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  1. For a second i couldn't remember what Shift+Z was for in FSX. :D
  2. The Baron is Top 3 of the best Turboprop Aircraft? Ok.....Good source
  3. I'd say 2 meters... i'm more of a casual simmer...sitting in my Gaming beanbag having the stick and mouse on the side. Works out pretty well for me. Playing on a huge TV also works great for other games of course.
  4. 4k on a 78" Samsung TV @30 Hz. Best experience ever. 😉
  5. Good morning, Since i got no response in their Discord, i'll try my luck over here. With the current Version 0.7.1. of the WT G3000 i am encountering an issue where the Flightplan does not (or extremely late) switch from the current target waypoint to the next in the active flight plan. While the plane still flies the planned route it the G3000 does not proceed which leads to unreliable distance and time readings. Example: Waypoint A is overflown and the plane turns to waypoint B while the GPS still shows the preceeding leg towards A with increasing distance to A. Sometimes it switches to B at around half the distance bestween A and B but not always. I am not sure but i think this problem starts after using a "direct to". Anyone else here who has seen this? Best regards, Tom
  6. I don't see any negativity in my post. I was just stating an opinion. If WT are confident the way they work all is fine. Nothing more, nothing less.
  7. While i am a big fan of their work and higly appreciate it, IMHO they should finish one of their current projects (CJ/G3000) first before starting off a new one. Don't do it like ASOBO and get lost in many single projects.
  8. For some reason the doors are faulty here. The cargodoor opens just halfway and gets transparent. The other two are working.
  9. Flying level (TBM) with fixed power setting i lose about 20 knots IAS after entering a cloud. This isn't right is it?
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