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Found 20 results

  1. Not sure if Hong Kong Airlines cargo actually visit East Midlands, but it could happen and the a330 freighter certainly has the non-stop range, if only with about 25 metric tons or so. I rather like UK2000's products, they do seem rather fps friendly. When one of the configuration options is choosing to add 4000 cars or not, it shows the developer has thought about such things! Ratcliffe power station at work! I'll circle over those cylindrical chemtrail dispensers until the intake fed collector tanks are full enough for me to spread the chemtrails over the eastern half of England... Ahem. Enjoy.
  2. Folks, a quick (few) question(s) here: I know that the safedocks at UK2000 Heathrow do not show "777", because of the viewpoint, or something, which is a bit of a pain when you mostly fly the PMDG 777, so: -If I were to buy GSX, Would the UK2000 safedocks be replaced with those of GSX, and show "777" -If not, is there any edit I can do without changing the view within the 777, to make "777" show up? -is there anyway of making the UK2000 safedock systems brighter, so I can see them from further out? Thanks folks, -Andy Green
  3. Hi folks, Just a quick note before I begin.... I used the search function last night and couldn't find anything. Note I may have been a little tired and may have missed some things. I also asked this question a few months/years back, but can't find if I had an answer, So PLEASE point me in the correct direction if this has already been asked, pretty sure it hasn't but wouldn't want to put money on it! Now, on with the question.... At UK2000 Xtreme Heathrow (V2), I think everyone who owns it, knows there are very few safedocks, with all T5 gates having them, and a select few at T3 and T4. Now then, when taxying in with my PMDG 777, the safedock system displays "B747/A340". So my question is: WHY? 1) Do some select gates actually show 777 2) Are there any fixes or those files that alter it (AFCADS? Is that what they are?) Hope you can help! Thanks in advance! Andy
  4. Folks, I have an idea for all airport developers. Some of us want relaism down to the really minor details. Me, like, i would imagine many others, want to park up at the right terminal... SO, why not, when you taxi in and request permission to taxi to the gate, can't we have options for, for example "Terminal 1/Terminal 2/ Terminal 3" ? I know some dont use ATC, but i figure for those who do, and those who rely on it for airport services, it may be usefull ? If this topic has been discussed/ is stupid/ is irrelevent becuase some developers use this, then i request for this thread to be deleted. Thank You -Andy
  5. Talk about unexpected! I've been using a combination of Horizon's Generation X VFR scenery for central England, plus the Treescapes and UK2000 airfields for that area. Late last night I decided to fly a Jet Provost T5 out of RAF Cranwell. I set up some nice clouds in REX, and took off for a relaxing flight to get me sleepy enough for bed. All thought of sleep was instantly forgotten when I looked up (in VC mode) and saw a small black triangle high above. At first I thought it was a scenery glitch, but decided to climb to investigate it. Here are some screenshots. If you have these sceneries, check it for yourself! 1. This was my first view, looking up and wondering what I was seeing. 2. By the time I got to 16,000ft I knew it was something more interesting than a misplaced scenery artefact. I tried to climb higher, but the old JP was struggling. 3. I switched to a Harrier and kept climbing. This was exciting stuff! 4. Yes, in some file in that scenery combination, approximately 27,000ft over Cranwell, there is a large triangular craft. 5. It was a great find, almost as much fun as unexpectedly seeing a real UFO (which has happened to me on several occasions, and being a newspaper reporter I have duly reported upon.) 6. Whoever designed this "Easter egg" really put some detail into it. Kudos for giving a nice element of surprise. 7. Meanwhile, RAF personnel on the ground were watching too! Enjoy.... and watch out for another post soon that shows an actual crop circle in the photo-scenery! - Kenneth J. Kerr
  6. Gary Summons has started his Xmas sale on his UK2000 airports. Single airport has 25% discount, 2 airports get 30% off and 4+ airports get 40% off. The 25% discount is already applied to the prices on the Purchase page; select more than one airport and the further discounts are applied to the basket automatically. I don't know when the sale ends, there's nothing yet stating that which I can see on the site. http://www.uk2000scenery.com/newsite/My_Homepage_Files/Page13.html
  7. Hello everyone. Surprisingly Aerosoft and UK2000 release at about the same time Manchester Airport product. If I'm correct they are different developers and not related to each other. I know it is still early but has anyone tried 1 or 2 of these and have comments/recommendations? I'm really interested in this airport. Just by the pictures I like the way UK2000 looks more, but what I really want is the better performance one. Thank you, Hoang Le.
  8. I have been in contact with a chap called Rory Fairbairn, he has/will upload a bgl file to add to the Liverpool scenery which is specifically for VFR flying and shows the wind turbines in Liverpool and Morecambe Bays, plus those around the coast in Wales. All in all about 1200 turbines. I asked some time ago for if someone could do this as in the past there was one on the net for FS9, but where it disappered to I cant say only that it was and still is sadly missed by me and vfr flyers in that region, and he contacted me this week to say he had finally made one. It’s up on Avsim soon but I got the first dibs on it and it looks fantastic for FSX, just giving you the heads up for a decent add-on.By the way Daniel Martinez' review was spot on, watch the terminal bus going round and round…. It’s usually the best of the action at Liverpool these days lol.. Danny mentioned that the old terminal is sadly missing, That was my usual haunt when I was a kid and yes it is missing from this scenery, but there is a version available from Derbosoft, free which will add into the FSX scenery although there is a version that adds the old runways but I haven't tried that version yet. I'm in the middle of putting all my collected scenery onto a new faster drive and its taking some time but I have in Runcorn Bridge and a few other pieces of scenery that I didn't know would work in fsx like the Hilbrae Lighthouse. As you can see the area around Liverpool is looking good and with the oil refinery files available on Avsim, VFR flying is a lot more fun than the real thing in some cases.... Anyone remember Piper Colt G-ARGO doing the bumps and starts all day? I do, and I do it again now thanks to Gary and the guys at UK2000... in HD!
  9. Hi guys Here are a few shots of the Qwings RJ-70 departing Heathrow. Hope you like! As soon as the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended is out (apparently before Xmas) I will be posting shots of her too!! That'll be the second FS highlight of my year, after the Qualitywings! Season's Greetings to everyone! Chris
  10. Hi I've recently got the uk2000 gatwick scenery and think it is absolutely awesome but I am seeing weird stuff going on when I look at it from my aircraft. In the distance, the terminals, fences, buildings and ground textures are all vibrating and moving around creating a weird effect that looks unrealistic and odd. But if if zoom in quite close or pause it, it looks absolutely fine. I think it might be to do with the aircraft I'm in. I tested out two aircraft at exactly the same spawning point (08R), a Beechcraft Bonanza and an F-22 Raptor. On both of these aircraft the textures are moving around a fixed point. This problem could be caused by the tiny vibrations of the aircraft when I'm on the ground but also in the air, when I'm in level flight with no real movement, the whole of Gatwick looks like its vibrating. My specs are : i7 CPU at 4.0GHz (Overclocked to approx. 4.3GHz) Nvidia GTX 960 2gb 8GB RAM If you could help that would be amazing because I'd love to get this fixed. I'm thinking about purchasing EZDok and if this problem is caused by minute vibrating, think about the chaos that will happen with EZDok camera effects. Thanks
  11. Hi all, so had my P3Dv4 up and running for about 2 weeks, done various flights in and out of the U.K. and I’m stubbling across this problem: all my uk2000 sceneries on my return legs have this pink colour on the airport buildings aswell as the aircraft I Only use my FSLabs a320 (that is the only addon AC I have) and only during day time hours (doesn’t happen at night). I have pictures but for some reason can’t attach 😞 Im running PTA with Matt Davies 1.3 setup the Steps I’ve aready taken is deleting the shaders folder and re-installing original P3D config then reloading Matt Davies setup on P3D. (Maybe that’s the problem I don’t know) pc spec: i7 8700k, gtx1080 16gb ram 3000mhz (custom built wired 2 fire)
  12. FSE:SE Weather via FSopen Clouds POSKY 772 Night Environment X EDIT: and of course UK2000 Manchester X
  13. Hey! I am deeply interested in the UK2000 EGLL scenery.. And my question is: "Does this scenery pack come with AI?" The reason I want to know this is is because I have "the World-of-ai" AI mod.. And if it doesn't, what is a good payware AI? ---------------------------- Tom van de Wetering
  14. One of my first flights using DX10 in FSX with the PMDG777 in BA colors operating as BAW219. UK2000 and Flightbeam scenery. Pin in sight... Taxi to runway... Climb to FL350... Cruise... Time for some tea... Approaching TD.. Holding for a bit.... 1600FT Approaching DH...Flaps 30... Nice view... A good pilot follows the line... Approaching the stand... Offloading and de-boarding... Shutdown checks complete ready for a nap...
  15. Hi Guys I have purchased the UK2000 Heathrow Extreme V2, and, i was quite happpy to see that "static aircraft" was an option you could have, if you didnt have any traffic software Do other Scenery Makers, like FlyTampa or FSDreamTeam do this? Thanks -Andy Green
  16. We begin, taxiing to runway 23 at LSGG: Climbing out to the west: A look back at Geneva as we turn north: The mountains surrounding the valley where Geneva sits do a nice job of blocking the last bits of sunlight, you can see the shadows to the south, and sunlight to the north: Chasing the sun across France: Holding over the Biggin Hill VOR for our sequence in to LHR, can you see our company? Leaving the hold, heading 265 and descending to 4,000ft: Final Approach, RWY27R into LHR: We were maintaining 170knts to 5DME for traffic behind us, here we are short final: Short final into LHR: Thanks guys.
  17. Hi folks, so, around this time last year, i purchased the UK2000 Heathrow Xtreme V2. However, running 100% ultimate traffic 2, and the NGX, it, well, lets just say wasnt running with the best frame peformence (2.5PS-yes, there is a decimal!) . A few weeks ago, i needed to sort it out, because i desperatly wanted to fly into EGLL, but i knew i couldnt with that frame rate. so, i redeced traffic down, and now, im getting between around 12 and 18 (trust me, its a lot better). So, i was wandering: In terms of frame rate, does anyone know if scenery producers like FlyTampa and FSDreamTeam have simular FPS to that of UK2000 with the LHRXTREME2? i want to get more into the scenery than into the traffic now, so, any advice/answers to whether i would be getting simular FPS to what im getting at the moment at Heathrow running the NGX would be very great Thanks in advance -Andy :p0504: :england-flag:
  18. I'm ready to buy some new scenery for the London area, including the city itself as well as the major regional airports. Which scenery add-ons, as single products or in combination, would you recommend for best visual detail? Between performance and visuals, I would rather sacrifice performance for better views. That the objects appear to be 3-dimensional is also important, as I want to be impressed by the views while flying at low altitudes, not just flying by high above all the interesting sights. Some of the choices I've been considering are Orbx England EU, Aerosoft VFR London X and City Airport, Aerosoft Mega Airport London-Heathrow X, UK2000 Heathrow Extreme and London City Extreme. (If this question has been recently discussed elsewhere, please point me to the appropriate thread(s).)
  19. Hello, Before buying a new computer for FSX, I wanted to ask if the i5-2500k and the Gtx 560 are good enough to get approximately 20 frames/second in the pmdg 777 on an addon airport like Aerosoft EDDB or any other airport in UK2000. I know tweaks are necessarily and I will surely overclock my cpu to at least 4.2 ghz. Every comment is appreciated !
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