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  1. As far as I know, no. DLSS makes glass gauges and avionics blurry. It's really annoying, and there's no fix for it. I ended up disabling DLSS altogether, as it drove me crazy. I don't know when/if they'll fix it (or even who's suppose to fix it?)
  2. We'll see. Maybe I'll try out the trial. I really liked the videos and it looked promising. Also, the inclusion of the IFE was really nice. Thought it was a nice touch. Maybe because I really miss FeelThere Map! for FSX/P3D 32-bit. A real shame, that they didn't update it to 64-bits...
  3. Yes they do. It's not a big deal (in my opinion) and there's nothing they can do to remedy that (as far as I'm aware).
  4. FSPassengers was amazing (for it's time). Although I'm not sure, it would have been as widely accepted now, as it was then. But it just worked. No animations. No deep-dive into catering- tow and service contracts negotiations. You just input your aircraft (which could be configured per model), your destination and arrival airports and your estimated time enroute, landing etc. Then it simply gave you a number of passengers and let you get on your way. You could then manually serve drinks, entertainment or you could automate it. Simple sounds, music (I can still remember the boarding/taxi music!) and it wasn't clunky interface which took a second monitor... 🙂 In my view, it was one of the best pieces of addons there was. Simple. Efficient and it just worked. It wasn't complicated and it didn't promise a lot. But what it did, it did very well.
  5. Very impressive demo! I'm really looking forward to this ATC app. I wonder where (or how) BeyondATC get its traffic data (traffic-plans, ai models etc?)
  6. Microsoft OneDrive is quite good - at least I think so. I've been using it for years, through a 365-subscription. But you need to turn a few things off in it. By default, OneDrive gets the idea, that you want to backup all sorts of things, like the Desktop, Documents-folder, Videos- and Music-folders etc... It's insanely frustrating, that Microsoft adds these by default and often without telling you about it. What's worse, if you have it turned on, it's (sometimes) quite dificult turning if off completely. If you don't use OneDrive - completely remove it from the computer (there's instructions on how to do so). If you do use it, then make sure, that it isn't backing up various user-folders (specifically the Videos, Music, Documents, Desktop etc) folders by default located in C:\Users\<USERNAME>\ ... Sorry for the rant. 🙂
  7. Amazing! And finally some Greenland updates and improvements. Looking forward to it.
  8. There's probably serveral reasons for this. Some I can come up with: Activation infrastructure has (most likely) been taken down. This means, that you're most likely unable to activate the products; hence use them. Non of the PMDG-members (not to mention the Support-team) has FSX or FSX: Steam installed anymore, which most likely means, that they're unable to support any customers who should purchase the software. Taking money for a products, means that you've comitted yourself to provide technical and general support for the software and making sure that such paying customers, are able to use set software. Not being able to support the software, means not selling the software. And I kinda understand that position. The PMDG FSX products were probably also designed for a different Operating System, than what is used today. Most likely Windows XP or Windows 7. Neither of which is supported and is obsolete. It's not clear that the PMDG addons, designed for those legacy OS'es, would work well with modern a OS like Windows 10 or 11. They could (probably) release the FSX products as freeware and make it clear, that NO support is given! But that would probably present their own problems... I don't know what to tell you... Time moved on. I don't know what computer you have, but is it completely impossible for you to run P3Dv5 or MSFS in the lowest settings?
  9. You could probably find the boxes/CD's on eBay or similar somewhere... But can you even install it and activate it anymore?
  10. SimBrief integration should work (at least it did in the videos I saw). Or are you refering to something else? On a side note: Is there a way of hiding the tablet, if you don't want to use it? Click-spot or option in the FMC something like that?
  11. Interesting video. Not much functionality at the moment. But I guess more will come. IMO, they should move some (if not all) of their PMDG Options and Aircraft Options pages from the FMC to the UFT. The endless pages of configurations in (specifically the) Aircraft Options and Simulations Options etc is kinda (at least for me) confusing and I always loose the overview and cannot remember where things are located in these menues... On a side note: What scenery for LFPG is used in the video?
  12. Yearh, I think you're right... sadly. 😞 I don't think you can.
  13. Wow! That's too bad, that the website is gone... Ben from @Airline2Sim is long gone, so I guess we'll have to kiss our purchases goodbye (I actually had all the courses in there 😕 ) I luckily managed (some time ago) of downloading the Airport2Sim courses... but the Airline2Sim courses are (most likely) lost... Sad. 😞
  14. I don't have P3D installed, and It's been quite awhile since I've been using it... But as far as I remember, isn't this something to do with Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation?
  15. Wouldn't that remove ground traffic as well? Or does it only affect airborne traffic?
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