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  1. Sorry, didn't check his member page and yes, I've opened a new thread before asking him 😉
  2. @CaptainAdlai have you still had this issue after your last post? I'm suffering from sudden wind shifts in P3D V4.5 when wind speed is high in general.
  3. Hey there! I'm on P3D V4.5 and FSGRW and I've read on AVSIM forums, people were having this issue also in P3D V3 and still having it in P3D V5: Everytime I'm flying at high altitude and having strong winds, wind is shifting within a fraction of a second from 85kt headwind to 40kt tailwind and so on. The higher the wind speed, the more significant the wind direction changes and the difference in wind speed is for the True Airspeed and this leads to overspeed and stall conditions, making it impossible to fly at high altitude. Funny thing is, I've discovered this issue just some months ago but I'm using P3D V4 since it was released and always wondered why half of my long range flights ended up on ground somewhere half way to the destination when I woke up in the morning to land my plane after leaving it flying alone during night. Disabling high alt winds in FSGRW could be one solution, right? Is there any workaround for this issue? It is not only when using FSGRW but also with other weather programs, from what I've found out during my research...? Could this issue be eliminated by not using FSGRWs live updating weather but using only static weather download? Is this bug only present when weather gets updated or would it occur with a static weather download too? This made me trying MSFS but MSFS is having a lot more and a lot more significant bugs, so I didn't stick to MSFS but rather made me wanting to solve this bug in P3D V4.5 and I need your help and ideas to get rid of it please 😊
  4. I've created a .vmr file to have liveries that provide the most neutral livery for every ICAO aircraft code. For 737s, I've chosen AIGAIM_Georgian Airways Boeing 737-700WL - White. I've updated some flightplans recently and this model (and some others) including the fltsim entry in the aircraft.cfg and their textures were deleted by AIG OCI. Is there an option within the One-Click-Installer to keep old (in newer flightplans unused) liveries and allows the program to just add new liveries and fltsim entries? Those who use AIG for online flying would have to create a new .vmr file every time you update flightplans in the AIM or am I missing something?
  5. I've arrived Bergen yesterday for the first time in MSFS and I couldn't see any TWY lines and RWY boundardies as it was just a plain white surface. This really needs to be adressed by Asobo, because it makes flying in winter conditions almost impossible. Flying at night is also not possible atm due to floating and disappearing RWY and TWY lights, so I can only use MSFS in non-freezing and daytime conditions and this sucks! FlyTampa had really good winter textures back in P3D and I'd be perfectly happy if MSFS would use just very slight winter texturing. In real life, if there's snowfall, snow is removed from all surfaces asap and if I had to guess, NA or EU airline pilots encounter RWYs covered in thick snow like it is in MSFS just a few times every winter, so... 🤷‍♀️
  6. The only Gaya airport I had back in P3D V4.5 was LGKO Kos and this was by far the airport with the worst performance and lowest FPS and I had way bigger addon airports with a lot of online traffic which still performed times better than LGKO. Sad to hear Gaya's airports are still unflyable if you don't have a high end system. 😥 Better to save some money and wait another year for FlyTampas LOWW to fly to Vienna with stable 30FPS than stuttering in and out of Gaya's version at 20 FPS. Always remember Niki Laudas words: Ich hab ja nix zu verschenken 😄
  7. Please tell me I'm wrong but this does NOT mean that the high temperature bug (285°C appearing randomly) is fixed? This issue is still present?
  8. Interesting topic! I'm running MSFS on medium settings too (still looking better than P3D V4.5 on high settings) and I'm having a quite smooth experience at around 30 FPS with the WT CJ4, good freeware addon airports from flightsim.to and some traffic on VATSIM. As CPU I've got a ten year old i7-3820 and an eight year old GTX 780 Ti. I'm less concerned about more detailed airports compared to the existing freeware ones then about the upcoming iniBuilds A310 and the likes... And if MSFS doesn't run smoothly anymore with a complex payware airliner, I'm unsure wether I should (and how to) upgrade some components or getting an all new PC 😧😧😧 Edit: Probably I should try the FBW A320 first and see how significant the impact on FPS really is 🤔
  9. There's one thing I find very shocking: 62,9% (15222 participants out of a sample of 24200 in total) find Jeppesen Charts to be the best chart format out there compared to just 6,8% (1646/24200) who prefer Lufthansa Systems / Lido Charts. I thought about getting Navigraph Charts but then Navigraph decided to switch from Lido to Jeppesen format and I quickly dismissed the idea of subscribing to their charts product, because I find the Jeppesen Chart format absolutely awful. Seems like I'm among the very few that think so 😅 Just compare Lido chart format with Jeppesen Charts... And as far as I remember Jeppesen doesn't have the absolutely useful AFC chart LH offers: Please tell me I'm not the only one who prefers Lido over Jeppesen 😅😅😅
  10. I see MK Studios as a middle class developer. Their sceneries are definitely better than freeware sceneries but I personally would not spend 20€ on MK Studios' EFHK. Only if there was a 50% sale I'd think about getting it, because 10€ is a fair price given the quality (but then again, why would I buy an airport for 10€ instead of 20€, just because it's cheap and I don't really like to fly there because it doesn't look as I'd expect a payware scenery). If you're willing to spend money on high quality sceneries only, you have to wait until FlyTampa, ORBX, Jetstream, Digital Design, @pyreegue or @Mir // Flightbeam are creating a Helsinki addon. That's the way I'll opt for, but thats again just my personal opinion 😉
  11. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/vatsim-ivao-pilotedge-users-be-aware-of-an-important-bug/426142 This thread could be very interesting for you @NicolasTAP
  12. There are easy solutions for this problem: Either you buy recycled paper only or even better: you use old sheets of paper with the backside page being blank to print your OFPs or METARs on it 😉😉 I needed to buy fresh white copy paper like ten years ago for the last time and I've used old letters or documents from studying, which were printed mostly on just one side, since then.
  13. This is a very reasonable approach to buying sceneries!!! Same thing with MK Studios recently released Rovaniemi EFRO scenery. There is absolutely no reason for a skilled developer to NOT provide closeups and a ton of screenshots in good light. If someone's gotta hide something or knows that some parts of an addon airport scenery won't meet the communities' genereal expectation, you can be sure there won't be screenshots of it either. Some hide their night lighting, some don't show repetitive apron textures, some don't show their wrong runway markings. Take Jetstream's recently released Toulouse scenery: you have got a couple screenshots of every corner of their airport, because they know they did an awesome job at every single m² of their scenery. I've given very objective and constructive feedback to MK Studios over at FSElite.com about their Rovaniemi scenery and the way MK Studios did (or did not) advertise it and what they can do better: https://fselite.net/content/mk-studios-releases-rovaniemi-airport-for-msfs/ I mean, I don't have to buy every single scenery available. Meanwhile, there are about 50 high quality sceneries available for MSFS which I am confident to buy some time in the future. Developers need to provide proper screenshots if they want to have my money too. I'm not the one in charge to do a 15 minute youtube and AVSIM research just to get an idea of how the terminal texturing was done 😅
  14. Was about to comment that this is just a commonly Vagar METAR but then I saw KMWN...
  15. @pyreegue will surely agree on your Top 10 list 😀👍
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