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  1. What Asobo needs is to stop being stubborn! Third part is that developers can make the Flight Simulator better; they always have, and that is particularly true with the weather. They need to release or implement a good weather API so developers like HIFI can integrate their solutions with the SIM. MSFS 2020 is beautiful and has great physics, but the weather is just horrible. I have stopped flying on MFSF because of the weather. Asobo will be shooting themselves in the foot if they do not fix that in MSFS 2024.
  2. Hi, folks. I need some clarification from those who have a drive dedicated to P3D (including the main folder). Since your OS is on another drive, you wouldn't lose all P3D data after a new windows installation, for example. However, how you make the sim work again? Cause all the information on temp folders, app data, and registry entries would be erased. Is best to keep the main P3D folder on the same windows drive and just put the addons on a separate drive? I'm asking all this cause I want to optimize the writing cycles on the SSD I'm planning to buy.
  3. I've been watching some CTB videos of the 747. There are a lot of things that I didn't know.
  4. That's great. The 777 would be of huge use I guess, if you could do that, we would be really thankful
  5. I couldn't found, but other documents such as Fcom, qrh, etc are for sale there. I was looking for a sample from a real carrier, like the one above, to use on my flights, write down technical faults that I might encounter. Some times I fly with some system inoperative, in accordance with the MEL, having the TLB to record that will, let's say, improve the simulation experience.
  6. Yes, exactly. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I would like to have either, in fact, any manual regarding real ops (TLB, FCOM, FCTM, TBL, AMM) of any airliner, is of huge importance for me. I've been trying to upgrade my simulation level by using a similar technical logbook, OFP, FCOM, aircraft configuration, weights, etc as the real airline for that flight would do.
  8. Thanks for the advice, Gentlemens. I didn't found the TLB on eBay but, I found some interesting other manuals. I also found various samples from the Varig TLB on PDF.
  9. I was wondering if anyone has by change a sample from a real aircraft technical logbook(TLB), I have some photos of the Ba's one, which I found on the internet, but they aren't enough. I'm trying to upgrade my simulation level by using and feeding the same aircraft's manuals and logs as a pilot would do. Best regards, Gabriel
  10. Well, let me see if I am understood it correctly. P3DV4 shares both VRAM and RAM when VRAM is over, it will start to use RAM. However, P3DV5 will only use VRAM when the VRAM is over the sim will crash, correct? Cause I am running the P3DV4 on a GTX10603GB and having no issues with OOM.
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