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Found 248 results

  1. Hi Good People, The Ford Tri-Motor Project Team has just released five new Military liveries for the Microsoft Default Curtiss Jenny JN4D These liveries will work for both FS2004 and FSX (converted) version of the Curtiss Jenny. Where do you get them: http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/curtiss-jenny.htm While your there feel free to check out the bucket of other FREE stuff available from the Ford Project site. Also don't forget to check out the fun Jigsaw Puzzles - all for FREE and some great fun for all of the family - 108 New Puzzles added today. Regards Garry and Edward your Ford Project Team. Keeping History Alive
  2. Good evening all, I usually fly jetliners in Europe mainly, sometimes in North America and Asia..I now want to do some General Aviation flying around Alaska.. Because i now am going to fly a lot lower than with the jets, i would like to know which freeware and payware add ons there are to enhance the flying in Alaska..I don`t exactely know the difference between terrain and mesh, so if anyone would like to fill me in a bit i would appreciate it.. Thanks..
  3. As we all know, London is a performance intensive location in FSX, even with a high-end system. I'm wondering if anyone with a high-end system has managed to run it smoothly and stable at max settings with addons and AI. I'm running a i7-4770K @ 4.5GHz, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 780 FSX is in DX10 preview mode with Steve's DX10 fix, Max display settings @ 1920x1200, (except: water settings set to Low 2.x, Ground Scenery shadows off), HIGHMEMFIX=1 tweak applied ORBX FTX England UK2000 Heathrow Xtreme set to High detail VFR London Scenery (No photoscenery, just buildings) <this doesn't eat up that many frames, my system handles it well Ultimate Traffic 2 set to 70% I mostly fly the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended A320 I get 20-50 frames without running UT2 AI traffic and it goes down to 8-25 frames with AI traffic in the region. Without getting too obsessed with the frame counter, FSX runs smoothly (15-30 frames) whilst descending into London, passing over the suburbs and into the city, but on final approach, it would drop to 8-15 frames. Whilst I'm okay with landing at 10 frames in this FSX setup, I was wondering if I could get more out of my system. Okay, I can reduce the level of AI which would certainly improve performance, but I'm not that keen on making Heathrow look empty.
  4. I have converted flytampa's kai tak to xplane 10, but there are 2 issues I'm facing. Everything looks pretty good except I get this layer of haze over the city that I can't seem to get rid of, and the runways at Kai Tak airport don't quite line up correctly, so you see 2 runways. If someone has converted this awesome addon and got it to look right in X-Plane 10, I'd appreciate if anyone can help me fix these issues so that I can use this scenery. Here are some screenshots to show the problems: Runway isn't lining up properly, and if you look you can see a layer of haze/smog above the city that came from the conversion that I don't want.
  5. Hi all, a few days ago I setup an LFPG-KSFO long haul filght. PMDG 777-200, ASN for weather, REX Overdrive for textures. Flight plan has been loaded to the plane and to ASN, weather theme set in FSX as Active Sky Next generated dynamic theme. At a certain point during the flight, I realized I'd be flying over water before reaching the Canada coast but I noticed the depicted scenery at that same time was winter land instead, eg country fields with snow and some straight roads. I switched the view to map view, zoomed out just to discover that the red cross representing the plane is located at the center of an almost rectangular shape characterized by darker colors. The rectangular shape moves as well so that the plane is always at the center. No problem when the plane is flying over land, as land scenery is depicted, but when the plane goes flying over water still land scenery is depicted and that is NOT right (except in case the Hudson Bay water is already totally frozen in this season of the year...) !! Any idea on what the rectangular shape could represent ? May it be the earth surface portion around the plane influenced by ASN ? I cannot post a picture now, will do as soon as possible Kind regards, Aldo
  6. Greetings! Is there a tool anyone is aware of that allows us to enable/disable Scenery objects *outside* of FSX? First,a bit of background. When the weather is clear, one of my favorite flights is from KORS (Orcas Island) to KHQM (Bowerman) for the proverbial $100 hamburger. Load the Legacy with 30 gallons of gas, strap in the Wif-Unit, set the altitude for 2500', and up and away we go. I have all the Orbx NA regions, and we all know how nice PNW is for flying around the San Juan Islands. I used to be able to make this flight without incident. However, after purchasing and installing some Orbx airports I get the soft chiming from FSUIPC that signals an impending OOM during flight, and sure enough I lock-up around Jefferson County International, which is off to the right of my flight path, but close enough to have some of its data loaded. If I restart FSX and disable Anacortes, Seiku, Jefferson, and Cushman Meadows, I do not encounter the OOM so it is pretty clear that the added detail of the Orbx airports is pushing my VAS over the edge. I don't mind, really - it is just the price we pay. However, the "start FSX, enable/disable scenery, stop FSX, restart FSX" sequence is a royal pain, hence my question about manipulating the scenery database outside of FSX. I guess I have gotten spoiled by Maarten Boelens SimLauncher product, which allows me to setup of a LOT of things prior to launching FSX, and was hoping there was similar capabilities for the Scenery database. I have Add-it Pro! but I cannot seem to get the scenery database to list anything out of the default (i.e., does not see Orbx directory). Thanks!
  7. Hi Good People, The Ford Project Team is happy to advise that 8 more textures have been released at the Ford Project Site. These and the many other Jenny textures we have available will work within both FS2004 and FSX The following liveries are now available (1) Checker Air Cargo...................(2) Buy a Bond (3) League of Nations...................(4) Emma Field Flying Club (5) Manchuria Aviation Company..(6) USAAC (Damaged) (7) Misty Moorings........................(8) Bush Flying Unlimited Number (6) is an experimental "very damaged by gunfire" USAAC camo alternative texture set See the pictures below: They are, of course, available at the Ford Project Web site http://www.ford-tri-motor.net Click on the Other Aircraft Button and follow the link to the Curtiss Jenny. Regards Your Ford Project Team. Edward Moore and Garry Smith
  8. Name: Prepar3D V2 over Cape Town Category: P3D Scenery Date Added: 09 December 2013 - 12:33 AM Submitter: geolpilot Short Description: A flight round Cape Town in P3D with heavy scenery and settings to show its capabilities Wanted to show how well Prepar3D V2.0 performs on my setup, with very heavy user-created mesh and landclass, a detailed aircraft (Carenado's Cirrus SR22 Turbo, known to be a frame-rate hitter in FSX), and P3D settings mostly at high to maximum. To dispel myths about poor performance, cloud rotation effects, lack of realism, etc, etc. View Video
  9. Hellos, Anyone interested in testing my little project? I started making scenery for Macedonia few days ago, using OSM data. I still have lots of work to do, so if anyone is interested in testing it, and reporting back, i would be grateful. Skopje: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img833/5290/glqn.jpg Ohrid: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img823/4404/ecs2.jpg Kicevo: http://imageshack.com/a/img855/6652/b0hb.jpg
  10. Hi, I guess there must be at least one guide to effectively add scenery to FS2004, where is it? When trying to add a scenery, I download the zip file, unzip it into Addon Scenery folder, then I start FS2004, then Settings, Scenery Library, Add Area, navigate the folder, somehow I manage to make it appear first on the list of Scenery Library, priority set to 1,hen I go the place and I see the standard scenery. Am I missing something? Thanks, Robert
  11. I have noticed this problem at least at two airports: EHAM (default with Ray Smith's wonderful AFCAD) and Marcelo Veneziale, Posadas Guillermo and Pablo Contouris' SABE. Could it be as something as simple as a scenery database ordering issue or something more complex?
  12. My experience with Aerosoft Mega Helsinki: I installed this airport after I had already set up FSX to run in DX10 mode (with the free DX10 shader fixes by Steve). Main problem with EFHK in DX10 was at night = no taxiway lights, grey textures on nearby buildings and taxiways, no labels on taxiway signs (just grey!!!), grey ground textures by apron floodlights. So then I loaded up the airport in DX9 = beautiful scenery but test flight arriving at EFHK resulted in OOM. And I didn't really want to go back to DX9 because DX10 experience is smooth & stable. Then I bought and installed Steve's payware DX10 Scenery Fixer from flightsimstore. Installed its libraries with only one option selected (the DX10 Lights package). I made no other changes to my FSX setup or to the DX10 Scenery Fixer. Then I tried another DX10 flight = success! No more OOM. The VAS was well clear of OOM territory. At EFHK I can now see taxiway lights and labels, and the other buildings around the airport, and ground textures near apron floodlights were correctly lit. In a couple of places near end of runway, the taxiway has no center-lights (only edge-lights), but this is hardly noticeable. Conclusion: I stay with DX10.... and I support Steve's DX10 Scenery Fixer. Big thank you to Steve!
  13. I've been wanting to write this post for a while now and here goes: I really just want one thing from X-plane at this time: one area of the world, it doesn't have to be huge, with the same level of detail as an Orbx region. I want landmarks, airports, seasonal changes, the whole she-bang. I want to be able to immerse myself in a corner of the world that looks real. I don't care if it is Egypt, Australia or PNW, it just has to be real. To feel reel... X-plane is my favorite sim. It does so many things right and there is a lot of nice payware planes, but we need that one piece of scenery to rock the X-world. PS. Alpilotx's New Zealand scenery is very nice, but it lacks landmarks and airports. Developers: consider yourself encouraged :-)
  14. Bonjour, I looking for an addon or scenery (FSX) which most reliable for VFR flying in Québec (Canada). In the other words I need an addon or scenery which is most relative for VFR navigation chart. It means that FSX should include at least all objects according VFR charts. Recently I tested Flight1 - Ultimate Terrain X: Canada (Scene) in general it is OK, according lakes, rivers it great. But surprisely, for example, during flight I didn't find wind farm fields according my waypoints. Also in comparing with Google earth the Ultimate Terrain X somethimes includes an small villages, objects (homes, buildings). In some cases the Ultimate Terrain has not big objects like bid schools with several baseball, soccer, football fields. May be I need to add something to Ultimate Terrain? Any suggestions are wellcome!
  15. For those of you like me who longed for some realistic trains to set on the tracks, Dan French has finally given us our wish. He has created a library of over 50 classic American late steam era and early diesel era trains including the liveries of the famous Daylight of Southern Pacific and the famed Super Chief Streamliner and the universally used and loved Pullman passenger cars as well as freight cars and a caboose. Thank you Dan, much appreciated, and there is even a LA late era streetcar, these are designed to work on both FS9 and FSX and with some work can be made to run in AI mode, tho we are still doing research and hope to release some add on packages to install them in major cities and ideal locations. With some re skinning they can work for just about any train of any era. Filename: dlf_lib_classicamericantrains.zip License: Freeware, limited distribution Added: 14th March 2013, 04:13:17 Downloads: 251 Author: Dan French Size: 3814kb File Description: This library contains over 50 models of locomotives (steam and diesel), freight cars, and heavyweight and streamline passenger cars to help you fill your tracks with rail equipment. Built in FS9 modelling, they should work in both FS2004 and FSX sceneries. Night lighting included on some engines and passenger cars. By Dan French. A great help and contribution to the sim world. thank you Dan. Chris
  16. Good day to all, as I'm resuming a scenery I frozen two years ago, I am looking for pictures or generic materials about Mo i Rana Røssvoll Airport (ENRA) located in Norway. Sadly Google find very few pictures of this airport, the best would be to get in contact with some norwegian guys that live up there. Someone could help me? thank you Barbacan
  17. Hi all, I was wondering if you should deselect every item in your Scenery library if you're not planning to fly there. My FSX start-up time is pretty long, so i guess disabling/deleting a few items could shorten that. But since i sometimes fly in Europe and sometimes in USA and several ORBX areas around the world, that would mean a lot of work. Now i only pay attention to the sequence/order of items. Does FSX performance (loading time wise AND framerate/FPS whilst in-flight) suffer from a long scenery library, or does FSX only load the scenery for the region you fly in, and then in-flight dynamicly load scenery as to where you are heading/flying? Just curious! Hope you guys can help me out. Mark
  18. Gary has released his latest scenery, plus a 30% discount to previous purchasers of Edinburgh. Looks as great as ever! Cheers, SLuggy
  19. Hello! We are a small team with talent and have a experienced team. Our first Scenery we are making is the Van Nuys Airport(KVNY). It is the worlds most busiest GA airport and there is no Add on Scenery out there for it. So our team is developing KVNY right now and we are expected to be done around Christmas time. Our Forum is here and you can follow our progress http://qualityscener...forumotion.com/ <-- There. It will consist of Very Detailed Photo Real.. Custom 3D Buildings.. Custom Runway Polys and more.... Sign up to our forum to find out more information as we get more in depth into the Project... Remember this is a freeware scenery! Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/QualitySceneryDesigners QSD Team
  20. These shots are from XP10 and are a mix of Payware, Freeware, OSM data and converted Aerosoft scenery I purchased for FSX, but now use in XP10. Im slowly trying to Populated my XP-10 cites with a little more "plausability" Rob Detroit Seattle NYC Paris France
  21. Hello all, With a friend of mine, we're currently working on the french LFOZ airport. It's our very first scenery, so every comment or advice will be very appreciated. We have a website where we log our work (in french, sorry, but screenshots can be understood by eveyone ) : http://www.myworlds....ory/scene-lfoz/ Thank you !
  22. I'm considering buying several Aerosoft US Cities X scenery add-ons. (The discussion in a thread last summer touched on a few questions I have about the them but didn't answer the questions. http://forum.avsim.n...es#entry2420911 ) The sim stores description blurb for each of these scenery titles says, "It is clearly intended to fill the gap between the default scenery and very high dense city scenery such as Manhattan X, London VFR or Venice X. Because the file size is rather large due to the ground image it only includes one season (in most cases this is not a real issue) and no night textures. The VFR flights over these cities are mostly a day time affair anyway." So, since the scenery only shows one season and no night textures, is there a way to turn off the Aerosoft US Cities scenery for when you want to fly, say, during winter, or at night? Maybe a simple switch that applies in setting up the scenery? And supposing you are flying over downtown Chicago at night with the Aerosoft scenery installed, what textures end up being displayed? Is everything black? Or do default FSX textures become active?
  23. For a long time, I think that the airport ground in most of the tropical region in fsx is too dull. So I decided to make some nice grass and place them in SKVV Colombia. This is the vid showcasing my first piece of scenery design, placing grass, photo scenery with new autogen and a river near the airport near rwy04. Just like to collect some comments from you guys. Please let me know what you think. And if you know any airport that that has been added with grass like this, please point me to the link. Thanks.
  24. Hi all Can anyone help me out here please to understand why im having this issue. Ok here goes ... if i convert the openstreet data of the UK pop this folder into my x-plane 10 custom scenery folder all buildings and roads ect.. show up just fine if i then install VFR photo scenery i loose all the roads from my conversion but the buildings are all there i'm confusted as to why this would be i have looked at the log file and the osm2xp data is being loaded just fine but just not showing. Any thoughts or ideas please that i could try Thank you...
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