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  1. 744 Hard landing. Qustions.

    There is a difference between a "harder than normal landing" and bouncing. A firm landing is just that. Firm and the plane sticks as it transfers it's energy. Bouncing is potentially catastrophic.
  2. WX Radar and Slats warning

    Did you ensure the green reference pointer aligns with the stabilzer setting? Sounds like EPR probably that was flickering which means you overboosted the engines. Was the autothrottle engaged? Did you set a proper thrust limit in the TRP?
  3. 744 Hard landing. Qustions.

    Without really wanting to get into further details. Yes.
  4. Since this is a bug the proper thing Todo is file a bug report. This forum is unmonitored.
  5. While this seems like a simple "why did it do this" it's not really? You sure the Altitude capture was armed? Did you move the VS adjustment knob approaching the selected altitude to try and slow the descent rate? If you did it's possible you canceled out the ALT HLD. It's a common mistake for people just getting to know the aircraft.
  6. Care to send me a copy of that sound.cfg to try out? I wanted a mix between the TSS exterior and Leonardo interior. Those are default sounds from Leonardo and work with the panel from a different folder as far as I know. I didn't think the cooling fan sound was all that inaccurate though.
  7. You can't see the blades moving in a MD-80. Those first blades you see are Stator vanes. The bullet is stationary as well.
  8. There is no "idle mode". Four ways to descend. VNAC, FMS OVRD, VS, or IAS/MACH. If you want a non VANV Idle descent with the Autothrottle still active then VS is your option. If you want to descend in IAS/MACH there is no way except for CLMP (Boeing term is HOLD). The Autothrottle should re-engage upon reaching ALT HLD. Make sure you have the correct speed set in the speed window when it does though or things might get interesting.
  9. Maddog Repaints Suggestions

    Two more liveries. This time cargo Both v 0.95 (I have no idea when SteveDra and I will be able to finalize everything to a complete version. More work todo) Everts Air Cargo - N73444 Download Alaska Airlines New Livery - N937AS (Fictional) Download
  10. Maddog Repaints Suggestions

    I didn't paint it, I don't think anyone has done it either though. Might have been a paint from the old version.
  11. Maddog Repaints Suggestions

    What signature repaint?
  12. The reverse will only deploy/retract if there is sufficient hydraulic pressure. The Hydraulic Accumulator (per engine) will allow you to deploy those reversers even without the pumps on. But that is the extent of what they will do. At that point the pressure is gone and you'll have to turn the pumps back on to retract the buckets. As to your separate axis for reverse. First unassign that axis and see if that's the problem. If it is maybe increase the nullzone. But what I would suggest is looking at the FSUIPC LUA Thrust reverse Toggle. You can leave the throttle axis set as your normal throttle AND your reverse. It's actually slightly more realistic as reverse needs to be selected such as the real aircraft IMHO.
  13. You don't have any reverser axises programmed in FSUIPC? A noisy controller could cause this. There is no half measure when it comes to the clam shells. They are either open or closed. Some add-ons haven't gotten reverser animation correctly. Anyways I'm not near my computer with the appropriate documents. Maybe I should start traveling with them. But try in the provided documentation, in power plants and just word search thrust reverser or accumulator (there is more than one on the plan so go thru them all).
  14. Hard to narrow it down without looking at your overhead panel and your pedestal. Sure both pneumatic x-feed valves are open? Was there N2 rotation but no fuel when you brought the Fuel Control switches to idle? I'll need more info provided.
  15. Landing gear horn

    I can confirm if you have a button set as the parking break a simple press of that button will silence the horn. It won't set the parking break. Im thinking this has been programmed to recognize in the air the command to set parking brake means silence the gear horn. Hope this helps peeps. No reason to go crazy trying to find a work around that will weaken a link in the accident chain. Or Swiss cheese model. Whichever is your preference.