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  1. Started to notice lately how light GA aircraft that take off aren't rising into the air as expected and glide along on the ground indefinitely. Latest example I saw was spawning into MYNN, I saw a Cessna 172 prepping for takeoff and decided to watch. The Cessna began it's takeoff roll but never lifted up. I used my drone camera to follow it and see when/if it might gain altitude. It never did. As I followed it, it simply glided along the ground at speed well beyond the airport, appearing and disappearing in-between houses, trees, etc. Eventually it reached the water (this is an island) and it just kept skimming along on the water's surface, when it should have been up in the air at about 3500 feet. This wasn't the first time I noticed this. Not sure why airliners take off properly, but in these instances, not GA. I'm using AIG and FSTL models. Light GA already in the air at the time of spawning into a given airport work fine. Not a deal-breaker, but in times past light GA took off just fine.
  2. I updated the AIG models earlier today, and now my FPS are tanked as well, using them with PSXT and Real Traffic. If I remove them from the Community folder, FPS is back up to normal. Any idea how long this hotfix will take to roll out?
  3. Yep, this error message is not user error. The airports_msfs.xml is correctly in the folder structure, but when launching the app, it's apparently looking for the .xml in a different place.
  4. Thanks for posting this solution. I updated to the latest FUIPC version and all of a sudden P2ATC wouldn't connect. After troubleshooting quite a bit I stumbled across this thread. Sure enough, I had MSFS running in Admin mode as well. Unchecked that and now P2ATC works as usual.
  5. If you omitted AIG from PSXT, you'd have less liveries for PSXT to work with, but wouldn't have less aircraft displayed in your sim, depending on your PSXT settings. For example (again in the scenario where AIG is omitted and you're using only Just Flights or FSTL models--or both): If your 'Live Matching Depth' setting in PSXT is set to 8 and there's a given aircraft of which a model/livery doesn't exist for Just Flight or FSTL, then PSXT will select another model/livery to represent that aircraft in the sim (7.2 in the manual describes the hierarchy of how that selection is made). Alternatively, if your 'Live Matching Depth' setting is 3 (match aircraft by airline/type), i.e., "perfect matches" only, then PSXT won't display that aircraft in the sim because it couldn't find that "perfect match" with only the Just Flight/FSTL models in your community folder. From what I can gather (as alluded to earlier) I think many (most?) users using all these liveries will prioritize the Just Flight/FSTL models first and use AIG as the final fallback. As a quick personal aside, I tend to do this too but I've found that for some strange reason, a small number of AI aircraft aren't displaying their beacon/nav lights while in flight. This has become a minor pet peeve of mine and doing some anecdotal testing seems to indicate it's a few of the AIG models doing this. Therefore, I have a decision to make: leave off AIG and have a few models with inaccurate liveries as described above, or keep AIG and have a few models that don't display beacon/nav lights. I suppose this "pick your poison" is in the eye of the beholder and some wouldn't think of it as a big deal either way. Or perhaps there's some other reason why a handful of those AIG models don't display their lights and I just haven't found it yet.
  6. Can confirm it works now with the latest beta. Thanks Dave!
  7. Hello Dave, I may have discovered a new bug when exporting flight plans to/for MSFS. With the latest beta I recently created a new flight plan and exported it to a specified folder on my PC drive so could later import it into MSFS. Once in MSFS on the world map flight planning screen, I then proceeded to load my new flight plan. I like to do this so that when I load into the flight itself, the flight plan is then automatically loaded into the plane's GPS. With this latest beta when the exported flight plan is loaded in the World Map screen, the boxes just under the "from" and "to'" airport selections (where you would designate your parking spot for example) are populated with "-AIRBORNE- xxFt" with no way to change them. A message also briefly displays that says that no high airways exist for that route. The reason I believe it's a new bug in the flight plan export is that previously created flight plans load up fine. As an extra test, I rolled back to an earlier version of P2A, created a new flight plan, loaded into MSFS, and the new flight plan created in the older version loaded just fine as well. I then re-installed the latest beta, created a new flight plan, went back into MSFS, and the newly created flight plan from the latest beta once again loaded with that funky "AIRBORNE" entry above.
  8. For those with both, just wondering which one edges out the other for you. Although similar, do you find yourself preferring one over the other, even if slightly? If so, why? I'm referring to models/liveries only, not the traffic injection systems.
  9. Thanks for the reminder. When I tried it earlier, I checked for updates within the application itself, and it told me I was still current. After seeing your message, I went straight to the website, and sure enough, there's a new version. Will install it and give it another go.
  10. Yes, same here, seems to be injecting weather based on metars from 3 days ago. This is really frustrating and I wish Asobo would get their act together. Even my standby, REX Weather isn't injecting clouds at the moment either. Very strange.
  11. When you say "loaded into the sim", are you referring to the main menu for example, or when loaded into the airport?
  12. Let's say I purchased Just Flight's Pipers (or really any plane from anywhere) and wanted to specify them as options to be used as AI Traffic. Is this possible? I'm led to believe I can do this via the plane's aircraft.cfg file, but reading the SDK documentation notes on air traffic here: https://docs.flightsimulator.com/html/Content_Configuration/SimObjects/Aircraft_SimO/Additional_CFG_Information.htm#air_traffic_notes ...I'm just as confused. What exact parameter(s) should change and to what values exactly? FWIW, I also have 'Use Generic Plane Models' set to 'On' in my MSFS traffic settings as I don't mind generic models being used for AI. Can anyone shed some easier-to-understand light on this? Thanks!
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