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  1. Noooch

    My new PC build for MS2020

    @Paraffin Maybe I expressed myself poorly as english is not my native language but you understood the absolute opposite of what I was trying to say. I said that streaming the scenery can easily be done with unlimited internet and solutions can be found for those who have a cap. This is where MSFS is different from the other games as it has 2 petabytes of data. What I don't agree with is with "computing hybridation": I don't understand why people are talking about beast PCs where all the computing is likely to be made on remote servers (as they said in their promotional clips). I don't understand why some people say they will need a new PC because "some" computing will be made on local hardware. Does something similar exist?
  2. Noooch

    My new PC build for MS2020

    All your arguments are valid but they could apply for any game. Shooter games require a very small latency too but that is not a valid reason for them not to stream them. Again, I don't know where this idea of an hybrid sim came from, it seems to be a very bizarre solution technically speaking and we don't have any example of that. I speak about the performance. The only real problem here is the amount of data, this is where this sim stands out. For that you could easily imagine practical solutions (low resolution on selected areas, download in advance a planned route, region based downloads...)
  3. Noooch

    My new PC build for MS2020

    I don t really understand the point of this thread. Until now I was under the impression that streaming games can be displayed on any connected screen, regardless of hardware (that is what they said in their official promotional clips). I know most of you think this will not be the case for the new sim but I don t now where this idea came from. And I didn t see any hybrid game switching performance between local hardware and online cloud until now. This is for me pure speculation.
  4. Actually I don t really like it, it doesn't look "real" to me...
  5. I just think it s a shame we didn t have a proper A380 until now, I mean what are they waiting for?
  6. I think the A400M would be a really great choice since it can do all sort of flights and missions, including refuelling and landing on short and unpaved runways. It also have a gorgeous cockpit.
  7. Why would the A380 go? I know the production stopped but it is no less than the bigger airliner made in history, a lot of major airlines use it today and it can be seen at all the main international airports. Remember one of their first posts : wide body jets...
  8. Also I think we can expect a Dassault Falcon instead of a Learjet
  9. Noooch

    What missions do you want?

    Maybe they want to know if it will be that bad with no missions at all 😉
  10. Based on what we saw until now, MSFS2020 will have a substantial french touch. The Robin and A320 are french, and every single update carry a picture or a clip from France, I think this is no coincidence here. So in term of aircrafts, I suspect the A380 and:or the A400M, and for the helicopters the Gazelle, the NH90 Caiman or the SA330 Puma
  11. It's not really the look of the runway concrete but more the perfect bright painting and the runway not being affected by the atmosphere effects.
  12. Noooch

    In-game VS Satellite

    All my comparaison pics on the first page have disappeared, I don't know what happened...
  13. Noooch

    Sept. 12th DA62 test approach

    I am sure this can be adjusted with a simple slider 😉