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  1. I'm sure they won't let the FS community down. Cheers bs
  2. Do carbon fibre stressed wings exhibit more ore less flex than non-carbon fibre ones? My guess is less. regards bs
  3. I was referring to buying a new computer but at $50 US (I think I paid that for MSFS Version 1) it will be a steal: https://www.gfinityesports.com/article/3615/microsoft-flight-simulator-2020-release-date-specs-download-cost-vr-alpha-gameplay-beta-demo-and-more-for-pc-and-xbox-one Cheers bs
  4. I hope Meigs Field makes it in the release list. Regards bs
  5. Right on - I'm retired so I have time to wait and gather the required $$. Cheers bs
  6. Here is a good overview of the available HOTAS controllers: bs
  7. When you think about it probably < 3% of the AVSIM forum posts contain information of any value for any one simmer.. I wish there was an easy filter to apply - just think of all the wasted time we could save. 🙂 Cheers bs
  8. I won't be buying on day 1 either - probably day 2 or 3. Regards bs
  9. So my last post is not misinterpreted I'm sure my last rig would have run this addon without problem. I simply do not own a gaming machine currently. Cheers bs
  10. What a beautiful plane. I wish I had a gaming rig to fly it. Cheers to Milvitz for this one. bs
  11. PBR = "Pabst Blue Ribbon" Regards bs
  12. Is it true that if you start EF AFTER P3D then you won't get the Mini UI? Cheers bs
  13. Over-Bloom is partially one of perception and also one of preference. Personally I don't like bloom and yes it is possible that bloom appears nasty because of your screen / rig. At long last I'm starting to get the feel that there is a growing acceptance to what EF does. I say this because as most of you know when you are flying above the clouds things get REALLY bright. With EF I now feel like I'm above the clouds and yes they are bright. Cheers
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