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  1. Interesting. The various OS and application vendors have had to deal with NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Architecture) for some time, and rather successfully. Now they are being offered a NUCA (Non-Uniform Core Architecture). I wonder if Winders Eleventy is going to have a fit?
  2. Same here - turning up Brightness turned everything up. I use Lorby Flashlight (freeware) to lighten up the cockpit. It is brighter than the stock P3D flashlight.
  3. I use an Xbox controller to run Chaseplane and it is nirvana. Never have to look at the controller since everything is available to my left hand, and using the joysticks to control internal and external views is tremendous. Might want to give it a try. The only caveat is caution when using a wireless Xbox controller - they used to have a reputation for losing the signal under P3D - and get a USB wired controller.
  4. Good to hear! Now, they just need to follow-on with KBLU and 74S Anacortes (and a few others that I know are missing but don't come to mind right now)..
  5. When I used to travel to Munich (maybe twice a year), all the cabbies drove Mercedes. I was curious, since Munich is the home of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, and the uniform response was "BMW breaks too easily". They are fun to drive, though!
  6. I started attending drag races with my brother back when Don Garlits and Shirly Muldowney were leading the pack. The local Fremont drag strip was one of the fastest in the world because it was at sea level, and in the day you could freely roam the track outside the barriers. We used to alternate between the stands at the starting line and standing at the finish line, where the whine of the blower was the sound that came at you. Sadly, the Fremont complex which encompassed the drag strip, a quarter midget track, and a Speedway track is all gone, replaced by office/industrial buildings. After the demise of Fremont, we went to Sonoma, which back in the day was called Sears Point (nee Infineon). We watched John Force and his personality ascend to the Funny Car throne. Sears Point was a pain to get in and out of, but once you were inside it was a blast since you could freely roam the pits. It was always entertaining to watch a fuel car get started up after a rebuild. They start the engine on alcohol, everyone gathers round, and then they switched to nitro. Everybody's eyes immediately start watering because Nitro Is Nasty! Being that close to one of those beasts as they blip the throttle (instant RPM!) is enough to hammer your heart in your chest. After the test the mechanics switch the engine back to alcohol and then cut the fuel supply - the engine takes a surprising amount of time to wind down. That much horsepower was just mind-boggling. Watching the various classes (Pro Stock, Bikes, Alcohol, etc) run earlier in the schedule still did not fully prepare me for Top Fuel. It made my hat flutter and my eyeballs rattle from the sonic assault! I remember reading an article from a Top Alcohol racer that graduated to Top Fuel. He (long since forgot the name) said that Alcohol was fast but that past the half-track point the engine stopped pulling as hard. Top Fuel, though, never stopped pulling, and I understand that is the main reason why they no longer race the full quarter mile, but instead cross the lights at 1,000 feet. The speeds were just getting too high, and the loss of Scott Kalitta in 2008 sealed the decision. Still, Fuelies are getting close to 340 mph in 1,000 feet, in a little over 3.6 seconds (just looked it up: record is 338.17 mph @ 3.659 seconds, set by Britney Force, John's daughter). Sadly, after my brother passed away my interest in motor sports waned and I have not been to a race in the intervening decade. But it was great fun while it lasted!
  7. I just upgraded from Logitech rudder pedals and yoke to Thrustmaster TPR rudder pedals and Fulcrum yoke. Err merr gerrrd!!! The basic transition from all-plastic to all-metal was enough out of the box, but the FEEEELS in operation is so nice! Both are astoundingly accurate, and provide a fluid feel to flying, almost like real air passing over control surfaces. Highly recommended! Now, if I can just get my hands on a Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant and a GTX 3080 I will be set! 🙂
  8. Agree 100%. And using a wired XBox controller makes using ChasePlane a true joy. Of course, compatibility with MSFS just goes right down the terlet... 🙂
  9. Agreed! I had downloaded this (I have version 12.0) a while back, but promptly forgot to look into it. Perusing the manual just now it looks to be quite sophisticated - will check it out!
  10. Thanks for the info, D. I last read that the update to the Garmin database broke the GTN. Will check it out.
  11. Greetings, I stumbled across a freeware product called GPS 1.8 the other week, and thought it may make a good substitute for the Flight1 GTN750 which is still MIA (AFIK) in P3D V5.1. It is pretty nice, and a HUGE advance over the default GNS 295/400/500 installations in a number of aircraft. Note that it is a pop-up "display only" addition - you cannot modify your flight plan per se, with the exception that "Nearest" actually works now! The display format is outstanding, and chock full of information. It has a pretty nice manual to describe all the functions, although I found that the image size recommendation was often a problem on my 3440x1440 monitor. I found that keeping the original size from the panel.cfg file is a good starting point. I have it working nicely in older Carenado and Alabeo aircraft. I tried it in an A2A aircraft and it did not work (would not display) because A2A aircraft do not have the Hotkey combos that normally generate a pop-up window. Check it out! https://dfs2.flightsim.com/download.php?fn=gps_1_8.zip I believe you will need a Flightsim account to download it.
  12. I wrote close to a quarter million lines of code during my professional career, ranging from Assembler through Fortran, PL/1, Basic, and C/C++. I find that these new XML-based languages drive me bonkers. So much non-operational syntax surrounding the actual conditional tests, which in turn are too easy to garf-up given the dingle-berry syntax in the example above! And yes, I am a certified Old Fart.
  13. Sad, but not unexpected. Living in Silicon Valley I frequented Fry's quite often, and built my previous two flight sim computers using components purchased at Fry's. I frequented the Sunnyvale shop, which was a converted Lockheed mainframe hosting center, and it was big, spacious, and well lit. The Campbell Fry's in comparison was cramped and a bit on the dingy and dark side. The real pisser about this is that when I was building my last computer I happened to engage with a very helpful guy, and he was really a lot of help. He recommended a refurb Corsair AIO cooler, indicating that when they are refurbed they are often better than what comes off the assembly line since their tolerances are manually inspected. Haven't had a problem (knock on wood). However, he did lament the "new class" of shoppers that frequented the store. They would suck up his time looking for recommendations and then effectively say "I will buy it online". This is the same class of shopper that killed Any Mountain, a high-end ski equipment dealer. They would go in, waste everybody's time, and then go down the street to Don's Discount to purchase the item. So, in a sense greed and selfishness help to kill Any Mountain and Fry's. Funny story about Any Mountain. I went in there one day and the place was just buzzing, and all the dudes had big grins on their faces. Wut happened, I asked. Turns out Jennifer Montana had just left the store, and between her stunning good looks and gracious manner she hypnotized all the male employees. Just missed her! 🙂
  14. You never know. With the recent announcement of the resurrection of the Asian regions the Southern Rockies project could pop up again. In fairness, they did a pretty good job with the US land class that currently covers the Southern Rockies. It would be nice, though, to see augmented depictions of Pikes Peak, Gunnison Gorge, and similar. I do a lot of flying based out of KAPA (Centennial), an Orbx-enhanced freeware airport, to points north, west, and south.
  15. Very nice - subscribed to their YouTube channel. I remember that you expressed interest in immigrating to Norway, but end up in Oregon. Where, if I may ask? Oregon, like California, is very diverse geographically, politically, and climatically.
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