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  1. I actually don't click much in the cockpit, I've got a keyboard binding for everything possible and I always set parking brakes per keyboard as I don't have to look around in the cockpit. I bought the 737 in November or so and since then it worked like this for me: 1) hold brake pedals down 2) press "." once -> parking brakes are set. 3) release brake pedals Then, around new year, PMDG pushed an update. Since this update, the parking brake didn't engage anymore by pressing ".", but I had to hold "." on my keyboard for two seconds or so to be set. 1) hold brake pedals down 2) keep pressing "." -> parking brakes are set. 3) release brake pedals After the recent update, it works again by just hitting the "point" key once as it did when I bought it and I think as it is supposed to. Have I already mentioned I hate updates? 😉 There's always something going wrong and I hate surprises in that regard...
  2. I've just flown into Vagar EKVG and noticed, Superspud's amazing scenery was gone. Checked the Community folder if I had accidentially deleted it. The EKVG folder was still there, but renamed to airport-ekvg-vagar-superspud_qG1T6. If I open this folder, I find the one (with the json in it) that was in the community folder before as it's supposed to: airport-ekvg-vagar-superspud. Same for lightbringer-airport-edde-erfurt_vLkC8. It has got the correct folder in it without "_vLkC8". Is this some sort of protection mechanism of the sim to prevent CTDs to happen because of addons that the sim considers to be a threat to stability or something similar? Can I just bring the original addon folders back up to the community folder and delete the one with the alphanumeric name extension? I never joined a MSFS beta before the current ongoing one and never seen my addon directories getting renamed without me doing anything in the community folder.
  3. Can't agree more! I've got 30 different TUIfly liveries and registrations that I fly all day and after arriving at my destination, I save a panel state for each REG. It's just so nice to have everything set exactly as you've left the plane the last time you've flown it. Except VHF1, which is always reset to 124.000 and 124.85. Regarding VHF1 not getting saved in panel state, I've reached out to PMDG through their ticket system and requested to add VHF1 aswell... let's see if they'll implement it in a future update too 🙂
  4. Yeah sure, everything like always. As I wrote in my post before: Set chocks, request GPU but nothing happened next. I haven't had a single ground handling issue in my first 100 or so flights with the B738. I just use chocks and GPU (not interested in pax or bag handling).
  5. Did my first flight after the recent PMDG update and Ground Equipment seems to be completely fked up on my side... First, I could not disconnect the GPU when I wanted to push. Alright, can happen once I thought... Restarted MSFS, loaded a different panel state and everything was fine until arrival. Once arrived at the gate, I've set wheel chocks, clicked CONNECT to connect the GPU and it's still CONNECTING for 12 minutes by now. Then I tried to REQUEST Stairs 1L, they are ARRIVING since 11 minutes... At least setting and releasing the Parking Brake now works normally again 🙂
  6. Jetstream posted news on their Facebook page on 26JAN23: Just some of their screenshots WIP:
  7. I've written a brief review about this scenery back in December, see above.
  8. I guess it doesn't make much sense to say "partnership with a company that produces 787s in R/L", because it's just Boeing which does and ever will produce 787s. He could have just said "Boeing" if he meant it, but I guess his statement was towards a company in the sim business.
  9. I've observed this ever since I use MSFS and I thought I must be the only one who's bothered by this. Couple weeks ago, I've found out that I can make steeper turns when I don't fully deflect the rudder axis on my joystick compared to a full left or right steering. From -100 to 0 to +100, I'd say at -100 and +100, steering is at (let's just say a number) 40° and at -90 and +90, it's at 50° or so. A noticeably improvement. When taxiing out of a narrow taxi-out-stand, I use differential braking (F11 for left brake, F12 for the right hand side). Combined with thrust on one engine only, I can take narrow turns if I need to. What bothers me more is, that it seems I can only steer in rough steps. Like only 20°, 40°, 60° or so. Nothing smooth in between... if I wanted to make a 35° degree turn, I either have to turn too steep or too flat but I can't smoothly control the steering angle. Anyone else? Don't know if this is a PMDG 737 only issue or if it has got something to do with the sim in general.
  10. My screenshot of the Dash 8 was while he was taxiing.
  11. Does a PC system consume more than 250W if monitors are off? I guess a GPU doesn't have much to do when there's nothing to display, isn't it?
  12. I don't know how much power an average PC consumes while doing this (monitors off, just the sim and the PC running). Lets say 250W. You do this for 8 hrs, equals an energy consumption of 2kWh. I pay 0,32EUR per 1 kWh. This flight would cost me 64 cents at the end of the day... Absolutely acceptable imho
  13. Haven't had a situation where someone would taxi right through me since I'm active on VATSIM (five years or so). If there's no ATC, I check simaware.ca if there's someone flying in my area. When approaching an airport and I see there's one plane moving on the ground, I just reach out to him via .chat CALLSIGN and tell him what my plans are. Works eveytime.
  14. This thread is full of misinformation and I feel the need to correct it to create awareness of why PFPX is not further developed for the FS world (no, I'm not related to FSS and I don't have insider infos, this is just what can be found on the internet). I don't get it why Aerosoft abandoned the PFPX project. Aerosoft did not abandone PFPX. PFPX developer Christian Grill is now developing Flight Planning software for airlines and not for flight simmers anymore: https://salzburg.orf.at/stories/3153450/ He's busy running two companies: Skylinx https://www.firmenabc.at/skylinx-gmbh_zikZ and FSS: https://www.firmenabc.at/fss-gmbh_OTtE https://www.flightplanning.aero/index.php/en/ Aerosoft were only the publisher, unfortunately PFPX has got left behind following an enforced career change for the developer. What is an "enforced career change for the developer"? I don't think someone forced him to develop and sell a much more advanced version of PFPX to airlines. Thanks for the input. I just saw that there is only the product page at simmarket but no option to buy it anymore. Too bad. I would have considered PFPX as a more professional tool to plan certain flights (ETOPS, NAT, avoid airspaces etc.). Gues i'll just have to do it manually for the time being. You don't need to plan your North Atlantic Crossing manually. On the lower right hand side of PFPX, you have got "World Map, Weather & NOTAMs, Tracks, Scratchpad". Just copy the North Atlantic Track Message from here https://www.notams.faa.gov/common/nat.html to "Tracks" and you're good to go. Regarding weather: I still startup FSGRW (P3D V4 version) for a minute to download current weather. This is loaded into PFPX automatically and PFPX is therefore able to give you a very precise block and flight time. Often just a few minutes off on 3 hrs flights (depending on VATSIM traffic and ATC). I'm missing soo many functions in Simbrief, like the possibility to set custom airport data (preferred runways, OPS hrs, preferred alternates etc): Unlike simbrief, PFPX allows you to create custom company notams where you can put your personal remarks about airport specific procedures, (scenery) limitations, etc: In PFPX, you can create flightplan templates. I've created one that gives me raw data: These are all the information I need for a flight. I just copy it into an excel sheet that outputs an OFP in the old dba style (started simming some 15 years back at dba virtual airlines): Could continue like this for hours. Although simbrief is fancy for many simmers due to a seamless integration into some 3rd party addons, it's absolutely unusable for me, has many downsides and lacks features. That's why I can only recommend PFPX even if it's not developed any further.
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