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  1. wwdavis

    P3D v4.4 Problems !!

    Did you previously create a restore point ? Also, you could go to "Apps and Features", Select your Prepar3D v4 entry ,then "modify" ,then "repair".
  2. I create a restore point before I install any new app.
  3. wwdavis

    Home button on no bezel GTN725

    Does your GTN 725 have an option to add the bezel ?
  4. wwdavis


    (1) I always clone my drives for a back-up (2) I always create a system restore point. This eliminates any need to do a complete re-install of system and other software.
  5. When I first downloaded RealityXP GTN 750, a setup.exe file was automatically placed in the RealityXP folder should I need to reinstall it.
  6. wwdavis

    iSO to USB

    I always make a clone back-up of my drives
  7. Watch YouTube video : Garmin GTN 750 not working in Prepar3d v4 This works with F1 GTN 750 not able to continue past "continue" screen. May be applicable to your RXP GTN 750 issue.
  8. wwdavis

    Win10 Won't Start

    I always make clone backups of my drives.
  9. wwdavis

    Win 10 replacement

    I always make clone backups of my drives.
  10. Buy cheap....Get cheap. I have TRC Cessna rudder pedals I purchased in 2011. Expensive....They are still working great today. Never had an issue.
  11. Bel: I have a DIAGMA GNS 530 unit. It is working OK using a registered version of FSUIPC in FSX,Prepar3d v3 and V4. Go into FSUIPC V4 for prepar3d v3 or FSX and FSUIPC V5 for Prepar3d v4 and assign button presses for each button on the GNS 530 unit. These button presses are saved in the FSUIPC .ini. Button presses WITHIN the simulators are supposed to be assigned in each sims control panels. I cannot get them to work so I use FSUIPC. My DIAGMA unit works with Reality XP GNS 530 in FSX ,Prepar3d v3 and V4. Cannot get Mindstar GNS 530 to work in DIAGMA unit, which does not use FSUIPC. I have e-mailed DIAGMA about 10 days ago about the issue and have received no reply. JJ from Mindstar also communicated with them to offer them his assistance to get the DIAGMA unit to be compatable with Mindstar software. I haven't heard further from JJ. I also have a RealSimGear GNS 530 unit which works very well with Mindstar GNS 530 (FSX and Prepar3d only ) and Reality XP GNS 530 on my other computer which is my preferred unit to the DIAGMA unit. I regret purchasing the DIAGMS GNS 530 unit as it does not meet my personal needs. The Mindstar GNS 530 will not work with Prepar3d V4 as it is a 64-bit sim Bill Davis
  12. I have Advanced Edition v 1.08.0025 of Mindstar gns 530 Bill Davis
  13. PPL 1974. Now medically inactive.
  14. wwdavis

    Fantastic support

    JJ and his team are working hard to solve my Mindstar GNS 530 issue. Bill Davis
  15. I have an Emuteq gns 530 unit. It emulates a real GNS unit. A video of one can be found on YouTube by typing Emuteq GNS 530.