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  1. ..K. but with no Plugin how does the instrument will "Communicate" with XP ?????
  2. Hello all, Update to V3 & running VR. I noticed that some of the buttons on my Pro-Yoke do not functioning properly, and that the Hat switch cease working. Is it a bug I should report ??? Cheers Yair
  3. ..yes. Fliyinside is the reason, once removed (almost) all is well, just wondering where the VR Check Box gone to.
  4. ..but VR check box is gone, weird
  5. ..tnx... but I have no clue how to deal with DataRef or any sort of programming ..... however, I found out that Cross-Tie on/off or toggle will do the 'Trick"
  6. sorry. mean AVIONIC BUS 2 ...:-)
  7. ... LR doesn't provide Alternator 2 at all , & Generator 2 is no good either, suppose to be Avionic BUS 1 & Avionic Bus 2, the Saiteks Switch Panel furnished with Avionic Master which is triggering the G530 Reg.
  8. I can find keyboard or button assignment for Aviation BUS 1, but can't find anything for BUS 2 to turn my G430 on, so mouse clicking is my only option for now Any idea ??? Cheers Yair
  9. .... giving me hard time when booting, I need to connect the 5" after get to windows, however, once connected the OS recognize the 5" with no issues at all I can undoc the Generic G430 and drag it to the 5", but as mentioned, XP11 doesn't recognize it, and I can't do the same thing with my RealityXP G530 ...Weird. As of the Log, well, Ihave no idea what to look for when opening the Log Reg.
  10. Just upgraded to Samsung 40" 4K TV, and for some reason XP is not detecting the 5" LCD 800x480 display that I'm using for my GPS, I had no issues with my previous 1080x1920 Plasma TV before Any ideas/ thoughts Tnx Yair
  11. ...would it be ok to ask you to forward the Lua scrip to me too ? I'm running VR using HP VR1000-100 Headset, on a ,respectively, high end Rig, Stock C172 guadges are clear, the only thing in the cockpit is the GPS, a bit blurry, & some of the buttons flouting, my big issue is Scenery outside, which is blurry, hazy most of the time and stuttering, not fun & can get you real head eaches ..... however, once experiencing VR it is very hard to look back to 2D (& MY 2D runs amazingly well) Cheers
  12. ..lot of challenges in the VR arena, things are moving fast, so I'm very optimistic, & do not think real VR "Quality" is 5-10 years away, we all need to remember the VR is driving lot of manufacturers and Developers attention, and we will see constant improvements in accelerated pace. Cheers
  13. Hello All, Juts a quick one. I have a 120HZ 4K 40" , When Igo to the windows Display setup and X-plane Monitor set up I do not have the option of 120hz only the 60hz. Am i missing something here Cheers Yair
  14. ... shortage in the market, high demand crazy prices, is due to the price spikes in Bicoin almost $18,0000 so everybody wants to get into Mining business, wait a bit till the hyper is over and people will get out of the Business/ illusions prices will go down dramatically, just be aware of a used GPUS since mining mining abusing the Unit Cheers Yair
  15. .. just got & installed 1080ti ..... not only It didn't solve the bad stuttering & blurriness but it laterally crashing to the desktop, $850 investment didn't do any good for the VR. Considering my, HW spec, I thing it is more about tweaking both the GPU and My flyinside ...which I tried, unfortunate, whiteout luck (-: My 2D, on the other hand is amazing (Samsung 40" 4K 120mhz Refresh rate) .. it is stunning ...but 2D days are for the past ....lol