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  1. I only recall basic math being required.
  2. You would think. But quite honestly the FAA tests don't directly reflect knowledge you use in flying. The tests are at least a couple decades out of date and its a rote memorization exercise at best. Use Shepard Air to study for your ATP written and the oral exam guide if your not doing your ATP in typed aircraft. If your getting a type ride along with your ATP focusing on the FCOM/Operations manual should suffice for the oral.
  3. As Scott said. Simulators are great procedural learning tools. So great for instrument related ratings. So yes for your ATPL should be good. I utilized PMDG 1900 when I got my ATP and type rating. The feel of the aircraft wasn't the same but for profiles it worked great. But for people looking for their inital private ratings and commercial simulators can in most cases provide a negative learning experience. Students tend to keep an eye on whats going on in the aircraft rather than the visual references.
  4. I've flown on them a few times. Comfy ride but as a non-regular flier I really doubt you'll "notice" the difference as much. But talking to the crews that fly them regularly there is a stark contrast between it and other airframes on the body.
  5. There's either manual throttle or autothrottle. Nothing in between. But once you set the power and trim the aircraft out it should maintain speed. However. You could assign a key press to FSUIPC Speed hold. It's basically like adding autothrottle to a non autothrottle aircraft.
  6. Well first. You deactivated the auto brakes when you used manual braking (the trigger). Not seeing all the other specifics about your landing. Did you use spoilers or atleast go into Reverse idle to make sure the spoilers came up? What I see if No Reverse and no autobrakes which means you just coasting down the runway. It will take a long long time to slow a half million pound aircraft only using the friction of the tires to pavement.
  7. Have you pan viewed around it to look at it 3 dimensionally? Cause all I see is a gap created by the wire lead.
  8. Still looks fine to me. Those are the leads to the window heat. There isn't really a cosmetic cap to them if that's what your suggesting.
  9. Just use the gross weight provided by PMDG to get your Thrust and Speed settings in TOPCAT. Then use the PMDG CG setting in the CDU to find your Trim setting. TOPCAT isn't complete enough to receive the input of CG as far as I've seen so don't bother with what zones have what.
  10. Nooooo!!! Noise is best. Gotta simulate the avionics cooling!! Just kidding 😃
  11. I can second the OC being a probable issue. I have the 4770K and I've run sooo many stress tests just have to it crash in the sim. Seems to me Lockheed should sell P3D as a stress testing software. Anyways I was getting a bunch of errors after trying to boost my OC some more and I've been playing with my Voltage and I think I've finally gotten it narrowed down. I haven't had a crash in a few flights. Even let the PMDG 777 fly for 14 hours in a hold over Memphis to check for errors. I'll know more in a couple weeks when I get home and check some more. But definetly check your Voltage settings.
  12. Pretty sure its not a new DC-9 but a port forward from FSX. I have it. Its atrocious OMHO.
  13. Asus always makes a good product. Take a look at the Asus ROG Strix 1080ti. What I'm investing in when I start my upgrade.
  14. I believe Flight1 has a 30 day money back guarantee if its been less than a month for you. Just refund and purchase the single.
  15. Ok so last base freighter I'm doing I think. Has all the weathering as the Panda livery only real changes are the FedEx logo was slightly enlarged and moved into a better location. Be uploading soon.