing up FSHud I then checked the 'bgl' box only, just to test the GA traffic (the mod above disables the default traffic.bgl file and replaces it with its own files that contains only GA aircraft/plans). It takes a few minutes to load, but soon the sky had roughly a dozen or so GA traffic that also appeared in the FSHud app's 'Flight Timetable' section. Since those aircraft appeared in that section, that leads me to believe the app recognizes and controls them as well--hence, one can have GA traffic controlled by FSHud in addition to the user's airline traffic (which, in my case, I then added by also checking the 'FSLTL' box). Ultimately I won't know for sure until I'm actually flying (or taxiing and the ATC actually has me hold short for a GA aircraft--or they hold short for me---for example), but it might be worth checking out. I could be totally wrong, but it looks plausible to me so far since the app "sees" these planes and their flight plans.
  5. I've noticed the same, will try 20 as well.
  6. Does FS Hud inject and control GA traffic, using AIG files for example?
  7. Can't see the value in purchasing this until it's fully baked. Once it controls other traffic in addition to myself, then I'm very interested in trying it out.
  8. I've been on latest beta for awhile now, and when doing a flight from KDCA to KTEB yesterday, received the message from ATC that they "couldn't provide vectors at this time" when nearing the approach phase,. This was the first time I encountered this. I'll monitor going forward, but has anyone else experienced the same?
  9. I'm really enjoying this app. While we all would prefer local weather, the variations in cloud types and layers more than make up for it, for me anyway. Not to mention the adjustable smoothing rate is really good. FWIW, I was doing a flight from KBNA to KDCA at FL 410 yesterday with overcast clouds below me and still had a thin layer of clouds above me. But yeah, let's just use what works best for us and what we enjoy, and have fun!
  10. So in the regular 'Active Sky' threads, I've noticed a few posts mention that Active Sky and RealTurbulence seem to work well together. For those who have both, can you expand on that a bit? Any insight on how the turbulence settings in AS play dovetail with RealTurbulence? I assume they don't double-up on each other as that might make it unrealistic, is that an accurate statement? Or is RealTurbulence even really needed if using AS? The reason I ask is I would like to get what is considered "realistic" turbulence, but I'm unclear how using both affects "realism", or if both aren't really needed and AS alone is sufficient. Hope that makes sense. Thoughts?
  11. I'm a little confused with this: - Added new option: Use periodic theme reloads. Default On. Enable this option to have the weather theme rebuilt periodically, approximately every 7 minutes, to provide updates and variation to the weather as you fly. Without this option enabled, updates will occur only as per your download interval setting. What's the difference between updates that occur based on regular download intervals vs. "periodic theme reloads"?
  12. Any insight into how the turbulence settings in AS dovetail with the turbulence settings in FSRealistic? Do they double up or does one overwrite the other?
  13. I really enjoy seeing local weather in the distance, but I have to admit, the better looking sky with different cloud types using AS makes it feel like a new sim and I find myself not missing the local weather in the distance so much--especially with the transition rate set to a slow, smooth transition.
  14. In previous versions of Gaist I also added a few regional route folders (e.g., North American/Caribbean) to my community folder. Are those even still necessary with this new version?
  15. Thanks for the tip! In my case uninstalling and then reinstalling both the connector and AS itself didn't create the correct entry in the exe.xml file (Steam user here). So I thought "well if AS won't do it, maybe I can just manually put that entry in myself." I did, and now it successfully connects when booting up MSFS. If anyone else runs into this issue (i.e., manually having to start 'ActiveSkyUtils.exe' for it to connect), this is what I did: 1) Ensure you have the 'ActiveSkyUtils.exe'. Should be in C:\Users\(name)\AppData\Roaming\HiFi\AS_FS\AddonFolder 2) Navigate to your exe.xml file. For Steam, it's here: C:\Users\(name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator 3) Open the the exe.xml file with notepad and add the following entry: <Launch.Addon> <Name>Active Sky</Name> <Disabled>false</Disabled> <Path>C:\Users\(name)\AppData\Roaming\HiFi\AS_FS\AddonFolder\ActiveSkyUtils.exe</Path> </Launch.Addon> Note the line above bracketed by 'path' should be one line (it's just wrapping here in this post). Save the file of course. Thanks again RALF!
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