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  1. mfahey


    I have about 50 Just Planes DVDs but I haven't purchased anything from them since they shifted to downloads that require the use of the Flux (ie non-standard) viewer application to watch the files. To anyone that uses the player - whats the experience like? Do you feel frustrated that you can't just watch the file in any standard player? I would purchase many new programs but at $30 a pop, and watching them long term always being dependent on a particular kind of obscure player always being available have I now for years have just given Just Planes a miss. What do others think (particularly people who regularly buy from Just Planes).
  2. Yes! I would love such a product - AI has this annoying habit of cutting in on my approach or blocking a taxiway (in my virtual world!). I always install the maximum static aircraft available in any airport scenery I purchase, but what would be really great is an AI product that simply loads up AI at gates worldwide with the local carriers.
  3. mfahey

    Default ATC stuttering in 4.3

    Yes I too have noticed this since FSX - now in Prepar3D 4.3 I still see it - basically a really slight hesitation in the screen image before an AI aircraft responds to ATC. It doesn't happen every time. I always have assumed its related to some audio files being loaded for the first time in a session, and then later they play from a cache so the delay is not seen. I have no evidence of any type to support my thinking - I just thought that its a possible reason and continued to think that! 🙂
  4. mfahey

    What's the latest news on FlightSimStore?

    A Carenado aircraft installer that I purchased about 4 weeks ago wont accept the serial number I received from the Flightsimstore when the installer goes off to validate the serial. I opened a support ticket but of course not help or contact has been provided. So now I will check directly with Carenado, I wonder if the have blocked recent serial numbers - perhaps they did not received any payment for the sales recently?
  5. mfahey

    Clicking noise in cockpit.

    Hi, I am also suffering the clicking and chirping sound! Could someone please message me with the fix too? Cheers!