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  1. You can solve this by enabling Developer Mode and exiting it again.
  2. Well, i am surely no expert but do you by any chance have not set up the W+B during preflight? Its the second page of the INIT where you do set up your ZFW/CG and Fuel load. I am pretty sure the FMGC calculates speed using these data. Thats the first thing i'd think of. Best regards, Tom
  3. So your biggest problem with the Fenix is actually that it's not a Boeing?
  4. Don't worry. I get that message even using the installer from time to time. But it seems to be some kind of glitch or something. After a few minutes it works again.
  5. Oh no! Had to be hard 20 seconds!
  6. That was probably the most frustrating thing i've heard in a long time. In my everyday job i am dealing with similar situations regularly and the majority its the same type of pilot. 50+ plus years and obviously not used to flying IFR.
  7. Not yet, Been busy today but will give it a try when i'm back from work. Fingers crossed! 🙂
  8. Jeez...i just got the C414 and wasn't able to fly her because of real life happening...now this one...don't know where to start 😄
  9. Doing a google search turns out i am not the only one. Will investigate further...
  10. Great plane! But i have unplayable performance when using the TDS GTNxi.
  11. Observing the same. Once airborne my 3080 is pegged at 100% usage with the same settings as before WU/SU9 which gave me about 60-80% usage. Flying through clouds hammers my GPU extremely.
  12. Yeah i think we can end this discussion now. I have my opinion, the industrie has its opinion. Fin.
  13. So its just the marketing that has changed over the years?
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