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  1. Just give it to a kid. The kid will figure out how to make it work without caring how it works. 🙂 Hook
  2. The last time I saw a movie in the theater, the screen was somewhat smaller than usual and it started with a Netflix logo. I doubt there were a dozen people in the theater watching the movie. Hook
  3. No new account problems. Blood pressure back to normal. Still getting lots of spam, but I can deal with that. 🙂 I'll still be checking for account weirdnesses for a while. Further updates here as needed. Thanks for your support. Hook
  4. This is an excellent idea... but I don't have a smart phone. 😄 I could possibly use my wife's smart phone but there's some hassle doing that. I never leave the house alone and I use a land line. I haven't had any need to pay extra for my own smart phone. Hook
  5. Got my Microsoft account info verified, my password didn't work and the email addy to send a new one was correct. Password reset properly. I was already signed into XBox Live, so I guess if I ever want to fly MSFS again I'll be able to. 😄 I haven't flown any flight sim in a year and a half. If they haven't messed with any of my accounts in the next 24 hours they may have forgotten me and moved on. If this kind of thing ever happens to you, keep the faith. Hook
  6. Sounds like someone has some pretty capable drones. Hook
  7. Got my email account back. Finally got the web based password change to work. Whew. I'm going to stay logged in this time (I checked the proper box), although the last time they changed my password even when I was logged in. Well, I guess I can change it back now. If I think my password was spuriously changed I would never ask them to send me an email message to change it. Hook
  8. Thanks, John. That helps a lot. Any other advice you could give is appreciated. Hook
  9. Got a notice that some of my Microsoft accounts require attention. The only way they can contact me is through email. I guess it figures that they'd be messing with pretty much everything. Hook
  10. I'll have to check to make sure I have two factor authentication everywhere else. And... I accidentally closed the browser and lost access to my email account. Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about being auto-logged off and won't have to worry about keep hitting refresh all night. Yuk. Hook
  11. They reset my Steam password, but left email address. Fixed Apparently they have hacked my email account, I cannot change my password. I'll call customer support tomorrow when they're open. I'm currently logged into my email account (it doesn't work in OE Classic) through the web site, so I'm still getting emails. At least until I'm auto-logged out. This is no fun. Hook
  12. Hm. They hacked my Steam email again. I have successfully reset it. Hang in there. Good luck. Don't let this happen to you. Hook
  13. Someone tried to hack my Facebook account. Then I got a notification "welcome to mymail" which I can't find any way to cancel. Last night I got 110 failed delivery notices, so someone is sending spam from my email address. I have changed my email password. I doubt it will matter how many "games" you have on Steam, or what they are. This isn't about Steam after all. <sigh> Sorry guys (and lady 😄 ) Hook
  14. I just had the same thing with an EA account from 2015 that I used for The Sims at the time. I haven't had The Sims installed in many years. This one asked me to click to verify setting up Login Verification. I didn't, but I did the password change as recommended. I decided NOT to set up Login Verification 🙂 Hook
  15. Well, that was a little scary. Someone tried to hijack my Steam account. Next time you try to log in to Steam and it doesn't accept your name/password, do not do the automatic password reset. Somehow, someone was able to change the email associated with my account. Any password change attempt on my part would have sent the request to the spurious email addy. Instead, first check your email. I had gotten two notifications on an attempt to change my email, then a third saying it had been completed. One of the notifications had instructions for retrieving my account, which I was able to successfully do, then I changed my email back to what it was supposed to be along with the account password. The link was to an authentic Steam site. I had gotten these email notifications because I had enabled Steam Guard email. If you haven't done so, you should. You can optionally have a text sent to your phone. Even if you didn't get the email you might try going to Steam directly and recovering your account in the case of a bad password. Good luck. Hook
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