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  1. Can we please go back to Traffic Global Early Access, P3D V5? I don't see the Option window where you define the amount of traffic.
  2. Could you say which updates you suspect? I have KB4537572 and KB4535996 waiting to be downloaded and installed.
  3. I was afflicted with the same problem. "A visit to the device manager and a re-installation of the drivers, as clearly stated in the topic linked by Poppet would no doubt have resolved the problem" No, it didn't. I followed all advice given by Poppet. None of them resolved it.
  4. Please read the thread I indicated. It has nothing to do with the graphic card (I have a 1080, too).
  5. I went from w7 to w10 by the upgrade way and ended up with p3d giving me the "video card not compatible with direct x 11" error code. See this thread https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6322&t=132091 In the end, like the op in this thread, I had to wipe my harddisk and do a clean install of w10, p3d and all add-ons.
  6. Thanks, reinstalling had done the trick. Before I had just P2ABaseData.mdf, now they are all there.
  7. There is a file P2ABaseData.mdf but I can't find P2ABaseData_log.ldf anywhere.
  8. When starting P2ATC I get this error message: Unable to initialize Database The underlying provider failed to Open. An attempt to attach an auto named daatabase for file C:\Pilot2ATC_2018_x64\Data\P2ABaseData.mdf failed. A database with the same name exists, or specified file cannot be opened, or it is located on UNC share. The app is located in C:\Pilot2ATC_2018_x64
  9. Hi Ed, "Save RC/SF State" is the last item in Rc4's "Keyboard Definitions", Is that your " ; "? What I don't understand is " My usual save process when flying with or even without RC". This keyboard definition is supposed to work only in Rc4. Does your usual save process create all necessary files ( RCD/FLT/FSSAVE/WX)? Otherwise your restart procedure is correct. That's why I think the problem is in the saving procedure. If you save Rc4 with the key combination in "keyboard definitions" you will for a short time see a longish filename like "219-58957-LFSBEGLL_FSX_04Aug19-7$1.rcd" in your Rc4 window. There is nothing to "enter flight # departure and destination and date". It's done already and in your flightplan folder you should see 4 files with identical names and RCD/FLT/FSSAVE/WX extensions.
  10. Sorry, to be late, but I just saw this thread and since I have done a lot of successful resumes with FSX and Rc4 allow me a commnt on the relaoding method Ray mentions: Restart FSX Load the last saved autosave and choose Fly Now. Start RC and load the last RCD file. Start RC4. The method I used was different. I don't use FSUIPC's autosave (AFAIK it's built into the Rc4 "Save RC/SF State" function): 1. Save the flight with your RC4 key combination "Save RC/SF State" creating RCD/FLT/FSSAVE/WX files. End FSX. 3. Resuming: Start FSX with your standard flight. A/c has to be ready at the gate (mine is the Trike at my home airport). 2. Start RC4, load the previously saved .RCD.
  11. Hi Ray, mystery, indeed! No, there are only a few recent app-model runtime errors referring to Skype/YourPhone/Ms WindowsStore. (I used none of them). To me it looks like RC4 doesn't crash, it doesn't get launched at all! BTW: RC4 is listed in "Programs and Features".
  12. @Ray, I have Notepad++. The .FPL is encoded in UTF-8-BOM. Little Navmap and all the others can read it And, yes, I confirm I'm also having the problem of the RC4 splash screen not showing and the program just terminating with nothing recorded in Event Viewer. In the EV I checked Windows Logs - Application. Should I also look elsewhere? Thank you, Ray, for still showing interest in this weird problem which seems to be extremely rare and specific to few setups of W10. When I use another old W10/32bit PC as client on a network I can run RC4 there and connect (WideClient) to the server PC. Right now, however, I am using P3Dv4 in a W7 setup. I will eventually repair/reinstall (whatever it takes) this particular W10 partition. Presently I'm visiting it only in the context of the "RC4 enigma".
  13. @SkyyStorm, thanks for the explanation. I don't have this problem opening .PLN files in LNV. My current language for non-Unicode programs (system locale) is English (US). So my problem with RC4 in W10 persists.
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