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  1. Mike has it right. Ground speed is the result of adjusting True Airspeed for the affects of wind. Indicated Airspeed is affected by the air mass outside the aircraft and therefore decreases in altitude thus is not a source for navigation.
  2. Well It seems the number your using for your GS is way off. Did you do the flight in 18 hours or is the simulator telling you its going to be 18 hours. Because if its the sim reason its so far off is because the planned TAS is probably wrong. A 777 will cruise TAS around 450-480 Kts (I'm unsure of the exact number). Adjust this for wind and you have your ground speed. So until your fighting a 180 kt head wind that 303 is way off the mark.
  3. So just got back yesterday and and starting in on the wing. Left wing I'm working on to see how I like it in comparison to the default. I've added some streaks to the inspection ports on the underside of the wing also. Not that you see them really in a sim, but they always seem to be there on my walk arounds. Here's a couple of screens of a first draft.
  4. On the 777 in the Misc Key Assignments. I wouldn't worry about the Starter switches if Macros still worked. But since they don't key bindings is all we got. But since both switches are required for start I'd like to utilize a key command for the starter also. :-/
  5. I'm just curious why there isn't key bindings for the Engine Start Switches like there is for the 777. Intentionally left out or mistakenly overlooked?
  6. Thanks I have some horrid pictures of where you can tell our rampers ram the fuselage with the rubber bumper of the air stairs constantly. Not all the planes but some of them.
  7. Ok I was able to make it home for a couple days in the middle of my trip. Don't know how I convinced scheduling to let me do it but I did it Still coming along but a lot closer to being done. All my "Weathering" is from things I actually see on my pre-flights and take pictures of. SteveDra has my first beta right now hopefully he can get me some info on what he thinks needs fixing. A lot going on in that one. Nose Gear door has some grease on it. I'm gonna add more but at the very least it shows something. That door is always filthy in person. Nose Cargo door has some weathering also. Upper deck Flight Deck window streak as well as streaks on the Upper Deck Egress door and windows. FWD Lower Deck Cargo door has some weathering. Tires all have some form of brake dust or other oddity. Tire the furthest aft has what looks like strokes of paint on the wheel....don't know what it is, but I commonly see that so I figured I'd add it. APU Area and the tail in general got a lot of attention. The drain ports also have some crud gathered around them. Another view of the tail. The L5 door and the Main Deck Cargo door have some wear. This is a new one for me to add. If you look at some inspection ports on the pylons there is some streaks. I don't think I made them dark enough. Still debating going back and adjusting them a bit. But those ports always seem to have a little bit of something on them. The Engine reverse seem s to have a lot of streaks on them also. On each engine you will see a bit of a streak at the reverse line.[/img The L1 door has a lot of work done to it. The Upper Deck windows and the Flight Deck window streak as well as some streaks off the Nose Cargo door. That sums it up for now. I still want to put some streaks on the underside of the wing at the inspection ports and any changes SteveDra has in mind. Hope its looking promising to you guys.
  8. I started this project awhile ago but life sorta got in the way. Anways, starting to put it together. Thanks to SteveDra for contributing his beautiful tail to the project. Anways hopefully inside the next week or so. In addition to just the repaint I've added all the current weathering I have on my template to this project and plan on doing more. To include wear on tires, inspection ports on the wings and engine pylons.
  9. Oh I don't miss you.
  10. Disregard.
  11. Military Grey is actually a lot harder than it seems. The paint used by the US DOD has a matte look and doesn't reflect much light. I started one and even got the reflection down to an appropriate reflection, but I stopped developing it because I didn't like how it was coming out. The Grey just doesn't look right on the Queen. Maybe I'll look at it again at some point but theres a lot that needs to be done for an Air Force Grey. As to the white....why don't you just get PMDG's repaint kit. It comes in white. There are free programs out there that allow editing Photoshop files. I've used Gimp before.
  12. You could try looking into that of course. I see how you can switch button assignments on the fly. I didn't read enough to know if it did the same to an axis. But I think I saw an axis section.
  13. Have had the pleasure with A2A. But I also mean you can almost feel the engine starting to run rough when you are leaning it (Non-EGT gage aircraft. I just never developed a taste for it in sim. Have you looked into getting a desk mounted Saitek throttle system? So much can be done with them.
  14. I think what your wanting would require a LUA. But honestly it would have a horrid application. Normal operation of an aircraft requires smooth application of the lever your trying to move. If you click a button say on approach to push the props up (throttle close to idle) then your initially pulling the props all the way back then pushing them up to max. Now when you swap back to throttle your at the max power setting. Even if it's momentary that's all it would take to throw off your aim spot and screw up your energy management. Honestly the best solution would be to assign a button thru FSUIPC. You might even find a way to make its application smoother. I honestly never bothered with mixture in FS. Never get the same as the real plane so I didn't think it was worth the trouble.
  15. Haven't had a problem assigning Throttles 1,2 to the left and 3,4 to the right with my Saitek thru FSUIPC. How did you set it up?