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  1. Hi Mr Robert Captain, Basically what happened, was I let a young, very enthusiastic 4 year old in the flight deck to watch the takeoff. Little I knew, he REALLY liked the look of the fuel control switches and thus, ended up playing with them without us noticing on climb out. He then decided to convince the Captain to move into the jumpseat and let him fly from the left seat. Now given we were on an IFR flight plan and he's a short 4 year old - he claimed he could see the instruments perfect. Fair play, Captain agreed and instead of trying to restart the engines I was forced to try land it. Meanwhile the real captain was on his new fancy iPhone 7+ replying to his endless count of women (not including his wife) and I'm pretty sure letting them (yes, them) know he won't be able to see them down route. Next thing you know, I'm trying to squawk 7500 and I kid you not, this little 4 year old bit my hand. Full on, BITE. I was like daaaaaaamn where are your parents?! He then ripped off my stripes whilst throwing commands down my throat and the next thing I knew we were on the ground. He also set Autobrakes Max Auto as 'banter' - jokes on him when he went flying through the windshield on touchdown :wink: So that's the truth, I hope you understand and let me carry out my duties for my scheduled BOS in a couple days. I promise to let no more extremely enthusiastic 4 year olds up front. Ps. I believe the 4 year old also REALLY liked the sound of the APU. A-P-U is funky apparently. Anyways, he must have started that the cheeky little.....
  2. Can't tell if this is sarcasm or not but if it interests you or anyone else- my beta flights aren't to try operate the aeroplane in exact procedures constantly. They're to break down the aeroplane, do things in unusual orders to try find cracks in the system. Ps. lack of Flight Directors shouldn't scare someone with a bit of airmanship - if you can't face flying without them you shouldn't be flying any kind of aeroplane under IFR conditions Also a simple reason for being a little higher: energy management. Proper good fun. I was departing on the SID and decided to shut down 3 engines and turn back without any real planning... that's what I love about beta testing - an excuse to do some slightly ridiculous things! :smile:
  3. Single engine approach in this thing... now let me go change my pants...
  4. People are often invited back if you did a past beta. 777 is like my baby haha, so I'm keeping my signature as it was something I was very proud about being part of. --- Thanks all she's looking proper good.
  5. Blasting out of London for... London... Beautiful scenes above!
  6. EGLL77W

    Cockpit Lights

    I had similar questions when I first got it too, but I figured out a solution. In the real world, you can see the panel lights (lettering lights) when it's fairly shaded during the day. But obviously the master brightness at full is too bright on every other instrument during the day. Therefore, on my panel state I turn off the master brightness and go manual. Then for each panel section I turn just the panel brightness to full and leave it that way both day and night. That way sometimes (not always) during the day when it's nice and shaded, you can see a green hint in the lettering. Panel State: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xx84wn2zuxl0exa/777%20Panel%20State.rar?dl=0 Here's a pic showing where some (not all) of the panel (lettering writing) switches are.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/fdflhvo8iq9yoig/lettering.png?dl=0 excuse my amazing photoshop skills... haha
  7. Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa J'sssssssss.... I'm there. Oh my god plan. A speedbird 300? G-STBP(izza) :wink: I'm not but but but shhhhhhhh :Whistle:
  8. Hahaha I still adore the thing and enjoy flying it like it's the first time, every time! Shoutout to the people on here that told me I'd be bored after five minutes But but but but but who will bring the pizza?!!!? :Shame On You: I've literally started the fantasizing... on a serious note: this looks INCREDIBLE. I cannot wait to see it up and running in the sim! The 747's overhead is a favourite of mine. So many buttons to press. So many.
  9. Likewise it'd be nice!! Not bad thank you Mike! Started my Instrument Rating here in SoCal so bit busy lately but all good fun. Hope all is well with yourself too! Still going strong flying the 777
  10. Oh wow this thread lives on
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