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  1. I had the exact same reaction after 411.70. This is an excellent driver IMO. The ambivalence may be that the driver has not changed for their setup but rather how the configuration is exposed and handled by the OS / game. Regards bs
  2. bean_sprout

    Are the Flight 1 GTN's a performance hog

    I get best performance setting the core to 1. Auto and core 0 are a disaster on my rig. Regards bs
  3. bean_sprout

    nV 416.81

    P3D V4 1070's in SLI. Much better IQ / smoother than the 411.70 which may have been an immature driver to support the 2080. Cheers bs
  4. This driver seems special in some way. Very clean and smooth. Regards bs
  5. bean_sprout

    Quickest Way to Clean Your Rig (internally)

    The basic premise is to pressurize your case so air flows in reverse. Cheers
  6. Your rig should be near a door or open window. I found an electric leaf blower does a good job. Your targets are all of the case entrances which will most likely be fans. A few blasts and any dust will be quickly blown out. At some point you may want to do a tear-down and actually clean your fans but when I get there I'm ready for another build. Cheers bs
  7. Setting Ansiotropic to 16x does not work in P3D v4 on my 1070 GTX SLI rig with driver 411.70. It does work if set in the nVidia control panel as a P3D game setting. How do you know if Ansio 16x is not working - set your plane on the runway and the centerline will start to blur about 100 out front. Cheers bs
  8. bean_sprout

    F1 GTN 750

    A related question - when I change my 4 data points on the gauge they keep reverting back to the defaults on the next flight. Does anyone know the cause of this? Thanks bs
  9. bean_sprout

    P3Dv4 SLI

    You want SLI on a 4k rig. Regards bs
  10. bean_sprout

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    I've never deleted shaders since FSX many years ago. Regards bs
  11. bean_sprout

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    I have both - my only issue was the update setting my resolution above 3840*2160 4k mode. I reinstalled the 411.70 driver. Regards bs
  12. bean_sprout

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    Hmmmm -,37888.html Regards bs
  13. bean_sprout

    Nosewheel Steering Problem

    This one bit me also: Regard
  14. bean_sprout

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    I've paused all updates until November. Regards bs