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  1. I have long had Windy Things installed and still see plenty of third-party and default windsocks blowing the wrong way and often duplicated. So, I'm pretty sure that the Windy Things only controls the correct operation of their own windsock objects. This paragraph from the Windy Things product description seems to confirm my thinking... "Important Notes Unlike the default Asobo windsock, all of the objects in this library have been designed so that they will remain properly oriented to the wind, regardless of how you rotate them in your scene. I am still interested in creating internal windsock lighting in addition to the external windsock lighting included in this library, but the lighting system in MSFS 2020 does not seem to work well for that application. If anyone has had success in creating a working lighting effect INSIDE an object in MSFS, please PM me here with your ideas".
  2. Sounds like the problem I had last week - or maybe the week before. I went to the FSLTL Discord and read that there is (was?) a bug in the Experimental Injector. It happens when your departure and arrival airport are the same. The solution is to download and use the official release version of the Injector. The Experimental Version will be updated to fix it.
  3. That's werid - Flightsim.to for me (and most others I'm sure) is mainly in English. Delete your browser cache? Try another browser?
  4. So... I have just loaded up WU14 and at random decided to load into one of the new handcrafted airports - LDRI Rijeka in Croatia. WOW! The quality of the airport is amazing, it just goes to highlight how amazing the sim is progressing. What really struck me is the faded taxiway lines and apron markings and the worn and faded runway white centerline markings as well as the unusual terminal and tower. The "free" included handcrafted airports back in 2020 always seemed to feature over-saturated red and yellow comic-like line markings - this is such an improvement. The terraforming seems spot on with gentle runway variations without the taxiway bumps and invisible potholes that afflict so many add-ons around the stores. I'm excited to see if the other freebie airports in WU14 are of equal quality.
  5. Just for what's it worth (confirming for others that if you come across this error it's easy to get up and running again) today when attempting to start FS-ATC-Chatter I received a dialogue box error "Non-static method requires a target". This followed a crash to reboot by MSFS a few minutes before (the crash was related to DX12 nothing to do with FS-ATC-Chatter). Deleting the file "state.json" in the FS-ATC-Chatter installed folder solved the issue and the Chatter app loaded up without any further issues into its default state.
  6. I have an X-Box controller which I just use for changing views and flying the drone camera.... Anyway if you press the Round X-Box logo (its actually a big button, not just a badge/logo) then X-Box GameBar overlays small X-Box game bar widgets on MSFS displaying frame rate, RAM usage, GPU and CPU stats etc.
  7. There was a screenshot "leaked" as a tease by Microsoft last week somewhere - I came across it in a forum, most likely here at AVSIM somewhere. From memory, it was a shot of Prague (?). So I don't think there has been an announcement of how large the area is - country or region - but at least we saw a peek at one of the cities.
  8. Ha this is great! Welcome - I live in Bali AND visit your part of the world (Atlanta) frequently - both totally different places! Enjoy your flights - thanks for visiting!
  9. Check in the Content Manager you have the latest version of the G1000 Nxi there was an update to overcome a VNAV and Glideslope capture bug a few days ago. (There have been two updates since SU9 - so you may have missed one!).
  10. These regular clip updates are THE BEST!!!! Thank you Mark & contributors!
  11. Oh I should add - I am back up and running FS-ATC-Chatter. I went to the Gumroad repository - downloaded the 1.2.1 Full zip file and all is fine with my new instance.
  12. This is the log - showing an unsuccessful launch - I have also emailed to the info@ address the much longer log from the day before - that details the update, normal use and then the the attempts to use after my MSFS crash to reboot. 2022-01-25 07:02:20.563 +11:00 [INF] FS ATC Chatter version 1.2.1 starting up 2022-01-25 07:02:21.359 +11:00 [FTL] Error loading saved state System.Reflection.TargetException: Non-static method requires a target. at System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.CheckConsistency(Object target) at System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.InvokeArgumentsCheck(Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, CultureInfo culture) at System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.Invoke(Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, CultureInfo culture) at System.Reflection.RuntimePropertyInfo.GetValue(Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, Object[] index, CultureInfo culture) at System.Reflection.RuntimePropertyInfo.GetValue(Object obj, Object[] index) at RossCarlson.FlightSimulation.FsAtcChatter.Session.State.Load(String path) at RossCarlson.FlightSimulation.FsAtcChatter.Program.Main(String[] args)
  13. I had a MSFS crash that forced a PC reboot - this was a very rare occasion for me, I think it has only happened once before. After the restart I did a full shutdown and startup and all is fine except on trying to launch FS-ATC-Chatter (the very latest update - 1.2.1) I receive a dialog box error "Non-static method requires a target". Apart from the chatter all seems to be working fine with my sim. I guess a full uninstall and a reinstall of FS-ATC-Chatter is needed - but I just thought I would ask for advice first.
  14. I have always thought of writing this (your above post) here in the forums in the past - but I never have - thinking it would not be understood as humour!
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