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  1. marciac18

    P3D v4.5 huge performance drop with Chaseplane

    Thanks for the information, mea culpa, but still... I have seen the devs step in, occasionally. You'd think that performance impact issues would prompt a response, no?
  2. marciac18

    REPLAY feature issues

    Is no sound during replay an expected behaviour?
  3. marciac18

    P3D v4.5 huge performance drop with Chaseplane

    Wow... support response with AT LEAST a comment or a "thanks we're looking into this" would be a minimum. Typical example of why payware should never use forum-based support model... Same issue here.
  4. marciac18

    GPS/ILS discrepancy

    onebob, thanks for checking, it confirms I have a problem...
  5. marciac18

    GPS/ILS discrepancy

    downscc, thanks but perhaps I was not clear enough... Up to 72 hours ago, the ILS frequency that came up in my radio was 109.95, not 110.70, and it feeds the wrong frequency to the GPS approach. Correcting is of course not difficult, but I'd like to understand why this has started happening - and get pointers on how to address it without another full re-install.
  6. marciac18

    GPS/ILS discrepancy

    Hi everyone, hope someone can help me here :) I'm running P3D V4.5, and I'm having a strange issue with at least one ILS approach, LFMN ILS 04L I have Justsim's LFMN airport. Oddly, the approach was fine until I started using GSX and shader tools. I don't see the correlation, but the fact is there... What happens is that my GPS assigns the wrong frequency to 04L. I checked LFMN specs, it should be 109.95 but the GPS assigns the wrong one... 110.7 (which is 04R). So whatever I do, that's where my plane lands... 04R instead of 04L. I checked the BGL files with ADE (stock file and the Justsim), compared online navaid data, used the Navaid Sors to correct discrepancies, but the fact is, all the data in my BGL file is correct. So where and how is my GPS getting the wrong frequency info for 04L?
  7. Hi guys. I've been busy with shaders (PTA), Skyforce and AS... I'll give this a try and report back.
  8. marciac18

    Groundhandling in P3Dv4

    Hello, I'm having a strange issue - there are no distance or angle options visible...
  9. I checked, they're all unique and located in the correct "effects" folder. I sweeped my C drive just in case, no other files (appdata, programdata and so on)
  10. TonyD, good suggestion but it didn't work out for me.
  11. Hello Henrik, Followed your suggestion and removed everything, then reinstalled using the first and last packages - this is one result (Carlos H Dutra): The other ship is fine, so it looks like only the larger ships have the issue. I'll see if I can find another problem ship...
  12. Hmmm... I'll start over from scratch. All updates up to "200 ships" combined, how many wakes fx files do you count? I found 106.
  13. Guys I'm sorry to come back with problems, but again, my wakes are going vertical. It seems to be random, for example, the favolosa... same scenario, same time of day, weather etc... one time it goes vertical, the other it doesn't. It's the same for all other ships. Could this be a rendering/vectoring compatibility issue? I'm using P3D V4.5 fitted with ORBX global and vectors.
  14. KL791, thanks for your help. I started over and stopped short of the "200" batch, everything seems fine so far. I think I'll stay here until I can figure out a way to revert safely to a functional install... shouldn't be too hard.