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  1. In case you are looking to purchase a 48" OLED TV, Newegg has a sale -- $300 off -- https://www.newegg.com/lg-c1-48/p/N82E16889007770?Item=N82E16889007770
  2. Quote was edited for space -- does this mean that AI can't depend on the active weather? Winds can change overtime in a flight? Can it be changed in mid-flight? And does a flight need to be generated with FSHUD or is the ATC 'real-time'? Does the real-time weather (from Active Sky) have any effect on the ATC vectoring? One last question, does the AI follow a flight plan (ala Ultimate Traffic) or are they random? Will probably buy this once FAA terminology is used rather than ICAO. I don't fly in Europe -- only North and Central America. Thanks!
  3. Try a repair or just a reinstall which should not take too long. Before that you might want to backup your prepar3d.cfg file, delete it and let P3D rebuild it on the next startup. Best of luck!
  4. Why are you posting in a forum that has nothing to do with Navdatareader?
  5. Will this help -- https://mans.io/item/MSI/geforce-rtx-3060-ventus-2x-12g
  6. You may also want to make a backup of your prepar3d.cfg file and delete it and let P3D regenerate it (you will need to reset your settings). Best of luck!
  7. If you do a search on the word Yellow, you will find a lot of posts about this. Have a good weekend!
  8. NZAA -- there is no need for the yoke to match the pedals. Many people have different yokes and pedals. The answers to questions that fppilot asked about your use cases for rudder pedals should determine what you should buy (and of course budget). Hope these posts have helped give you information! Have a good week.,..
  9. Just out of curiosity, what do you mean 'compatible' rudder pedals. It seems to me that any set would work or am I missing something?
  10. When I had the issue of OEM linked to the motherboard, I called MS Support and they reactivated my license for the new install.
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