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  1. So the better option would not to have mesh or vector installed for v4 or v5? Cheers mike
  2. Did you get this resolved ? Ive noticed this also. cheers mike
  3. I have noticed since updating latest nvidia drivers and windows update since yesterday in some areas I am getting slow loading textures and a little blurred. I’ve deleted cfg and rebuild settings are the same etc etc. I’ll have to go back to a couple of drivers prior where I was before and text. mike
  4. thanks it did fix it, but i am surprised that the immersion packages have not been updated with a fix. thanks mike
  5. for those of us that use 787 immersion and lights do not illuminate do i need to install this fix ?? thanks Mike
  6. Thank you all for the informative replies. Cheers mike
  7. Hey guys, sorry this is probably a stupid question I have been flying the qw 787 for quite some time now. thou I get confused with with initial climb speed v2 is say 161kts and by first waypoint at say 1000ft I should be at 250kts is this correct or do i need to enter different speeds ? I don’t find any speeds related to sids on charts. Usually on STAR. thiu the pmdg aircraft would give gradual speeds during climb. thanks mike
  8. I was thinking of selling my msi lightning z 1080ti for a 3080 or 3070 oc is it worth it? thanks mike
  9. Back to using 4.5 hf3 with tomatoshade with R&D preset and am very pleased for now until truesky is more matured. cheers mike
  10. It fooled you didn’t it????? it was sorry ,,but there is more to life than simming!! laugh a little! did I hurt your feelings? No wonder there’s so many fairy’s in this world. quite pathetic actually. maybe your the one that needs to be banned.complaining about everything. mike
  11. Correct mate, guess you have been on 5.2 already. im on 5.3 now. mike
  12. Yes,I guess ill have to accept it until the next Version is out. ill stick with 4.5 hf3 for now Thank you mike
  13. It’s more so around the edges that seem less defined and see through as oppose to some screen shots ive seen like this https://ibb.co/6YQ8WjY cheers mike
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