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  1. 744 Hard landing. Qustions.

    lots of a, multiplied by lots of m = a very big F... word
  2. Damn! Thanks for the link. Rest in Peace, Gunny!
  3. Missing Airports

    Might I also suggest a decent mesh in addition to photo or vector based scenery add-ons? If the mesh is detailed enough, then the topography becomes recognisable which can be helpful when flying VFR.
  4. There's at least 3 of us, Bill! Interesting movie, there were tears near the end.
  5. Where is AVSIM member Chock?

    Not seen him for a while. Work commitments? Sim burnout? Holiday? Hope he's OK. Anyone know? Cheers.
  6. Weather problems FSX

    WELCOME! Google translate seems to have done a great job. The only Italian I understand is Lamborghini sorry. I think that you might have to purchase Rex Soft Clouds to get the effect you want. By default rain does not display in FSX VC view. Only in the 2d forward view. Microsoft did not implement the coding from FS9 There are one or two specific aeroplanes where the developer has coded such an effect. I hope this translates well enough for you to understand.
  7. Almost real! Wonderful shots.
  8. You can try it for real using no fuel at all (well a few calories burned maybe!)
  9. A bikini run? Would that be to Bikini Atoll? After all a couple of the young ladies do not appear to be wearing a bikini at-oll.....
  10. Ah - a WIGE craft! It looked strangely graceful skimming the water. I wonder what altitude it can get to? And do you need to be a pilot or a sailor to drive such a craft??
  11. East Europe blurry scenery error

    Ah, so if you fly over that area at say 3000 feet AGL then the scenery displays OK?
  12. Lovely! Thanks for sharing.
  13. East Europe blurry scenery error

    What 777 is that? If it's a complex one from PMDG then you may be getting Out Of Memory errors (OOM). Did you get a kind of pinging noise before the blurry scenery occurred? It's a Windows noise warning you about OOM.
  14. What would happen if.....

    Write up what? The five extra bodies in the 737 cockpit, (well they would be fit & supple and might squeeze in there) or a write up about the open doors? Hehe...
  15. Hi Gunnar, Possibly no help, but are you able to swap out the yoke? I mean physically plug it into another PC to see if the yoke actually still works, or can you borrow another yoke to try on your PC. You sure no one's accidentally knocked the yoke and jerked the USB cables? It may just be a cruel coincidence that the yoke crapped out right around the time you did the update... stranger things have happened.. Good luck!