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  1. Howellerman

    Plan G Files

    IIRC the last location is the saved location? This is certainly the case for reading existing *.pln files.
  2. Howellerman

    FSPS FFTF Dynamic?

    I use it and am pretty happy with it. Still experimenting with the calibration points, but I immediately noticed improved smoothness (I run 24 fps, locked) in the sim.
  3. Howellerman

    Alabeo DA42 Twin Star & PlanG

    Hi Gaz, I recommend getting on YouTube and searching for "Frooglesim fsuipc". He has a getting started tutorial that should get you up and running. In a nutshell, FSUIPC negates all stock control inputs and they remain that way until you define them. You can define them, one at a time, and for the control surfaces assignments, assign curves to them. Like most EXTREMELY powerful tools there is bit of a learning curve. Pete also maintains a pretty good instruction manual for FSUIPC, but I would start with the video. Have fun! John
  4. Howellerman

    Alabeo DA42 Twin Star & PlanG

    Yes, I do remember the DA42 as being a bit of a handful on takeoff - lots of dancing on the rudder pedals to keep 'er straight, and once you start oscillating it seems there is no point of recovery. I use FSUIPC to "curve" my control responses - if you are not using FSUIPC, I cannot recommend it highly enough - it is an ESSENTIAL FSX/P3D addon. Have fun, and good luck!
  5. Howellerman

    Alabeo DA42 Twin Star & PlanG

    Hi Gary, It has been a while since I flew the DA42, but when I did, IIRC, I just generated a flight plan in Plan G and exported it as an "FSX/P3D flight plan" of format *.pln. Load that up in the sim and away you go. The *.pln flight plans work for pretty much every aircraft except those containing the newer Proline navigation systems. JKH
  6. Howellerman

    New Brunner CLS-E NG Yoke

    Yowza! Twelve hundred English pounds, or roughly $1500 'Murican ain't exactly affordable nor entry-level!
  7. Howellerman

    FFPS:FFTF question

    Exactly. In the early days of hyper-threading Microsoft recommended that SQL Server not be deployed on a HT machine. The reason for this was that too often the second thread (logical thread#=odd) would obtain a lock and enter a wait state. The first thread (logical thread#=even) would then get dispatched, but could not do much because the resource was locked on the inactive thread that had to wake up first, etc, etc, etc. Of course, all those threads also introduced "convoy" and "race" conditions where all the threads when dispatched tried to obtain the same resource. Eventually, Microsoft figured it out and SQL Server is now an excellent multi-threaded application for huge number of threads, whether multi-core or multi-socket systems. We can only hope that Lockheed-Martin achieves the same measure of success!
  8. Very cool. I have KFCA (AKA KGPI) as the FBO for many of my NRM flight plans. PayPal standing by...
  9. Howellerman

    who is running 6 or 8 cores CPU ???

    This is a good question! I think much of the processing requirements for P3D are for terrain, and it seems the more threads, the smoother things are. Rob Ainscough is running a 6-core/12-thread setup and it appears smooth as silk. I fear my 3770K has entered its end of life from being perpetually overclocked, so I am in the market for a new CPU - inquiring minds need to know!
  10. Howellerman

    Issue with P3D v4 ORBX Central

    Heya Lenny, From Orbx web site: What's ready for P3Dv4? Global Base Pack, openLC North America, openLC Europe & TreesHD All Regions for North America, Europe & Oceania (plus Holgermesh for Australia) Orbxlibs What's not ready for P3Dv4? FTX Vector All airports (payware and freeware) FTX Global Lights Configurator AI Traffic packs FTX Global NA & EU Airport Packs BOB All Demos All Aircraft (see further below on these)
  11. Howellerman

    Too Many Changes = Lving Hell

    Hi Chris, Yes, my 3770K is overclocked to 4.2GHz, but I am using the MSI "Overclock Genie" and it has been super stable. I ran it up to 4.6GHz in the past, but that was unstable. I am thinking more and more that the Windows Creator update is at the root of this problem. For one, I just identified the fact that it installed an Nvidia driver that was NOT part of my "library". Rolled that one out (382.05) and installed the newest driver and managed to actually take off and land a complete 30 minute flight. So, things may be looking up! JKH
  12. Howellerman

    Too Many Changes = Lving Hell

    Heya Maarten, Long time, no see! I ping-ponged back and forth between the "stable" 376.33 driver and the latest drivers. To tell you the truth, I did not write down which driver was in place when I received that error. I started running two passes of DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) just to make sure to clear out the detritus between switches. JKH
  13. Howellerman

    Too Many Changes = Lving Hell

    I have enjoyed a pretty stable flight-sim experience for quite some time, starting with FSX Gold and moving to Prepar3D V1. And despite being an Orbx fan-boi and owning practically everything, my system was responsive and generally smooth. So, naturally, I thought I would change it and upgrade from my GTX 780 to a GTX 1080. Did the usual, such as wiping the shader files, letting P3D create a new cfg file, etc. Well, things were looking good for exactly two days and then Windows Creator update happened. Never had an issue with Windows 10 before, and I generally accept the updates as part and parcel of keeping current with respect to patches, malware avoidance, etc, etc, etc. Now I get errors all over the place, both within P3D V3.4 and blue screens, and ONLY FOR P3D - nothing else is effected. When I run a test like 3DMark it shows my system is more capable than 93-percent of all tested systems, and I can hear the fans working hard. Yay for me... A summary of blue-screen errors includes: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (this seems to be a favorite) DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED (this suggests that the video card driver was "lost" during operation) SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED and a raft of P3D errors. Unhandled exception in .NET menus.dll KERNELBASE.dll g2d.dll NVSVC64.DLL_unloaded NVI2.dll ntdll.dll and everybody's favorite "unknown". Clearly, my system is sick. I think I will just sit this one out for a week or so and move to V4. Running all SSD, so don't have the room for parallel flight sims. Weird how these things happen. I retired as of April 1st, and on my last "commute" home my faithful 67 Mercury Comet decided to be a blue ###### and stranded me a mile from home. Still haven't fully isolated that mess either! Good thing I am retired...
  14. Howellerman

    Moved from HDD to SSD - License no longer valid

    Thanks, Stephen. I will do so and report back.
  15. Hello! I recently migrated my C drive from an HDD to an SSD (high recommended, by the way), but in the process it appears my FSI license is no longer valid. I am only able to run in Demonstration Mode, and the log file says I have an invalid license. I am thinking about upgrading to 5.0, but am concerned that if the upgrade does not recognize a valid 4.73 license that the upgrade will not be possible? JKH