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  1. ..this is my 2C tip. FSX is CPU driven you will be fine with 980ti. IMHO, considering that you will get a different Rig, investing $$ in your old system doesn't make any sense, 980ti is a great GPU and will keep you "floating" and if you tweak your FSX rig you ,still, will be able hours of joy ...
  2. ..perfect / My home base is KSNA, just around the corner, I think this Airport which I fly (on RW as a student Pilot) looks boring, so your scenery addon can bring some flavor Reg.
  3. so cool .. wonder if there is any impact on the FPS ???
  4. ..I know it's kind of an old post, but I was wondering if you with Carenado B58 Panel modification ??
  5. Toguard 12" & Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Need Shipping quote to Irvine CA 92614 Please PM Tnx Yair
  6. Looks spectecular ...can you post your Rig spec, please ???
  7. I would like to connect my GA RW Headset to my Homemade Cockpit, for this I need a special adapter I was looking at the FSXSolo-GA but it's no longer available. So if you have something setting without use let me know Stay safe Yair
  8. ... only Sim, currently XP11, and maybe FS2020 in the future .. Best Reg. Yair
  9. Interesting.... so if I have a bad Hat Switch on my Yoke (Iris Dynamic ) would it make sense to replace it with Micro Joystick ( I can connect it via Arduino or Leo Bodnar control board) ??? Tnx for to he prompt response Yair
  10. Hello .... sorry for the dumb question, but what are the differences between those two ??
  11. .. I u installed all the drivers, boot to a safe mode, it came up & then I reboot WIN10 came up, & I started to update the drivers, it wotked
  12. ..... the 4790k is aging but still deliver performance a lot of fun. & yes, upgrading memory & GPU is a good advice and when shopping smart it won't hit you badly $$$ wise. Next, is to wait for MS to see what they will come with. my advice, Just stay put for now. Happy new (Sim) year to all
  13. Sound like drained battery, but the Stock B58 doesn't depicted this kind of situation ....
  14. Hello all, Considering upgrade to the GTN Series, I would like to cooperate it into my Homebuild Baron B58 Cockpit, and for this I'm looking for touchscreen (HDMI PC interface) that will host both the 750 & the 650. Any thoughts idea, recommendations ??? Cheers Yair
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