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  1. i actually like the winter for the UK ski season flights in szg,inn, cmf
  2. never got called on those standbys either... 🙂
  3. it never baffles me how these chumps dont dicuss with each other whos making what instead of flighting over the same old crumbs in the marketplace store. surely its not hard to email each other or do a teams call. just baffling and been going on for decades.
  4. sorry another question. FSL 319/320/321 ? Thank you
  5. hello how did you get orbx spain south HD to work with XP12 please. thanks
  6. and people keep buying pay to beta and unfinished junk, so developers will keep releasing it
  7. Red dead redemption 2 or sniper elite 5. in my opinion.
  8. thanks alot. do you have to do that registry hack or have they released new installers ?
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