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  1. Report it to Zendesk, the more people reporting, the more quickly it will be fixed.
  2. For all people encountering problems with the A320, please submit a ticket to Zendesk, and vote in the official forums under the "Bugs & Issues" category. This is the best way to see it resolved.
  3. Same personal story, I only used the 737 Zibo in XP before where I could kiss almost every landing in the touchdown zone (I may have exaggerated this one), and switched to the A320 for the same reasons. I just made a landing in Madeira to see if the bug is still there with Auto-Throttle engaged, and it is. I made a beautiful approach and nearly crashed on the runway. I don't understand why there is so few of us with this bug, and looking at the fact this is the most complete airliner in the new sim, this is very frustrating 😞
  4. Does PMDG have plans to "port" existing products to MSFS quicker than the brand new 737?
  5. The answer about why I prefer to land with A/T off is because I prefer to have full control of the aircraft, especially with strong winds, the sense of accomplishment is bigger and the feeling way more immersive. It is all about personal preferences. In fact my point was why the FlyByWire team didn't address this first? Maybe this simply can't be done from a technical point of view but I am not an expert. I would be grateful if someone could answer it.
  6. The problem is: When you are at the 50ft or 40ft call in short final with auto-thrust disengaged, the aircraft is pitching down on its own (I know it is an Airbus feature but it is way overdone) So this not requires more forward pitch as you say but more backward pressure not to crash on the runway. Sometimes, it also rolls aggressively on the right, but I heard from others it can also roll to the left. All of this have nothing to do with ground effect and make every landing feel like you go play to the lottery, you never know how it will be.
  7. No, apparently this has not been addressed yet
  8. Ok so I will land with auto-throttle from now on...
  9. If you are talking about the last MSFS update, the problem is still there. And on Youtube you will see only touchdowns with auto-throttle engaged. Go and try to land without auto-throttle, you will see what a mess it is, this is an issue reported by many on the official forums, not just by me.
  10. These improvements are impressive, but the A320 is still unflyable in short final after the 50ft call which makes manual landings impossible. Is it just me or these improvements are quite secondary if we can't land the aircraft normally? And don't get me wrong, I admire the FlyByWire team! I just question myself why they don't fix this first?
  11. Simply the visual difference between the 2 pictures
  12. You are talking about the difference between orthos and the sim, which is a know issue. I was talking about the difference between 2 pictures, both from the same place and same simulator with different results.
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