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  1. I’m sorry and please try not to take much offense. But that is possibly one of the more ridiculous standards I’ve ever heard anyone mention. You might as well just buy the CS toy herk if you think we should settle for a VFR only platform for dirt runways. I’ve gotten enough time in IMC navigating from FOB to FOB in Afghanistan to tell you. Just because an aircraft lands in the dirt doesn’t meant it doesn’t need a ROBUST avionics suite. In fact, I’d argue the complete opposite. The herk is more than capable creating its own self contained approaches to LZs. We don’t just play around when it’s nice and sunny out. We would go out day/night in inclement weather. Everyone needs to stop making excuses for these developers that release have baked aircraft just to get some cash revenue. Next thing you know we’ll have another Captainsim, Sky Simulations or Abacus on our hands again.
  2. If the switches are working fine but the lights and displays aren’t. Make sure they are plugged into USB 2 only ports. Not even Daisy chained into USB 3. Its been a few years since I’ve fiddled with my hardware. So my memory could be off though. But I could of swore that’s what I had todo to fix my display issues. There might be other avenues to rectify the problem.
  3. I seem to have this issue of clicking an undocked window and all Joystick inputs cease until I click the MSFS window again. Kinda a oddity.
  4. Guess thats what you get for reading a manual 🤣 Thanks
  5. How did you enable this retrofit? In the manual it talks about a knob immediately below the manifold pressure gauge. But there isn’t anything there. I’m wondering if that’s a reference from P3D.
  6. This is incorrect and needs to be trained out of the industry. There is a defined table of what each category or turbulence is and feels like.
  7. If you are referring to the quick jerky sways because of winds adjusting +\- 2 knots and a few degrees direction. It’s completely unrealistic. Took until I flew on a glass setup to see what the winds aloft were doing that caused the motion.
  8. Yea. They also said they were working on a F/A-39…….
  9. Your flying suffers because instead of focusing on flying you’re constantly staring at Paintshop. I’ve actually seen you do it.
  10. Nice shots, I always like to see someone enjoying my paints!
  11. If no speed is annotated on the chart it is assumed you will accelerate to 250 KIAS in a turbojet aircraft upon complete of your initial climb segment based on the Manufacturers guidance. This can be found in the FCOM Normal Procedures. You program this in Page two of Takeoff on the CDU. You'll see three entry points. EO Accel, Accel and Thru Red. A normal takeoff would be NADP 2. Based on the 747 this is Accel height of 1000 Thr Reduction at Flaps 5. This should work for the 787 also. However if that is not an option for you, Try Accel height of 3000 and Thr Reduction 1500 this is NADP One. These climb profiles can be subject to airport Noise Abatement procedures as well which can also be found in the Airport Reference pages of the charts.
  12. Whats with the recent trend I've seen of aircraft developers making military aircraft and they put 'reflective' paint on the aircraft? Even Lockheed has this messed up in P3D. I'm kinda surprised.
  13. Ain't nobody wanna see that. I seriously doubt my wife wants to most of the time haha
  14. Feeling a bit jealous now. I thought I was the only commercial pilot you followed 😂
  15. I'm married remember. I'm used to ignoring heckles and being ignored.
  16. Thanks you clown. Not a Captain until my checkride in a month. No next step would be Line Check Airman if I want to apply in a year or so. @Treetops45 enjoy the Everts livery!
  17. Wimps. Looks like a good weather day for Dutch. You ain’t been to Dutch if you don’t pop out at minimums with foam covered water below you and barely able to make out Hog Island feeling your way to the runway. That or the winds are so bad you actually have to go thru the back door and land to the north in bad visibility.
  18. Nice shots. How you liking PBR? I thought you’d jump to v5 over V4 honestly.
  19. It’s always gonna be a DC-9. The FAA designated it so 🙂 If you end up getting P3Dv5 let me know and we can fly the 717 together sometime!
  20. If it happens at breaking. Check your break temps. The brakes heat up real fast on the Maddog. Also make sure you turn off all realism settings for the aircraft. You might just be blowing a tire on rollout given you don’t actually have a brake axis it sounds like. Does it do it during an auto brake landing?
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