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  1. It could be a lot of things, did you try a DDU install: https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html
  2. Thanks for that! Did not know that option!
  3. I also had CTD's, I think that there are too many tweaks for the Nvidia Control Panel which cause them.
  4. Does Pro Atc also separate the aircraft?
  5. I tried it today again, it works good but what is a immersion killer for me: it always assigns a transition on approach. In real life you would get vectors a lot more often. Also it doesn’t control the AI.
  6. Where is 5.2? Please let us not wait anymore, let it be good please….
  7. That is indeed strange, I noticed if I have the traffic levels too high Vox can’t handle it sometimes anymore. The best is of course Vatsim, but for me with two small children not allways possible.
  8. Never seen that also here! Also if you have Bgl based traffic like AIG or Traffic Global it will take the traffic / liveries from that!
  9. VoxAtc is the best! It is the only program which actually separates the traffic, and that what Atc is for! With all the other programs all the aircraft just fly around like madmen which drank much too much whiskey!
  10. It will be bought by Lockheed Martin and is named Prepar3d V8
  11. Performance was for me also much better then in V4.5
  12. Isn’t weather in real life dynamic, I mean a metar report can also be not spot on in real life. Weather can change really fast or maybe I am wrong?
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