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  1. Maybe... I was testing around Vancouver, as I know it personally... and there are usually a dozen ships anchored, a few on the move, and ferries running every hour, but GAIST gave me one ship! 🙂
  2. It seems that AI GPUs are fetching astronomical prices like $10K-$70K!!! Can't blame them I guess, especially as a shareholder, but it sucks for gaming.
  3. With AMD using multiple pieces of silicon in different spots under the heat spreader, I've switched to using 5 smaller dots... to make sure it gets more evenly spread, but as the video says... just use some... application technique doesn't really matter.
  4. Maybe it's just me, but GAIST doesn't add enough ships to be realistic. With only GAIST running, I get maybe one ship. If I layer on the Seafront Simulations add-ons for both the sim-generated AI ships, and their own ships, I get several ships. Another problem with the oceans in general, is they are just way too calm. Real world oceans are not as calm and smooth as the glass we have in the sim. It's not immersive at all.
  5. I like your view on things... you have no issues, but you have to hit a button twice after loading into the sim to get into the proper position because you're out of place. 😄 Anyway, I don't know why they don't just fix it. Hopefully it ends up being net better than Track IR, but as it stands, it's a pain.
  6. I'm not sure you should be planning an ILS approach as part of your flight plan anyway. I think the best way to fly IFR is to not have an approach in your flight plan, and wait for one to be assigned by ATC when you arrive. At least this is how it normally works in the real world... and in-game ATC supports this. Unfortunately, ATC in the sim can pick a random approach, and not necessarily one based on real-world weather or active runway usage, but at least you're going through the motions of entering and loading your approach on arrival. Then use Navigraph, ideally on an iPad or tablet or somehow in game, to consult the approach charts so you understand what you're about to do. If you add an approach to your flight plan, ATC will not change it, and you're missing out on that whole aspect of loading and activating your approach on arrival.
  7. It sounds like everyone's just accepted this bug 😛 You shouldn't need to press it twice... in fact, you shouldn't need to press it at all. Why does it have to mess with the starting head position at all? Track IR doesn't bugger with your head position when you load in to the sim! I say it's buggy and needs to be fixed.
  8. Both systems have their pros and cons. I switched from Track IR because it seems to be dazzled by bright lights in the back of the room so was unusable for me in the late afternoon when sun was shining in the rear window of my room. So far, this isn't an issue with the Tobii but it's still early days. I've found both solutions are fussy with placement and setup. The Track IR cam being on top of the monitor can be an advantage in many setups. The Tobii has to be chest level and arms length away which can be challenging in a home cockpit with yokes, and stream decks, etc. Not having to wear anything with the Tobii is certainly liberating. The Track IR seems to offer more control over movement ratios as you have a left and right curve for each individual axis. But that added flexibility also makes the Track IR more complex to get setup just right. So far adjusting a couple of sliders on the Tobii has me in a good spot. If I can just sort out this starting head position issue. I'm not sure why it feels it needs to move my head position to some bizarre spot every time I start the sim. Why can't it just press F12 twice on its own at the start? Why do I need to do that? And why press it twice? There's something not working properly here, and it seems most people don't care as there's somewhat of a work-around. Bottom line is, neither of these products is all that... both need some work.
  9. Thanks will do that. ps. Why do you have to press F12 twice. That implies buggy to me.
  10. Thanks... That will just get your logbook out of the sim... is there anything that will injest the data and present it on a map?
  11. Hmm... I saw and followed that recommendation online yesterday when I was frustrated and it seemed to do nothing for me. I'll double check.
  12. F12 seems to do nothing for me either. It’s like the Tobii thinks my head is in the right place - but it’s not. I need to manually adjust it every time.
  13. I recently setup Tobii to replace Track IR. However, every time I load in the sim (into the Kodiak) my view is either behind the seat head rest or inches from the glare shield. I ALWAYS have to use the keyboard to setup my view where it should be. I’ve tried saving my VFR cockpit view but that has no effect. Has anyone else struggled with this and figured out a solution?
  14. Does the laptop display have G-Sync? That’s a key consideration for how you handle tearing. Frames jumping around between 60 and 120 is normal and actually word not allowed good! This sim is heavily constrained by the CPU in almost all cases except perhaps in a 152 in the middle of the ocean. 😝 And thus your FPS is a direct function of how much work the CPU has to do to create the scene… scenery, airports, photogrammetry, buildings, objects, AI traffic, etc, all have an effect on the CPU and thus your FPS at any given moment.
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