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  1. I think all you need to do is increase the volume on the radio in Pilot2ATC. Take a look at the post Jon_H did above:
  2. We are making good progress adding to the collection, we are over 3,000 clips now for the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Oceania. I'll likely release a new version by mid December with all the new clips. Mark
  3. Thanks for the kind words. What do you mean by the radio was jammed open? Like the push-talk-switch was stuck on. The reason I ask is Dave may want the details on that. Mark
  4. I'm pretty sure there won't be any conflicts with the file names so I don't see why not. Mark
  5. I just wanted to let everyone know that we posted a new version, 1.1, of X-ATC-Chatter that has more content for Europe. We will be adding even more over the next few weeks. Although we have an active group of volunteers we can always use more. If you volunteer and submit 100 high quality clips that meet our standard you will get a free license to X-ATC-Chatter. You can read more about the volunteer program here: Mark
  6. I'm glad you like them. We are going to focus on getting Europe flushed out next. Mark
  7. Dave, Just to add to this older thread, while we are working on the clips for X-ATC-Chatter we are counting on them being played in order so that a you will hear calls to the same aircraft in order. As an example you might hear multiple taxi instructions for United 6626 then a hand-off to tower. If it was random you would miss that. One thing I did think of is with the files we are doing they are all pretty short, one exchange between the pilot and ATC. Some of the clearance exchanges can get long but the others are short. One option for Pilot2ATC might be the ability to tell Pilot2ATC to NOT interrupt a chatter playback for calls to the pilot. Not a big deal but might be nice for the future at some point. Mark
  8. Sometime ago I mentioned that I was working on a project to replace the RealATC offering that seems to be no longer available. After a bunch of work and help from some volunteers I'm happy to report we have a product for people flying in the U.S. You can get the details here: Here is a demo video: Mark
  9. I recently updated Pilot2ATC to the latest version. When I arrive at the airport and contact ground I use to be able to ask Ground for Taxi to the Gate instructions. Now I get a response from ATC claiming no gates available. If this is just something new I need to do just tell me and I'll read the manual. I have to admit I just installed the update and didn't bother reading the release notes. Mark
  10. X-Camera definition files for X-Plane 10 are identical for X-Plane 11. Sorry it took so long to reply, I'm usually over on the site. Mark
  11. The sim does not use them Pilot2ATC does, I think it is on the config voices tab. Mark
  12. Dave, I have a bunch of Ivona voices I bought a few years ago for VoxATC when I was flying FSX. I can't recommend them highly enough, they sound great and work perfectly with P2ATC. Mark
  13. Take a look at this and let me know if you are interested in volunteering by signing up to the newsletter list. Mark
  14. Unless you get these things off your own receiver directly many of the sources are copyrighted. I'm trying to work a deal with LiveATC for a licensing arrangement that might allow me to recreate a product similar to RealATC for a similar price. I should know in one or two weeks how feasible this is. If someone does find a free source of these ATC files then we could establish a free sharing mechanism but I haven't found any yet.
  15. Maybe I'll reach out to the LiveATC guys and see if there is some kind of a licensing agreement that can be worked out with them. Mark