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  1. Spent some time on this old classic, completely new paintkit in 4k, new pbr, inside and out, and some isg retrofits and gauge edits. never really showed it on forums like this so dont really know how to format this but sorta the same thing that those guys did to erick cantu's emb-120 PBR covering the entire cockpit, due to the way mcx handles these old models i cant use any of its old lighting features except for the upper panel for some reason, so FSLspotlights work just fine Had some custom ECAMS and FMC setup by ken webber over at patriot air works This is the GE/Freighter -600, specifically with some pbr textures for a converted freighter Daytime shot
  2. L05 is located in Southern California, in the southern Sierra Mountains. In the stunning area of Lake Isabella, Kern Valley Airport is great little airport, with a single 3'500 ft (1067 meters) runway. You will enjoy on camping for pilot flying in, next to the Kern River, with its own parking and taxiway. Don't forget the iconic onsite Kern Airport cafe! For helo addicts, Kern Valley has a helipad used by the U.S. Forest Service where you can do firefighting operations. Enjoy for free https://flightsim.to/file/52156/kern-valley-airport-l05 Kern Valley Airport was one of my favorite small airfield in FSx/P3D. Nor only because of the great rendition by Orbx but also because the region was stunning: Isabella lake, Kern river, the south of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the runway into the valley. It’s also a pilot’s challenge due to the high altitude + high temperature. Did I mention the wind also? Features Add the iconic Kern Cafe custom building Add the sloped parking area Add parallel wire ropes/cable on main apron to secure your aircraft Add tents and redesign the camp ground Add the only taxiway sign (you have to find it 🙂 ) Add perimeter fence (most... still WIP, almost done) Add numerous objects in front of the Cafe : iconic weather report stone, commemorative sign, playground, welcome sign Add the segmented circle for the Windsock Add helipads starting position Delete all (unreal) autogen taxiway signs Enhanced the terraforming Replace all default autogen buildings Reposition taxiways and markings Reveal the "ELEV 2614" marking on the taxiway Clean up the shore and watermask of Lake Isabella close to the airport Fix the traffic pattern location: right for both side because of the mountain on east side The scenic view. Approach is awesome "Welcome Pilots" don't forget to pay tie down & fees upon arrival Kern Valley airport has also its own heliport Enjoy fire fighting operations Kern Valley has a campground dedicated for pilots and their plane: your taxiway + your parking Caution, there's a sloped parking area. Secure your plane! Enjoy for free: https://flightsim.to/file/52156/kern-valley-airport-l05
  3. Here some screenshots of my new freeware aiming to enhance the default Monument Valley Airport (UT25): https://flightsim.to/file/55726/monument-valley-airport-ut25 Short final runway 16: The only airstrip inside the iconic Monument Valley: Use all runway available for take-off: Downslope runway 36 for the take-of The 700ft Mesa facing the landing 16 runway: The restroom for commercial/charter flights: Some ideas for small hops: Can continue the discussion in the MSFS forum:
  4. Hi, This utility can be useful if you are flying with Pilot2ATC and any aircraft compliant with Hoppie Acars network. Currently we have the FBW and Fenix A320's for MSFS. P2Acars will send a copy of main sentences from Pilot2Atc to your ARCDU in CPLDC format (short text), using Hoppie network. The discussion thread is here, in the Pilot2ATC sub forum: >>> You can download it HERE
  5. Hello passionate simmers! I have just started the development of Marble Canyon (L41) in Arizona. This very small field is an unbelievable opportunity to land our light aircraft right into the Canyon! And you can depart from Page, KPGA a recent free release of mine, just 5 minutes away with your C172. The airport infrastructure 🙂 is very light, so I will challenge my 3D Blender skills by building some buildings on the other side of the street: the gas station, post office, restaurant (where you pay the fee) and the lodge. I’ll also try to fix the Navajo brige satellite image. As my previous freeware, I selected this airfield because it was on my bucket list in real: Thank to support the development, by clicking "I want this too!" : https://flightsim.to/request/scenery/2829/marble-canyon-az-airport-l41-and-town
  6. Kern Valley Airport (L05) was one of my favorite small airfield in FSx/P3D. Nor only because of the great rendition by Orbx but also because the area was stunning: Isabella lake, Kern river, the south of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the runway into the valley. It’s also a pilot’s challenge due to the high altitude + high temperature. Did I mention the wind also? If you want to support the “dev”, click “I want this too!” on https://flightsim.to/request/scenery/8273/l05-kern-valley As with my previous freeware Agua Dulce, I want to do my best, to recreate the ambiance that I had with FSx/P3D of a iconic general aviation airfield. This traction on some icone GA airport, led me in the real world to land here with a rented C172. And I remember saying in the downwind “As in Flight Simulator” The Huey with the CalFire livery is free on flightsim.to:
  7. Kapstadt Runde is a package of eight small airstrips in the Cape Town region, South Africa. Installation: unzip into the community folder To see the scenery objects, install the free World Updates from the MSFS Marketplace and the free Maverick Expansion. It's a beautiful region for VFR, may you enjoy your flights. Download : https://darshonaut.blogspot.com/p/msfs-2020.html FAAH Ashton FACG Caledon Airfield FADS De Doorns FAEG Grabouw FAFL Bredasdorp FALN Assegay Bosch FAMQ Montagu FAOS Ladismith
  8. This site has been around for quite some time and the owner does a great job of gathering together in one place all the freeware scenery available for P3D including v5. I bought him a coffee today for his trouble. If you haven't used the site it's a great resource and many airports are a half-way house between default and payware. https://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx.html
  9. Not sure if Hong Kong Airlines cargo actually visit East Midlands, but it could happen and the a330 freighter certainly has the non-stop range, if only with about 25 metric tons or so. I rather like UK2000's products, they do seem rather fps friendly. When one of the configuration options is choosing to add 4000 cars or not, it shows the developer has thought about such things! Ratcliffe power station at work! I'll circle over those cylindrical chemtrail dispensers until the intake fed collector tanks are full enough for me to spread the chemtrails over the eastern half of England... Ahem. Enjoy.
  10. No, it's not the Flysimware nor Alabeo versions, just the freeware shakey jake, hence the functional VC, but the polished metal looks great! It seems to fly OK too, but then again I'm far from an expert! A quick VFR jaunt over the Easter weekend. Cheers.
  11. To date I haven't used any real VATSIM people or any addon ATC packages for FSX:SE so I bumble along using the default ATC which as we all know has limitations I do inject real world METARs via FSOpen Clouds though, but the sim usually integrates that in quite well - ATIS gives an appropriate runway use based on the wind. I was flying back from Chambery to Leeds Bradford (Freemium 757). The weather was foggy over parts of England. ATC told me to expect vectors for visual RWY14. OK fair enough, it might be clear When I got the last vector telling me how far I was from the airport and to report runway in sight.... there was just a blanket of fog around and below me.. When reporting runway not in site, all the scripted ATC did was to re-iterate my position in relation to the airport. When I opted to select another approach, the only other option I got from the ATC menu were Visual approaches to the disused 9/27 runways. (closed in 2005 I believe). No ILS for 14 or 32 were given. The only other option was to generate an IFR plan to another destination. Perhaps the program doesn't take account of the enhanced fog generated by FSOpen Clouds to combat the stock fog appearing out of nowhere? I declared missed, got vectored back around and let the ILS do its job - I lied to ATC, said I could see the runway and carried on the approach...the runway appeared out of the murk much nearer to the minimums It seems ILS is not always a valid option in sim as far as ATC is concerned when it thinks the airport is visible for miles. No one said the ILS was inoperative that day.... All good sim fun!
  12. This trip was loosely (very loosely!) based on a report of an EMERCOM IL-76 mission. The plane delivered 40 tons of supplies to Simferopol (I believe the max.payload is 100000 lb - 50 tons). The return trip flew 52 refugees to Voronezh. http://www.airmedandrescue.com/story/russia-flies-ukrainian-refugees876 This is the return trip. The tough transport plane is ready. Waiting for passengers. Taxying out. Getting her cleaned up. Goodbye Simferopol (need to get FTX Vectors or something to sort out airfield elevations! :( ) Approaching the Sea of Azov. Descending towards Voronezh. Visual for RWY12. A little high... however, we'll soon sort that out.... Told you we'd sort it! Not too many screams; not that many windows in the back! :Shame On You: Perfect 3-point landing! ON THE NOSE GEAR!! Everybody out. Preliminary inspection of the nose gear indicates it is fine. It's Russian. It can go off road. Not a problem! Thanks for viewing.
  13. Decided to take my favourite exec turbo twin from La Palma to Lanzarote. Cleared for taxi Off we go Climb condition set on the autopilot Tenerife Gran Canaria Passing over Las Palmas and the port (Global Ships in effect!) Passing Fuerteventura Descending towards Lanzarote Visual approach for 03 Touchdown Shutdown! Thanks for viewing!
  14. As the title says. Love Mario Noriega's freeware P180 Avanti. Cheers!
  15. I noticed someone has modelled this airfield! Thank you Vassilios Dimoulas. I look forward to trying it out. https://library.avsim.net/zipdiver.php?DLID=201206 Get a PC12 or some such and taxi it up the ramp (literally) on to the field. You tube video:-
  16. Hello folks, The open beta for FreeMeshX USA has begun. This is a 50 GB LOD12 (9.5 m pixel size) terrain mesh that enhances the topography of the continental 48 United States. Note, Hawaii and Alaska are unfinished. The source data used is from the US Geological Survey's National Elevation Database and is the highest quality data we've worked with. The USA mesh is unfinished. We have not optimized the level of detail for the plethora of terrains found in the CONUS. For example, the Great Plains are also rendered at LOD12, which is a bit of a waste of data, so we will likely cut down the LOD to LOD11 in the future and increase the compression for the flatter areas of the country. This could save quite a bit of HDD space in the end. We have also filled in gaps between the CONUS and neighboring countries with LOD11 data based on SRTM and CDED data. So the entire world should now be completely replaced with FreeMeshX Global and FreeMeshX USA. The mesh is compatible with all versions of FSX and P3D. Flight Sim World is not supported -- that's not a permanent declaration -- we just don't know enough about it and haven't tried using FreeMeshX with it. About the airport plateau problem: I have not finished my solution to the airport plateau problem, but I've made much progress in that direction. I've withheld the release for this very reason until now because it can break the immersion. As many know, the airport plateau problem is a fundamental issue that affects all meshes. Since the ESP engine forces airports to lie flat on undulating or sloped terrain, these artifacts at airports become quite significant at higher LOD. There is no thorough workaround yet. FTX Vectors can only do so much by adjusting the elevation of a small fraction of the airports. The only true way to fix this issue is by DTG or LM rewriting how airports lie on terrain, but I have not seen any inkling of motivation from them to solve it. Until then, I am working on my own solution that will adjust the mesh around each airport so that the airport blends in seamlessly with the surrounding terrain. It's not an easy task for me. It's an elusive problem that requires thorough planning and testing. I originally withheld release until I had the solution working, but time commitments to my PhD research and limitations of my own has not allowed me to solve it yet. You all have been very patient, and I have decided to release an open beta for those who understand the airport plateau problem and won't report to me every time they see an airport affected by it. Trust me, I'm working on it! New installer method: Due to popular demand, we have forgone the 'manual' method of installing for a 'less manual method' FreeMeshX has converted to automatic installers. See for yourself. As you can see, the installer basically does the job of extracting the FreeMeshX folders into a location of your choice. There is no impact on your system elsewhere. No registry entries. No BS. To uninstall, you just delete the installed folder. Done. Note, you are still required to add the folders to your Scenery Library. Trust me, you don't want us to modify your scenery.cfg, and we don't want to be the culprit if it messes up Downloading: The USA expansion is huge. Downloading it will take a long time. Usually 12-24 hours for broadband users when downloading directly without any kind of download accelerator. On top of that, the new installer method can only work with 2.0 GB chunks at a time. That means the installer uses 27 parts. To simplify the direct download, I have put together a barebones downloader based on wget -- a download manager that will automatically retrieve all parts of the installer with full stop/resume capability. All one has to do is unzip the downloader, double-click on a batch file I provide, and it will run wget to retrieve each file. A command prompt with a bunch of gibberish will come up, but at the bottom will be the name of the file you are downloading and a progress monitor. Once it has finished one file, it will automatically move onto the next until all files are downloaded. If you want to stop the download, exit out of the command prompt, or hit CTRL + C. To resume, just double click on the batch file, and the installer will resume from where it had stopped. Note, the files will be downloaded into the location where you have run the batch script, so make sure you have enough space first! We have created installers for the other regions of the world -- fully updated. They aren't uploaded yet, but will be ready soon. Bit Torrent users: NOTE: DUE TO THE EVERY INCREASING COSTS OF FILE HOSTING, WE HAVE SUSPENDED THE AUTOMATIC DOWNLOAD SCRIPTS. PLEASE USE THE BIT TORRENT LINKS. For Bit Torrent users, the USA mesh will not come with an installer. It is not needed. The entire folder structure can be downloaded intact with Bit Torrent. Download the torrent below. http://www.mediafire.com/file/2pcecgcd4s4i9n4/FreeMeshX_-_USA.torrent http://www.mediafire.com/file/pmtwijw53cy7329/FreeMeshX - USA HotFix 1.torrent FTX compatibility: The FTX regions with the USA come with their own mesh and they are also rendered at LOD12. We have not tested compatibility extensively, and we would like to see reports from the beta users on how the FTX meshes and FreeMeshX USA mesh conflict. Since they are both the same level of detail, there may be some conflict. If there is, the likely suggestion would be to uncheck FMX - USA from your Scenery Library when flying in the FTX regions. We highly encourage the use of FTX Vectors. Any good mesh needs a good vector replacement package. IMPORTANT TIPS: 1. Defragment your mechanical HDD. The rendering of the highly detailed mesh requires a fast CPU and quick access to the data on the HDD. Obviously, if the data is fragmented and scattered all over the HDD, then that can slow the rendering down, i.e. blurries. 2. Install the mesh on a fast HDD for similar reasons. 3. Do not expect your computer to keep up if you're doing Mach 1.2 over the terrain unless your computer is very quick! The HDD has to stream the data and then process it via your CPU. That takes some time! 4. Place the FreeMeshX USA folder above the other FreeMeshX folders, including the FreeMeshX Patches folder if you have one, and below any FTX regions in the Scenery Library. 5. To reduce mesh popping (where higher LOD mesh pops in -- another limitation of the ESP engine), use a higher LOD_Radius in your fsx.cfg or p3d.cfg. We recommend a minimum of 6.5. I personally use 8.5 which is a nice compromise between performance, memory, and visuals. The higher the LOD_Radius, the further out the mesh will be drawn at its maximum LOD, less mesh popping, and the better it looks! 6. Obviously, feel free to use your texture and landclass solution. We use FTX Global and openLC USA/Canada. Because it's beautiful. Hot Fix 1 (809 MB) Fixes the error in the N40W085.bgl file where some terrain was mistakenly set to sea level. http://www.mediafire.com/file/pmtwijw53cy7329/FreeMeshX - USA HotFix 1.torrent Thanks! Nine Two Productions
  17. I forget, but if this is the -200 I'm off to Reunion Island. If it's the -300 I'm of to Guadeloupe from Paris Orly. Had this song in my head at the time.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5A44N_ewyTU
  18. Very nice freeware: https://iblueyonder.com/portfolio/the-herons-nest-xp/
  19. No doubt I'd have been Stingered into the Potomac way beforehand!
  20. I am on the market for freeware driver updater software that can scan my system devices for out of date drivers and update as necessary. What are the best options? Thanks.
  21. Just to let you all know, guys. It's a SkyColors and environment pack i created from scratch. It's based on many observations and photos. Colors are not "invented" but taken directly from in-flight videos and photos. My custom shading/ lightning/ fog is included with the pack. It's designed to work with the new shader mod by Pe11e (highly recommended). Get it from here (for free): https://mega.nz/… ..and don't forget to give your opinion. I'll gladly modify any part of the day. previews: If you like it, i'll upload it here in the library. Best Regards, Vic
  22. Hello all, I've been following an interesting development over the last few months. A member of AVSIM, AviatorMoser has been working on a worldwide Mesh upgrade for both FSX and Prepar3D using elevation data from NASA. He has released this addon today. He asked me if I could post it in the P3D General Forum for those folks that might have missed it in the FSX forum. Follow the link to the FSX Forum for all the juicy details! http://forum.avsim.net/topic/467933-freemesh-x-global-10-release-announcement/
  23. I was so glad I found this excellent weather engine a couple of weeks back. It was an excellent freeware, but it suddenly stopped downloading GRIBs and only downloaded METARs about 3 days ago. For those of you who use it, can you help? Or are you experiencing similar situations?
  24. Hadn't tried looking for Italy in a while so did a quick google a couple of weeks back and lo and behold I found this: http://fsxitaly.mygamesonline.org/index.php/download Full Italian photoscenery, for free. Yes it is 2m but that's more than enough for IFR (and not bad for VFR either really), and there's an ongoing autogen project as well. I've not had a chance to fly it much but it all seems to be there and looks very nice. Enjoy!
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