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  1. Hi Bob, Yes on the latest driver,I have tried the nvidia filters. and colour correction. still issue persists . thanks mike
  2. I am getting stunning performance . Wry fluid. Don’t know if it’s the 7950x3d and 3080ti. or the latest msfs update and latest driver update . but 🤩. ifit’s the driver I won’t be updating at all if it is.😊 Just need to fix the washed out look that bugs me. iv e tried everything with user.cfg tweaks . to Nvidia shaders. and nothing. mike
  3. Only thing that sucks is the disappearing cloud shadows when panning . all sliders maxed. mike
  4. 🤩 thank you just tried these out with Rex soft clouds enhanced 🔥 very happy thank you very much. im running a 7850x3d with 3080ti and 32 go 6000mhz ddr5 . and eats it for breakfast honestly better than v5 and msfs for me atm 🤩 mike
  5. What mesh reso should be set in P3d? To work both orbx scenery and fsgu? thanks mike
  6. @Rogen, Can you please share your preset for tomatoshade? And first 5 points in post regarding shaders ? thank you mike
  7. Rogen do you mind posting the link to the cloud shader mod and your tomato shade ini file? also what options did you install in rex texture direct and clouds? Thanks mike
  8. http://rdart.ru/SetInstaller That’s it . do not not know if any shader mods are required like pta or RDshade etc? mike
  9. I think there is a website I can’t recall which one thou whereby you can download a program. And install presets. I’ll have to search when I get home. mike
  10. I don't actually use the preset, I kind of rolled my own. And with regards to weather I mean clear skies (I stop ASN and choose clear skies), so that the weather is not influencing visibility and thus causing over or under adjustment of the Rayleigh scattering. Some Info: What I found was the author of Tomatoshade never updated to cater for 4.5 HF3 (that I'm aware of at least - v31 is the last I have). As a result I noticed a ton of errors in the P3D logs. At that point I found as long as you're not using the reflection options it is still a valuable tool in defining lighting and things like Rayleigh scattering. So I rolled my own settings which I've been tweaking to my liking ever since, I've pasted the ini into a spoiler for your preview. I also make two manual changes to 2 x shaders, one change to resolve a math issue and the other change for precipitation. Neither may apply to yourself as not all configs would have the same shader values but here they are based on my ini file. Note if changing the values below they will be overwritten whenever the Tomatoshade config is applied, so the process would be to apply the Tomatoshade settings, then the edits, then trigger P3D to regenerate its shader cache, confirm the look and rinse and repeat until satisfied. Cheers R What I really like about P3D is there are a host of easily configurable settings able to be made with just a text editor. e.g. slow down the road traffic, reset the sun/moon size, plus all the option avaialble in the P3D config file, great stuff to tune the look feel. GPUTerrain.fx - wrap calc in an abs() #pragma warning( disable : 3571 ) float2 atmoHeightDepth(float heightScale, float angle, float2 baseScale) { return exp(-baseScale * heightScale) * (pow(abs(18.8125 * angle + 1.0), -1.28125) * 32.53323 + 0.29103) / baseScale; } PrecipParticle.fx - calcs for smaller looking rain/snow effects void CreateStreakQuadVertices(float3 position, float3 velocity, float3 eyePosition, out float3 outQuadPosition[4], out float3 outQuadNormal) { //Control how long streaks face and how big they are. // TBM 03/02/2019 change the calculated value for a smaller looking rain/snow effect float height = cb_fQuadSize * cb_fQuadSizeHeightScale / (2.4 - (cb_uPrecipType * 1.65)); float width = cb_fQuadSize * cb_fQuadSizeWidthScale / (1.0 - (cb_uPrecipType * 0.25)); //float height = cb_fQuadSize * cb_fQuadSizeHeightScale; //float width = cb_fQuadSize * cb_fQuadSizeWidthScale; velocity = normalize(velocity); float3 eyeVector = eyePosition - position; float3 eyeOnvelocityPlane = eyePosition - ((dot(eyeVector, velocity)) * velocity); float3 projectedeyeVector = eyeOnvelocityPlane - position; float3 sideVector = normalize(cross(projectedeyeVector, velocity)); outQuadPosition[0] = position - (sideVector * 0.5 * width); outQuadPosition[1] = outQuadPosition[0] + (sideVector * width); outQuadPosition[2] = outQuadPosition[0] - (velocity * height); outQuadPosition[3] = outQuadPosition[2] + (sideVector * width); outQuadNormal = normalize(projectedeyeVector); } Hide contents [PTA VERSION] Preset format=2 [PRESET COMMENTS] Comment= [HDR & POST-PROCESSING_HDRADAPTATION] IsActive=0 [HDR & POST-PROCESSING_HDRTONE] IsActive=0 Red=1.05 Green=1.00 Blue=1.05 [HDR & POST-PROCESSING_HDRTONEMAP] IsActive=0 Uncharted2Tonemap=0 [WATER_WATER_SATURATION] IsActive=1 SaturateRatio=0.65 [ATMOSPHERE & FOG_SKY_SATURATION] IsActive=1 SaturateRatio=1.10 [ATMOSPHERE & FOG_SKY_FOG_TUNING] IsActive=1 FogFactor=(saturate(0.15 - cb_Altitude/1438)) [HDR & POST-PROCESSING_HDRCONTRAST] IsActive=0 Coeff=1.5 [WATER_WAVESPEED] IsActive=0 SpeedRatio=1.0 [WATER_WAVESIZE] IsActive=0 SizeRatio=1.0 SmoothRatio=2.0 [WATER_WATERSURFACE] IsActive=0 ReflectionCoeff=(clamp(0.35 - 0.30 * cb_Altitude/700, 0.05, 0.35)) RefractionCoeff=(clamp(0.90 - 0.20 * cb_Altitude/304, 0.8, 0.9)) GranularityCoeff=3.00 SpecularBlend=1.5 FresnelAngle=4.0 [WATER_FSXREFLECTION] IsActive=0 [ATMOSPHERE & FOG_RAYLEIGH_SCATTERING] IsActive=1 DensityCorrection=1 ExcludeClouds=0 Power=3.42 Density=(saturate(0.00000000200 + (cb_Altitude-0)/(11000-0)*(0.00000000200-0.00000000280))) Green=0.072 Blue=0.050 NoDensityAltitude=10000 VolumetricDensityHeight=10000 VolumetricDensityPower=2.0 [ATMOSPHERE & FOG_ATMO_HAZE] IsActive=1 Power=1.21 Distance=(saturate(0.00000000015 + (cb_Altitude-0)/(11000-0)*(0.00000000015-0.00000000180))) DensityCorrection=1 Red=1.00 Green=0.95 Blue=0.95 NoDensityAltitude=10000 VolumetricDensityHeight=10000 [ATMOSPHERE & FOG_CLOUDS_FOG_TUNING] IsActive=1 FogFactor=0.5 [LIGHTING_BOOST_EMISSIVELANDCLASS] IsActive=0 BoostRatio=1.0 SaturateRatio=2.0 [LIGHTING_TERRAIN_SATURATION] IsActive=1 SaturateRatio=1.35 [LIGHTING_TERRAIN_LIGHTING] IsActive=1 SunDiffuseCoeff=2.4 SunAmbientCoeff=0.8 MoonDiffuseCoeff=0.9 MoonAmbientCoeff=0.3 DiffuseGamma=1.05 [LIGHTING_SPECULAR_LIGHTING] IsActive=1 SpecularRatio=1.4 [LIGHTING_AUTOGEN_LIGHTING] IsActive=1 SunDiffuseCoeff=2.5 SunAmbientCoeff=1.0 MoonDiffuseCoeff=0.5 MoonAmbientCoeff=0.3 DiffuseGamma=1.0 Saturation=1.0 [CLOUDS_CLOUD_BRIGHTNESS_TWILIGHT] IsActive=1 [CLOUDS_CIRRUS_BRIGHTNESS_TWILIGHT] IsActive=0 [CLOUDS_CLOUD_SHADOWS_SIZE] IsActive=1 [CLOUDS_CLOUD-SHADOW-DEPTH] IsActive=1 Value=0.95 [CLOUDS_CLOUD_ALTERNATE_LIGHTING] IsActive=0 [CLOUDS_CLOUD_SIZE] IsActive=0 CloudSizeHCoeff=0.5 CloudSizeVCoeff=0.5 [CLOUDS_CLOUD_SATURATION] IsActive=1 ShadeFactor=1.10 [CLOUDS_CLOUDS_LIGHTING_TUNING] IsActive=0 CloudLightFactor=0.75 CloudSaturateFactor=0.33 DiffuseGamma=0.8 [CLOUDS_CIRRUS_LIGHTING] IsActive=0 SaturateRatio=1.00 LightingRatio=1.00 [CLOUDS_CLOUD_VOLUME] IsActive=1 ScatteringFactor=1.3 LightingFactor=0.5 NoPattern=1 [CLOUDS_POPCORN_MODIFICATOR] IsActive=1 CloudDistanceFactor=0.00000000060 CloudOpacity=(clamp(0.10 + 0.20 * cb_Altitude/2000, 0.1, 0.3)) [LIGHTING_AIRCRAFT_LIGHTING] IsActive=1 SunDiffuseCoeff=2.55 SunAmbientCoeff=0.89 MoonDiffuseCoeff=1.00 MoonAmbientCoeff=1.00 DiffuseGamma=1.05 SaturateRatio=1.05 VCOnly=0 VCSunDiffuseCoeff= VCSunAmbientCoeff= VCMoonDiffuseCoeff= VCMoonAmbientCoeff= [LIGHTING_AUTOGEN_EMISSIVE] IsActive=1 LightsRatio=1.5 AutogenRatio=1.5 SmoothTransition=1 [TOMATO-MODE_OPTIMIZE REDUCE TRANSLUCENT SHADOW DISTANCE] IsActive=1 [TOMATO-MODE_OPTIMIZE GPU TERRAIN RENDERING] IsActive=1 [TOMATO-MODE_AUTOGEN DISTANCE SIZE] IsActive=0 Factor=0.0025 FactorX=1.7777 [TOMATO-MODE_AUTOGEN POWER SMOOTHING] IsActive=0 BasePowerFactor=0.7 MaxLightDistance=90000 FullPowerDistance=3000 DistanceCurvePower=4.0 Saturation=1.0 PowerLimit=0.0 [TOMATO-MODE_ADAPTIVE BLOOM] IsActive=0 Power=3.0 [TOMATO-MODE_ALTERNATE TERRAIN LIGHTING] IsActive=1 LightPower=0.4 [TOMATO-MODE_INCREASE PARTICLE SIZE WITH DIST] IsActive=0 Factor=1.1 [TOMATO-MODE_DYNAMIC SPOT LIGHTS LIGHTING] IsActive=1 AnglePower=1.0 [TOMATO-MODE_IMPROVE DYN LIGHT PERFORMANCE] IsActive=1 [TOMATO-MODE_ADD MULTIPLE TEXTURE LOOKUPS] IsActive=0 [TOMATO-MODE_SOFTEN SOLID SHADOWS] IsActive=0 [TOMATO-MODE_ADVANCED ATMOSPHERE SCATTERING] IsActive=1 PlanetRadius=6371e3 AtmosphereHeight=100000.0 AtmoBaseHeightOutScattering=0.00015 AtmoBaseHeightInScattering=0.00012 AbsorptionFactorRed=0.596e-5 AbsorptionFactorGreen=1.324e-5 AbsorptionFactorBlue=3.310e-5 AbsorptionScaleInRed=1.3 AbsorptionScaleInGreen=1.1 AbsorptionScaleInBlue=1.2 AbsorptionScaleGamma=2.5 InScatteringFactorAmbient=0.2 InScatteringFactorDiffuse=0.7 InScatteringDiffuseGamma=0.2 InScatteringStartFullDist=20000.0 TerrainOutputContrast=1.07875 ShadowsInflunceScattering=1 [TOMATO-MODE_ADVANCED FOG SCATTERING] IsActive=1 ScatteringHeightPower=2.5 ScatteringHeightLimit=119716000000.0f ScatteringDistanceBlue=82000 ScatteringDistanceGreen=145000 ScatteringDistanceRed=301000 ScatteringPowerBlue=0.85 ScatteringPowerGreen=0.65 ScatteringPowerRed=0.6 InScatteringSky=0.05 InScatteringSun=0.05 [TOMATO-MODE_FAST APPROXIMATION IMAGE BASED AIRCRAFT LIGHTING] IsActive=0 DaylightAmbientIntensity=0.2 DaylightDiffuseIntensity=0.15 NightIntensity=0.2 [TOMATO-MODE_OPTIMIZE CLOUD MATRIX CALCULATION] IsActive=1 [TOMATO_MODE_ALTERNATE SPECULAR LIGHTING] IsActive=1 [TOMATO_MODE_PRECIPITATION OPACITY] IsActive=0 OpacityRain=1.0 OpacitySnow=1.0 [TOMATO-MODE_IMPROVE GENERAL SHADOW RECEIVE] IsActive=1 [TOMATO-MODE_IMPROVE TERRAIN SHADOW RECEIVE] IsActive=1 [TOMATO_MODE_CHANGE CLOUD SHADOW RECEIVE CALCULATION] IsActive=1 [TOMATO_MODE_CHANGE CLOUD SHADOW BUILD CALCULATION] IsActive=1 [TOMATO_MODE_ADD CONDITIONAL DYNAMIC LIGHTING] IsActive=1 [TOMATO_MODE_PER PIXEL CLOUD FOG] IsActive=0 [TOMATO_MODE_BUMP MAP STRENGTH] IsActive=1 IntensityScale=0.8 [TOMATO-MODE_OPTIMIZE PARTICLE DRAW] IsActive=1 [TOMATO-MODE_OPTIMIZE PRECIPITATION DRAW] IsActive=1 [TOMATO-REFLECTIONS_ADJUST STARS IN REFLECTION MAP] IsActive=0 Intensity=0.0 [TOMATO-REFLECTIONS_ADJUST REFLECTION PARTICLE EMISSION] IsActive=0 Size=64 [TOMATO-REFLECTIONS_ADJUST REFLECTION TERRAIN RENDERING] IsActive=0 AddDetailTexture=1 MaxTextureLOD=14 [TOMATO-REFLECTIONS_ADJUST REFLECTION GENERAL RENDERING] IsActive=0 [TOMATO-REFLECTIONS_OPTIMIZE CLOUD REFLECTIONS] IsActive=0 [TOMATO-REFLECTIONS_TOMATO EXTENDED REFLECTION RENDERING] IsActive=0 [TOMATO-REFLECTIONS_FIX GENERAL PROJECTION] IsActive=0 [TOMATO-REFLECTIONS_FIX CLOUD PROJECTION] IsActive=0 [TOMATO-REFLECTIONS_FIX TERRAIN PROJECTION] IsActive=0 [TOMATO-REFLECTIONS_FIX PARTICLE PROJECTION] IsActive=0 [POSTPROCESS_SHADER DPX] IsActive=0 Index=-10000 Params=4461794E696768745573653D300D0A5265643D382E300D0A477265656E3D382E300D0A426C75653D382E300D0A526564433D302E33360D0A477265656E433D302E33360D0A426C7565433D302E33340D0A44505853617475726174696F6E3D332E300D0A436F6C6F7247616D6D613D322E350D0A426C656E643D302E320D0A [POSTPROCESS_SHADER Tonemap] IsActive=0 Index=-10000 Params=4461794E696768745573653D300D0A47616D6D613D312E300D0A4578706F737572653D302E300D0A53617475726174696F6E3D302E300D0A426C656163683D302E300D0A4465666F673D302E300D0A466F67436F6C6F72583D302E300D0A466F67436F6C6F72593D302E300D0A466F67436F6C6F725A3D322E35350D0A [POSTPROCESS_SHADER LiftGammaGain] IsActive=0 Index=-10000 Params=4461794E696768745573653D300D0A5247425F4C696674583D312E300D0A5247425F4C696674593D312E300D0A5247425F4C6966745A3D312E300D0A5247425F47616D6D61583D312E300D0A5247425F47616D6D61593D312E300D0A5247425F47616D6D615A3D312E300D0A5247425F4761696E583D312E300D0A5247425F4761696E593D312E300D0A5247425F4761696E5A3D312E300D0A [POSTPROCESS_SHADER Vibrance] IsActive=0 Index=-10000 Params=4461794E696768745573653D300D0A56696272616E63653D302E320D0A56696272616E63655F5247425F62616C616E6365583D312E300D0A56696272616E63655F5247425F62616C616E6365593D312E300D0A56696272616E63655F5247425F62616C616E63655A3D312E300D0A [POSTPROCESS_SHADER Sepia] IsActive=0 Index=-10000 Params=4461794E696768745573653D300D0A436F6C6F72546F6E65583D312E340D0A436F6C6F72546F6E65593D312E310D0A436F6C6F72546F6E655A3D302E390D0A47726579506F7765723D302E31310D0A5365706961506F7765723D302E35380D0A [POSTPROCESS_SHADER Technicolor] IsActive=0 Index=-10000 Params=4461794E696768745573653D300D0A546563686E69416D6F756E743D302E340D0A546563686E69506F7765723D342E300D0A7265644E65676174697665416D6F756E743D302E38380D0A677265656E4E65676174697665416D6F756E743D302E38380D0A626C75654E65676174697665416D6F756E743D302E38380D0A Rogen sent me This a while back . it would be great if anyone could break it down into an preset for us using RDSHADE mike
  11. I think he is using Rex texture direct with soft clouds enhanced also. mike
  12. 🤩 clouds look great sky force? Rdshade? tomatoshade? may you share your preset? oled tv? thanks mike
  13. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue ? Setting up the EFB using navigraph. I get a CTD. It has happened twice now. Mike
  14. Sorry a little off topic but since we are talking about the 787 .qw have any of you had a CTD using the EFB? as just had one. Mike
  15. thanks for the reply just figured it out lol i needed to add more flightplans. lol Thanks michael
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