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  1. I've been trying to activate Prepar3d v5 for about 6 hours now. It keeps saying the server cannot be reached. I hope I get it to activate before Prepar3d v6 comes out. No sleep tonight.
  2. I have loads of hard drive and ssd space...plenty of room for a new sim..
  3. I could probably use a spare...I have a FL Cessna 182T FTD.  I'll pay $ 50.00.    PayPal       Are you in the U.S. ?   Bill Davis

  4. Do you have Pen Mount Windows Universal Driver installed for your touchscreen monitor ?. That app makes the touch screen work. They can be downloaded from the internet .
  5. How much did you pay for the Pro version ?
  6. No problem remembering carb heat.......always use your checklist.
  7. A Reality XP GTN750 Users Manual is provided upon installation of the GTN750 software. It describes the complete installation process.
  8. I use it to change the desktop color settings.
  9. I always use ASUS motherboards on my computer builds for years. NEVER had an issue.
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