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  1. ..I'm wondering id GF ever found remedies to those issues that you addressed, & as fare as I know, you are not the only one referring to those issues Anyway. tnx u so much for your comments, they are very impotent to me Reg. yair
  2. .huummmm ..... I would expect a bit more form GoFlight, 2.5 out of 5 is not very convincing considering that I"m looking at almost $600 investment, I ,definitely, don't have the motivation to start messing up with taking it apart to get it function right out of the box ..maybe it's a good idea just to wait for a used one to come up ..anyway, Greg, tnx for the output Have a wonderful Sim weekend ahead Yair
  3. ha. okay I'll try .... anyway, problem solved, I found that it got to do with on of my addons, "XP11Setting Tools" that messed up, I removed from the Lua Scrip and all well for now Happy Landing yair
  4. It's about time to move forward. My 9 years old Saitek Pro is about to go south and I would like to abandon the Plastic. My budget dosn't let me go with the PFC or the Yoko, so I'm thinking of the GoFlight Vantedge, however I can't find reviews and no recent posts on this device. I'm aware that GF had some issues with this Yoke in the past, but I'm wondering if GF overcome those issues. Any input as of performance, functionality, durability Etc, will be highly appreciated Cheers Yair
  5. .. my 9 years Saitek Yoke is about to go South, so a new one is on my list. The GOFLIGHT GF - VANTEDGE is within my budget, I wonder if you can post or PM your impression and experience with this Yoke. For some reason I do not see any real reviews on this Yoke, I found one on youtube but it is not a really a serious review tha can be taken into consideration Happy landing Yair
  6. Okay. so technically, you are generating overlays by Pointing Ortho4XP to the HD mesh, and when setting up priorities you put the w2xp on top of Ortho4 XP overlay, did I get it right ? ( BTW I don't like the things that is happening with the tress, w2xp is scettering them all over, I wonder if there is a way to delete/ ignore w2xp trees ??)
  7. .. u guys are smart .... lol lot of sense here and lot to learn too :-) The bottom line, if I may say so, while building the Overlays we can either point to Global Scenery folder or to the custom Scenery one, mesh wise it's not really matter, right ? now, can you guys, please, elaborate and explain (plain English) the meaning of this thing "Overlay" & other than the mesh does it really matter if I pick the Global Scenery or the Custom Scenery option to point at? Cheers Yair
  8. ..so in plain English, we can benefit from both, having Ortho4XP on top of HD Mesh, and letting Ortho4XP build overlay which will reside on top of Ortho4Xp Tiles (Assuming that Ortho4XP build the overlay using HD Mesh). Did I get it right ???????
  9. My ASRock Pro4 went bye bye ... need replacement Please, PM Reg Yair
  10. oh, I see ..tnx :-) Now I'm not a tech savvy, but for those that use Ortho4XP do we need HD Mesh at all ??? Cheers Yair
  11. ...so it's a replacement for the stock mesh and improvement for V3, and we should not expect any issues with Ortho right ? any idea what has been improved ? Cheers
  12. ...Yoke no power and doesn't recognized by the OS, so I guess it went south ...may rest in peace (-: So if you have one that you wish to retire or a spar please PM Tnx Yair Just need the Yoke, no TQ
  13. OK Jan way more clear now with the data you just provided, my figures are similar to those ( a bit off on a level with full power, but offset when trimming to about 75%) so I can assume that we are okay here Some of the deflections are, probably, should be attributed to my aging Saitek Pro-Yoke which IMHO become less Pro & less Yoke ...... lol Best Reg Yair.BTW Ground Steering/ Taxi this is a hell of an issue ..keeping engine at about 800RPM applying small Mixture, this thing is accelerating and drifting from side to side like crazy, no a pleasure at all (-:
  14. 1.) Which aircraft are you flying? Stock 172SP 2.) What airspeed and powersetting do you have when you observe the behaviour? Trying to adhere to the POH as much as possible http://www.lanierflightcenter.com/wp-content/uploads/172S-POH.pdf 3.) What is your control-response and artificial stability settings (in the joystick menu)? Never changed this, so, probably, it's set to the default 4.) Do you have buttons/keys set up for trimming aileron/rudder? Yes for the rudder, No for the ailerons Reg. Yair BTW Don't know if it mean anything but reading the output from the screen seems like all is well, when applying full forward or back pressure Yoke, numbers goes all the way up to 1.00 & -1.00 same with the roll, the Rudder is a bit off , but I guess it's the wind factor