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  1. fluffyflops

    Apollo 11

    Brilliant thanks. Do they do the return as well? If so can you wake me up when that happens as I can't find any of the data of the reeenty, saying that neither can anyone else because it was lost. Who'd of thought greatest achievement of man and all that and just like that 'poof it's gone' Maybe if buzz and Neil where alive they could tell us what is like to go through the van Allen belts as to this day no one can explain that little minor part either. That's Apart from the shuttle crew that started getting bad vision (black spots and double vision) when they got close to the belts. I belive they only tried it the once and said stuff this. Even when musk has been asked how he's going to manage it he doesn't know In all seriousness I'm still 80 they did it and 20 they didnt as why fake it 6 (not just the once) times in a row to make a point to those Russians
  2. i think its a great app and a great price but the other traffic isnt live. id love to know how accurate their other airport data is and where they got it.
  3. ahhhh thats a different game that. they could be from 10 years ago. There could be 10 flights, there could be 10 thousand flights. So they are not live those flights,I wish these developers would stop bending the truth . there you go, you can deselect the enroute traffic
  4. fluffyflops

    Rudder pedals or not? Share your experience

    I've got a pair of mfgs I love them
  5. That's a huge thing if it is correct.
  6. fluffyflops

    FS2Crew for the FSL is released

    I've done 6 flights with it. Takes a bit of getting used to (I need to print the flows) But this morning I did Luton to Tenerife. Eggw to gcts. With the new gsx version The European summer destinations Real turb addon Activesky / chaseplane Fs2crew It was one of the most challenging and enjoyable flights ive ever done I got bumped all over the place on the approach and finals as it was hot and humid. What the neighbours thought when they heard me shouting to an imaginary f/o at 6am 'put that bloody tray table away' I don't know. I was thinking at 10,000 feet to get my roster out and moan to the cat next to me about my roster and how I've been planned 54 duty hours this week and a late finish on day 5 just to add to the realism. Alas its a brilliant addon, not everyones cup of tea, but I love it.
  7. fluffyflops

    FS2Crew for the FSL is released

    You clever boy it was ' off' in the call-out settings. Thank you very much
  8. fluffyflops

    FS2Crew for the FSL is released

    I can't get it into descent mode in order get the cabin crew prepare for arrival pa to play
  9. fluffyflops

    FS2Crew for the FSL is released

    On another note that l3 ctc Instagram f/o gets that tray table out very quickly!!! So, no change there then....
  10. fluffyflops

    FS2Crew for the FSL is released

    Ha ha ha. I couldnt get the missus out the door quick enough this morning. Using this fs2crew has shown me how bad I am at flying the bus properly
  11. fluffyflops

    FS2Crew for the FSL is released

    Button to start off with
  12. there a few addons that will ask you to reregsister. p3d will activesky will maybe pmdg ? as the machine id will have changed
  13. fluffyflops

    FAOR , Johannesburg O R Tambo

    Please let there be updates... Justsim are you watching.....
  14. fluffyflops

    FS2Crew for the FSL is released

    I'm going to do some flights today when the missus is out the door. If she keeps hearing that posh captains husky pa voice too much she might start making enquires as to who the bugger is!!
  15. fluffyflops

    Tokyo Hotel Installs Flight Simulator in Guest Room

    I used to love Tokyo for that very reason when I was cabin crew. Shame delta forced us to pull the route. I remember many a good night out getting absolutely bollocked in that karaoke bar 'the cage'