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  1. Thank you Chris, 30 fps and panning... That's good to know, since I am floating around 27-30 fps under a full gpu load (1080ti). Question -- would the loss of useful panning be the same as when using a Track IR5? If yes, I do have one and can give it a try before making a mistake and buying a tobii that will just end up sitting in a box, Brian
  2. Thanks, ...I appreciate the practicable findings/reccommendations, Brian
  3. Thanks, It sounds like I should assume most of the peripheral "eye" tracking vision is within the centre ~30" of the screen, so head motion tracking beyond that. If correct, it does help knowing that your experience is that there is minimal loss of overall immersion -- yes? Brian
  4. Thanks everyone, I will pull up the youtube videos, ...and thank you for the photo showing an alternative mounting method in front of the monitor. I can see that working for me should it be necessary. While I would probably like to have eye tracking, it's head tracking across the full width of my monitor that I am most likely to "need". That said, re; eye tracking -- does it work up to/about 42" and then go null, or does it become erratic when beyond ~42", Brian
  5. I am contemplating adding in a Tobbi Eye Tracker 5, this for use solely with MSFS 2020. A couple of questions re; any potential downsides... (1). (Performance Impacts): Does using Tobbi 5 negatively impact on performance, such as: fps; resolution; and/or cpu and gpu loads? Anything thing else? And; (2). (49" Curved monitor compatibility): I am using a 49" Samsung Odyssey g9, which has a R1000 curve. Is Tobbi fully compatible with: this size of monitor; curved monitors, specifically those with such a significant degree of curvature? Are there any other negative impacts I should be considering? Thank you all, Brian
  6. Thank you "Flight Level", That is pretty much what I was hoping for. Detailed, but not unapproachable for a non-pilot, Best regards, Brian
  7. ...actually, not a bad one by Piper. Still, its bit old so misses a couple functions (e.g., notifying ATC; checking runway availability if posted), as well as the sequence and timing of steps once engaged, Brian
  8. Thank you all for your suggestions. I probably should have made clear at the outset that I am wanting recommendations for videos describing the emergency GA autoland systems being launched for Piper (Halo Safety System) and Cirrus (Cirrus Safe Return). Ideally, I'd like to locate a video describing the full capabilities and operation of the system, for understanding by a non-pilot passenger. I will certainly go through the numerous suggestions already made here, Thanks again! Brian
  9. TO MODERATOR(S) -- I APOLOGIZE in advance... I have struggled with where best to post this request. Please reroute/delete at your discretion. I am trying to source a good video demonstrating "Autoland" functionality and process. Something that would be meaningful and complete (ie., throughout the process) to a non-pilot. ...for someone who is anxious about the situation wherein the pilot(s) is disabled. I have made a similar request(s) at a number of GA pilot and aircraft sites, but thus far no joy. I am hoping that the AVSIM community might be interested in understanding Autoland, and then might have come across a good, single video, explaining and demonstrating the capability. Again, my apologies to the Moderator if this is out of bounds, Many thanks, Brian
  10. Thank you Bob, If there is no material upside, I now don't see a reason to do the changeover. Perhaps next year if/as it might be beneficial or required by the 2024 product(?), Brian
  11. Thank you everyone for your very helpful replies, Regards, Brian
  12. Thank you CianPars, for your response. It sounds like there is no downside, but my understanding (??) is that the 1080 ti gpu is unable to generate HDR; that this is something that only became available with the 20xx series gpu's. Does anyone know if this is a true understanding? Brian
  13. A layman's question... Is there any practicable benefit, relative to MSFS user experience performance, in switching from Windows 10 to 11? Mine is a I7 8700k (4,7 GHz) / 32GB / 1080 ti system with a 49" g9 monitor. All of my flights are GA VFR with the occasional light corporate mission. Any advice in "layman's language" are really appreciated, Many thanks everyone, Brian
  14. Is there a way to get MSFS to display the CPU and GPU loads and temps while in flight? If yes, how do I set this up? Thanks all, Brian
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