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  1. If Asobo put these clouds into the sim, half of simmers will say these are too bright, the other half will say these are too dark. And endless discussions will appear illustrated by real life photos prooving they are right.
  2. I totally agree the UI is a bad joke, I made the request some years ago for the World map menus to be user friendly. You have to click 3 times to activate a layer. This should be done in one. I humbly suggest you post this request in their official forum under the Msfs2024 section. This is the place they will most probably look for ideas of improvment.
  3. I know the SLC dev is not very appreciated because of his lacks in communication, but just imagine in a few months, we will be able to control all the boarding process, make PA annoucements, manage the ATC, pushback, and even check-lists, all of that by voice like IRL, no buttons, with intelligent and non-robotic voices with regional accents replying. All these addons put together will provide full immersion and a game changing experience.
  4. My single concern is it will come out late this year, just months before msfs2024 which will have I THINK a brand new ATC based on AI and machine learning. Jorg hinted in that direction many times.
  5. The EFB will be ready just in time before MSFS 2024 comes out, and then they will start this 3 year tablet development process all over again. The 737 is really good but this tablet thing has become a joke.
  6. There will be regional accents based on location
  7. I agree, it has a fish-eye effect very disturbing, it doesn't in VR.
  8. I hope AI will play a major role in 2024, and based on their statement, I think it will. AI for ATC, with regional accents AI for a mission generator anywhere in the world based on plausible scenarios (no wildfires in Antarctica) AI for animals (possibility of birdstrikes, flying with migrating birds, following herds in Africa... AI for traffic (helicopters in cities...)
  9. What we want dedicated for MSFS2024 Bring up your ideas guys, they still have time to make them real in this new version 🙂 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/what-we-want/596104
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