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  1. pgde

    Blueprint KLAX V3 Opinions

    Not being an ORBX user, I fly into FSDT's KLAX with US Cities X LA and Megascenery and have no problems with performance at 1080P. Usually 30 FPS (with Active Sky and UTL).
  2. You might want to install Traffic Toolbox from the P3D SDK to see/delete/manage all the traffic.
  3. pgde


    Why not ask FSDT support?
  4. pgde

    ATC Closes. Is it only me??

    Must be an addon problem. Doesn't happen for me in P3D 4.3.
  5. pgde

    P3D v4 : New rig, new hopes...

    About the PSU - don't forget that in comparison home room heaters draw 1500 watts. Do your lights dim if you have an electric heater? You may want to check your electrical circuit to make sure it can handle that kind of load without overheating or blowing breakers. Enjoy your new rig!
  6. Ed -- what upper limit do you use in FFTF Dynamic? I am using .4 as the top (the default I think). Many thanks, P.
  7. There is a whole forum devoted to video cards here -- see
  8. Gerald -- so was the upgrade of cards worth it in your opinion?
  9. Hey Adam -- where did you hear about a new lighting system?
  10. pgde

    Weather radar....

    Don't forget -- HiFiSim is having a 30% off sale now!
  11. I thought that was the 2080ti -- for example see
  12. Newegg has a special early Black Friday sale on the GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2080 GAMING OC WHITE 8G Video Card -- see $789.99, free shipping.
  13. See also
  14. pgde

    New Version of P3D Coming?

    Perfectly stated Simon!