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  1. ..make sense. I 'll keep flying the stock with RP addon Tnx
  2. ..sorry to hear about it, but why won't you call Azat the guy at DIAGMA he is very friendly and I'm sure he will be more than happy to assist you
  3. .. I'll pull the trigger only if they will rebuild it from ground up, not only patched/ update the original one, for this I have the Stock with the Expansion Pack
  4. ...which simulator did you used it with ? Cheers Yair
  5. ..... tnx, I took your advice, just added the Reality Expansion Pack, I hope that LR will pay a bit more attention before they are releasing unfinished product to the market, this AP is missing Fuel Selector, Cowl Flaps can't be configured properly & few other things are not functioning as expected ..... other than that it is nice Bird and it's fully compatibly with VR ..... Cheers Yair
  6. ....any experience with the 3.2 version, the spec say "Only for X-Plane 10.5" does it mean 10.5 or higher. Does anyone tried with VR Corenado doesn't say anything about optimization for VR, should I assume that it's not fully compatible & optimized ?? It is very popular FSX & P3D Airplane, just wonder if it's really worth the the $ investment ? appreciate any comments Cheers Yair
  7. ..so, do w have any reviews on the NG by now ?????
  8. ... yeah. & this is my opinion too. I'll try to experiment with SimVim & maybe DesktopAvaitor board which is recognized by the OS ad a gaming Joystick thus will "Talk" directly to X-Plane anyway, I'll keep you updated Reg. Yair
  9. Hello all I'm trying to figure out what are the "Sliders" good for ? & Anyone tried and manage to, properly, configure Cowl Flaps on a Multi-Engine AC, like the B58, I see that you can assign Axis to Cowl Flap #1(which I did using an extra Saitek TQ) but no such a thing for Cowl Flap #2, and when assigning button it doesn't really responding ? Any ideas ???? Cheers Yair
  10. Hello Martin, I'm working with Azat o on the Multi-Engine Instrument Panel, currently the Pilot side is in production, the only obstacle that I see right now, is the type of board, Azat using the Leo Bodner Board, which mean we can't create different profiles for using with different Aircrafts, I think he should move & use the combination of Arduino ArdSmx Plugin & SimVim Config apps The Panel as per my request will LED Back lighted Cheers Yair
  11. ..nice, worth a try ... now, is there a way to get read of those ugly trees that spread all over (probably generated by autogen) ??? Yair