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  1. Focal plane shutter and the subject blinked. 🙂 Hook
  2. Actually, yes, a fresh deer harvested right after it was killed. The possum and armadillo were from hunting. One of my rural relatives worked for a small town police force, and they were the ones who cleaned up roadkill deer. Many of these wound up on their dinner table. I won't speculate on the legality of such things, but this *was* Oklahoma. 😄 Hook
  3. I wonder if the person who wrote that speech simply took a similar one about television from a few decades ago and changed the target. Sounds like politics, which wasn't any better 100 years ago. 🙂 It ain't that bad, people. I had online friends all over the world, whom I had more in common with than the people I grew up with. One local chat group had in-person parties and they were some of the best people I ever met. Something that surprised me was that a guy who was the biggest downer online turned out to be the funniest person I ever met in person. One international community even had a couple of marriages. Hook
  4. Possums in the house don't respond well to broomsticks. What I've found that works is a spray bottle filled with water. They don't like that and will retreat from it, and you can herd them toward a door. Also works on skunks, with much less chance of getting sprayed in return. The most likely point of entry is the doggy door. You might want to block that off. I've tasted possum and armadillo. I don't recommend either, but possum was a little better. Hook
  5. Imagine, if you will, going in for a new house loan and getting turned down for no obvious reason, then later finding out the bank, rather than simply checking your references, subscribes to a service that scans your online presence. Think hard about that one before you hit Submit anywhere, on Facebook or even on Avsim. Oh, and be sure to check your own references. Hook
  6. I annoyed a few people in the earliest days of MSFS by stating I wanted the option of paying a premium price for premium aircraft. Hook
  7. Was that sarcasm? Because there will never be just one flight sim in town. And you wouldn't want there to be. There will always be specialty sims of one sort or another. The competition will keep the technology moving forward. Hook
  8. I remember when the program was going on to let people drive them. Jay Leno got one of the last surviving ones, and here he shows us what the car is like. Hook
  9. I can well believe it. I was a real life tanker in the early 70's. I suggest Steel Beasts. Disclaimer: you may find my name in the credits. Try the artillery tutorial. 😄 As for an update to FSX:SE, I'd suggest P3Dv4 for you. Others will disagree, but I've used FSX, P3Dv2 and v4 and MSFS and except for the scenery in MSFS, I prefer P3Dv4. Too bad it's not discounted for being an older version. Benefits of P3Dv4 over FSX: autogen that can go almost to the horizon and no more Out of Memory errors. A good avatar mode for walking around your aircraft or scenery. Active Sky for weather, and Active Sky Cloud Art for clouds that look like what you see outside when you look up. Best of luck. Hook
  10. Heels on the floor! This guy appears to have the brakes locked on touch down. You're taught to keep your heels on the floor to keep your toes off the brakes to avoid this situation. Of the 7 sim planes I've flown the most, all but one were tail draggers. The other was the A2A Connie. The A2A T-6 has been called a "landing simulator". If you read the real world checklists, even for tricycle gear aircraft, they often have a line in the after-landing checklist: "Braking - minimum required." In sim flying the Dodo 206, I noticed that my rudder pedals were almost never on the center detent, unlike flying fixed wing aircraft. Real aircraft do not have a center detent. 😄 Hook
  11. Posting in all caps has been considered rude and "shouting" since the very beginning of online communication, in USENET and the dialup BBS systems before the Internet, for example on FidoNet in the 80's. Before online communication, all caps was fairly common. COBOL and FORTRAN for example were typically all caps. Teletype, if I remember correctly, was all caps. The Unix operating system was common during the early USENET days, and they tended to use lower case in their command lines. This may have had an effect on USENET etiquette. Hook
  12. "Helicopters do not fly. They are so ugly the earth repels them." The first thing prospective helicopters pilots are told in US Army helicopter training school is, "The airplane is a collection of sound aerodynamic principals that flies. The helicopter is a collection of mistakes that flies." Too bad I failed the physical on that one. Probably saved my life, as this was during the Viet Nam era. 😄 Hook
  13. Given how talented these guys are, they probably rappel. 😄 On their own. If you check out other Malinois videos you'll see them rappelling with people, skydiving, etc etc. There are some amazing videos. Hook
  14. About benevolence: Didn't we, um, bombard the surface first? 😄 Hook
  15. And your SUVs. I had to double check to make sure I wasn't reading an article on The Onion. Hook
  16. They were all volunteers and signed releases. Hook
  17. Please don't. The other thread has gone off the rails pretty badly. Hook
  18. There are about 5900 stars within 150 light years of Earth. About 850 of these are visible to the naked eye. Hook
  19. Many years ago I predicted that the first interstellar war would be prompted by us constantly beaming reruns of "I Love Lucy" into their airspace. Given the speed of light and the distances involved, they may already be on their way. 😄 Hook
  20. If God didn't intend us to eat animals, why did He make them out of food?
  21. LOL!! Good one. I didn't notice. 😄 Not much science fiction. Not quite urban fantasy. Read the book some time, it's a bit of an eye-opener. I definitely liked Man in the High Castle and Expanse. Hook
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