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  1. cepact

    August 15 2019 Update.

    I agree that they should replace the trees with their own models. The photogrammetric trees are messy. Plus it would be easier for them if they implement seasons.
  2. cepact

    August 15 2019 Update.

    It's so annoying that we will have to wait at LEAST an entire year before being able to have access to this beautiful simulator. I hope there won't be any economic crisis or world wars. And I hope I'll be alive to see this.
  3. cepact

    space simulation

    What I don't understand is, once you have a physics engine that is based on gravity and atmospheric density, shouldn't orbital dynamics naturally be possible without adding extra code ?
  4. I think it would be nice to have a hollistic physics engine that takes into account space, juste like in kerbal space program. We should be able to orbit the earth, do atmospheric entries etc. it may also give the possibility to the platform one day to add other planets and do space travel
  5. This whole mess is thanks to marketing people social science etc kind of bs that big companies recruit and they gave useless stupid ideas From the moment they released the trailer the developers should be free to talk to anyone about the project about anything there is no need to have a complex plan , hiding stuff until certain date etc. Totally idiotic
  6. I think FSX is going to be the offline version of MSFS
  7. I lost my entire day doing nothing getting excited for this....
  8. I found these updates very frustrating because they never tell us anything substantial about the new simulator. Even with the FSX news they don't tell what are they going to do with FSX. They should stop posting updates like "we will tell you soon....", post the update when you want to tell, otherwise don't post it.
  9. I hope this isn't the early august update where is the update about MSFS ? nobody cares about fsx
  10. cepact

    July 25 Update with video

    11:15 in Seattle, they'll probably go to eat in half an hour. So we will have to wait at least 2 hours more... It's annoying for us living in Europe 😕
  11. cepact

    July 25 Update with video

    they are late...
  12. cepact

    July 25 Update with video

    I hope they will give us some detailed information about the game and videos featuring the game play, their empty updates just for the hype aren't funny anymore.
  13. cepact

    Key things MS Should Not do

    this topic is brought to you by the treasonous money hungry addons developers lobby, they want a flight simulator with the least features so that they can steal more money from you. Remove this topic and ban these thieves.
  14. cepact

    July 25 Update with video

    I'm wondering if the spelling mistakes on Avsim and 188AHC are intentional, maybe to avoid some potential legal troubles ?