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  1. I recently bought the Craetive G6 which has now ben connected to my usb dac port and sound issues (cracking etc) are now a thing of past. I also disabled onboard sound through the bios. Although this G6 dac works very well delivering 7 channel surround sound to my corsair headphones, (also removed corsair software), I think any good quality dac is an improvement on the motherboard sound chip. Regards
  2. So, after a couple of days it seems that "Accufeel" was the culprit! Turning this off in the sim and then back on has stopped all the issues. We learn every day huh? Regards Terry
  3. Thanks all for your input, very much appreciated. I did seamaster55 advised. Also re-installed all of FSLabs and it now all seems back to normal. Kind Regards Terry
  4. I am having great issues with all aircraft, fslabs, pmdg and p3d which all begin to stutter (shake) after takeoff. All normal until takeoff. I have today reinstalled v5.3 on my I7 6700k cpu with a 3060 card. This all started a month ago, I have not been able to get this behaviour to stop and a clean install today has not fixed this at all! Does anyone know what could be at issue, everything was running really well just a month ago. I do not normally need assistance however this has me stumped! Would appreciate some help please? regards Terry Hogan
  5. 1080p, 1920 x 1080 native on all three monitors. Refresh 60Hz Max VRAM was 8 on approach to EGLL Aerosoft Mega Heathrow with 8-9 frames per sec. only get such low frames at EGLL and Dreamteam KLAX everything else is well above 20 frames on approach to large airports and 60-70 departures and enroute. Normal VRAM is around 5 other than the mentioned EGLL & KLAX. Have to say this card and 5.3 have given the best sim views ever. I have most of ORBX products all of Flightbeam and large amount Dream team airports & GSX V2 as well as VHHH (TaxitoGate) (and WSSS (Imagine). I have the latest NVIDIA Driver 526.47 and set NVIDIA Open GL Rendering to RTX3060 and Power Management to Prefer Max performance. Hope all that is of assistance, I know many are waiting for the 4080/90 but out of my pay scale and cpu power! Regards
  6. I have had one for the last three months and was just amazed at the difference. My previous was a GTX 1070 and it could barely cope with P3D 4.5. Upgraded to the 3060 12gb and P3D v5.3 and what a huge difference. DX12 working, high frame rates, no CTD's and all with my 5 year old CPU 6700K. If you can afford it then go for it, unlikely to let you down. Regards
  7. I had this issue which started on 16th Sept, which was when Windows update KB4038788 was installed. The issue was FSX ran normally and allowed PMDG 738 to load as usual, but I could not load the 747 or 777 without an immediate stackhash error. After checking here I had to revert my system back to that date [16th] and remove the update, as in early October the update was no longer being listed as being able to be removed. Now everything is back to normal and I have frozen the update for 35 days or until the is a fix from Microsoft. Thanks for the info guys on the update KB4038788 issue ,I was getting very worried about having to reinstall both Windows and FSX plus scenery etc. Regards
  8. I have switched off test plane but still have a tail chute (cone)?
  9. Interestingly enough the fix for this situation was to roll back Nvidia driver 352 to an earlier version. All is now working well again. :rolleyes: :australia-flag:
  10. I am sure someone can assist me with an issue I have just come across. Usually when using FSX I can click on panels and undock them to another display. Recently after installing the aero soft A320/321 extended I lost the ability to do this! I can still undock the panel or gauge, in my case the FMC but now when undocked it displays a view of the cockpit rather than the FMC I want? I have unloaded the A320 and repaired FSX Gold and then reinstalled FSX Accelleration. So far this has not fixed my issue so I am asking my fellow FSX simmers if you have had this issue and how to fix it? I really do not want to uninstall everything and start from scratch as this takes a week or so to accomplish with all the ad dons etc I have! I would appreciate your thoughts on this issue? Regards tesza
  11. After installing 767 there are no thumbnails of the aircraft in FSX only generic Lev D thumbs? Do official repaints come with thumbnails? I note I downloaded a wing tip version of Air New Zealand which required the copying of texture into sim objects/config and this version does have a thumbnail where as the official auto install versions seem not to have these thumbnail pics. Am I correct? Do I need to source and add these myself? When choosing the airline to fly the correct aircraft livery is loaded from FSX but its by description not picture. I am sure someone knows the answer to this.Its the only installed aircraft I have which has this issue? Regards Tesza :huh: :unsure:
  12. Having a little trouble with reinstalling FS2 Crew for FSX,this time around the system defaults to FS9 PMDG 747 instead of FSX PMDG 747.I have rest the registry to FSX but start centre says "FS2Crew Default 747 Edition not detected, functions on this tab will be inop"Anyone had this happen? I have just completely rebuilt FSX to acceleration edition over FSX Deluxe.
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