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  1. Hi, is there a video on how to group addons? using lorbys? thanks
  2. Hey thanks for the reply I don’t think it all links up to relevant entries wish It did, that would be much easier.
  3. Thank you for the informative answer. i have aus v1 in v4 I noticed in the lorbys tool in packages sub heading, that it is the there is a Australia region sub heading. Now if I highlight that to red will it disable that region? thanks mike
  4. is there a faster way of say disabling whole packages of scenery ?? for example if you have alot of orbx scenery global regions etc etc but dont fly in between all that scenery.you wouldnt disable them one by one? would you? is there a faster way with lorbys tool?lt will take forever? MIke
  5. Pics? i believe that’s normal for this time of year in the northern hemisphere.
  6. I can post my opinion as many tines a bloody want!!! Got it?? don’t have a word not allowed bc you spent money on a product! And then realize it’s not working out for you.
  7. Hey guys I’m not on v5 yet but noticed on their site that only gsx is p3dv4/v5 are the others like Vancouver klax which I have etc not v5 compatible yet? thanks mike
  8. May I ask why the m2 for scenery? Addons? my opinion waste of money. im assuming the m2 does not make a difference? for P3d to load faster I can understand. mike
  9. Ahh I see why your using 2MSAA I am on a 50inch 4k tv im not on v5 yet I have gotten emails from toga. im assuming it’s stable? If someone else would like to chime in on results? mike
  10. What size is your 4k monitor? and are you using any shaders? Like envshade? thanks mike
  11. Time to upgrade your cpu bud thats your bottleneck
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