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  1. If the rendering distance has dropped off, there's no explanation for it... even if the game needs to be optimized for other platforms, that can be done through settings so that high-end PCs can enjoy as much detail as they can possibly power.
  2. I tried it once after the game first came out and it never reloaded. I had to quit the game and start over. I wonder if it works now?
  3. Doh... you're right... when I first looked at it, it was on my mobile and I couldn't tell where the link sent me. But yes, that site is great!
  4. Wow. Thanks. This should help tremendously. It makes me wonder how you found this... in other words where am I not looking for mods where I should be? 😉
  5. When doing a long flight... What do you use and why/when? I tried the Sim Rate and it does not work with AP. Disengaging AP can have you end up considerably off course or altitude and then ATC will be nagging you and even terminate your IFR. And it’s also not clear what speed multiple you’re at and how to get it back to normal speed. Any tips for using this?
  6. Just want to chime in and say thank you very much for all your effort and investment in this. I fly the 208B and am slowly mastering the G1000 and look forward to taking full advantage of your enhancements.
  7. This is epic! Thanks for sharing. I've been thinking of a world tour... continent by continent and starting in Central America and then moving onto South America. Is it possible to get a higher resolution map or zoomable map?
  8. So if there’s no way to readily identify what runways are used for landing vs takeoff... what is everyone doing when planning a flight? I gather at least some use the weather to plan an approach direction but if the airport has multiple or a couple parallel runways, how do you select your runway? Arbitrarily?
  9. Thanks all. It seems odd to me that there's no way to find out what runways an airport is currently using for landings and takeoffs. As I say, in Vancouver, the northern runway (26R/8L) is used for landings and the southern runway (26L/8R) is used for take-off. All the time. Yet this doesn't appear to be published anywhere.] I'm sure most other airports with parallel runways have similar practices... Heathrow, SFO, LAX, etc. How do you find out? It seems dumb to just arbitrarily choose a runway when building a flight plan without knowing what is conventionally used for take-off and landings.
  10. For airports with two or more parallel runways the weather/wind will only tell you what direction to approach from. It won’t tell you what runway is being used for take offs and which for landing. For example, in Vancouver, the southern runway is used exclusively for take offs. The northern runway used for landings. How does one know this if you’re not familiar with the airport? You could easily put a flight plan together that would have you landing on the wrong runway regardless of weather. How do you avoid this? How do real world flight planners know? It must be published somewhere.
  11. When building the flight plan, Is there some way to determine what the active runways are for takeoff and landing for airports you’re not familiar with?
  12. Thanks. That makes sense. Does the sim ATC ever change the approach or runways from what’s in your flight plan?
  13. After enjoying lots of GA VFR flying, I’m starting to wrap my head around airline IFR flying. I’ve been reading up on ILS, STARs, SIDs, airways, etc. I’ve been playing around with some flight planning... You can select your runway, approach, transition, etc. In MSFS you can go gate to gate of course... and never speak to ATC. But I suspect that’s not realistic at all. So one question that pops to mind is... does an airline flight plan typically include the approach specifics? Or just enough to get the plane to a waypoint where ATC takes over? Is the approach determined and communicated by ATC as you near your destination based on weather, winds, etc? Or how does this work? Are pilots entering the approach or pulling it up in the FMS upon arrival, or is it all pre-programmed ahead of time as with the MSFS flight planner and you’re hoping nothing changes? How does it work in the real world? Next question is... does MSFS support this kind of real world dynamic?
  14. Yeah, but how do you use it? I'm interested in your thoughts on my questions above.
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