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  1. @felipeturbay As @rcarlson1971 points out this could be an issue with the A320 not responding to the SimConnect event to set the radio frequency from the FS-ATC-Chatter nearby frequencies. Along with testing the default FS2020 aircraft you can also try manually tuning the radio in the A320 cockpit to one of the nearby frequencies. Mark
  2. Just as an FYI watch out for the Polly Olivia Australian voice. That one seems to throw an error for some reason, even in the Polly Reader, but all the others seem to be working fine with my other applications. Again, I have not specifically tried them with Pilot2ATC. Mark
  3. Just as an FYI I have been playing around with the Amazon Poly for Windows plugin for another project. This plugin will make the Amazon Poly voices show up as SAPI5 voices. So far I have been fairly impressed. They have a free tier but after you exceed that you have to pay for the use but given the cost of the other high quality voices you might purchase it may be an alternative. I have not tried it with Pilot2ATC yet but I would think it would work fine. Mark
  4. @motishow I have requested an enhancement from Asobo to add a Sim Connect variable or event that tells us when FS2020 ATC is speaking. Until they add that I can't think of a way of knowing when ATC is active. Mark
  5. @duaxrte Some of the FS2020 aircraft are not properly maintaining the Sim Connect radio status variable. This is what FS-ATC-Chatter uses to determine if the radio are powered up. Please let the aircraft designer know that they should properly maintain that variable. In the mean time you will need to disable the Use Radio Power option in the FS-ATC-Chatter options. With that off FS-ATC-Chatter will assume the radios are powered up all the time and will play chatter based upon your other settings. Mark
  6. Stick and Rudder Studios is pleased to announce that we have added an additional 2,334 ATC clips to the FS-ATC-Chatter collection. The clip update is a free update for existing FS-ATC-Chatter customers. You can get the clip update by visiting your FS-ATC-Chatter download on your Sim Market store account or by using the View Product link on your Gumroad receipt if you purchased FS-ATC-Chatter directly from the Stick and Rudder Studios website. Please visit the following link for details on how to get and install the clip update: https://mailchi.mp/stickandrudderstudios/ab4gaugl1a-4747714 Mark
  7. I think it would be virtually impossible to do it from the recordings. Mark
  8. Interesting. I usually run all the clips through mp3gain to set their level the same for all clips. I wonder if I forgot to do that for a few. If you can give me an example of one that seems significantly louder or softer than the others I can take a look. Mark
  9. Possibly. I'll have ask @rcarlson1971to chime in on this as he helped develop the player for FS-ATC-Chatter. Mark
  10. Thanks for letting us know. I'll have to try that myself. It might be good to let the NavDataReader developer know the tools is a bit sensitive about where you run it from. Mark
  11. We would need to enhance the plugin to let to specify the frequency you want to use. Mark
  12. Is it possible to change the frequency 123.275 to 122.800 because I am flying on IVAO and the neutral position is 122.800 would be nice to have the center. At the moment that value is hard-wired into the program. Mark
  13. @davy33127 If the reason it is paused is due to Out of Range when using MSFS ATC the problem could be that the default FS-ATC-Chatter COM database is not that accurate for Europe and may not match what frequencies MSFS ATC is telling you you to tune to. If this is the case you can use the NavDataReader tool to create a more up-to-date. COM database. This is documented in the User Guide and there is a tutorial video showing you how to do it: https://www.stickandrudderstudios.com/fs-atc-chatter-tutorials/ As @rcarlson1971 points out, a screen shot of the control panel when it is paused would help us to guide you further. Mark
  14. @brotbuexe Can you attach an image of the settings miscellaneous tab, I want to see what you have the delays set to. Also can you send me the FS-ATC-Chatter log files. They are in the main FS-ATC-Chatter folder. Just zip them up and send them to support@StickandRudderStudios.com. Thanks Mark
  15. Vic, I usually combine the U.S. and Canada regions in Pilot2ATC as the dialect is not that different. The clips have a region prefix on their names you you should be able to combine with them in Pilot2ATC with no conflicts. Mark
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