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  1. well done. 5 * humour is lost on some people
  2. even after hf2 they are still appearing I just got one changing views
  3. You beat me to it. Press . To use the tiller. But make sure you don't have the sticky warnings set on. It's a bug in v5. Imagine my shock....
  4. When you choose one let me know which one youre doing I'll pull you the filing strip of euro control
  5. i hate to be smug, but I just did a short 1 hour sector. Ive not flown the FSL for a good new months, alas in my opinion its still the King of the Hill by a country mile. I had to go to the fridge and get myself a beer after landing I enjoyed it so much. Kudos to Andrew and the team. its a beauty.
  6. no, I dont use a affiniity mask anymore, but I did years ago in v4 when I did it cause an issue with the fsl
  7. I think the fsl has never really liked Affinuty masks too much to be fair.
  8. There's a few. Easyjet and the Spanish national carrier called British Airways... 😁 Any opportunities I get 👍
  9. The redundancies at virgin, easyjet, ba and Jet2 have been in one word, HORRIFIC. I know of 4 flight deck mates of mine at Virgin for example who wife's/girlfriends have left them as they don't want to be attached to an unemployed driver with no immediate chance of another job for the forseeable future. I went on linked in on Friday, as I've not been on it on months, it was so upsetting, I had to shut it down after 2 minutes. There are people in the business who think it will take a near miracle for various certain airlines in the UK, ie Norwegian, Jet2 and Virgin to still be standing in 18 months time. Myself personally, I wouldnt want to go through redundancy again, or wish it on anyone else, it is the simple most stressful thing I've ever had to deal with. I hope all the school teachers and civil servants (sitting on 70% furlough) that got boozed up last week in Bournemouth realise how lucky they are. It's was disgusting to see
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