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  1. Why would you want to do that? To get better performance? Maybe, just maybe, there was something to be gained by having stuff seperated on old fashioned hard disks but with SSD's I don't think you will gain anything. The only reason you might consider seperate SSD's is for 'general housekeeping' as Bert said but other than that you won't notice any difference with having everything on one or two or more disks. I used to be rather fanatic with various disks in my PC, mainly to keep things seperated (for like when I wanted to reinstall Windows) but in my latest PC (bought a year ago) I went for 1 big NVme drive. I also don't have to think anymore about what disk and what folder to install something: I nowadays ALWAYS accept the default folder and just install everything with one click. So much easier than having to look for specific folders all the time during an install. Performance is superb on my PC. Things have never looked better. And I am 1000% sure that putting more drives in my PC would have been totally useless, specially when it comes to performance. BTW Partitioning has to be avoided because that is an old fashioned housekeeping idea which will only hurt performance (although I doubt if it still will hurt performance with SSD's). SSD's are sooooooo fast that even going from a rather cheap SSD to an expensive NVMe M.2 one will hardly give you any performance gains: those differences in performance can only be measured with benchmarks.
  2. That's the part I don't really understand... Your PC will be running at its peak for hours and hours which isn't exactly free and all for nothing, so it seems to me. It will be streaming gigabytes of scenery you won't even see! I just don't get that. If planning such a flight is fun, why don't you just plan it and be done with it LOL But well, I do think I sort of get what you might like about this but it seems such a waste of resources and money to me. It simply isn't my cup of tea. Luckily we can all fly in any way we want to! ;)
  3. Oh, I didn't meant to critize everyone who looks at fps. 😉 I do understand for some it is necessary. But I doubt if it is for most regular users. And btw what you say about someone looking at fps to see if they can use a mod or not... that's exactly what I meant! They install a mod, see a decrease of 10 fps and think 'I can't use this mod'... while the sim might still look great with 10 fps less! 😉 But anyway, everyone is free to check fps if they want to of course! 😉
  4. I do sometimes wonder why some people are so hung up on doing long hauls if they don't have the time for it... Why not do shorter hops? I myself always do (real world) short flights. Nothing wrong with that. If you do long hauls because you like them but then use time accel... you apparently do NOT like them...? But hey, to each his own. 😉
  5. To me the holy grail is smooth performance. I never check my fps in MSFS (and can't remember ever doing so!). I just want MSFS to look smooth. And with my current setup it does (mainly thanks to my great G-Sync monitor). I seriously don't know if I am looking at 30 fps or 60 fps or whatever but I couldn't care less. I am absolutely sure a lot of people here would be very happy with their performance if they did NOT look at the fps and be worried about it. Instead of looking how the sim performs, how it feels to them, they only look at that little number in some corner of the screen. Such a shame. 😉
  6. The question itself isn't necessarily utterly useless but it is utterly useless without knowing P specs.
  7. Can't be answered in general. I never ever limited fps in anyway. Performance is great. Butter smooth. Just use what works for you. Who cares what others do on their (probably completely different) computers? I also don't understand why people answer this question without knowing any PC specs. Utterly useless.
  8. Me too. I don't really like Discord but once you learn how to 'read' it, it's a great resource. And the developers are quite present. You miss out if you decide to skip it entirely. And I have to say that after a while I started to appreciate the chat-like experience. I think I spend there at least 10 minutes a day or so and it never feels like a waste of time.
  9. Me too. I use Instant load whenever I use the Fenix turn around state and Fast load whenever I use the Fenix cold and dark state. I also don't care for ground stuff (and won't even think about buying GSX). I only posted what I did because you do skip time at some point and other skip time at another point and so your both skipping time and that makes your previous post a bit funny. That's all. ;)
  10. You obviously and clearly do NOT use real time loading of pax, cargo and fuel. That's the corner you are cutting. You are skipping time here. And then you say "Time compression sucks, I would rather watch a Youtube video"... That's indeed quite funny, you have to admit that. 😉
  11. The fuel wasn't the problem in my case: the PC would become unresponsive or MSFS would lock up. This only happened when I paused MSFS for a longer period (like half an hour or longer).
  12. As it is now MSFS when paused keeps on using the system as if it is not paused. It's a known problem. If your PC gets hot while flying it will also get hot while pausing. This makes pausing the sim and going away for an hour or two a bit problematic which is why people would like to see MSFS using less resources when paused. Asobo knows about this problem and hence added an option to remedy this in SU10. I am happy for you your PC apparently never gets hot but that's not the case for everyone. ;)
  13. You forgot number (3): a save flight option that works.
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