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  1. What worked for me was making sure both P3D and TrackIR were run as admin. Hook
  2. Perhaps the posts discussing VR in this thread should be moved to the VR forum. Mods? Hook
  3. You can talk about VR all you want. It even has its own forum. The reason it has its own forum is that VR people were spamming every thread. Creating a sub-forum actually helped the VR people. Avsim has been forced to close many threads due to the efforts of a very few posters. Rather than muzzle the problem posters, they close the threads. Hook
  4. One thing to keep in mind is that the same settings in v5 are actually somewhat higher than they were in v4. Just because you could run v4 maxed doesn't mean you'll be able to in v5. Just adjust the settings in v5 to run well and then decide if it looks better than v4 at those settings. The settings are not equivalent between v4 and v5. I'm holding off on v5 waiting for better stability and all my add-ons to be updated. No hurry. Hook
  5. I have nothing to go on but speculation, but this seems like a good time for Microsoft to re-introduce their force feedback controls for MSFS. It certainly wouldn't surprise me, and fits the new MSFS "product line". 🙂 We might even see a new VR system from the combination of Microsoft and Asobo. They've already made something similar with the Hololens. Hook
  6. I first discovered this problem in the stock Grumman Goose. With a 220 pound pilot (if I remember right) I was getting constant left drift. For a while I burned fuel from the left tank until it was balanced, later I set the rudder trim. Now days I adjust the lateral load distances in the aircraft.cfg file to make the imbalance a little less exaggerated. Hook
  7. And people kicking the back of your seat or complaining and making nasty comments if you don't have your seat all the way upright. Edit: I see it was already covered on the second page. 😄 Hook
  8. Make sure your loads are laterally balanced. If you have a 170 pound pilot, you need a 170 pound right seat passenger as well. Also, make sure the fuel is the same in right and left tanks. Hook
  9. In FSX I know I had the 7500 badge, I'm pretty sure I never got the 10,000 one. I log all my flight hours and P3Dv2 has 973.6 and P3Dv4 currently has 1669.7. No less than 11,000 hours total, probably more. Even sailing in Vehicle Simulator has 2465.7 and that's since April 2017. I couldn't begin to guess how many hours I've spent tweaking, not FSX/P3D but various aircraft. I put a lot of hours into a repaint as well. It's nice being retired. 😄 Hook
  10. I've only used time compression twice. Once for a couple of game hours on the ground to time how long it took the ice that had forced me to land to dissipate, and once in FSEconomy when I wanted to ferry my Goose from Alaska to Texas. In the last 2500 hours or so I've only used autopilot a few times and only on the A2A Constellation. Hook
  11. I'm counting my hours for FSX, P3Dv2 and P3Dv4. If I counted up everything since subLogic on the Apple ][ it would be well over 20k. Still got about 12,000 hours since getting FSX. Hook
  12. Woah! I just realized something. If Microsoft offers Office on physical media then they'll almost certainly offer MSFS on physical media as well. If it takes more than one 256 gig drive, so be it. 😄 This is good news for everyone with limited bandwidth. It means we won't be locked out of buying the sim. I just wish I knew this when MSFS was first announced. So... Internet by postal carrier. Lousy latency but near unlimited bandwidth! Life is good. Thanks KenG. Hook
  13. I'll bet you have. 😄 Check the contract for your current ISP. See if it lists your speed as "Up to...". I've never seen one that doesn't, but I haven't seen them all. If you complain to your ISP that your speeds aren't as listed, they'll be quick to point this out. My speed is "Up to 12 MBps" but occasionally I'll see as high as 16 for short periods of as much as 15 seconds. Most of the time I get somewhat less than 12. Hook
  14. OT for a thread like this. Might be nice to break the bandwidth posts off into a separate thread. People with good Internet have no idea what it's like on the bottom and some don't seem to care. At least if we talk about it people might understand, and who knows... someone might have some solutions. Hook
  15. He also said he's on a shared connection with 330 people sharing that bandwidth. All 330 share that 60 Mbps speed. He may have had better performance doing the download in the middle of the night rather than peak usage time, typically 1700 to 2300. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Hook
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