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  1. agutz

    Using RCD files using P3D?

    Orinks, Fsuipc's Autosave doesn't help. It creates .fxml files Rc4 cannot use. Renaming doesn't help. You have to drop the .fxml file into the Flight plan converter, FxmlToFLT you can find at It creates a .flt file Rc4 can read. Install it where you save your flightplans.
  2. agutz

    cannot start rc4

    Just to wrap up this thread: Since I discovered other problems with P3D under W10 (speech recognition not working despite mic correctly recognised by recording devices, networking problems W7-W10) I decided to go back to W7. I have a dual boot system and one of the OSs is W7 with FSX still installed. So I deinstalled FSX and installed P3D (still working on installing all the add-ons!). Now RC4 is working perfectly and I also can Communicate with FS2Crew. What a relief!
  3. agutz

    cannot start rc4

    Ray, yes, as I said in my OP: Not sure if I can uninstall those. It looks like I have the same w10 pro version you have on your laptop. According to "Computerworld" it may as late as Jan19 until all customers get 1809 (which originally meant Sept 2018!). W10 is a pain - you know where! Nevertheless, I'm no longer convinced w10 is to blame: absolutely nothing is dysfunctional except RadarContact.
  4. agutz

    cannot start rc4

    Ray and Paul, Sorry, I just copied the wrong number for FSUIPC. I have 5.141e. And yes, RC4 worked in W10. The last flight I used it was October 14. Then it started ok but died after say 5 minutes. AppCrashView has a "stopped responding and was closed entry. Since then it doesn't even start. As for W10 1809: How do I get it? Settings says I'm up to date with 1803.
  5. agutz

    cannot start rc4

    Ray, yes, it is a W10 issue, but I don't know where to start. AppCrashView doesn't show anything at all. Paul, it's P3Dv4, FSUIPC is 5141, and I'm using Rc4 since 2008.
  6. I used rc4 two days ago. It worked for about five minutes then it stopped. Since then I cannot start it anymore. When I double-click the icon (as admin) the spinning circle stops after one second, nothing happens, no error message. Uninstall / reinstall didin't change anything. OS is W10 1803, build 17134.345. On Oct 10 there have been two updates KB4462919 and KB4462930 May the updates have broken anything?
  7. agutz

    List of fsx airports by country

    It's in runways.txt also created by MakeRwys.exe
  8. agutz

    Forgot password

    No, it's OK now. Actually my original password is accepted now. Regards Andreas
  9. agutz

    Forgot password

    When I request a new password for the forum I get "Your password reset request was successful. We have sent you an email with further instructions to recover your account. Check your email within the next few minutes including any junk or spam folders." But thr email never arrives (junk or spam folders checked) Regards Andreas
  10. Yesterday this was on the Aerosoft AFS2 support forum: "the non-steam version of aerofly is up-to-date at all retailers. You cannot activate the Box version on steam. All updates will be made available through the shop where you bought it. All Add-Ons will be made available for the Aerosoft Aerofly FS2 version starting this week."
  11. Thanks Jeroen, this is from the AFS2 forum: "Aerosoft will shortly offer the missing downloads for Aerofly FS 2, e.g. the DLCs Switzerland, Colorado, and so on..." Aerosoft has an AFS2 support forum but no answer to my question.
  12. Hello, I bought and downloaded AFS2 from Simmarket. The download at Simmarket doesn't have a version number and I suspect it isn't the latest. Their standard answer is they always have the latest version provided by the developer. To find out I would have to download 47 GB (!). Is there any better way to update?
  13. agutz

    RC4 & Ultimate Traffic Live

    PS At the UTL forum is a report that FsAI Separation is still working with P3Dv4 and UTL: Also in the sim menu under addons/utlive there is a "clear approach" option.
  14. agutz

    RC4 & Ultimate Traffic Live

    Perhaps I should backtrack a bit and say, I didn't see any problems; I didn't do any tests. Runway incursion didn't occur to me nor any line-up incidents. But then maybe the airports I used were not busy enough.