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  1. I just wish they would push the update out. how long as it been out now. ?
  2. I thought frames on ms2020 tanked doing long haul after a certain amount of time??
  3. Didn't they just update vhhh with the 3rd runway....
  4. ill never get developers logic spending time, effort and money into making something thats already been done and updated by another developer. There must be 10 other airports in the world that would bring them more revenue other than some regional airport thats been done to death by another developer over the last 5 years.
  5. pay to beta, in this community. Imagine my shock 🙂 althought im really looking forward to seeing it. brillant news all round.
  6. whats wrong with the tropicalsim version ? https://secure.simmarket.com/tropicalsim-2-porto-2022-lppr-p3d5.phtml
  7. And the only way corporate greed works is to pay workers peanuts and treat them like dogs. Hence why ba, easyjet and Tui can't get any cabin crew to work for them,yet Jet2, Virgin and Qantas UK have holding pools. We have taken a ton of BA and EZY cabin crew this summer at my airline, id say 80 percent.From all ranks, and all took voluntary redundancy and are quite happy to say they were glad to be gone after being treated with absolute contempt. It's given me great satisfaction stealing their staff, and watching eat themselves alive this summer. The other 20 percent are from Cathy, Air New Zealand and klm city hopper, when they closed there UK bases pre covid. You reap what you sow, and its not a hard concept to grasp. People want to be valued not with contempt.
  8. I'd like them to of done the 800 first, then the 700 and 600, but that would of probably lost them 1000s of sales. You can't begrudge a developer making money if the developer is any good, but they way they do it by sneaky putting out the 700 and 600 first is in my opinion sneaky as hell. Even if they brought out a flying dustbin people would buy it, because some 18 year old twitch streamer told them to, that's how foolish this community is. How people can't see through pmdgs sales technique is beyond me.
  9. they in the position where they can release any old tosh and people will buy it, and whats even more sad is people will think theyve got a good deal. Look at the garbage captainsim have put out for example. Then the same old people will come on here and tell you its the best thing ever, when you push something to the mass market, hype it enough,this is what happens, and people are lapping it up. They will make a killing no matter what they put out.
  10. ahh yes the -600. used by a plethora of airlines. Below pic shows the massive amount of them flying on a sunday night in July..... Anyone might think they released a 700 and 600 to drum up sales before the -800... just saying.
  11. ask them at rex will you to fix sky force with EA on, its been nearly 2 years. thanks.
  12. no VC shots dave? at night? Ill have to introduce to that guy who used to cap his sim ay 10fps to take screenshots 🙂
  13. As was Kos, Edinburgh, Tegel. you guys all keep buying,supporting developers that bash out untested stuff to this new huge untapped audience that ms2020 has brought, dont be surprised when you get burned. as mentioned, this is not Gayasim's or Orbx's first rodeo
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