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  1. I found them if anyone is interested London Heliport, EGLW, London, United Kingdom Giza Plateau Helipad, HEGH, Giza, Egypt Downtown Manhattan Heliport, KJRB, Manhattan, New York, United States Issy-les-Moulineaux Heliport, LFPI, Paris, France Tokyo Heliport, RJTIH, Tokyo, Japan Heliponto Dona Marta, SMDH, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Burj Al Arab, OBAR, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Lingotto Building Helipad, LIBH, Turin, Italy Bitexco Financial Tower Helipad, VVBF, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietman Menara Telekom Tower Helipad, WMMT, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia The Needles Lighthouse Helipad, WMMT, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom US Bank Tower Helipad,4CA1, Los Angeles, California, United States Rainbow Air Incorporated Heliport, NK80, Niagara Falls State Park, New York, United States White House Helipad, KWHH, Washington D.C., United States
  2. Hi everyone! I just read the release notes and I can see the 4 new airports but not the helipads. Could someone point me to the helipad list if there is one? Thanks a lot!
  3. From the comments under the video, I understand this replay mode doesn't record the gear state, so anyone knows if it records the panel states, flaps etc...?
  4. Hi guys, My last headset just died, it was a HP Windows Mixed Reality, and I am looking for a new one. I have a medium config: Ryzen 5 3600, RTX 2060, 32 Gb RAM I understood the HP Reverb G2 is the best ATM but it is quite expensive and I am afraid the Quest 2 will be too demanding and I'll have stutters while flying. So, is the Rift S a good option? Will it be better than what I had before? I found one for 200 euros which has been used only one hour so it is new... Thank you!
  5. Does someone know how to get rid of the "helping" text boxes which appear when we hover the mouse over a switch in the cockpit?
  6. Thank you, and what about performance hit?
  7. Hi all! I read all this thread and now I think if I spent this time learning how to install AIG I would have it installed by now... Could someone be kind enough to tell me how many FPS does AIG costs? And how big is AIG with all the liveries on the drive? Thank you !
  8. I was flying the Zibo 738 on XP and now the PMDS 737-700 because it was the first on the market. And I have to admit, besides the fact it feels a little bit more like a sport car than the 800 it is the same airplane for me. I can't understand their business model but I respect it and I hope they will sell a ton of them so they can produce more quality addons. But most importantly I would have preferred to get a fully functional EFB this week than another version of the same plane... As of today it feels they want to make money, more than have the best addon possible on the market, who can blame them? 🙂
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