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  1. Mabye this pilot was watching this on MSFS 2020 prior to his attempt ?
  2. He took off from the taxiway, not a runway. Looks as if he didn't even take time for an engine run-up or mag check.
  3. I have the Saitek rudder pedals on one of my simulators. Work fine. I converted the pedals over to Cessna-type with a conversion kit I purchased from E-bay.
  4. Could you try a system restore first ? Bill Davis
  5. Thank you for your opinion....
  6. Have you tried disconnecting the MCE and try a flight without it ? Mabye eliminating one by one for troubleshooting purposes. ( I am not a computer nut) Have you used the MCE prior without the crash ?? Sometimes my Windows 10 with a 1600 W power supply (plenty of power ) 128 gb ram....RTX 3900 GTX .. crashes with my 4 ssd's connected (obviously not needed) and RealSimGear GTN 750 .I find I have to disconnect the ssd's and lighten the load on the power supply and then the GTN750 . FINALLY it comes back on without the system crash, at such a point when I reconnect the GTN. Something wrong with your MCE or aircraft software bug ?
  7. I am familiar with all these aircraft. Thanks Bill Davis
  8. To each his own....... I wouild like the Carenado Skylane RG II of FSX fame... To me, I go for the planes Carenado USED to produce for the older sims...what a shame they do not produce this for at least Prepar3d compatability today.... fully functioning. So Sad .
  9. Much like a TV , you DON'T HAVE TO CLICK ON THESE POSTS..... IT'S all up to YOU....
  10. Yes, without instrumentation in Prepar3d v4 and 5. Bill Davis
  11. I have had this situation. The solution involves signing out and back in to x-box in the microsoft store. Better information can be had if you google about the microsoft store marketplace grayed out. Just had this yesterday. Bill Davis
  12. I purchased a custom-made dual rudder set about 5 years ago from Macbare. Quality workmanship and sturdy. Bill Davis
  13. I will pay you $ 50.00 for the trim wheel only.     wdavis.wa@comcast.net

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