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  1. Just checking, isn't this political? 😜
  2. Anders, the like is for your eloquent post and not your absence. 😎
  3. Cue the "Where Eagles Dare" theme tune.. Somewhere in the Azores (Lajes Field to be precise). An Me-264 AKA Amerika Bomber..
  4. A Beverley taking off from RAF El Adem, well Tobruk airport as it is is the sim.. Nice one, Manfred!! Thank you! FSX NOTAM - cannot find the flap lever anywhere in the cockpit.. They do work with the buttons on my joystick though..
  5. I am now excitedly waiting for the FSX release - my lifespan post-Beverley release might be measured in days or even hours... 😄 EDIT - just joined SimOuthouse - the Beverley is in their library 😎
  6. As an almost futile exercise try taking off from Quito in the default Cessna 172.. 😄 (FSX:SE)
  7. ...getthere-itis...Company finance policy of "thou shalt never go-around due to the extra costs". "Gee, ma I can hot-dog this FBW 'Bus no problem... oops.."
  8. Nice job!😎 Watch out for the odd Lufthansa Cargo MD-11 flying into and out of Quito (new) and Bogota, it might be me rather than someone who knows what they're doing! 😄
  9. Regarding Godzilla - just like a virus the big guy's mutated over the years. In the latest movies (not anime, and not the Shin Godzilla release in 2016), he's not attacked humans directly - we are just collateral damage. Heck, we even juiced him up a bit with a nuke to the snout so he could get back into the fight and help us..
  10. I've been watching it live on youtube... for the past 4 hours.. 😎
  11. ....and the launch has been scrubbed... bad weather..😢 word not allowed good live practice though
  12. Once you begin to live life on the edge, it can only be a knife edge from thereon.. 😎 😄
  13. I hasten to add that my wife and her older sister are not twins!! 😉
  14. A very good point, well made! 😎 However, in order to gain that citizenship a person may well have to make adjustments beforehand.
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