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  1. mikeymike

    Scenery library order

    thank you happy new year
  2. mikeymike

    Hyperthreading off works great!

    What about your addons? asp4 ?if you have ? would it be on 0 and 1? Thanks
  3. mikeymike

    Hyperthreading off works great!

    🤔 i have a i7 4790k ht on no affinity mask p3d v.4.4 off the core 1 using process lasso. but my addons such as asp4 asca etc etc running on all cores shouldn’t I kick them off the core 1 as with P3d? or keep all cores checked ? thanks mike
  4. mikeymike

    I think I need a new system

    I would upgrade gpu increase ram to 16gb and if CPU is a k model overclock it. I run a i7 4790k at 4.7 ghz 2 gtx titan sc 6gb sli 16gb ram Running P3d v4.4 pretty well with a few addons. Asp4, global vector mesh flightbeam fsdreamteam asca envtex envshade etc etc reasonable settings 4k at 25hz running smooth
  5. mikeymike

    Scenery library order

    My freemeshx is below vector. is that not correct?
  6. mikeymike

    Orbx P3D 4.4 and NO SEASONS!

    Lol, you guys are trying to chase reaism!! i suggest you all go and get your pilots licence and fly the real deal. Sorry i don’t mean to be rude. Flight simming has come a long way. enbrace it 😀 for what it is now. That’s my opinion. mike
  7. mikeymike

    Airbus A350

    Perhaps a 777x by pmdg in the future????
  8. mikeymike

    Hyperthreading for P3D. Yes or no?

    I7 4790k ht on 4k hdtv 49inch at 25hz tb vsync on unlimited FPS peocess lasso I have switched off the first LP which is 1 I believe 0 234567 on for the sim mad Bert had advised some time ago and so far so good slight stutter or if anybody else has any other advise for 4.4 workd be appreciated thanks mike here and there
  9. mikeymike

    How to add freeware airports into p3d?

    word not allowed, I think I have been doing it wrong. ive been exporting to scenery.cfg on some of the airports I have. is there a video tutorial on how to set up addon.xml via lorby for idiots like myself lol. thanks mike
  10. mikeymike

    Update Shader Issue?

    I also have the same issue. mike
  11. mikeymike

    P3D 4.4 Texture (layering) issues?

    I have the same issue in asia parts of land textures all whited out. Bud that needs to be addressed
  12. mikeymike

    Zspd imaginesim for P3d v4

    Thanks for the replies guys. i will never purchase another airport from imaginesim again. still awaiting a response also through support.to ask if there is a bgl file I can disable to remove the water body around the airport which I’m sure you can what a joke. mike
  13. mikeymike

    Zspd imaginesim for P3d v4

    Is there a BGL file I can turn off for now?so I don’t have that water body overlapping around the edge of airport thanks mike
  14. mikeymike

    Zspd imaginesim for P3d v4

    That’s redicoulous that we have to alter settings in P3d to be compatible I am using freemesh x ,and is set at 2m in v4 as advised by my flightbeam airports I believe. never had any issues with other airports just zspd will setting to 10m if that doesnt help then I would like a refund. which probably won’t happen??
  15. mikeymike

    Zspd imaginesim for P3d v4

    I’m still waiting on a response from them. about zspd, I have tried all the above I have mentioned to try fixing it. i am considering getting a refund. So upset about this.