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  1. This issue has been discussed on the FSDT support forums. I would check there for a solution.
  2. Also,,1.html and,1.html, the NDA is off and there will be a lot of reviews today.
  3. pgde

    Prepar3D benefitting from Mesh Shading?

    Who knows? Mere speculation at this point. Software will need to include code to take advantage of this and ray tracing.
  4. pgde

    HT on P3d v4.3

    There are a number of 5+ page posts about HT. Search would turn those up.
  5. pgde

    GSX disappear from addon menu

    Isn't the GSX menu CTRL+F12?
  6. pgde

    GSX Level 2 hmmmm......

    Because there is only one installer which will install either GSX or GSX Level 2 depending on your purchase. The increase in size is due to Level 2.
  7. Rerun the P3D client installer which will reinstall the original shaders. Then run PTA and BACKUP the original shaders.
  8. Do a search on the filename in Windows Explorer from the root directory of each drive (i.e. C:\, D:\, etc). A successful search will show you what directory it is in.
  9. Just out of curiosity, why did you buy this?
  10. pgde

    New GeForce RTX DLSS AA and P3D

    Nobody knows at this time if it worth the exorbitant price and what the performance will be. It isn't released until Sept. 20 and is generally sold out.
  11. Don't forget, while I use SCE a lot, it does NOT read the xml files that follow the LM recommended install method. Lorby's utililty does however (but if I remember correctly doesn't process the scenery.cfg).
  12. Thanks for the definitions guys! :)
  13. I'm not a home to check but look at the "default" sceneries at the bottom the scenery.cfg file. I don't remember if LM/Microsoft provided some Hawaii scenery. The reason I know that is I had a similar problem with DD Washington X. It turned out that the LM Washington DC default scenery was activated. Deactivated it and all was well. Just a suggestion.
  14. pgde

    New GeForce RTX DLSS AA and P3D

    And isn't this Nvidia-specific? If so, what about all the AMD-based users?