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  1. It's tough to be on a limited budget. However, I think you will find an AMD based system easier on the buck's (sorry, pounds?). I put together the following system; 1: Asus Crosshair Hero VII mobo, 2: AMD Ryzen 2700x CPU. 3: Skill 3466 memory. 4: EVGA 1200 Watt PSU. 5: Cooler master Case, had it on hand. 6: Samsung EVO 1TB NVME ssd. The CPU comes with a Prisime cooler, works very well and in almost silent! With AMD you have an upgrade path the don't require a new motherboard every time they come up with a new CPU like Intel does. They are coming out with a 7nm form factor CPU shortly, sampling now! You may save a few pounds buying a mobo with an x370 chipset rather that an x470 chipset, I don't see all THAT much difference, I have both. The BIOS on the ASUS mobo's have game overclock presets for easy over clocks, they work great! I'm running @ 3.4Ghz and 3400 memory. Also running Active Sky, Soft Clouds. GSX for the kids, they love it! Using FSX-SE from steam, no need to worry about user control and FSX_SE, Steam improved memory control big time. If, at a later date you run PMDG, the best!!! on PV3Dv4 they extra cores come into play at 64 bit. LM X-11 is 64 bit, Multi core CPU's are better. With FSX-SE only I get within 3-4 FPS at high density airports of INTELS best. I cannot justify those extra buck's for a few more FPS's! Much less a reduced upgrade path. Love doing flights with PMDG's 747-400F aircraft. PMDG is worth the price!!! I have a few 2TB Western Digital Black 7200 ZEK HD;s and like strong PSU's, you cane allway's add more capacity later on the cheap. I also network 2 machines and run Aivlasofts EFB v2. I also have a few sites on YouTube. Good luck over in the UK Best wishes BaldyB
  2. If you want to beat someone over the head for 3-4 FPS your right. Otherwise go for the Ryzen 2600X, you will not be sorry. And you will do it at way less expense. Plus if you get a mobo with an X470 or X370 chipset you will be able to upgrade to the upcoming 7nm Ryzen to be released this fall. Supposed to run @ 4.7GHz? Go with Intel and be stuck with having to get a new mobo every time they come out with a new CPU? Intel will shortly be concentrating on the sever community to no avail, AMD will beat em their too! Save some bucks. Best BaldyB
  3. Running FSX-SE. Asus HERO Crosshair VII, ASUS Strick RX-580, !6GB Ram at 3600. Ryzen 2600x. This runs as playable as FS9 on the dual CPU Asus work station board I had without the annoying screaming of the old AMD heat sinks. I'm getting 35-40 FPS at high density air ports. I will admit I was surprised. Getting 4.1 GHz on the CPU, not to bad in IMHO. I't still a guess but some are saying AMD's 7nm form factor will run at 4.7GHz? If that's true it will be a real game changer for AMD. The chips are sampling now from what I hear. Eventually we will see more Flight Sims running multy core 64 bit operating systems. I wish Microsoft had sold the rights to PMDG. LM is a defense contractor funded by taxpayer money. Seems to me they could go a little easy price wise on their FS software, they never seem to get enough. The old 4X4 AMD dual CPU system would run FS9 at 90-100 FPS with 2 FX57 CPU's. It would I suspect run FSX at a very playable rate. The setup had one problem outside of expense, it was to word not allowed loud. At that no DIY water cooling was readily available. If you were doing softhing other than flight sims the noise would drive you crazy. I got so I could not take the noise any more. Best BaldyB
  4. You need the Wide version if you run the Client on a networked/other machine. Regards baldyB
  5. Pretty sure I read it in Aivlasofts docs. I already used the paid version of FSUIPC + FSUIPC Wide. I do remember something about seeing other Aircraft problems with v1. I map all my controls thru FSUIPC, many worth while things can be done with the paid version, check it out. Regards BaldyB
  6. It's been a long time since I used a GTX NVidia card, so I cannot say if it's better or worse than the RX-580. All I know is the 580 gives me excellent graphics, no tearing, stuttering, or any other problems. It's fluid and stuff loads fast. My 1700 with the AMD cooler was a lucky draw in the silicon lottery, it overclocked very well. and ran FSX-SE with no problems. Of course the 2700X with the prisime cooler is better yet. I got the new CPU to run @ 4.4 Ghz but I keep an eye on the CPU temp, so far, so good. I think a water cooling setup may allow 4.5-7? On the other hand I think maybe for what purpose, just to see how much it can be pushed? At some point if you have an excellent result it's time to enjoy the rig and let go of the speed issues. Made a quick flight from KMCO to KLAS last night and it was very enjoyable, thinking I may call it a draw and just fly! The last Intel CPU I ran was an 80286, I had a shop and the Intel rep., said I should take my AMD Athlon signs out of my windows. I told him to go and do something to himself and never looked back. Regards BaldyB
  7. I don't know about the GTX, However with an ASUS Strick RX-580 8Gb card I get great performance. Just finished a new build last night. 1: Asus Crosshair Hero VII x-470 mobo. 2: 16 GB Gskill running @ 3466. 3: Samsung 970 Evo 1 TB with ! TB WD Black ZEX running on a tiered setup with Fuse drive, or AMD Store MI. The Fuse bootable disk is the WD ZEX. 4: AMD Ryzen 2700X 2'nd gen. Running @ 4.2 Ghz. After first boot I set up at JFK and was getting 55-60 FPS at a gate. Every time I boot since the machine boot faster, in just a few seconds now. When you consider the cost of ownership vs performance IMHO it's a no brainer. FSX-SE is all I use except for Flyinside on OCULUS at times. PMDG aircraft IMHO are about the best. ! did use a GTX 8800 years ago and it stuttered no matter what I did. The first HDD I bought was a 5 MB cement block looking device in a Digital System 425, it costed $5000.00 . And the 8 " single sided floppy disks with the OS would not fit on the darn thing. The 970 Evo is like a stick of gum, how far we have come! My AMIGA computers had the best graphics with it's 9 view ports etc. Just to let you know, I have been around for a while, I'm 83 years old and I hope they Flight Sim in heaven! Game developers are moving toward multi core engines. Intel has been milking users for far too long. You need a new mobo, it seems, every two minutes. AMD is the way to go. If you want to spend a lot of money on a temporary basis for a FEW frames per second then go for it. I also use Aivlasoft's EFB v2. I have the Client on my other machine, an Ryzen 1700 CPU on a Asus x-370 mobo. This machine gets faster and faster with the EMOTUS Fuse drive setup, I bought the perpetual license for $65.00 to use an SSD over 32 GB. AMD is taking INTEL to the cleaners. INTEL is now more worried about the server CPU market than the gaming market I think? AMD's 7 nanometer chips will show up shortly and will have an improved IPC rate. Best regards BaldyB
  8. Nice interface, runs faster I think but I have a new 2700x chip so it's a bit hard to tell. After getting it setup properly I like it better than V1. You need FSUIPC. It works with the free version with the Client and Server on the same machine. You need the FSUIPC Wide if you want to run the client on another machine. Server = Data Provider, Client ='s old Display Unit. The pay ware version of FSUIPC is worth the money. You can set up your controls for specific aircraft, PMDG, Airosoft, and a bunch of other stuff. Aivlasoft EFB v2 interfaces with Topcat very nicely. I bought both PFPX and Topcat that was offered at a decent price, Getting used to PFPX and I think It will be the way to go along with Topcat . I like it, worth the money IMHO! BaldyB
  9. When go to PMDG help site I cannot log in as an existing customer, but I can log into the one on the right to get past order codes etc. I am looking to get the update for the 300. The PMDG operation center say I have download a new version fro the store, cannot log into Store??? Thanks for any help. Denis P Bolduc
  10. I had a Sandisk Ultrq Pro 500GB and ran out of room. I just installed a Sumsung 1T 960 Pro m.2 NVMe. Now when I load a different Aircraft into FSX the list come up almost instantly. I have all the FSX + the PMDG variants, or at least a ton of em. It's a really fast drive. ASUS VI extreme , 16GB Ram running @ 3200, A Ryzen 1800 @ 4000. I get decent FPS's. The machine is working well The mobo has a gaming pre-set that allows for the overclock. Best BaldyB
  11. It is a non X 1700, surprised me too! I picked it up knowing Ryzen 2 will be released in the spring next year. Just got out of the hospital a few days ago, not feeling well. Best BaldyB
  12. I just built rig using an Asus Crosshair Extreme VI and a 1700. The first board went up in smoke to be honest, Clicked on Return Item on Amazon and the had a replacement on a truck in two hours. Installed the 1700, RX 480, and 16GB Gskill Flare X Memory. Got into and found the drop down menu for the ram and set it on 3200. It instantly read 3200 in the BIOS. Rebooted, DLoaded AMD Master, had CPU Z. I the rebooted into BIOS. I found some presets for auto overclock, clicked on "Gaming" the CPU instantly went too 4.0 GHz. I was amazed! Rebooted and found the memory dropped to 28xx or something like that, rebooted, reset memory too 3200, rebooted and I was somewhat surprised to see it held that setting without further adjustment. I believe I hit the silicone lottery wit this CPU. So I'm running 4.0 at 3200. Just got home from the hospital a few hours ago, did load up FSX and found a BIG increase in frame rates. The BIOS has 5-6 Presets for overclock. The heat sink that comes with the CPU is amazingly quiet it hold the temp about 39c at idle. Thinking of water cooling it with a kit like EK Performants or something like it. With CPU-Z only one Intel chip beat it in single threaded apps. In multi threaded this setup DETROYS all the Intel CPU's. My old machine was an ASUS Sabertooth v1 and 8350, whole different world. In spite of the first boards failings I the this will be a engineering marvel of sorts, it's got more parts and tech on it than most will ever use, like a mini version of that Tread Ripper ASUS Zenith board. The BOIS is down right extensive! I may be able to hit 4.1 GHz? Best to all. BaldyB
  13. Just built a Machine with 1700 on an ASUS VI Extreme board. Used GSkill FlareX and it has NO trouble running at 3200. I updated the BIOS to ver. 1701. Went into BIOS and chose "Gaming" option. It one of four easy overclocking options available in the drop down menu. The BIOS said 4.00 GHz. In the memory section I picked 3200 frequency. The machine is running at those speeds and passes the stress test I threw at it. Downloaded AMD Master and it confirmed what the BIOS reported regarding frequencies and temps. The new BIOS's and 3200 memory speeds are easily possible with the correct memory sticks. I think I have won the silicon lottery as far as this particular CPU is concerned. don't really know I do know a lot of outdated info is online, best to check the dates. Many problems with some newer Intel motherboards and chipsets I'm told? I get over 35-40 FPS at JFK. My AMD Bulldozer CPU gave me half of that running at 4.4GHz. I fly my PMDG airliners very comfortably know with the 1700 and the extra 8 GB for a total of 16 than I did before. When you get away from big areas like JFK. LAX. and the like the FPS's are way up in the 50-60's. Anyone who claims AMD's new Gaming setup suck needs to talk to a doctor! Best BaldyB
  14. I just put together a new build using an ASUS crosshair VI Extreme with a Ryzen 1700. Used 2 GSkill Flare X 8GB sticks. Also installed the new aeges 6 1701 BIOS. It has a few presets in the OC section of the BIOS. I picked the "Gamer" profile. the CPU jumped to 4.0 GHz. I then went to the dropdown list of memory speeds and picked 3200. Now it's running at those speeds. I think I lucked out with this particular CPU? Getting 30 FPS at JFK, my old machine was stuck at around 8-10 FPS's. AMD has come a ways since their launch. I don't have X Plane or P3D so I cannot help anyone with those. Best BaldyB
  15. A guy offered me a new Ryzen 1700 for putting a 1950x Threadripper. He was going to use it but said he came into some money and so the Ripper? He brought all the parts over. I decide to get a mobo and got a ASUS Crosshair VI Extreme. Put it in a Phantek etho full tower. Used a 1000 watt PSU. Installed a Samsung 512 NV/ME ssd in m.2 slot one. BIOS saw the ssd and everything looked good. shut down and installed a 500GB WD HD. Put the temp., AMD 390 video card in. Rebooted, could not get into BIOS. Suddenly a loud pop and a few sparks beneath the video card! Power switch OFF! A small IC chip was scorched Got online with Amazon and returned the board. They had a new re-placement on the way in minutes, 2 day free shipping. New board wouldn't allow me into the BIOS. Cleared the CMOS and used the designated USB port to update the BIOS with the machine off. No go. I thought perhaps the ssd got hammered, it did. As soon as I pulled it out the machine it went into BIOS and updated the latest BIO file 1701 that I installed thru the USB port. I got a label printed up to return the ssd. They offered a refund, must be short of them? Any how the BIOS offers a gaming overclock setting, used it and the CPU is running at 4GHz. I had the memory at 3200. It dropped to 2450 or whatever. I put it back to 25XX. will work further on it. The 1700 come with a stealth cooler. The CPU at 4GHz is 41c. I think I won the silicon lottery. A water cooling kit may be in this rigs future? At KJFK sitting on the runway I get 35 +- FPS. I haven't had time to make a flight, I can tell this machine will be really good. I don't have XPlane, only FSX Steam. Best BaldyB
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