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  1. So, she doesn't have any sons then? Only daughters?
  2. In risque Naval terminology, aren't Naval Aviators all "Swinging Dicks" i.e. they're a bunch of badasses, at least in their opinions
  3. Isn't the Captain's hat stuck between the bulkhead and FE panel in G-BOAC? I can't remember, it's been a while since I went on the tour. EDIT - email sent!
  4. Probably, but she did supercruise....at MACH 2. She only needed the burners for takeoff and to pass through transonic. Try telling that to the FUGLY F-35, not to mention other far more graceful military jets. Supercruise on a civvy jet is nothing new For everyone who doesn't want an "obsolete" plane in sim, there's probably someone who does want another historic plane available in their flight sim.
  5. Speaking of sharper, more recognisable topography - Freemesh X does an admirable job, giving a more accurate mesh - for free.
  6. I did word not allowed at the quiz - 3 guesses :) However that little Wing Derringer does look rather "nifty"
  7. FSX:SE

    No worries, Alan. Thanks. Having had confirmation that it is an FS2004 port-over issue makes the cloud-in-prop easier to live with. EDIT: Besides if the props are made transparent I won't be able to see if they're synchronised; she's no A2A Connie with a proper gauge, just two rpm gauges
  8. FSX:SE

    Thanks, Alan. I've had a look at the tutorial. I don't have dark discs, in fact the prop texture looks great... until clouds aren't obscured by the texture.. Here's a shot of the unedited discs in FSX:SE with DX10 fixer. So, basically the clouds in prop effect is a feature of FSX then? Or is it fixed by re-coding the aircraft model or some such?
  9. How about adding some bullet holes peppering the texture of whichever aircraft you use?..... "Is that Crazy Walt down there?" "Yup.." Hooo-eee!! Y'all hold ma beer 'n watch this. It'll be a hoot..." Seconds later.. amidst several shotgun blasts... "Well dadgum!! Crazy Walt sure is an ornery old bugger this time of year!" Think he only got part of the rudder...." "HEY WALT!!.. Ya'll better watch your step less'n I duct tape a pair o' .50 cals to this sucker!!" Apologies for blatant stereotyping of the redneck and its accents.
  10. Lovely little video Robert. I feel cold now! LOL.
  11. FSX-SE

    There is also FSOpen Open Clouds. It's free coverage for the UK, but £5 for a 12 month subscription for rest of the world weather. http://www.fsopen.co.uk/software/openclouds/
  12. The C-119 Flying Boxcar has a jet engine strapped to it . Should be a good start for a redneck airline . Or base it on Eddie's airlines.. .
  13. Ahhh... chemtrails.... Great formation shot.
  14. ..you were lucky, Ron!... (shades of the 4 Yorkshiremen sketch from Monty Python and others) Back when I was about 7 we moved into a brand new house. The estate wasn't finished. Once I'd made some friends we spent days and evenings playing on the building site! There was even a knackered JCB we used to climb on.
  15. Connor, you should be writing love letters to your young lady, not us lot on a flightsim forum, but your kind words are something I totally agree with about AVSIM, its staff and members.