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  1. Greetings! I recently upgraded to 5.4, no problems. EXCEPT: Pre-loaded flight plans do not "follow the magenta line". The loaded aircraft does not respond to the GPS assignment. For example, I tried tonight to fly from KTTD (Portland Troutdale) to KORS (Orcas Island). I input the pre-defined flight plan at startup and found that it was "visible" in both GPS 1.6 (a great freeware utility, by the way) and in the Navigation drop-down menu in P3D. However, try as I might the aircraft (I tried the Carenado Saratoga, the A2A Bonanza, and the RealAir Duke) failed to recognize and engage the GPS autopilot function. The destination on the GNS was FEGBA, which we all know is in the Degma quadrant in the Trafalmador sector, so obviously something is wrong. I have not seen anything on the forums about flight plans gone haywire. I did see that LM introduced new flight planning software, and I noticed on a prior flight a weird "loop-back" flight plan versus the normal ILS "feathers", but nothing about not following the GPS flightplan. I ran through the drop-down menus to see if anything changed but did not find anything. Any hints? Reload P3DV5.4? Wait until V6? 😁 Thanks!
  2. Hello, I actually wanted to buy the Mindstar GNS530/430. However, I realized I will buy a new, fast computer in a few months. I just wanted the Mindstar because it's very lightweight. But when I buy my new PC, I can also use heavier things. So why should I now buy a lightweight, old GNS 530 without "Bells ans Whistles", when I can have an awesome touchscreen GPS for the same. But there is still some time between now and the purchase of my new computer. And I finally want to get a new GPS to fly IFR. The minimum requirements of the Flight1 GTN 750 say: CPU: Intel core i5/i7 quad-core or equivalent RAM: 8GB GPU: Nvidia GTX 500 series or equivalent with at least 1GB memory OS: 64 bit Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP My current system looks like that: CPU: 2.1 GhZ Intel Duo Core RAM: 4GB GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4500 with 512 MB memory OS: 64 Bit Windows 10 SIM: FSX: Steam Edition Is there any chance my sim will run with FPS other than 5 FPS? At the moment I am used to around 16 Frames per second. In flight sim this looks so smooth. So: Does it need lots of resources what maked the whole computer laggy? I just would like to bridge the gap between now and my pc purchase. Thanks!
  3. I would really like to buy the Mindstar GNS 530/430 and also will buy it. It looks very good. However, I would like to have a review or something like that of it. There is virtually nothing on the internet like a review or video, so I hoped someone in this forum has purchased it and can tell me their experience with it. - Has it affected your Frame-Rate? - Do you have some pictures of it? Maybe even in an A2A-Product? - Do you know any videos, showcasing the unit? - How do you like it in general? - Something general about the GNS 530: Is it nice to fly with? I'd like to fly IFR in my A2A Cessna 182. Can I somehow get RealNav-Data for less than 40$? I don't need a one year subscription. I only need a more or less new AIRAC version. Or is paying the cheapest plan for 40$ the only and cheapest way? Thanks a lot!
  4. Ok so I have a rather complex flightsim setup. I'm using Steam streaming to run P3D/X-Plane. It works quite well given the speed of the internet connection. I've set it up to run outside of my LAN, so pretty much anywhere with decent WiFi. I'm doing this via ZeroTier (software defined networking) which uses a VPN to trick all the connected devices to think their all on the same network regardless of physical location. I've got several EFB software packages and Google Earth running on networked machines all being fed live positional data via GpsGate which works great. FSUIPC is the keystone piece to make this GPS work smoothly. The problem I'm having is getting my Android application FSRadioPanel to connect to the host using this setup. I tried port forwarding 9696, and no luck. I use this app for autopilot and changing NAV/COMMS. Is there a similar program available that I can test to see if it works in this environment? I'm going for a UAV cockpit design and functionality for this setup. Thanks for your input.
  5. Hi, i am working with HID Macros to setup my second keyboard to control directly my gps garmin 530 and autopilot, but i'm having a hard time finding the SimConnect event id. I've search in the list of Event ID on microsoft website https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526980.aspx but for a couple of them I can't find anything that work. Is there a way to use a software to monitor Event ID in FSX that I can click on the different button and knob, so it show up in the log of that software. After that it's easy to add them to HID Macros with the ID. I am working with the Carenado PC-12 The list of what I can't associate with a simConnect event: GPS Garmin 530 left knob incr freq: ±1MHz and ±.5/±.25MHz and "PUSH C/V" ".C" PWR VOL push SQ AutoPilot: "TEST" button "IAS" speed hold button "HALF BANK" button Mode control: "PULL VS" ____________button __ to show selected altitude/vertical speed ____________knob ___this is use to increase/decrease Vertical speed or altitute of the autopilot "ENG" VS (Altitude selector VS (on/off)) "ARM" ALT (Altitude selector ARM (on/off))
  6. Hi all I have an Emuteq GNS 530 ready to use for my GPS screen.http://www.emuteq.com/GNS530.html I am having trouble extending my dispaly to this in Windows 7 with my Geforce 210. I have changed the resolution to 640x480 but no matter what refresh rate I choose (from 59Hz to 120Hz) I cannot get a stable image. Any ideas would be much appreciated! I have emailed support but no answer thus far Chris
  7. Five hours of pain because I suffered a senior moment when I blew out all my USB port assignments using USBDeview.exe. First: Garmin Pilot (For Android or iPad) is a solid tool that will bring your immersion to even greater heights. It's free for 30 days, but if you want to try "SAFE TAXI" (Highly recommended) you will need to buy a year of that service even if you choose not to subscribe to the underlying Garmin Pilot. You can connect FSX to your tablet and use this app, but several little kinks: IN FSX: Start FSUIPC (paid version 4.5 or higher by Pete Dowson), and find the GPSOut settings. YOU MUST enable GPSOut to make the Garmin Pilot Work, and YOU MUST choose the correct com port which is assigned when you pair your tablet to your FSX PC via BLUETOOTH. If you do not do this, you will never ever be able to make Garmin Pilot work, period. In FSUIPC click AutoSave/GPSout tab. Right side of window, put tickmark in box says "Check to enable this GPSout (which means GPS Output In the next section click the drop down window and select the com port your tablet is using via Bluetooth to connect to your PC. (Mine was Com16) put tickmarks in the following boxes: RMC, VTG, GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, PgmZ and click OK Then, on your Android tablet: LOCATION SERVICES put tickbox in Use GPS Satellites and important! In DEVELOPER OPTIONS, debugging, put tick box in "Allow mock locations" Install Garmin Pilot. Under settings you would see "External Bluetooth GPS" and you should see your FSX PC listed. Be sure you have 'discover my pc' enabled on your FSX PC. On your Android SETTINGS area, turn on BLUETOOTH. You should see your FSX machine listed. Double tap it. A dialog box will open on your FSX machine asking if you want to enable communications and verifying the pairing code on both your FSX box and your Android. Say OK or YES on both devices. Wait for the drivers to install. Press the connect button and you should then be connected to your FSX machine. Remember FSX must be RUNNING before Garmin Pilot will work.
  8. Hi All, New to FSX (and sims for that matter), is there a realistic EC145 add-on that has "working" overhead panel, gauges, switches, gps, autopilot and controls? I'd like to do everything from start-ups, takeoff, emergency procedures, instrument approaches, landing and shutdown. Is there such an animal out there?
  9. Hi All I'm new to FSX and I think I'm misunderstanding how the sim works. I like to use the GPS systems and fly VFR at this early stage and I can't get the radios to work as advertised. The problem arises when I attempt to contact the tower of my destination airport anywhere from 20-40 miles out. Like the instructions say, I can use the Waypoint page of the GPS to look up the tower frequency. When I select it with Enter it does update the Com1 channel on the GPS itself but when I swap it to active, only the Com1 field on the GPS changes. The radio in the radio stack doesn't update to the new channel so what was the point? Even if I manually set the channel on Com1 in the radio stack (then swap it to active), the ATC menu doesn't reflect the new channel or bring up the menu for the tower, so what was the point of setting the Com1 radio if I can't talk to the tower anyway? Are there 'sync' steps I'm missing that push the com channel to the radio stack and to the ATC menu? Or to make the ATC menu actually update to match the new COM1 channel I've just set in the radio stack? It's a real challenge (and rather clunky) to have to chase down the tower in the ATC "nearest airport" menu when its beyond 2 pages down and there's a lot of airports in the area that make the airport list jump around alot. you can't pause the sim to freeze the ATC airport list because then the ATC menu becomes unresponsive. :( I'm guessing the answer here is going to be very obvious because I haven't found any other posts asking about tuning the radios. It's just me :) ThanksClark
  10. I have been struggling to find information in the FCOM, FCTM and in the forums that fully address the capabilities and limitation of the RNAV approach functions in the 777. I have no problem flying CAT III ILS Autoland approaches but I want to know if the autpilot will also fly an RNAV GPS approach and to what minimums, is it possible to fly an Autoland RNAV apporach, is this even possible or make sense? Also I would like to make sure I understand the requirements, in terms of cockpit setup, to complete say an RNAV GPS apporach to LPV mins. For example the RNAV (GPS) Y RWY1C to LPV mins into KIAD. Thanks for any help or references.
  11. Hi, I am trying to use GPS choosing vectors to land to a ILS runway. I bet this is not the right way to do it with this aircraft (QW 146 Arvo RJ-100), but I am trying to learn on how would one do it. My Flight Plan is from KSEA-KPDX and chose the route in the GPS. And then I select the approach runway via the GPS - in this case I chose Runway 28R. I found the radio frequency, and I put it in Nav 1 and Nav 2 (I am quite positive this is wrong way, especially putting them all over the radios - but this was only done after numerous tries to capture Localizer and Glide Scope) - 111.30 I have Vor Loc button set to on (in Pic it is off though, as it is going towards holding pattern), and GPS button set to on - including Nav 1 and Nav 2 both set to on (apparently that is the only way to turn on Autopilot too??) I have spend numerous hours on google and youtube to understand ILS landing, and I get the jist of it - but this is 146 and in the videos it is usually 737. I know it should not be that different, but I bet there are some nuances. Please take a look at the pic, and let me know on what I am doing wrong. In the pic, the plane misses the runway completely and goes into holding pattern (as long as I have GPS button set to On). Once I am able to do this - I will have to learn the FMC. Anyway I appreciate anyone's help on this matter. [ Yes, I can set a default plan via the menu for a ILS Flight - but that is something I am not trying to do, nor I want to get ATC involved). I just want to see GPS and Nav radio guiding me to the Localizer and Glide Scope. ] Sorry for the double post - I have no idea on how that happened. Can someone delete the other duplicate post
  12. Installed dual rxp 530w gps with unlimited pack. Crossfilled. Cannot tune the #2 vor separate from #1 vor. They are linked to the EHSI only. Also when I use the small nav knob of the # 2 gps it tunes the com freq. I can only change the nav freq using the nearest vor selection. This only relates to the #2 gps.
  13. Good day, I'm practicing the GNSS approach, and I noticed that if I perform a GNSS approach in LNAV/VNAV, I don't get the distance to the Mapt in the upper left side of the PDF. I do get it if I perform the same approach in IAN. By the way, in IAN approach, the distance is given with a single digit. Should not there be a double digit precision, like 6,3 NM ? Here I just get 6NM, sound a bit weird, I will double check in the real plane tomorrow. Thanks a lot for your assistance and congratulation for this great sim. If you could just update the FMC to version 11, it would be awesome Florent
  14. Has somebody encounterd the next problem; if I sit on the beginning of the RWY then the GPS shows like I'm at the end, if I move the plane in slew a little to the left then the GPS jumps the RWY at a 90 degree angle from the plane and puts the plane on the left side of the RWY, if I slew a little to the right then the opposite happens and if I move a little backward then the GPS moves the plane to the end if the RWY, tried a repair with the DVD's but nothing and on the net nothing either, ILS landings aren't possible anymore since the ILS doesn't find the airport anymore which jumps all over the place on approach, bad thing about this is that default as well as add on payware aircraft use the default GPS , help please Herman
  15. Anyone successfully retrofitted a GPS such as the Garmin 530 to the Q400? If so can you share Panel & Aircraft.cfg code? Thanks Sp.
  16. Hello! I have posted this query over on the Orbx site and have received some replies but as of yet have received no correction, so I thought I would try the assembled minds here at AVSIM to see if they have seen anything similar. I have developed a condition where setting and following either HDG or NAV(GPS) after taking off from an Orbx airport (currently KSAN, KSBA, and KTEX) sends my aircraft off in the wrong direction. This "directional offset" seems to be consistently 90 degrees west from the desired direction. For instance, if I set HDG to 360 degrees the plane will fly at 270. This is happening with multiple aircraft. When I disable the Orbx airport and restart the flight, both HDG and NAV work correctly. If I subsequently re-enable the Orbx airport the symptom returns. I have also uninstalled and re-installed the airport (using my local directory versus the P3D directory) but the symptom remains. I am scratching my head and reviewing my log book to remember what changed, and the closest thing I can think of when I migrated to Orbx Central 4.0. The issue predates the P3DV4.5HF patches, and I am fully up to date. I am going to follow up with Orbx to inquire where compass headings et al are recorded in P3D. Maybe it is possible to refresh that component? Perhaps CONTENT? Driving me buggers... Thanks for you assistance!
  17. I have relocated this post to the "HARDWARE CONTROLLERS, JOYSTICKS, ...." forum. (I don't know how to delete this original post) Sorry for the confusion. I have a "Desktop Aviator model 2450B" gps unit (with the vga screen) that I'm contemplating including in a new cockpit build. I haven't installed the unit before, and have a few questions, should anyone here be familiar with these units: (1) Sim compatibility: I understand they are compatible with FSX. I would like to know if they work with FSX Steam and/or Prepar3d? (2) Reliability: Before I make up a place for it in the cockpit, I'd like to know whether these units reliably install and operate? I ask because I see the manufacturer no longer offers these units. Any advice is appreciated, Many thanks, Brian Vancouver, BC
  18. Greetings, I stumbled across a freeware product called GPS 1.8 the other week, and thought it may make a good substitute for the Flight1 GTN750 which is still MIA (AFIK) in P3D V5.1. It is pretty nice, and a HUGE advance over the default GNS 295/400/500 installations in a number of aircraft. Note that it is a pop-up "display only" addition - you cannot modify your flight plan per se, with the exception that "Nearest" actually works now! The display format is outstanding, and chock full of information. It has a pretty nice manual to describe all the functions, although I found that the image size recommendation was often a problem on my 3440x1440 monitor. I found that keeping the original size from the panel.cfg file is a good starting point. I have it working nicely in older Carenado and Alabeo aircraft. I tried it in an A2A aircraft and it did not work (would not display) because A2A aircraft do not have the Hotkey combos that normally generate a pop-up window. Check it out! https://dfs2.flightsim.com/download.php?fn=gps_1_8.zip I believe you will need a Flightsim account to download it.
  19. Just recently started having a problem with the pop-up window of the RXP GNS 430/530. For some reason, it's completely blank/see through when using the pop-up window. Also, the RXP mounted in the panel is black and won't turn on. I don't believe this is an RXP problem because it happens with the SimFlyer KLN 94 pop-up as well that I've installed in some aircraft. And when using any Carenado airplanes that use the G500, the PFD softkeys are unresponsive. It was working fine a few weeks ago and I've installed a number of add-on's since so it's not easy figuring out what caused it. Is there a known issue with pop-ups that I don't know about and how can I fix this?
  20. I have a question: How should I navigate if both of the IRS (L and R) fail? Because when I switch them off inflight my ND goes blank and all that I have left is the old-school magnetic compass. I understand that autoland doesnt work because of the loss of IRS data mut it should not affect the GPS? Shouldn't the GPS of the aircraft be sufficient to provide waypoints, distances etc to the ND? Of course the atc can give me vectors etc but I dont believe its realistic that all the aids for navigation are lost if both IRS fail? Only procedure I can find in the QRH is the one that tells me to put the IRS to att to get attitude information and I get that but what shoud I do to know where I am and where I am going?? Could someone with more knowledge about IRS/GPS systems of the 737-/800/900 explain this to me? Thanks in advance!
  21. Please forgive me if this has been covered before but it hasn't showed up in my results. I just got back to FSX and learned to navigate by VOR and program the autopilot but it doesn't work quite how I want. I key in the ILS frequency of the destination runway into the gps, switch to GPS from NAV, take-off, switch on autopilot (altitude, VOR hold, airspeed etc) and I can see the aircraft becomes aligned with the runway on my flight instruments yet when I get closer to the destination airport the runway is skewed and positioned perpendicular with the aircraft... I thought that if the aircraft shows aligned with the runway on my instruments it should also be aligned with the actual runway. Am I forgetting something? This is on a boeing 737 aircraft Thanks!
  22. I am having an usual problem and I haven't found a forum topic covering this. The problem lies within the GPS of the addon feelthere Phenom 100 and Eaglesoft S/II . After ~1min after powering the panel on, both GPS die/shutoff. In the Phenom the rest of the G1000 MFD still works (ie engine instrumentation) but the GPS display is dark and inoperative. On the S/II I have resorted to replacing their GPS with the FS default one (on both the 2D and VC panels) and it still shuts off. All default FS aircraft work and so does my JustFlight Duchess.Adding the RealityXP GPS on the S/II doesn't fix it either, it shuts off with the other GPS.It isn't a RealityXP problem, as I don't have it installed on the Phenom.I own all aircraft, they are not pirated copies.Thanks!
  23. Dear all, I purchased the GTN 750 for Xplane today and everytime I try to use it, the COM panel is red and message "No GPS Position" appear on the map. I already tried to reinstall the GTN I already tried to reinstall PC Trainer I use X-plane 11 64bits (latest update) Same problem in all airports Same problem in all aircrafts I can move the map and use all menus Failures are disabled on X-plane Content of my file rxpGTN.xpl.log : 17/03/02 10:00:35.411 10044 - ] # win.xpl version Content of my file rxpGtnSim.dll.log : 17/03/02 10:00:37.650 10044 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version Screenshot in attachment. Regards.
  24. I trying to add custom waypoint to FSX/P3D database so we can use in the default GPS and also been able to create a flight plan with them. I have to use the vor because in Italy the vfr point name are much more longer then 5 character and I still have the problem with the ident in 5 character. I am wondering, if it is possible to create custom waypoint with other method but been able to create flightplan. Is it possible to change color of the vor icon or other navaid in the night version as the blu is not so clear on the map. Is the map inside of the gps a bitmap in the gauges or is coming from the 3d mesh of fsx? Thank' s for any input <Vor dme="TRUE" dmeOnly="TRUE" lat="45.7200001180172" lon="7.27000012993813" alt="1.0M" type="HIGH" frequency="108.000" range="12345.0M" magvar="0" region="LI" ident="MWW1" name="AOSTA WEST"> <!-- VFR reporting point --> <Dme lat="0" lon="0" alt="0.0M" range="12345.0M"/> </Vor>
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