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  1. I also concede this point and call for a truce. You're right that the debate was becoming political and could result in this thread being locked. Thanks. Dave
  2. So it's OK for you to deviate from the original topic and bring up the issue in the first place, but now I have to "let it go". How arrogant. Get down off your high horse. Dave
  3. Bitcoin and other digital "currencies" are purely speculative plays. If you want to consider them "investments" then that's fine, but know that their value is extremely volatile, and as such buying them is extremely risky. They have nothing backing them. Yes, you can be lucky and make a lot of money trading them. The stock market is also risky, but the fact is that a stock is ownership in an actual business. That business has capital and cash flows that are worth something. Most stocks also pay dividends to their shareholders which is real money. I believe that all govts. will eventually switch to digital currency because it is easier to track and manipulate than hard currency. Most of our money is effectively already digital anyway. What I mean is that there will be no more coins or bills and all payments will have to be done electronically. If you by something at a yard sale then the only way to pay for it will be to electronically transfer the payment from your account. Every purchase will then be subject to sales taxes, as well as financial transaction taxes. Governments will never allow a private currency to replace the official currency. Period. It is only a matter of time before the USA, Europe, and other govts. intervene and heavily regulate or kill Bitcoin and any other competing currencies. I'd hate to have a lot of money "invested" in those private currencies when that happens. Dave
  4. You should stop watching certain news networks because your information is just plain wrong. Many of the poor children show up alone and were brought in by human smuggling operations which are run by the drug cartels. The parents send them here in the hopes that once the children are permitted to stay then the parents will also be allowed to come. Our border is chaos because of our corrupt and inept politicians. Children are not separated from their parents on purpose. Do you advocate just letting anyone in the world who wants to come here to just show up and be allowed to live here? Then get ready to try to accommodate hundreds of millions more people who will need food, water, shelter, healthcare, education, and on and on. Are you willing to foot the bill? Put your money where your mouth is. Dave
  5. Really? The USA has one of the most generous and liberal immigration policies in the world. No country on Earth allows a person to just come and live there without going through a tedious, and in many cases egregious, process involving permits, criminal, medical, and financial checks, documentation, fees, etc. Comparing the temporary detention of undocumented migrants to the internment of Japanese Americans during the 1940s is absurd. Dave
  6. I never said "ice age". I said "cooling period". Time will prove me right. I'm done. Back to the original topic, please. Dave
  7. When Martin stated this yesterday: "Its no diferant to climate change, its not what's happening down your road, it's average trend over the whole planet. Climate change deniers make the same mistake." Dave
  8. Read some books on ancient and medieval history. There were constant wars, invasions, battles, pillaging, raping, etc. Human life was cheap for most of history, and the vast majority of folks lived in what would be considered today abject poverty. Yes, the U.S. has been involved in many unnecessary wars throughout the 20th century, with the exception of WW2. Dave
  9. Yes, compared to the brief period in U.S. history in the mid-20th century, violence is worse lately. The 1980s and 1990s were probably worse, though. However, compared to most of human history, the 20th and 21st centuries are the safest and least violent ever. People are more free and prosperous than they have ever been. Dave
  10. There you go again. Climate change alarmists also make the same mistake. They breathlessly report things like "hottest Summer ever in the U.S.", "record-breaking temperatures in Phoenix", or "unprecedented snow due to climate change". However, there is no historical context and the biased reporters fail to reveal that the weather in those areas is by no means unusual or unprecedented. We are actually entering a global cooling period which will last 25+ years. This will be obvious to most people and hopefully will shatter the climate change alarmism once and for all. Dave
  11. I think you're making the right choice. I see little difference between v4 and v5. The only difference I noticed in those videos was that v5 has a lot more atmospheric haze, which is due to EA, the enhanced atmospherics; and EA has a number of problems from what I've read in these forums. Dave
  12. This reminds me of the Cydonia pyramids and face on Mars mystery. I watched documentaries and read articles about this for years and was intrigued, that is, until we got higher resolution imagery of the area and it turned out to be nothing. Dave
  13. Well, to be fair, Patrick Stewart, and his character, are around 80 years old, so he can't really be a tough Federation Captain anymore. He's a retired old man off on an adventure. Yes, the "super intrepid power woman" theme is getting a bit old. They started doing this back in the 80s actually, that is, portraying women as smart, fearless, strong, and better than men, on television and in movies, but lately it has really gone overboard. Of course, women can be just as smart and strong as men, and in some cases smarter and stronger, but the way they get portrayed on TV and in movies is just ridiculous sometimes. I can tolerate this kind of thing as long as the story is decent. We'll see where it goes. Dave
  14. Battlestar Galactica 2004 - best sci-fi series ever IMO. Star Trek Enterprise - ashamed they only made 4 seasons. Just started watching Star Trek Voyager - a bit cheesy at times but not bad. Still on season 1. Picard - 5 episodes in and pleasantly surprised. Looks like season 2 is in the works. Walking Dead - awesome series, but went downhill fast after Rick left IMO. The Expanse - fantastic series. Dave
  15. Agreed. The space junk problem has actually been around for decades. And it's only getting more crowded up there, especially with the plan to put tens of thousands of startlink satellites into low earth orbit. Once a satellite reaches its end of life it should be removed from orbit. Dave
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