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  1. thibodba57

    Advice to make descending less stressful?

    Numerous ways todo this. No way is 100% correct. But leaving it in VNAV will provide protections and protections are our friend. So first step is to do the math to see I'd you are truely behind. 3:1 is the descent profile that works well around 290KIAS programmed for most aircraft. That's 3 miles to descend 1000'. If the target altitude is below 10,000 add another 5 miles to decelerate. If you're on target let VNAV go a bit longer. If you're only a bit. Behind try the speed brakes alone. If you're even further behind you can Speed Intervene and crank that speed up. This way you don't dump all your protections in the descent. Also, if you're really really behind you can always just dump the gear. Oh yeah don't forget if this is a controller online that goofed up you can always say unable for constraints. No harm no foul honestly. Have fun, no need to stress. Curse outloud are the virtual controller, what we do at the real ones that like to keep us high then drop us as fast as possible.
  2. thibodba57

    who stole the plane

    Heres a long interaction with ATC. Some key quotes in there. "I've played some games" and was inquiring about getting some pressurization going so he didn't feel so light headed. It would explain some of the mental thought processes he was having.
  3. thibodba57

    real pilot procedures

    It's not just a safety thing. The aircraft aren't designed for them, to track centerline, to take into account winds or to even handle an engine failure pre or post V1 let alone decide pre V1 if the condition warrants a reject. Contrary to what some UAS fans might believe. We are a long way off from a fully automated aircraft. All autopilot aircraft have a minimum altitude which the automation is allowed. In the 74 it's 250 AGL. The MD-80 if I recall is 1000' AGL.
  4. thibodba57

    real pilot procedures

    No such thing as Auto takeoff for one. Secondly especially for long haul flying. You only get maybe 2 landings a month. Autolands at most companies do not count towards our required landing currency so if at all possible the automation is disconnected for a manual landing to count. Also what's the point in flying for a living if you want to watch the computer do it all?
  5. thibodba57

    Captain Sim 757 RR Released

    Don't forget it's not an update but you are paying for the x64 bit conversion and from what I have read sounds like full price.
  6. thibodba57

    Recommendation on a non study-level Boeing for P3dv4?

    The iFly 747-400F will not happen. As I understand it a commerical entity has been paying for further development of the 737 and all the manpower is into that. Eventually the 747-8 will be released.
  7. thibodba57

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    I've never looked at the O2 masks in the Sim. Reset button on the right. Middle of the mask should be a red button. It's the test button. You will see no indication that a test is being completed on a synoptic. It's an indication next to the reset button.
  8. thibodba57

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    The switches are on the mask itself. The status page shows the Oxygen pressure.
  9. thibodba57

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    Like the mask test? You depress two buttons on the mask to get it to "test" audibly, the intercom on speaker and test to ensure the bottle is open by the status page. I'm not sure of one on the Passenger aircraft. It's not to say there isn't one. Just not required by us to test it. Might be a maintenance function.
  10. thibodba57

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    Might just be a freighter thing. I can't recall from our PAX aircraft honestly. Not something we ever deal with. Then disregard that switch. 🙂
  11. thibodba57

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    Oops typo on my phone. LLCCAFR Upper overhead panel FO side. Allows temperatures to be selected for the Lower Lobes Lower Lobe Cargo Conditioned Air Flow Rate selector. Position or this switch can put one, of all three packs in high during cruise inadvertently if selected incorrectly.
  12. thibodba57

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    We'll check an hour into the flight and see what the packs are doing. Ensure the LLCFR selector is off and the High Flow switch is off. But all packs should be in High for climbout.
  13. thibodba57

    Recommendation on a non study-level Boeing for P3dv4?

    No both iFly products have just as much system depth as PMDG aircraft. Just less bells and whistles.
  14. thibodba57

    Packs High Flow Simulation

    How far into cruise are you checking the packs. All packs should be high until 30 min after reaching the programmed cruise altitude if I recall correctly.
  15. thibodba57

    Confused as to how I'm supposed to fly IFR.

    Manual plug and chug waypoints as they appear on the flight plan. It's how I did it for years when I was flying Part 135 and instructing. We didn't have a nice import feature from a flight planner. Doesn't get more realistic than that.