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  1. thibodba57

    Landing Altitude

    I'd have to look thru my other FCOMs to see if it addresses the reason behind it. I would venture to say it's to keep positive controller of the pressure/outflow valves in case of a go around. But once you are on the ground the outflow valves are triggered to full open either way so there should be 0 pressure on the aircraft anyways at the gate. Having any actual negative pressure on the airframe is undesirable. 0 pressure works best for the doors as positive or negative will place tension on the cam locks of the doors.
  2. Not me. That blank yellow DHL tail. Boring. But it's what DHL wants/pays for.
  3. thibodba57

    Landing Altitude

    How much lower? The 747 lands with slight positive pressure for touchdown, so the altitude will be lower than that of the airfield.
  4. thibodba57

    More of long flights, what about the shortest?

    I got a couple. Abu Dhabi (AUH) to Dubai (DWC). 13-15 min in the air operating a 747. And Kabul (KBL) to Bagram AB (OAI). 6 min and 30 something seconds in a C-130.
  5. thibodba57

    Derated Take Off Options

    Actually we use TO1 and TO2 all the time.
  6. thibodba57

    Highest wind ever experienced?

    Well I have a picture in my Flickr account but for some reason I can't seem to get the embed scripts anymore. Fastest Jet stream I've been in is 203 Kts or 233.MPH. Off the coast of Japan at FL330, last winter.
  7. Is this the default FSX Mooney we are talking about. If I recall and this is just to verify what you are saying. You can only paint the one side of the aircraft. The left if I recall. This is them mirrored onto the right side of the model. If this is the case then no there is nothing you can do. If you want to see an N-Number you'll need to add it into the aircraft selection screen for registration or in the aircraft.cfg. I'm not sure what it's labeled anymore been so long since I've really bothered with adding it. This however looks hideous and unrealistic. Unfortunately it's the only option with default aircraft.
  8. thibodba57

    747 Waypoint Problem

    Speed still has everything todo with this. Just because you aren't in the air doesn't mean the aircraft isn't planning ahead. I'll refer you to downscc's post above. Unless a point is designated as a flyover it will be considered a flyby which means that the aircraft will lead a turn at a pre-planned point to ensure the aircraft remains inside it's corridor. Do not use HDG SEL, trust the automation to do it's thing and verify thru-out the turn. Also flying an RNAV Departure you should always remain in LNAV for lateral guidance, but that's a side note.
  9. thibodba57

    PMDG 747 Waypoint Problem

    Turning prior to a point is not only common but a must unless the fix is designated as a fly over point. If it didn't turn prior to the fix the aircraft would have to turn back to get on course and most undoubtedly worse put you outside the enroute IFR corridor. Don't use HDG select. Trust the computer to do it's job. If the aircraft is staying on the magenta line, all is well in the world.
  10. thibodba57

    Pro ATC X current thoughts

    Just starting to use ProATC and wish they had a demo version as I would not have gotten it. Departure out of PANC and was vectored towards the mounts off of 7L. If the SID was full intergrated it would have known the initial turn was a right turn to H 199. Taxi instructions were a complete mess in T2G KSEA, It was telling me to use taxiways that did not connect in any way shape or form. Taxi instructions after landing on 16R were R, T, M, H, J, A when should have been R, Q, T, E Cross Runway 16L, B, A. Approach clearance was given to me 4 or 5 times. "Cleared ILS 16R, Grify Transition. Descend and maintain 6000" "Cleared ILS 16R, Grify Transition. Descend and Maintain 4000." etc. I'm not impressed at all.
  11. thibodba57

    Paintkit availability for 747-8s?

    I'm finding it hard to motivate myself to finish this. Couple glitches in texture mapping that are affecting my paint that will be tedious to fix. Anyways, at some point hopefully soon I'll release it. Nothing magnificent like these guys, and its completely fictional but I swore I'd push this Prime Air -8 when I got my hands on it!
  12. thibodba57

    Why the World is Running Out of Pilots

    Ameriflight has a flow thru for Omni, Allegiant (Both are complete jokes of a flow thru. Omni for one just got bought by ATSG) and Frontier. UPS is a gateway which is nothing more than a glorified interview process. But now you are trying to compete with people that have heavy turbine PIC and international time and all you have is a bit of turbo prop time. It might pay off in a few years and by few I mean atleast 5. But right now thats hardly a reason to go there.
  13. Retirement! HAHAHA
  14. thibodba57

    Boeing 747-8 flight deck seats.

    Our carrier uses wool for both the 744 and 748. The benefit atleast at first is you have a tad more patting. $400 million aircraft and they still can't provide padding that makes you comfortable while you sit in a seat long haul.