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  1. Doh, missed the thread group. Sometimes it's hard to read thru these on my phone. Thought this was the PMDG area. My bad.
  2. thibodba57

    747 8i Data Link ETD ETA

    The reason Block to Block isn't used is after departure a message is automatically sent via ACARS with an ETA. So if you used Block to Block and Dispatch added total 45 min of Taxi time and it only took you 10 min there would be a rather large discrepancy. Assigned parking might not be available or ground handling. But I'd the air time is used then no matter what time you get in the air whether it's a longer or shorter taxi time accurate information is being sent. Now that being said. This is the virtual world, big brother is not paying attention to what you enter. It's not going to make a difference 🙂
  3. thibodba57

    747 8i Data Link ETD ETA

    If 00:50 is estimated time in the air yes. If it's the estimated time block to block no.
  4. thibodba57

    747 8i Data Link ETD ETA

    ETE is based on total trip time or time in air. So the time we enter is scheduled block out time and then the trip time. Example, Scheduled time of Departure (Block out) is 10:10 but the flight time say from SFO and OAK is 15 min, we enter 00:15 in ETE. That way when the aircraft is airborne it knows to calculate the ETA accurately for ACARS.
  5. thibodba57

    Landing altitude B747-800

    Hmm, I actually didn't send this, or intentionally do it anyways. I was going to find the reference pages and hit the back button. Anyways,. Supplemental procedures or the QRH.
  6. thibodba57

    Tfdi 717 and 4.4

    On the INIT page set the CG up. On the TO/Appr page you'll see the CG, to the right you will see the Stab setting you need to set.
  7. thibodba57

    Landing altitude B747-800

    It's an automatic function. However if need be reference Supplemental Procedures or the Q
  8. thibodba57

    Tfdi 717 and 4.4

    You'd have to read their forum to figure out which panel in particular. I believe its open another VC view as the issue seems to occur when switching from external to internal and make it a tiny window. I flew a couple flights without issue, But lately it happens every flight and I've only had the plane a few days.
  9. thibodba57

    Tfdi 717 and 4.4

    From the sounds of it, 4.4 still has the issues. Supposedly its an issue with LM and they need to fix it. but after a year you think the team would have actively just found a work around as no one else is having the issue. Their current solution is to open a separate window and keep it open the whole time which costs frames. I'm not to keen on doing something like that. I have 4.3 and I've experienced the CTD numerous times. Its not bad to learn to fly. If you flew the -11 from PMDG, working the CDU is the same. System wise its more automated than the 73 from what I've been able to tell so it wasn't to steep of a learning curve.
  10. He said he did a PPos hold. Granted he didn't elaborate if he programmed a different Inbound Course, my assumption is no as he mentioned the right turn. A PPos hold will do a direct entry and the inbound course will automatically be slaved to the current CRS being flown. So it should make an immediate right turn and right turns forever after.
  11. He entered into the hold in LNAV. Computer logic should determine the appropriate hold entry. But it also sounds like the second turn so the entry is over. It should just follow the magenta line.
  12. It is not uncommon for the real 74 to pitch down rapidly upon landing. It's more todo with the Autobrake especially 3 or higher. But spoilers also cause the aircraft to settle onto the ground rapidly when deployed. It's an aircraft that requires you to pay attention after touchown and fly the nose down. You should never let the aircraft just drive through nose in. Good way to bend metal.
  13. thibodba57

    MilViz 737-200 for P3D v4

    The file from the wrapper is v3.160229. Just downloaded it a couple days ago. I don't know if there is a way to get a more up to date installer or some other way to install this then update. Eitherway that would require access to the forum which for the above stated reason I have no access to.
  14. thibodba57

    Flying Tigers over San Fran

    Nice! More than just DHL. Polar > Polar Tiger 🙂