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  1. Ah it's sweet that you believe that 🤣
  2. Clear blue skies and obviously a lovely day where he is and yet he's got a waterproof hooded jacket on zipped up to the neck!. Be carefull folks they live amoung us. 👀
  3. I was just about to log the very same thing but from EGLL to KIAH. As always Dave is on the case 👍
  4. Workerd perfectly by the way thanks again
  5. That's brilliant thank you for that!
  6. Sorry I should have included that in the OP it's on Flightsim.to [v2] Kuro_B787-8 | B787-8 Dreamliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS
  7. Can the Web-CDU/FMC for the Asobo 787-10 be made to work for the Kuro 787-8 which uses the Asobo 787-10 as it's base? the only bit that appears not to be working is the actual screen the two keypads display and work but the screen isn't displayed.
  8. Ah my bad, thank you I hadn't seen that...I just thought it was a straight update. I've changed that now and all is working again Thanks Brian
  9. just an FYI I installed the 23.02 stream deck plugin today and now the stream deck is not communicating with any of the aircraft I have setups for in MSFS. I have the 3.20 b43 version of A&O's and all run as Admin. If I roll back to the 20.02 version of the plugin everything goes back to working. Don;t know if there's any logs or configs I can send you that may help. regards Brian
  10. Understood, and not a problem, I'll go and download one of the players. thanks for getting back and keep up the excellent work!
  11. Hi Mark can we no longer just download the updated clips without needing FS-ATC-Chatter or X-ATC-Chatter? I only use the clips in P2ATC and would prefer not to have to add the player just to get the updates.
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