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  1. I wished I hadn't binned the email (after reading it!!) because I'm sure the promo vid the email linked to showed a teaser of the top of a very jet like instrument panel (VC shot) inside a chase plane following the RV7... EDIT.... Actually it may just have been the PA-46 Malibu, sorry... I'm still tinkering with FSW - just cracked the one hour free flight mark.
  2. Prepard3dv4

    To paraphrase the American Airlines anecdote:- Impressed spotter: "How do you keep the T7 so shiny?" Freight Dog, "Speed, sir. Just Speed!"
  3. Dr. Moser!! Congratulations, sir! and thanks for Freemesh X.
  4. Me too! Don't know what it is, but I've never really noticed it...until you made a point of posting this on AVSIM. I don't have FS9 , but have you or anyone got any screenshots for a comparison?
  5. Prepard3dv4

    What a simply gorgeous "what if" . Can't do that with one of those really new fangled 787s etc. no shiny bits, just composite bits.. Ultimate ride for a freight dog?
  6. FSX:SE

    .... except in the sim At no time did I venture below 100 feet.... At no time did I venture below 160 KIAS either !! (Apart from takeoff and landing). You've all seen BAT21? Welcome to (old)BAT51 hehe. Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is definitely optional!
  7. Thanks Jim,
  8. I believe the Campaign Against Aviation allows us to fly as low as we like over water as long as we're not within 500' of persons or structures? Blackpool Tower (not the airfield tower, THE Tower ) (Banter aside, the C.A.A. do have a nightmare of a job just trying to keep everyone safe IMHO on this tiny little, crowded, septic isle.)
  9. Thank you Michael. That's exactly what the textures look like. I knew something was wrong the first time I flew into the clouds. Now I have the description. Still, I have high hopes that FSW will progess as a definite contender to the 64 bit crown.. How soon? Well...
  10. Most airliners drink all their gas.... but I know what you mean It is a huge biffer of a plane - it's nose just doesn't look nicely proportioned. Oh, and I fixed your quote for you LOL sorry. dons flameproof overalls..
  11. PHYSICS! Got to love it! Fortunately he missed the car and the bus (just!)
  12. Now that's what I call a "ballanced" reply, Tony Yes, the video is great, but the spelling was indeed lacking in places.
  13. Does anyone know how to report images posted on fsfiles.org? I've used the general contact form to leave a message, but I'm not sure how often that is accessed or paid attention to. There are two images which need removing ASAP. Strangely enough they appear to have been posted by a "guest" I don't want to go into any detail here on AVSIM, suffice to say they're not aircraft porn...
  14. Perhaps ask the person who did this paintjob - it's halfway there! https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/22696/private-boeing-777-200lr/