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  1. It's a Cathay Pacific contract flight we do. We have a few routes we do for them now. They want us todo more. We don't have near the manning for the demand of cargo now.
  2. I’ll pass it on. But from what I hear FedEx has been springing for our dinner during peak to keep the crews happy. So you have some competition :-)
  3. The Up Gauge he is referring to is not how we reference it. We call it peak. It's the busiest time of the year for freight. In fact UPS and FEDEX are so busy they need to charter aircraft for more volume. This is either ADHOC (on demand) or contract. It's not even necessarily wet leases. Wet leases would infer you're utilizing your own crews and your renting the aircraft at a certain rate to include fuel. What is actually happening is an ACMI carrier (say Atlas because we are by far the largest in the world) enters into contract with FedEx or UPS to operate a route. We provide ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) for that route. FedEx pays us for the use plus they pay for the fuel. So in a sense it's actually a dry lease with crew. This has nothing Todo with VAs. You can go to the MEM hub and see our planes out there.
  4. I'm bidding to do a couple MEM-HNL turns next month. We also fly to Colgne and San Juan if I recall.
  5. Revert an updated airport to its old state? Why on earth do the updated airport then?
  6. V6 of that download looks like it is 2012. Download the Nav database from that website. It has an installer in it. It can be more do it yourself. It’ll update the Navaids. That’s about all you can do except maybe use an aftermarket GPS to provide more up to date navigation to updated airports. Honestly, there isn’t much you can do. Your using a 13 year old simulator which is well pst it’s expiration date (I know blasphemy). Might be time to start to figure out how to upgrade your system if you really want to keep up to date. There’s only so much you can do with that old sim.
  7. Your never going to find a fix for ATC. Sorry to say but give up on it. Even these pay ware ATC addons will fly you straight into terrain. Its not the scenery that’s the problem. It’s the default navigation database. It’s way out of date. Update the database from this. see if that moves things along.
  8. Who do you want to fix this? PANC went from the 6/24 and 14/32 to 7/25 and 15/33 years ago. The approach database you have is almost a decade out of date. My best advice would be to update the world wide navigation database and if you can buy and addon GPS like the RXP one.
  9. It is. I changed it but looks like you replied before I got to it. I got in a habit of saying Renton a couple months ago. It’s from a previous carrier that had us overnight in Renton I guess anyways, idk wherelese it came from.
  10. The Boeing 747 plant is located at KPAE Paine Field, Everett, WA.
  11. Here is what I use for four engines. One buttons controls the initiation of reverse and each axis controls reverse for its respective engines. 5=P6,31,CL1:T,1 -{LuaToggle ThrottleManager}- 6=P6,31,CL1:T,2 -{LuaToggle ThrottleManager}- 7=P6,31,CL1:T,3 -{LuaToggle ThrottleManager}- 8=P6,31,CL1:T,4 -{LuaToggle ThrottleManager}- Rename ThrottleManager.txt to ThrottleManager.lua in the modules foler. Now start FS up and select the aircraft you want to apply the LUA to. Open FSUIPC>Buttons tab, Profile specific. Press whatever button you want to assign to initiate the LUA. Assign FS Control, you will find the LuaToggle Throttle Manager. Assign Parameter "1". Exit flight sim and open FSUIPC.ini. Locate the Assignment. Should look something like 5=P6,31,CL1:T,1 -{LuaToggle ThrottleManager}-. Now copy paste that for each engine you want to enable for. Change the "5" to "6" or whatever the next assignment number should be and the "T,1" to "T,2". And so on for each engine. Start up FS and verify the installation worked. Hope this helped. Its an awesome tool. The only addon I can't get it to work on is the PMDG 747v2. It overboosts the engine in reverse to some ridiculous factor and you'll almost instantly lose control of the aircraft. It does work in Idle reverse however.
  12. Maintenance Deferral for Wx Radar and GPWS. Your DMI#: 18235 and 18236. Wx Radar is B on the give ya three days. And the GPWS is within a few flights. But fear not. Mx promises whatever voodoo they do will fix the problems....but you'll soon discover whatever they did did not actually fix anything. So they'll defer them again. There, fixed the realism problem for ya. Nothing is more realistic than having those stupid stickers on the flight deck and maintenance promising they "fixed" something. :-D
  13. Yea. About 70 of them. Their second largest type in fleet.
  14. Yea I have one should be done. I’ll look at it tomorrow and upload it if it’s finished. Sorry got side tracked with a whole slew of other ones. Even have a pretty decent 737-800 painted in the Prime livery. It’s not ready for distribution. Still things I want todo but sometime it will be done.
  15. If you are referring to the real fleet. FedEx flys 757,767, A300, MD-10, MD-11 and 777. The 777 is the smallest of the fleets still unless they have retired more MD-10s as they phase them out for 767s.