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  1. Thanks for posting this. As mentioned by others, it is very helpful and easy to follow. I know there are a million of these out there, but can someone suggest similar quality (and ease) video(s) walking through the setup of the Alpha yoke? Again, thanks for posting, Brian
  2. This seems relatively new. Attempting to view the Goflight website yields this; "Account has been suspended". Probably a poor sign for those of us who would have liked so see the company return to production and support. https://www.goflightinc.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi Perhaps someone else here is more familiar with the company owner(s) and can add a clarification? Brian
  3. Does anyone have experience using the "Vancouver v1.0" scenery mod with MSFS 2020? (see link: http://www.allflightmods.com/microsoft-flight-simulator-2020/msfs2020-scenery/vancouver-v1-0/ ). If yes, ...two questions: 1. Is 1.0 the latest version ? And; 2. Can anyone recommend a safe site to download it from? (also to donate to the author, John Lovell) Thanks folks, Brian
  4. A question to anyone here who are using the Simionic PFD and MFD G1000 software / hardware... The PFD aircraft options page includes a tool to create custom aircraft, beyond those already included in the software. Has anyone here setup additional aircraft? If yes, would it be possible to get a copy of the settings you prepared for your custom aircraft(s)? Thank you, Brian
  5. Hello Les, ...I apologize for the stupid question, but can you direct me to where I need to go to install msfs 2020 the plugin? Many thanks, Brian
  6. I have been watching Goflight carefully. Through the past few years (appox.), the company's website has stated that the company is shutdown due to the local virus controls. Their site, during this period, listed many of their products as being unavailable. However, in the past weeks (plus) their site now lists all of the products as being available and having specific prices. Nothing about a change in business status, nor obvious subjects such as msfs 2020 compatibility. Is the company trying to come back to life? I hope so, but I am also sitting on what might be a $3,0 corporate pilot hardware doorstop? Goflight -- I would like to see you relaunch but in my opinion, you owe your existing clients a great deal more candor, Brian Vancouver, Canada
  7. I have a glass cockpit (Simionic PFD, MFD and audio panels), but am wondering how difficult it would be to install 3-4 of my Saitek generation FIPs to serve as the backup steam gauges. This in MSFS 2020 and P3d (v5,1). Two questions: 1. (Viability ?): Is this even doable ( e.g., am I going to have "conflict" issues due to the glass cockpit instrumentation; or other problems? )? And; 2. (How-to ?): Can someone tell me what I need to do in order to install / run the FIPs? Thank you, Brian
  8. I apologize if I should have placed this in the Peripheral Hardware page. I would like to know if anyone can recommend a G1000 set of hardware (PFD, MFD and Audio Panel) that is compliant with: (1) MSFS 2020; and/or (2) P3d (v5,1)? Thanks, Brian
  9. FraBan... This is an interesting product link -- thank you for posting it. Am I correct in my understanding that the products (particularly the radio stack and g1000 panels) are compatible with P3d (v5,1) as well as MSFS 2020? If yes, are any additional software required? I have also emailed the company, but thought that you might know as well, Many thanks, Brian
  10. Can you tell me what the actual screen dimensions are for this monitor -- width and height? Thanks
  11. Hello FogBoundTrutle, Are you aware of a link (video or document) that is helpful for a beginner who isn't at all familiar with Spad.next, and not hugely computer savvy? Thanks
  12. Thanks to you both. I will give the file copy a try. And I'll see if I can learn more about Spad.next, Brian
  13. Thanks -- I took a look at the opencockpit site, but I'm really wanting to focus on GA aircraft, already included with the two sims, Brian
  14. Thank you Steve, I will certainly follow your advice and will post my situation/questions on the GIT site. I appreciate your going out of your way to help! Best regards, Brian
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