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  1. I have had this situation. The solution involves signing out and back in to x-box in the microsoft store. Better information can be had if you google about the microsoft store marketplace grayed out. Just had this yesterday. Bill Davis
  2. I purchased a custom-made dual rudder set about 5 years ago from Macbare. Quality workmanship and sturdy. Bill Davis
  3. I will pay you $ 50.00 for the trim wheel only.     wdavis.wa@comcast.net

  4. Prepar3d v5 with hotfix hasn't given me 1 munutes worth of problems. MSFS 2020 has taken too much of my time readjusting sensitivity settings,and lately, crashes with the latest update. I may be laid to my grave before MSFS is corrected enough for me to properly fly the sim. It is beautiful on the outside, but too much trouble to mess with at present . With ORBX and other add-ons, I think Prepar3d V5 looks just as good as MSFS 2020 without the extra hassle. Bill Davis
  5. Are you signed into your Microsoft account ? It won't install unless you are signed in. I had that issue. Bill Davis
  6. I just checked the price of my 1600-MA G-series 1600 W psu's On the net they are going for $495.00 unused Wow.
  7. I have 2 LEPA 1600-MA G-Series 1600W PSU's with all connectors sitting around my computer room. I have another in my computer. Plenty of power !! Bill Davis
  8. You were correct. v2.5.26 was installed. Sorry !!
  9. The Reality XP Garmin v update screen keeps showing on my desktop daily. I have already installed this latest update. Very annoying to see this show up every day. Make it go away.
  10. I look at my plane from behind in the the chase mode. I can see the rudder quickly zig-zagging back and forth left and right. I look from the cockpit view the nose swings quickly zig-zagging left and right. Irritating !! Even FSUIPC7 calibration and slope adjustment won't take it out Bill Davis
  11. With the Brunner CLS-E MKII yoke using the Brunner CLS2Sim software, Check the first box (power-on) and 2nd box (Int), leave "connect" unchecked. Operates OK.
  12. My Brunner CLS-E MKII yokes are working OK in MSFS 2020 using the Brunner CLS2Sim software.
  13. I had 2 Flight Illusion yokes installed on my Cessna 182 T FTD. I was never satisfied with the "chain" feel in the pitch. Roll was just fine. Flight Illusion would have been better off using a rubberized belt instead of the chain. After a few years when the Brunner MKII yokes came out, I ended purchasing 4 of them. I installed 2 of them in my 182. I was soo glad I did. I have 2 flight Illusion yokes and 2 Brunner MKII yokes sitting around my computer room. I don't know if Flight illusion ever went to the rubber belt to replace the chain. NEW Flight Illusion yokes are about $1,722.00 each. NEW Brunner MkII's are about $2,200.00 each Bill Davis
  14. I have dual Brunner CLS-E MKII yokes with a Cessna 182 FTD from Flight Illusion.I replaced the Flight Illusion yokes with the Brunner MKII's Only TRC rudder pedals. Brunner yokes are GREAT ! I've used them with Prepar3d versions 4 and 5 , Flight Simulator X, Beta test on MSFS Alpha. I've had them for almost a year. Just got MSFS 2020 but haven't had a chance to try them out. I have 2 extra Brunner yokes sitting around waiting for me to build another simpit. I originally cut 3" off both the yoke control rods. I decided to send one back to replace control rod to original length. cost $764 to refurbish with shipping. I will wait on refurbish on the other. I noticed many simpit pilots are using the Brunner yoke. They are sturdy and will last for years. I would choose the Brunner over the Flight Illusion any day. Flight Illusion yoke is around $1,722.00. Brunner MKII is around $2,200 There are much cheaper Brunner yokes. CLS-E NG 1,190 Euros. 3" yoke travel Bill Davis
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