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  1. N1125Y

    Us only: GOflight Yoke

    still available ????
  2. N1125Y

    Bezel issue B58

    tnx u so much
  3. N1125Y

    Bezel issue B58

    ...not sure what is going on, but for some reason I can't get read of the Bezel ( Nobezel=true) .. works fine on the C172SP but not on the Baron. Any ideas Tnx in advance
  4. ..me too .. I had the chance to look at it at the Lass Vegas Expo, the size was cand of weird (very wide) but comprehensive review this is what we need
  5. ..... as mentioned my concerns regarding the upgrade are with VR. I'm quite happy with my 2D performance & right now do not find any, good, reason to put and pay for the 1080ti. I will wait for price to stabilized on a level that make sense to invest. However, and this is what made me think about upgrading and I after researching a bit I found out that the Weakest-Link is the headset, (1440x1400 Per eye) thus the cost/ effectiveness, mean the performance gain, is marginal & not really worth it. I'm running X-P11 in a VR mode at stable 44-45FPS & as much as I love the immersion, the quality is not something that I can or want leave with. Does my assumptions / conclusions make any sens ??? Cheers .
  6. ...okay guys I took your advice, and mouse is back again ..we good :-) Tnx u so much Yair
  7. ...sorry, but how to install the update, is it just by clicking on the "Pluginn" drop down menu ?? Tnx
  8. ..just updated XP11 & for some reason, when on Full Screen mode, the mouse pointer disappear, though I can tell the mouse is active but not visual. switching to Win Mode and all is well. Weird Any thought how to bring it back ??? Cheers Yair .
  9. ....thought so ... tnx so better wait for something like this Pimax 8K to come out
  10. ... yeah. the price is a burden, and the add on value is questionable, & I need to find out if it's within the GPU or the Headset
  11. ..running P11 with Asus 980 Ti, well, I'm happy campers when it comes to 2D, but with VR ,though, I get steady 45fps, quality is not something that makes you want to spend much time wearing those VR Headset ... now, my question is: should I consider upgrade to the 1080 Ti which means substantial investment, or the enhancement doesn't justify the investment, & as some claim, the poor quality is due to the Headset limited capabilities, and thus better wait for the next generation of those Headsets ? Any comments will be highly appreciated Cheers Yair
  12. N1125Y

    Carenado Cessna T210M Centurion II

    ..Carenado came out with the X-Plane 11 version of this AC, I was wondering if somebody is willing to post an updated review ? Cheers Yair
  13. . I stumbled to this thread & it brought some thoughts to my mind ..... It is not such a bad idea to start a new Topic/ Category where mates can ask for help in exchange fore fees, it is a great way to motivate members to share knowledge & get reimbursed for your skills knowledge, time & experience, it will encourage people to experience & experiment Things that with no proper backup & help wouldn't dare to do..... I, personally, struggling with my GoFlight modules, & configuring them using the GFIT Apps .... & some other stuff as well Cheers Yair
  14. ...not sure what happened, but last updates of Windows 10 with recent version of GFIT brought( what seems) full functionality to all my GF modules ....... so we good and 🙂 My only issue as of now is the complexity of GFIT, this thing is Over Killer and over Whelming .... Yair