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  1. G´day Andrew, thanks for reposting the module. Unfortunately i turned away from flight simming back in the days and now i just got back to it. With P3Dv4.x i have to relearn a few things. Unfortunately i didnt have the time for v1.2. I also have a module for the Cera UH60 and one for the IRIS Battlefield Airlifter module as well. Dont know if you already have these. I tested these modules within P3Dv4 and the latest LINDA app and they worked perfekt. It is quite a great especially when you are under VR. Ok you need to know where all these switches are :D For the time here is the UH 60 module you may repost it as well. The readme is inside the archive. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ob4q5xmq5a97uku/Linda Module Cerasim UH-60.zip?dl=0 BR MJ
  2. Hi there, you are a lucky guy. Havebt checked this thread for ages anyway here is a download link from my dropbox
  3. Hi, unfortunately yes. That happens sometimes and not on every HD airport. I do not have a solution :(
  4. Hi jeansy, had a flight in Ceras Bell 212 and i had no problem. It flies and it behaves like it should and did in the previous versions of P3D and FSX.
  5. All problems have been olved thank you for everyone envolved. Turbulent found a lifetime supporter :)
  6. Yes sir more than 5 times. But i think i found the problem. The email i registered is different to the email in the customer details on the order receipt. The problem is that the customer email is the same email i registered in the first place when i bought Turbulents first two airfields. For this first account i lost may password and i couldnt log in anymore. I tried to reset the password many times but had no luck .Password reset function did not work. tried this also many times.. I contacted TD via support but never got an answer on this first problem. I also got no answer on my second problem. This is unusual for TD as they are normally very fast in answering. Im facing myself to open a third account with another different email and buy a second copy of MBS.:S Ok just now i reset the password on my first account and it worked IMHO, i feel like a dumb a** as i did that many times.
  7. Nope not yet. There were a guy who had the same problem he solved it with the installer. But that didnt help me :(
  8. Thanks for your reply. I did that many times no luck...
  9. Hi, first i will address this problem over at TD forums as well. I just bought TD s KMBS tried to install it into v4 but never came past the registration. It said i have an invalid code. I tried it many times but no luck. Error Code 0 Anyone faced the same problem? Thanks :)
  10. I think that makes another real difference to users utilizing their VCs to fly around. Anyway nice setup you have :) At work i have a same setup despite the fact that there is also a cabin with flight attendent and passengers attached ;)
  11. Hi Mark, nVidia inspector loads the same profile for every P3D version. The inspector does not recognise different P3D versions. What you can do is make different profiles for the different versions. For ex if you want to fly v3 either load up the default driver values via the inspector or fire up a custom profile for v3 and when you fly v4 load up a new custom profile or of course driver defaults first. Keep in mind that every time you edit an P3D inspector profile you should clean the shader cache. Im running my old v3 profile in v4 and im quite happy with it. For me the best visual is P3D 4xMSAA and inspector 4xSGSS. Thanks to the GTX 1080 gives me a good overall performance.
  12. For now i just found only two airports that had a texture problem. It is RFScenerybuildings Torino Caselle LIMF. The main terminal shows a black texture instead of glassy looking texture. And Aerosofts Stuttgart X 2.0. Somehow the ground poly is invisible. As AI i use MT6 and i found out that their afcads sometimes causing scenery troubles and loss of performance. For ex FSDT KLAX and MT6. I had to delete the MT6 afcad. USCities X Chicago and FSDT KORD same problem. The only airport i had some loss in performance was FSDT KIAH but i didnt run the live update as i type so no blame. Every other FSDT or FB airport runs just grreat. I did a lot of test with PMDG T7 15% Ai, pretty high setings in P3D and all my FSDT and FB airportsLowest FPS were around 26. BTW i run Dynamic Lighting enabled no performance decrease. Same goes for my FlyTampa, T2G, Justsim, Jetstream, RFScenerybuilding, Aerosoft, DigitalDesign and LatinVFR collection. Good performance under all conditions. Performance will decrease by around 15% when using FTX full fat regions besides FSDT CYVR. This aiiport runs very good with FTX PNW. whereas FlyTampas YSSY faces a performance decrease when using FTX AU. Al in all is P3D[6]4 the weapon of choice. LM again brought up a winner. Next big thing for me will be the release of all my ORBX airfields lifted to 64bits. BTW i have 4xMSAA in P3D and 4xSGSS in nVidia inspector.
  13. The question that should be asked is why would someone hold on to FSX and fight with performance when one can do an easy jump to a painless alternative. I see lots of 3rd party devs updating their expensive HQ sceneries AND aircraft FOR FREE!!! Example: Yesteday i played with v4 settings and add on sceneries. One combination that was jaw dropping for me was FSDT KLAX+Aerosoft US Cities X LA + AS16 + REX Soft Clouds + FTX Global + openLC US + 10% MT6 AI traffic + 10% boat traffic provided by Hendrik with high v4 autogen settings. With the default F22 i reached 45!!! FPS now with the PMDG T7 i had 26 as lowest!!! FPS and some 30ish FPS on ground @LAX!!! It was just a test of how the sim performs. One should do that in FSX. I would say one would make it at least to one of LAXs main taxiways till the sim OOMs. Beside the sim killed by OOM we should take into account that FSDT KLAX and US Cities X are pretty old they are still perform well in v4!!! Flying in FlyTampa sceneries like YSSY, CYYZ can sometimes be a pain in FSX/P3D[32] We all agree when we say low FPS or sudden OOM. This is history wit v4. Even @high settings extremly well performing with the combination of heavy add ons! Next question, why should a 3rd party dev develop a product where he must be aware of major restrictions on the one hand and on the other hand he develops the same product with no limits. He even run in discussions with users running FSX/P3D[32] because they fight with performance limits. IMHO it is time to empathize with a dev. If i was a dev i would really consider the drop of 32bit add ons. It is time consuming and it cost money for the dev. Money that he will charge the user in the end. A HQ scenery now costs around 30 USD an add on aircraft (if it is not PMDG like) around 40 USD. Imagine what it will cost when devs still produce for all three platforms? Now again my question, what are the reasons for one to drive his car with handbrake on when he easily can switch it off to unleash the full performance of the engine and the potential of the car? Since the days of FSX and the ending of the support by MS we tried lots of tweaks, workarounds, hardware etc to ride the dead horse called FSX. It was fun and we enjoyed it. We prayed to the lord to make it run as it did when it was alive. Nothing helped. In the end the dead horse is dead no matter what we try to do it will not walk or run because it is still and it always be dead. Thanks to the Dakota indians wisdom. Thanks for reading ;) Yes you are right but because is this. FS2K2 - FSX were never ment for real world training nor giving the user a feel of real flight dynamics. P3Dv1 - v3 are derivates of FSX but ment for training. As history tells us P3D besides XPL are the only 2 sims that are under constant development. Now with v4 the 32bit restrictions not even fall for scenery development they also fall for flight dynamics development.
  14. Hi, i cant speak for the internal control setup of P3d. This is a part of the sim that should be reworked. It will never be as descent as FSUIPC. I dropped it since the old days of FS9. I was never happy with it. Buying FSUIPC was the best investment for flightsim ever. With FSUIPC im able to setup profiles for different aircraft. For ex i fly the PMDG T7, after landing i jump into a chopper i dont have to go into controls and edit some axises to fly it as FSUIPC recognise the change of model and load the profile i setup for it. It is a pain to pay 30 bucks but it is worth it believe me.
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