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  1. I recently updated Pilot2ATC to the latest version. When I arrive at the airport and contact ground I use to be able to ask Ground for Taxi to the Gate instructions. Now I get a response from ATC claiming no gates available. If this is just something new I need to do just tell me and I'll read the manual. I have to admit I just installed the update and didn't bother reading the release notes. Mark
  2. X-Camera definition files for X-Plane 10 are identical for X-Plane 11. Sorry it took so long to reply, I'm usually over on the site. Mark
  3. The sim does not use them Pilot2ATC does, I think it is on the config voices tab. Mark
  4. Dave, I have a bunch of Ivona voices I bought a few years ago for VoxATC when I was flying FSX. I can't recommend them highly enough, they sound great and work perfectly with P2ATC. Mark
  5. Take a look at this and let me know if you are interested in volunteering by signing up to the newsletter list. Mark
  6. Unless you get these things off your own receiver directly many of the sources are copyrighted. I'm trying to work a deal with LiveATC for a licensing arrangement that might allow me to recreate a product similar to RealATC for a similar price. I should know in one or two weeks how feasible this is. If someone does find a free source of these ATC files then we could establish a free sharing mechanism but I haven't found any yet.
  7. Maybe I'll reach out to the LiveATC guys and see if there is some kind of a licensing agreement that can be worked out with them. Mark
  8. Luckily I got mine before RealATC went incognito. I was going to start recording some from LiveATC and editing out the ones that had audio that was airport specific with the thought that we could start collecting them and sharing them. However, I think they are copyrighted as best I can tell. Maybe that might have been the problem RealTAC, if he was getting them from LiveATC possibly he was getting concerned about the copyright. Maybe I'm reading things wrong. Mark
  9. Pilot2ATC is fantastic. In my opinion it is the very best ATC for X-Plane. Mark
  10. Excellent
  11. Great, looking forward to it.
  12. Yes, I have seen that too where there is weather in the info box but the verbal ATIS does not think it has it.
  13. I have been having this problem ever since I went to Getting P2ATC to read the weather for the airports seems to take quite a while. I would enter a departing and destination airport and I would expect that I could see the weather fairly quickly but instead I get weather is not available. I was using NOAA but then I switch to just downloading it in X-Plane and letting P2ATC read it from the METAR.rwx file. Even in that situation P2ATC does not seem to read it immediately. If I switch back and forth between ATIS and other frequencies and / or go into X-Plane a force a weather refresh P2ATC will all of sudden get the weather but I feel like I always have to fight with it. Am I doing something wrong or is there an issue here that is being worked on? Mark
  14. Dave, I'm not sure what you are using to determine the hardware ID but it might be a bit sensitive to certain things changing in Windows. My situation was similar in that I was fussing with overclocking and Windows shut down in the middle of a boot and had to go through its thing on the next boot to make sure the file system was ok. Mark
  15. I was having some crashing problems on my PC most likely due to some bad overclock settings. Windows ended up with a BSOD while running X-Plane and Pilot2ATC. After I rebooted and tried to run Pilot2ATC again it didn't think it was registered. When I tried to enter my key again I'm getting a complaint that says: "A License Key can only be activated once for any PC on a maximum of 1 PC" The key is definitely a valid one, what is happening? Mark