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  1. Card manufacturer, are, actually, introducing, theire product in MSRP, it's the cryptocurrency scalping , Touting along with the fact the lot of people got a lot of money are the reason, and unfortunately all of this thing will not go away soon. I went through Microcenter in Tustin CA, noticed long line of camping chairs lining in front of the store, when I aske the guy what is going on here, he said, people are waiting for the new 3060 card to come out today, $499 a piece, they grab as many as the can and the next day you will find them on CL &E-bay for $800 ...... some of them spent 2 nights in front of the store .... for me, I sold my 1080ti, just before the big bang, and for now I'm out of the "Game" no Sim for me (-:
  2. ... Simming is for rich Patricians , the poor plebeians are back to Backgammon.. no, seriously Guys, I mean it, to put a nice Rig to add controllers and maybe a G1000 by Realsimgear, few pieces of Addons like AirManager,etc, and you half way to your PPL, actually, you can get your Light-Sport Certification for this price ... it's insane, I sold my I7-K4790 with 1080ti just before this whole thing start to spin up and I'm stuck, no light in the horizon, on the contrary, I'm following the market, and I see the RTX 3080 hitting the $2,000 mark .... So sad
  3. ...no I'm not willing to spend $2G, for a card. This hobby start to get to expensive for me, & probably for many other Simmers, i sold my 4790K base rig few month ago, thought about putting something more up-to-date, which I'll do, but I'll go back to the GTX1080TI reload XP11 & with Volcan, I think I'll be okay, until the market will calm down a bit...
  4. ...no sign of relief, on the contrary, prices are soring, and they the crazy encrypted coin market will motivate harvesting which mean prices will sky rocket.. I wouldn't be surprised to see those GPU exceeding the $2,000 price bar
  5. ..& prices still going up and up, demand is high, and folks are paying as much as twice the MSRP ..... it is insane .. I can't afford it (-:
  6. some update VRInsight compatibility with FS2020 Working with FSUIPC7 Same with the M-Panel
  7. FSUIPC 7 Beta is out, which is a good sign since VRInsight require & utilizing and require ..crossing figures
  8. ...very weird approach, seems like a reputable business, lot of stuff, and probably quite few customers that spent significant amount of $$ on the HW, assuming that the company will backup and stand behind their product. They probably lost chunk of the market when abounded those that migrated to XP1, and now the new FS2020, this way I doubt if they can survive. I love my M-Panel & and it will be a shame to trash it Cheers
  9. Hello all, Have the Yoke but not the Sim yet, just wondering if any of you guys is running this Yoke, and if yes can you post a feedback impressions and comments ?? Cheers Yair
  10. ..and this is what you will get from VRinsigh support Thank you for your inquiry. We can’t predict the outcome. There are too many imponderables. Regards, Chris Han VRinsight Customer Support
  11. ..I have the M-Panel we will have to wait for FSUIPC for FS2020 to come out, I assume that by then VRinsight will have their drivers for FS2020 ready too Cheers Yair Wouldn't heart to bug VRInsight customer support as well
  12. .to old for those kind of jock.. almost got heart attack ...lol
  13. ..you must be kidding me, this is an ancient Guide for FSX, if I'll need to go through the same tedious process again I reather stay with X-Plnae 11
  14. ..question guys, is FS2020 Multi-Core Multi-Thread, and if yes, Dave how many Cores it used ??? Cheers Yair
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