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  1. Try to activate slew mode for a second. I sometimes get that issue too and it gets solved with it. You don't have to move the plane in slew mode just activate and deactivate it. Seems to unstick the plane from the ground when it happens. Not sure what the cause is though.
  2. Well i really enjoy the four different business jets i have in MSFS.
  3. Thats actually like living somewhere in the jungle avoiding technology and progress. 😄
  4. I can tell that you won't get any closer to real world briefing packages as you get with the ones prepared with simbrief.
  5. I only use the hours shown by steam. Of course its not pure flyingtime, but its precise enough for me.
  6. I dont think so....just look at Hong Kong... whole new setup during the contruction works but the old one in the sim.
  7. Same here! Really hope for a second option to chose from.
  8. lol my bad. For some reason i misread and was thinking of a FPS Limiter. So disregard. 🙂
  9. I didn't even know they have one. Was it introduced recently?
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