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  1. I think it's really rude to do a 6 months delay before releasing in the market place. very disrespectful to Asobo who assisted them so much. remember that MSFS need to make profit in order to survive and not being abandoned yet again, PMDG is not helping by being so greedy and not releasing in the market place.
  2. More ratings could also imply the product is bad. People rate products usually when they're unhappy with it, they rarely rate it when they have no problems with it. For example Orbx london was a mess when it released initially, this may explain why it has so many ratings.
  3. here are some better pictures, with less scenery and more about the product
  4. source : https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/155410-aerosoft-aircraft-crj-for-msfs/page/26/
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZXTZphgyps It seems microsoft will let unreal engine users build projects based on the same technology used for MSFS. This means any developer using unreal engine will have access to that data. So technically other developers will be able to build their own simulator or game based on the same data used in MSFS (except for blackshark ai).
  6. I have found the keys to accelerate/decelerate simrate but it does not affect time at all. I also want the time to follow the sim speed just like in FSX/P3D, is there no way to do this ?
  7. A 3PD could still make helicopters using WASM modules if they program all of the helicopter aerodynamics
  8. From my understanding this is a temporary fix. Will these PID parameters work on other planes ? It actually doesn't fix the broken PID for lateral heading, but changes some parameters so that it works with the broken PID.
  9. They already said their autopilot team was the largest team, so I don't see the point for them hiring new developers. I think Asobo has a management problem, somehow they believe that hiring more people is going to solve the problem, that shows the managers don't understand what they're doing. I really think they should revert back to the old AP and stop messing with the autopilot and do other things. The AP was fine before apart from the oscillations and it's going to be replaced by third parties anyway. Nobody uses the default AP in other sims. We need seasons, a better ATC .. also it would be nice to have chat and voice communication in multiplayer. And of course the most important is the SDK.
  10. I too am really disappointed with Asobo. I don't know, what work they are doing behind the scenes but apart from the scenery the sim has almost not progressed at all since release. I think this is ridiculous. Maybe MS should stop being nice to Asobo and put some pressure. Maybe let Asobo do the scenery and hire a new team for the simulator.
  11. @robert young have you thought about developing your own AP using WASM modules ? that way it would be independent from the simulator. I have heard it would also be technically possible to write WASM module to replace aerodynamics too but I guess it's a lot of work.
  12. Well currently almost everything is better except for the airliners. Fly by wire are currently writing their own autopilot and fbw system for the A320. The soon to be released Aerosoft CRJ 700 will also have it's own autopilot completely independent from the simulator. So I think MSFS will also win on that side in a couple of months.
  13. They should open-source the auto pilot algorithm. Or make it moddable for each plane. I think Asobo should stop tweaking things they don't understand, and focus on SDK, seasons, scenery.
  14. Seeing the video of Jeff Fav, I wonder how much did REX pay him ? His video is clearly biased towards REX and he didn't even properly compare to the default sim, plus he is downplaying every bug he gets with REX Why didn't he bother restarting MSFS to get rid of the weather bug and compare to the other airports ? No comparison of wind either ! from what I saw on the video the wind depiction on REX is very bad, there is no interpolation of wind between 2k feet and 5k feet plus he had to update to get the wind at 5k. The video is a joke, just like the addon
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