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  1. What about the big snow exclusion problem underneath the airport? Is it still present in the latest version of FlyTampa EHAM? There's a big area "under" the airport location that doesn't accumulate snow. I guess no one noticed, because there ain't much snow in The Netherlands right?
  2. Haven't had this for quite some time now but I had this issue in my first year with MSFS on every update. I don't know what I did wrong back then. I don't think I do anything different now, but the only thing that's getting reset is from full screen mode to windowed. I just have to set full screen again and that's it. What I did at some point in the past was recording a video of my perfectly smooth settings quick and dirty using just my phone to have my settings on hand when they get reset again. Seems like MSFS noticed that I was recording them... it's all good since then.
  3. We shall not forget that these are the customers that bring in the big cash for MS. And just because there's such a large customer base, we've got so many developers creating more beautiful sceneries and aircraft for this sim than for any simulator before.
  4. Well, if this was the only inaccuracy... Depending on the runway, some PAPI lights are missing, rabbit lights on approach are missing, touchdown zone lighting is missing, completely wrong approach lighting system... it should look like this... ... but looks completely different in the iniBuilds scenery. Looks like they just inserted generic runways with generic lighting (also texturing wise..). Plenty of room for improvement.
  5. Since there's an 757 showing up on the horizon that I'll be going to use for transatlantic flights... what are your other four Top 5 Airports? 😉
  6. The 757 simply looks best without winglets. Would love to do Thomson ski charter OPS to LOWI and LOWS by DEC24 😄
  7. Agree on that. TFFS and MTCA are a little too short for the 737 I'm flying but MDPP, MKJS, TTCP, MUCL and MYEH are well done and have got a long enough runway. Of all MSFS World Updates, I use BIAR, CYDF, CYFB, EDJA, EDVK, EFIV, EHRD, LDRI, LFMN, LICJ, LIPB, LKKV, LPFR, LSZA, LSZH, LSZR, and now additionally MUCL, MYEH, MKJS, MDPP and TTCP. If I had to buy all those airports, I'd have spent well over 200 EUR. You surely can say a few negative things about the sim (bad snow coverage, sudden changes of sim time inflight, etc.) but it's impressive that we get handmade airports for free even four years after the release of the sim. What a time for our hobby. Just looked it up, I've spent close to 1000hrs in MSFS since NOV21. The next most played "game" was Battlefield 3 back in 2013/2014 with 700hrs. Says everything about MSFS imho...
  8. Can't find charts on chartfox.org for MUCL, MDPP, MKJS, TTCP, MYEH and TFFS. Do you know any freeware chart sources for those airports?
  9. I guess they are more likely offset due to the fact that you can just repaint the centerline markings from time to time without having to un- and reinstall or cover up the lights. Makes it much quicker and cheaper I think..
  10. Yeah... didn't take long... ordered the Cockpit Master CS 737X CDU earlier this morning 😌
  11. Welcome to Poderosa Ranch! I'm afraid only german speaking guys know about that ranch.. 😉
  12. Have set the Fergo CDU program to be run as admin and worked flawless! Really satisfied with the App on my tablet. Just wondering how long it takes until I want a physical CDU 😄
  13. Thanks @polosim and @Noell, got the Fergo CDU as recommended. Easy install and nice first look, but after a few minutes of testing, MSFS froze. Restarting the server and web browser didn't help, MSFS still not responding. Can't even exit the sim 😄😄 I'll give it another try in a couple days when doing a regular sim flight. Hope it'll work 'cause a remote CDU is really really convenient I think.
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