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  1. .. he can always ask the customer for his consent & permission, shouldn't be such a big deal, especially if you want to prompt your product, after all we are not dealing here with something that can compromise the Nation security, it is only a Yoke after all, not easy pulling $1,500 out of your pocket with no option to put your hand on & Test Drive it .. but maybe business is so good and there is no need to get out of your way to help a potential customer to make a decision Cheers Yair
  2. ... I asked Mario for a referral in SoCal, so I can go and put my hand on the Yoke, either a privet or any Flying School that use the Brunner Yoke ,well, got a response I would expect from Swiss Banker not from Sim Hardware manufacturer ,he can not disclose Customer Information. not very encouraging considering that this piece of hardware cost mocho $$$$ ..
  3. ..well, should be interesting review ....
  4. .... awesome, tnx you so much ...
  5. The actual GTN got 2 physical rotary knobs, one is for the Frequency adjustment and the other is volume & squelch, I'm wondering if there is a way to assign knobs in X-Plane for those to function as the RW one Cheers Yair
  6. seems like new kid in town, anyone with experiences opinion can post comments / review, maybe even compare to the Brunner FFB Yoke CLS or the CLS-B-NG Yoks. Once thing I thing I already noticed, no Hat Switch .. & a bit more expensive than Brunner Cheers Yair
  7. So how do you like the Yoke, can you post a review ???
  8. ..any reviews on the NG ?????
  9. N1125Y

    MilViz T310R

    ..hard some complains about the engine sound, but other than that seems like a great AC
  10. .try to get a used GoFlight one, they are running pretty low on e-Bay, and after minor tweaking they will perform fine
  11. ...seems like excellent choice but since you decided to go up the "Ladder", why not to make one more step and go with the Brunner CLS -E Force Feedback , after all, this thing suppose to serve for many year so the extra $$$ investment seems to be justified, no ???? Cheers Yair & yes, it will be nice to have you posted a review of the new Yoko
  12. N1125Y

    Request: Carenado Panel Mods

    Is there away to swap Carenado B58 one of the G430 with the G530 ????
  13. N1125Y

    Request: Carenado Panel Mods

    ..tnx, I'll tray it too Cheers
  14. ..lots of impotent staff, which large portion of it I don't even understand ...... but what about some basics, like adding fuel selectors to the Baron B58 & the being able to properly control the Cowl Flaps via Axis assignments ...... after all is this what we do when flying, no 🙄 ?????
  15. ..make sense. I 'll keep flying the stock with RP addon Tnx