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  1. dave2013

    Do I Really Need This?

    It's been almost a year and a half since the last FTX Vector update and according to ORBX there's one more release still pending. Hopefully the developers have had enough time to finally fix the airport elevation problems as well as get the elevation correction tool to work with the P3Dv4 XML scenery file. We'll see... Dave
  2. dave2013

    Nail in coffin AFS2...?

    I for one am glad to read that ORBX will be refocusing its efforts away from AFS2 and back to P3D. They are, or were, trying to do too much in my opinion. As I said before, it has been too long since they last released an FTX region or an openLC scenery. As I've said before, I just don't see AFS2 surviving much longer unless something drastically changes, e.g. they add a lot of scenery even at a lower quality, add weather and better clouds, and more 3rd party aircraft. Now they have even more competition from the Flyinside simulator, which from what I've seen so far is more viable than AFS2. Dave
  3. dave2013

    Real world aviation topics

    Got it. Thanks for the clarification. Dave
  4. Some folks here have already said this, but basically the more pixels you have per inch, i.e. the higher the resolution, the less AA you should need. Personally, I plan to upgrade from 1920x1080 to 2560x1440 on a 27" monitor. A 4K monitor has over twice as many pixels as a 2560x1440 monitor, which means the graphics card has a lot more pixels to control thus increasing the load on the card. Dave
  5. dave2013

    Real world aviation topics

    Hi. This phrase is now crossed out in the forum description: real world aviation topics and any other aviation related topics not covered in any other forums. Is there another place to discuss real world aviation issues? Thanks. Dave
  6. dave2013

    AiG important poll

    Done. P3Dv4 is clearly the "winner" so far. Thanks. Dave
  7. dave2013

    P3D ILS Tower approache procs missing

    If any ILS or other types of approaches exist for an airport in FSX/P3D then they must be encoded in the airport AFCAD, otherwise you'll only be given standard vector approaches even if the airport has an ILS. A lot of smaller towered airports in FSX/P3D don't have these approaches included, and many of those that do have outdated approaches and/or don't include the newer ones. Even some payware airports are woefully lacking when it comes having correctly configured approaches, transitions, navaids, etc. It sounds like ATC gave you a visual approach even though the weather conditions were IFR. I don't know what to make of that. Dave
  8. Thanks for this explanation. It has always made sense to me that faster memory would increase simulator performance. The question is "how much" in terms of fps or smoothness, but having memory that can better keep up with the cpu is bound to benefit performance. Dave
  9. dave2013


    I agree with you that their prices are too high. If I recall their prices from 5 or so years ago correctly, they've nearly doubled the price of their products. I had their 757s and 767s for FSX and they were pretty good aircraft, albeit performance hogs. I wonder if these new P3Dv4 planes are really worth 50-100% more than the previous versions? Accounting for inflation over the past 5 years, flightsim addons prices should have only increased about 10-15%, but anyone can see that many of them have increased much more than that. The way I always bought Captainsim stuff was to wait for their sales where you can get 50% discounts. I need a 767 for P3Dv4, but I will absolutely not pay the prices they are currently asking for their 767 when it's released. I'll just use freeware ones until they either offer a big discount or a competitor offers one at a lower price. I am disappointed at many developers of late who are out to make as much money as they can. I understand wanting to be compensated for your work, but there is a point at which the price you're asking for that work is simply too high. We each have to judge whether a single flightsim addon aircraft is worth that price. It is a subjective matter, and you will get responses from some folks here that $80, $100, or even $200 is a perfectly reasonable price for a really good addon plane. As long as there are folks willing to pay these high prices the developers will never reduce them and will probably keep increasing them until demand drops off and then they'll bring them back to a price point where their sales are acceptable. You will get responses from some folks here which are critical of you for complaining or questioning the pricing of addons. Please don't worry about them. I thank you for expressing your feelings on this matter here. If more people do this then perhaps some developers will realize that if they lower their prices a bit then they will actually sell more of their products and end up making more money in the long run. Dave
  10. dave2013

    PF3 ATC - Is it worth it?

    You're going to get a nearly equal number of people who advocate for PF3 and ProATCX. Unfortunately, ProATCX doesn't offer a trial or demo version. PF3 does so you can try it before you buy it. I'd like to try ProATCX but I'm not about to spend all that money only to find that I don't like it and then be unable to get my money back. Dave
  11. dave2013


    There is landclass scenery for Namibia available from Aeroworx if you're interested. Their stuff is available in the AVSIM library. They also have scenery for South Africa and Botswana. Hopefully ORBX openLC Middle East/Africa will be out soon. Dave
  12. dave2013

    How much RAM do you have for P3D v4

    I've been using 16GB for years and it has always been sufficient. Having said that, I'll be getting 32GB when I complete my next upgrade in a few months. I'd rather have too much than not enough. Dave
  13. dave2013

    [Answered] AI Reborn - status?

    Thanks for the clarification and the additional details about what the product is *intended* to do. Better AI behavior is something sorely needed and I wish you success in achieving it. I'll be a buyer once it's available. Thanks. Dave
  14. dave2013

    [Answered] AI Reborn - status?

    The OP didn't ask for a release date, nor did he ask for "specific details of your development process". I think he's wondering, as am I, what the AI Traffic Reborn Runway Control product, which you advertise on your website, will do? Your description of it is a bit vague and cryptic. If you're not comfortable discussing it, then perhaps you shouldn't advertise it. Thanks. Dave
  15. dave2013

    When did you realize?

    I started flightsimming in 1984 using Sublogic's FS2 on my Commodore 64. Even had the scenery disks for different areas of the U.S. I stopped simming around 1987 and didn't start up again until 1995 when I got a Digital brand PC with an Intel Pentium 66 MHz processor. I got MSFS 5 and couldn't believe the improvements, plus the use of different ground textures and weather effects. I've gotten every new version since then and have always been impressed with the improvements and increased realism. I believe that the next big leap in flight simulation lies with virtual reality. As this technology matures I think it will offer a level of realism and immersion we've never had before. To be truly successful will require higher resolution graphics and better performance but I think we'll get there within the next 10-20 years. Exciting times ahead... Dave