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  1. Not sure if you could make use of any of these old Alpahsim aircraft from Virtavia:- http://www.virtavia.com/Freeware/
  2. For a slightly less interactive idea, you could use the tablet to display the airport charts for your flight(s).
  3. If it's open at the moment, then you might have been able to get a coffee at the Airport Hotel (just to the right of your starboard engine). An excellent place to go planespotting - the taxiway for 23R goes past the pub's beer garden 😉
  4. Forgive my lateness to the party, Tim! I couldn't get into the tough room until now 😄 (I've been away playing with virtual trains and not noticed, sorry) Excellent read thank you.
  5. Their Cessna 337 is one of Carenado's better offerings I believe.
  6. Yes, Her Majesty has had her own Angery Bois (Angry Boys) I found this hysterically funny when I first saw it: The subtitles add to the amusement
  7. and number 3 is not always assured!
  8. Slight digression - excellent cover of one of my all time favourites, Al
  9. Currently 404. No, not a callsign - page not found 😉
  10. Wonderful find, both the bag and the interesting true story to go with it.
  11. I do a lot more browsing AVSIM than simulating flying! However, I've recently been playing with virtual trains (Train Simulator 20XX) and wishing I could resurrect my model railway. Actually that my happen sooner than later as my daughter has moved out into her first house (rented) and taken her small animals with her (2 rabbits and a guinea pig) whose cages were precluding us from lowering the railway layout (British OO scale, working track but no scenery...) down from the wall for a good couple of years (think of it as a kind of wall mounted folding table affair). I was going to have an HO scale layout (90's to present day USA, mainly Norfolk Southern stock) running around my attic, but the council put paid to that many years ago thanks to fitting more loft insulation on the half of the attic which I had not finished boarding up! I wonder if there's anyone in my area I can run trains with when the world madness calms down? (They have their own layout, but one where I can take my toys round to play!). I also recently discovered that my 450 size RC helicopter batteries still had a bit of power left in them (new charging lead on the way), my Futaba transmitter hadn't lost the settings, and a brief test hover in the car park proved that I'd still got some of the skills (shh.. don't tell the CAA!)
  12. Interesting! The crew miscalculated the weight by almost 90 tonnes.. that's a rather large amount even given the size of an A340. "South African Airways has suspended most operations for so long that pilots now no longer have enough flight training" Weight and balance checks so easily forgotten? Easy for me (armchair pilot) to ask, I know. The article mentions the alpha floor event upon flap retraction - the FBW systems helped them to alleviate a stall. HOWEVER, would the crew not have noticed something wrong during the takeoff run and rotation - all that extra weight having an effect way before any flap retraction event? Would they not have felt the plane being sluggish... if indeed it would have felt sluggish through the FBW? Or at the very least noticed a slower rate of acceleration prior to flap retraction? Again, my armchair status means that I'm probably missing something here..
  13. FWIW here's a YT channel I enjoy watching - Ron fixes "big boy" (proper arcade pinball machines) EM included. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=joe's+classic+video+games+ Sometimes it's relaxing to just grab a brew and watch stuff get repaired, especially with Ron's easy going nature and explanations.
  14. That is one of the best reasons to fly!
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