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  1. A lovely long nicely written post. You missed out the bit saying that all the technology isn't going to fix dynamic lighten killing the sim Its not going to fix that if you put a ton of animated burger King workers in KORD restaurants to get kids to buy it (FS dreamteam) by adding eye candy to get sales that kills the sim It's not going to fix when adding a load of effects like flytampa does, once again to make sales which kills the sim No amount of super cpus or 3090ti is going to fix a 20 plus year old game. You guys are living in dream world, I applaud you for positive thinking, but it's 20 years old sim Meanwhile at 60 gigs I can play red dead redemption 2 on a huge map with an massive amount of extras including, animals, ai people, flowers that grow, all in amazing detail. And as smooth as hell. Why? Because its brand new, using new technology and an army of people that developed in costing millions and millions and millions. Its breathtaking. It's a world away from a few people at LM trying to make good a 20 year old botched attempt by ACES
  2. Isn't there a program you can disable in the aoc folder?? What amazes me is Marcus the beta tester has openly raised the issue on the fsl forum but he won't chip in here. And Andrew are Norman are ignoring the thread on here and on their forum. I actually think as mentioned before don't think it's the FSl I think it's the new 'use less VAS' idea on 5.2 that's causing the issue. FSl was perfect upto 5.2
  3. with all the hours I have in the fsl....for me theres a hit in v5.2 for sure. I just landed at LFPG and it was 20 frames. somethings not right.
  4. Its a 20+ year old sim It amazes me how people think its some cutting edge new platform. god knows I wish it was. but it isnt. no amount of snake oil is going to make it what you lot all want it to be. harsh but true.
  5. Activesky knows when you turn on Hyperthreading the machine id changes and it asks you to verify the device
  6. Yes this is a common issue. It's been raised over and over again. LM know about it. FSL knows about it. Been there since v5 release. You have to turn it off in the settings. 'Sticky button warnings'
  7. Amongst a whole host of other things
  8. after over a week of tinkering with it, and looking at taskmanger I agree. thanks ray for the affinty mask input, but im still putting my money on because people on here moaned about having cheap 10 year old gfx cards and asking for low vram, LM have gone and tinkered with it so more is put on the cpu not the GPU, (which with the FSL is the last thing you want to do) As I always say. you reap what you sow. But LM have done what people wanted via the beta testers. great, now we can all take screenshots like derek and bob around alaska with the frames locked at 10 and post them on insta. I now have an FSL using less than 3 gig vram (on an 11gib card) but now the proformance is downgraded. the last thing I want to do is to go back to 5.1 I give with this sometimes, how many pages was that topic about cpu's what 40+ pages ? we are idiots in the community. we've just shot ourselves in the foot, and LM wont go back and change it now. i give up
  9. So is ATC in China 😂 its nearly as bad as JFK.....
  10. Thanks, I had 1365. https://www.gfsg.co.uk/affinitymask.aspx?SubMenuItem=utilties from this site but not heard of 2730 ill try them both. thanks
  11. so what would your suggestion be for an affinty mask @Ray Proudfoot for below please. Id be interested to see if you make the same calculation as me. I7 8700k 1. hyperthreading off 2. hyperthreading on thanks
  12. Here's my theory. People on here moaned about high VAS and Ooms, as they didn't have new gpus with more than say 6 gig vram, The beta testers went to LM so they tinkered about with 5.1 and made v5. 2 less vram restricted. Draw back is less proformance which to do with cpu usage versus high VAS loafs. Which hits the FSL for example and the moment you push back frames get cut by 10. I've witnessed this Id say that's the cpu issues trying to keep up with the sim and the new way they have coded it. There's a 40 page (yes 40 pages) topic on cpu issues. With 5.2 So that's my thoery. But what do I know, I don't work in IT. But don't worry the IT gurus will be along in a minute with their charts and graphs. Will it help you with the cpu / proformance issues, no, but they love a graph and screenshot of task manager and some graphs and 2 page posts about cpus. My advice, and I'm thinking of doing it is to try 5.1 again see if that makes any difference
  13. He's probably on a nasty duty tomorrow he doesn't want to do and is on minimum rest for it. Now If he can drag that taxi out as long as possible the delayed off duty time might just be enough to throw him off that duty tomorrow. I mean it will shaft one of his colleagues, but he won't worry that. Ive learnt with 22 years in aviation, if he's taxi really slowly to the gate, have a quick check at what he's doing tomorrow. Normally the case. Right back to topic. Just giving you all an insight.
  14. how about this... a. put the cat in the kitchen before you go to bed or.... b. get out of bed and go and put the cat in the kitchen not rocket science is it. but too much for these princesses. as ive said 100s of times before... come spend a couple of hours in my office. youll change your mind I promise you. They have zero common sense, the other issue is once they tell their buddies "eh John get a load of this, i got off my duty on sunday morning, told them suckers in crewing I had a kitten, and they had to take me off it" this is what your up against in my job, theyve got worse since the pandemic I promise you. right back to "pilots life"
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