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  1. captainsazzman

    The Office view leaving San Diego- GOOD MORNING!

    I ended up buying an IIYAMA G-Master Silver Crow with 1440p, 75HZ, 27 inch, display port, 2x HDMI, headphone in, 2x USB 3.0 ports, speakers all for 290 euro. Good deal if you ask me. The 144hz model was 425 euro, too expensive for me, would have been better to get a TV for that price (but a tv is too big for my desk).
  2. captainsazzman


    Not needed because its the same PC.
  3. captainsazzman

    My aircraft is coming out like this

    hopefully wont have much need except general lighting when pbr fuselage textures come out
  4. captainsazzman


    Probably a texture mod found on avsim. There are plenty of those online.
  5. captainsazzman

    Remote EFB - Available Now

    According to PMDG staff and testers when the EFB was announced way back, the NG3, 777 and ANY aircraft that comes with an integrated EFB will have one, AS LONG AS THEY CAN SOURCE THE DATA.
  6. I did a clean reinstall, first update gave me livery errors that crash the OC when I chose an action
  7. thanks, ill do that
  8. SAME. FO EFB clickspots dont work properly. was trying to shut it off for my custom panel state when i caught this.
  9. captainsazzman

    The Office view leaving San Diego- GOOD MORNING!

    Haha, it has Display port 1.2 AND HDMI, looks like I'll be ordering it tomorrow in-store! thanks!
  10. captainsazzman

    The Office view leaving San Diego- GOOD MORNING!

    while you're here mind giving advice on a new monitor? Im thinking of the SAMSUNG LU28E590DS/EN 4K/60hz with great scaling for lower resolutions. Im torn between that and a 1440p monitor with 100hz refresh rates.
  11. captainsazzman

    Don't Fly This Route

    Forgot to reopen the crossfeeds once, never made that mistake again haha!
  12. captainsazzman

    how to save PMDG setup for all 747 aircrafts?

    You mean the 747-8 (there is no -800). Also, yes there is, it's explained in the intro manual.
  13. captainsazzman

    [20DEC18] Week after Christmas: Update for 747 coming...

    they did but had also said they made a 200ER model that was sitting on someone's computer in the office while they think things over. To be fair, there wasn't enough time and dev resources to complete it properly.
  14. captainsazzman

    [20DEC18] Week after Christmas: Update for 747 coming...

    I heard sometime in 2014 or so that the 777-200ER model is made, but the engine performance simulations (one of the hardest parts of sim developing) are not done. If I remember correctly this was said by a Ryan Maziarz or some other PMDG staffer, very old info though, lest we forget the PMDG dash 8 and J41 (for Prepar3d). God bless em though, developing ain't easy.