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  1. thibodba57

    QW 787-9BCF (Fictional)

    Both the FedEx Aircraft and the Prime Air have been uploaded. The Prime air is up. To find it just click on My Liveries in my signature.
  2. thibodba57

    QW 787-9BCF (Fictional)

    Another FedEx addition. Both just need QC and should be good to go.
  3. I finally finished my base for the freighter, however still a couple windows that QW didn't fix that needs to be plugged, but they aren't very noticeable. The Prime Air has been uploaded and awaiting approval along with a Prime Air PMDG 737-800BCF I did. Started working on the second QW 787 which will be FedEx. Think I'll do a base FedEx and probably a Panda one to accompany the 747's I did. After these will probably do Atlas, Polar and Polar DHL, maybe DHL after that. Will see if Stevedra wants todo the UPS one if there's interest. Prime Air FedEx
  4. thibodba57

    Prime Air reboot

    Both the 787 or 737 are uploaded now. Let me know what you guys think if anything is wrong or broken. Just waiting on the Library Gods to give it their blessing. Was hoping by now someone would have started a VA with this paints. I gotta tell you I'm a bit disappointed 😞
  5. thibodba57

    FSL Website hacked ??

    No origination started in early 2016.
  6. thibodba57

    Prime Air reboot

    Worked on it for a few hours. Now begins the tedious stuff of doors, and resizing, registration stuff. I already think the Prime Air logo needs to be taller. But it came together faster than I thought it would. Maybe tomorrow I can release this and the 737 thats been sittin gon my computer. Fingers crossed.
  7. thibodba57

    Prime Air reboot

    Amongst the litany of projets I got going on. I wanted to make some headway with this one as I'm in love with the 786. So this is what I got going right now. Very very early stages.
  8. Have you tried just altering the Alpha layer? It sounds hard, but with BMPDXT should be a quick fix. On second thought. There's an image behind the windows also. Hmm. I'll look at something tomorrow.
  9. thibodba57


    And feet dry! Man this is dragging. Bringing back fond days of crossing the Pacific to start a TDY. I unfortunately couldn't take all afternoon off and already got my yard work in between my plots. For those of you who are looking for a challenge thats not your everyday run of the mill flying. I'd suggest taking up the INS oceanic flying. It keeps you on your toes with waypoint verifications, position updating etc. Its highly addictive.
  10. thibodba57

    PMDG MD11 FS2Crew for P3D V4

    The PMDG Md-11 will no work in P3Dv4. Irregardless of the EULA debate that this is bound to raise. Sorry man wish I had better news to give ya.
  11. thibodba57


    So what does a pilot and simmer do to waste time so they don't have to do yard work. Well they do things to keep their procedural proficiency up. Doesn't matter if the equipment is antiquated (CIVA INS) and in the slowest possible equipment to do a ocean crossing while repainting said aircraft in a paint I'll probably never fly. The only thing that matters is I'm still able to do post position plots on a chart thats years out of date.
  12. This doesn't seem to hard. Have you thought about getting GIMP or a trial for Photoshop and doing it yourself? I can promise you flying your own repaint is very rewarding.
  13. thibodba57

    To Purchase?

    He's referring to MS2 not you. MS2 was stating the -80 was a 60s aircraft that utilizes antiquated navigation equipment and its not. Its an 80s bird. But I have a feeling you know all this and you are referring to whether or not which product is the most immersive and/or quality addon. The MDx will without a doubt be an addon that worth the purchase price. Failures are simulated and can be random, you can even maintenance differ items for added variety. Davide is a very active developer and takes input and is quick with putting out patches to further immerse his customers. Someone awhile back claimed he released a beta product and it can't really be further from the truth. He's just adding on what the community wants to see. The simulation is stellar. I have the QW 787 and haven't actually had time to sit down and play with it, lots of nifty features, but its not on par with the MDx. It is also a worthwhile product however I think.
  14. thibodba57

    Why do airliners not have wheel motors?

    Costs of development, production and weight. You must also take into account every pound you bring in the air costs you fuel, not only in increased operating weight but increased burn. That would easily offset any savings experienced on the ground. Now the cost of maintenance. If one of these things break doesn't sound like the plane will move. There is also costs of parts and deferrals and how it affects the operation. This list could go on. But the cons easily outweigh the pros. But never hurts to be imaginative. But two rules in life govern this idea. 1. If it's not broken. Don't fix it. This is a fix looking for an non-existent problem. 2. Sometimes simple is just better. A free spinning tire on a good bearing works just fine. Next thing you know someone thinks we should be landing on cirucular runways to avoid crosswind landings.
  15. Forget about the rest of them. That Northwest one looks awesome though!