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  1. Om my god! Just wanted to go to bed, but now it is going to be a short night!
  2. I don't understand why lots of people need to bash PMDG, love flying their 737! Also instant buy of Fenyx A320 for me! Great to have them both!
  3. I hope we can popout ND / PFD etc. with Fenix. Big disappointment for me that it is not possible with PMDG 737 since I have quite a setup for these things
  4. Must have to do something with Fsuipc
  5. So not possible to popout Pfd / Eicas / Nd? This I really disappointing for me since I have a home cockpit setup
  6. Just wanted to say since a few weeks if I open Avsim it just redirects me to this google adds. I can't even use the forum anymore even when I type this message on my macbook. Also can not even click things on the right side of the page because of all the adds! And yes I donated also to Avsim but now it seems a lot of times just unusuable!
  7. With the current LNAV Pmdg has one of the best working LNAV!
  8. Thanks for that tip, will try it later today!
  9. If you use multiple screens try to connect the extra screens to your onboard GPU, and your main MSFS screen to your dedicated. I have two screens on my onboard intel 8700K CPU for PFD etc. and my main screen is on the RTX3060
  10. They have a lot of pressure also since there is already a freeware A320. It has to be really convincing!
  11. There is also a easier other version look here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/614266-another-remote-fmc-for-wt-cj4/?tab=comments#comment-4714495
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