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  1. BrianT

    Too much scenery add-ons?

    I drove a manual once....Not sure I understand the concept of reading one 😂
  2. BrianT

    FlyTampa Ki Tak Updated For P3D V4

    I've got the fms data ok but my aivlasoft efbv2 doesn't show any procedures for vhhx and I do have the latest data from navigraph
  3. BrianT

    FlyTampa Ki Tak Updated For P3D V4

    Is it just the FMS data or do they have the charts as well? I've got a pdf of charts for Kai Tak but not sure where I got them from now. edit: just found them by searching google for Kai tak charts and it's the first hit 😀
  4. BrianT

    FlyTampa Ki Tak Updated For P3D V4

    I thought Navigraph had included it due to popular demand. but just checking in charts cloud vhhx isn't there.
  5. BrianT


    I had this and reset NVI to the P3d Default and the problem went away. wasn't an issue for me not using NVI as I didn't notice any improvement.
  6. Of course if I'd spent less time in awe looking at the view I might have been able to work that out for myself thanks again Gerard.
  7. Love these shaders Gerard, thank you for taking the time and sharing. Just out of interest are the shaders specific to the northern or southern hemisphere? obviously December in the UK is somewhat different to December in Australia for instance.
  8. BrianT

    Majestic forum down?

    Don't get me wrong I'm not suggesting you shouldn't use facebook. I choose not to use social media as I find it probably the most antisocial thing ever invented. but that's a whole other debate
  9. BrianT

    Majestic forum down?

    Like others glad to hear all is well at Majestic, but can I just mention that some of us oldun's have real friends and so don't all use Facetube
  10. Well 'm having no luck at all here I loading the default Raptor/Elgin and then switching to the TD and now the left engine blows complete with oil and smoke stain on start up even though I've got failures turned off in the TD config panel. I give up edit....So after a restart of P3d and the loading the default raptor/Elgin and then switching to the TD I am now flying again.a bit too much faffing around if I'm honest but what the hell it's working again yay! thanks for all the tips and advice one and all.
  11. Apparently this is a known bug in P3dv4.2 and switching on "Detailed precipitation" in the P3D settings should fix it for now.
  12. I'm getting the same problem with the right engine constantly failing without warning. I thought it was me but clearly there is something else going on. I've tried it with an ROC of no more than 700fpm and throttle and rpm well below redlines. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the updated installer and I have failure switched off yet still it happens. Not looked into any possible joystick issues and I'm working now until Monday but any advice from the assembled masses on here would be welcome. "As a test of your problem, try starting P3d with the default sim scenario and then change the aircraft to the TD." Thanks Jay, I'll try that just as soon as work gets out of the way
  13. BrianT

    Flying as it used to be

    Un-exploded courgettes.
  14. BrianT


    Thanks Ian, I'll try that it's a lot less effort!
  15. I've just downloaded the installers to check and yes they do give you the option to install into P3Dv4.