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  1. BrianT

    Stingray 1964

    Oh yes I'd about that....I do remember Robbie the Robot though.
  2. BrianT

    Stingray 1964

    Excellent job. Gerry's Son Jamie may come calling!
  3. BrianT

    Stingray 1964

    "Much better" is the understatement of the year I've got 2, 5 year old grandchildren and I can't believe the rubbish they watch. Next year I introduce them to Gerry Anderson. Oh and Steve Zodiac was the pilot of XL5.
  4. BrianT

    Stingray 1964

    I can also just remember Steve Zodiac and Fireball XL5. Just for the petrol heads Fireball XL5 isn't the nickname for the Ford Pinto
  5. BrianT

    Stingray 1964

    It's the fumes
  6. BrianT

    Stingray 1964

    bit too dry there for Troy, Phones and Aqua Marina
  7. BrianT

    Stingray 1964

    I was 6 at the end of that year how lucky were we to have Stingray and then Thunderbirds
  8. My understanding is you only ever need to re-validate, never re-file. If P2ATC directs you to a new arrival then you should only need to make that change in your FMC as P2ATC will have already made it's own change. In your scenario, assuming after you loaded FP into P2ATC you Validated and then Filed then on announcing the new approach I would have expected P"ATC to have vectored me to that approach. the fact that it was telling you your FP was out of date tells me that something went wrong between originally filing and arriving at your last waypoint. Maybe a disconnect between P2ATC and your sim. The only time I re-validate would be if I make a change to the flight plan like changes to waypoints, altitude, cruise speed or descent rate for instance. In this case P2ATC will recalculate my TOD for me and should therefore give me correct approach information. Dave the developer of this excellent product is great with his support and so I would expect him to be along sometime soon and correct me if I'm talking out of my rear. (entirely possible....just ask my wife) 🙂
  9. The only problem with that is if you just click on "File" and then you realise somethings wrong you would have re-create or re-load the flight plan make the changes and then "File". Being able to "Validate" first allows you to check and change any errors before "Filing" which I guess is what they do IRL.
  10. When you load a flight plan you need to first check that it is valid. It will mark your TOD based upon the airspeed you have indicated and your ROD once that is done you can then proceed to "File" it with ATC. You can only "File" your flight plan once but if you make changes en-route (eg. altitude) then you can re-validate, without re-filing. I would really advise reading through the documentation that came with P2ATC. it's not really a load and run type of program unless you've been using it a while.
  11. reducing the price of the indicator subscription on BMW's may encourage more drivers to use them 😊
  12. I did yes, It was down to a corrupt hard disk in my case, which had corrupted the AAO files in the appdata folder and others. the option wasn't greyed out in my case. It allowed me to select the script but then threw an error when I tried to import it. other than checking you're running the latest version (2.31 b23) then sorry I can't be of more help. it would appear you've tried all the things I would have done also Oliver will be along soon I'm sure (he's good like that) hope you get it fixed soon Brian
  13. I sort of thought that might be the case, I'll check in with the FBW team and let them know. thanks anyway. 👍
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