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  1. captainsazzman

    Problem with the zoom factor P3D V4

    just figured out how lol, in the camera definition section in the aircraft cfg. it gives you data for xyz, zoom, pan, tilt etc. The default PMDG 747-400 overwing view is perfect
  2. captainsazzman

    Problem with the zoom factor P3D V4

    hello kyle, do you know how to get the exact camera position data to replicate on chase plane? i likesome of the default wing views
  3. captainsazzman

    What do you do if you lose speed indication?

    All those checks are nice and cute, but why not also ask ATC what speed they seeing?
  4. captainsazzman

    RainMaker effects above 80knots

    would be interesting to see if wipers would work at FL350 going mach .855 (or what would happen)
  5. captainsazzman

    Don't copy, beat them

    might be flight plan stuff. sometimes i ignore the custom step climb altitudes in a long haul when I'm too lazy to program them in (and let auto step do its thing)
  6. captainsazzman

    Don't copy, beat them

    hello kyle, what remaining fuel would you recommend for the 747-8? I like to make sure I land with 15,000KG and put enough fuel that the Progress page says I should land with 23,000KG. Secondly, why does the estimated arrival fuel and actual landing fuel never match up?
  7. captainsazzman

    RainMaker effects above 80knots

    after take off, is there a speed limit for the operation of wipers? I try to switch em off above 200kts
  8. captainsazzman

    PMDG 747 V3 OOM after long haul

    lol people still use fsx?
  9. captainsazzman

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    you forgot updates to the 777 and 747-400 including rainmaker, EFB and ground services (ground service not 100% confirmed for 777, but EFB definitely promised, NO EFB FOR 747-400 AS ITS A NON STANDARD OPTION)
  10. captainsazzman

    singapore Airlines going for longest flight record again

    not gonna happen for the time being
  11. captainsazzman

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    did you make any adjustments to the simbrief 747-8 template like max ZFW, etc?
  12. quick question for you, is there a limit on the range circle you can input for a fix in the FMC? in the 747, it looks like no more than 510nm. just wondering why Boeing would put a limit on such things? on the 777, I could put 1,00nm range arcs if I felt like it
  13. I noticed today in the 747 when adding an airport in the fix page, I couldn't set the ring to 540nm. Is this really how it is or is it on my side? I cant set a range higher than 510nm, I usually put about 600-800nm for ETP points
  14. ticket for sure! FINALLY, I thought the changing payloads after loading fuel was just me. Was driving me up the wall.
  15. captainsazzman

    Advice needed on perf calc 744

    Problem with TOPCAT and PFPX is the lack of support and updates. Not impressed.