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  1. Hello All, This Yoke is pretty new in the marked. Did any of you guys experienced, purchase, tried in Trade show, any comments thought about it ? SHYK01(force feedback yoke) – SIMiONIC Cheers
  2. Hello All, Any experience, thoughts opinions with the Intel ARC A770 Cheers Yair
  3. agreement to your conclusion about W11 Cheers
  4. I hear you .... and me too, but I was wondering about the differences between the two
  5. With WIN10 running satable and no issues, what are the advantages of Win11, & I don't me an cosmetically wise, but those that can influence significantly the Sim Performance (Mem Manager CPU Opt, Etc ) Cheers Yair
  6. more interesting in the I5-12600, my guts telling me this will better bang for the $$$, will produce great performance and wouldn't shred my Bank Account Peace
  7. Card manufacturer, are, actually, introducing, theire product in MSRP, it's the cryptocurrency scalping , Touting along with the fact the lot of people got a lot of money are the reason, and unfortunately all of this thing will not go away soon. I went through Microcenter in Tustin CA, noticed long line of camping chairs lining in front of the store, when I aske the guy what is going on here, he said, people are waiting for the new 3060 card to come out today, $499 a piece, they grab as many as the can and the next day you will find them on CL &E-bay for $800 ...... some of them spent 2 nights in front of the store .... for me, I sold my 1080ti, just before the big bang, and for now I'm out of the "Game" no Sim for me (-:
  8. ... Simming is for rich Patricians , the poor plebeians are back to Backgammon.. no, seriously Guys, I mean it, to put a nice Rig to add controllers and maybe a G1000 by Realsimgear, few pieces of Addons like AirManager,etc, and you half way to your PPL, actually, you can get your Light-Sport Certification for this price ... it's insane, I sold my I7-K4790 with 1080ti just before this whole thing start to spin up and I'm stuck, no light in the horizon, on the contrary, I'm following the market, and I see the RTX 3080 hitting the $2,000 mark .... So sad
  9. ...no I'm not willing to spend $2G, for a card. This hobby start to get to expensive for me, & probably for many other Simmers, i sold my 4790K base rig few month ago, thought about putting something more up-to-date, which I'll do, but I'll go back to the GTX1080TI reload XP11 & with Volcan, I think I'll be okay, until the market will calm down a bit...
  10. ...no sign of relief, on the contrary, prices are soring, and they the crazy encrypted coin market will motivate harvesting which mean prices will sky rocket.. I wouldn't be surprised to see those GPU exceeding the $2,000 price bar
  11. ..& prices still going up and up, demand is high, and folks are paying as much as twice the MSRP ..... it is insane .. I can't afford it (-:
  12. some update VRInsight compatibility with FS2020 Working with FSUIPC7 Same with the M-Panel
  13. FSUIPC 7 Beta is out, which is a good sign since VRInsight require & utilizing and require ..crossing figures
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