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  1. Not at first release.
  2. Where are you seeing the Discount. Announced Curtis C-46 price $37.99 ($37.99 excl VAT) Price on the JustFlight Website $37.99. Same with the Otter, Arrow.... A couple seem to be discounted. But seems to be false advertising to discount two items and then bury them in a bunch of items that aren't discounted and mark the prices the same way. Almost like they are hoping we bite a think the rest are discounted. Hardly good customer service.
  3. Yea do realize none of those discounts are actually applied....
  4. It is. But with a really large wing like that you're technically still flying and have effective aileron control.
  5. Couple things. The -8 is actually has the best fuel economy of cargo aircraft believe it or not and nothing comes close to the volume it hauls. The second is there is so much going on in the the cargo industry to say anything is definite. Especially shutting down a production line. We don't even know what Amazon's end goal is with Prime Air. They could quite easily purchase Atlas and need to double their 74 fleet and replace all the 400s. But make no mistake, the 400s need to be replaced eventually and the airlines are probably holding out orders as long as possible to milk as much as they can and to get deeper discounts as Boeing gets as desperate as Airbus is with the A380.
  6. GTN750

    This explanation works for P3Dv4. Not sure about the others, but I'm guessing it will. Yes the GTN 750 will go into the PC-12. The carenado website says F1 GTN 750 compatible. So what you do (and this should go for any product that's compatible with F1) install the aircraft. After that there is some setup files to interchange GPS units. Run the F1 GTN 750 one. If you want to us the RXP 750 the start the sim load the aircraft up. Addons menu>RXP Configure. There should be an option to auto detect. Utilze that option and select the 750 you wish to use. Under the VC portion of the configuration ensure you select Bezel off. The plane should reload and with the RXP 750 working. I would provide a more explicit description but I'm on my phone. But I think you can figure it out from there.
  7. How is 776mph the record over the Atlatic. I hit 811mph in December just off the coast of Japan.
  8. Prepard3dv4

    Nice shots! That tail logo looks strangely familiar for some reason. :-)
  9. As I said Customer Service is atrocious. Another issue is the way they assign "duties" or as I should say restrict access to panels. For instance, the MCP can be assign to either the one person or the other. But neither can have access to it at the same time. In the real aircraft, the PM will adjust the MCP if the PF is actually flying the aircraft without automation engaged. So what needs to be done is both individuals need access to every panel and switch at the same time. Everyone has their own areas of responsibility on an aircraft and this program limits the ability to actually simulate it. Basically either to come up with some random useless thing for the PM todo, or just to sit watch and answer radio calls. Far from a team environment.
  10. The paid variant allows the CDU keypress sync. I haven't gotten to play with it but it should everything should be shared now. There are other severe deficiencies that I find with the product. Not the least of which is active support. The forum is all but abandoned the Facebook page is so so. They say they are testing stuff and then never report any findings.
  11. This sounds like a power issue. If the CDU and both right and Lower DU aren't on this ground power did not connect right. I'm by no means an expert on the 737. But the tones might be something along the lines of IRS on Bat. Look above the Right IRS selection knob. Top right light is ON DC. If that is illuminated power is definitely your issue.
  12. P3dV4

    Next challenge involves no autopilot!
  13. P3dV4

    Was autocorrect....was supposed to go to Seward. Oh well.
  14. Just so you don't go down a road thats already been gone down. Desk Pilot already offers shared cockpit. But if you could offer a better product then by all means I'd probably invest in it.
  15. Had a blast! Will have to find a day to make it down the coast from Anchorage to Ketchikan in some marginal weather and scud run from PAJN to PAKT :-)