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  1. Anyone buy this for $10 US on the Marketplace. A no-brainer for site-seeing. Give it the gas and it will hang at the given altitude. Brake to hard and it will flip over. Sorry no pics yet. Cheep thrills. bs 🍀
  2. Just did a nice flight at FL190 from KAVX to KSEZ. Not the best landing but the plane was capable. No CTD either and not using the 530 mod. Great plane. Cheers bs
  3. Sometimes left or right. -5.5 working well now in a FL120 cruise on AP. Cheers bs
  4. A good purchase. A blast from the past that is fun to fly. If it flys to one side adjust the rudder trim. Great engine sounds IMO. No CTDs here. Cheers bs
  5. Yep - just the momentary glitch. Cheers bs ☘️
  6. Since the latest patch my 5-10 second pauses seem to be gone. Can anyone verify? Thanks bs
  7. Must be a massive hit on frames. Regards bs ☘️
  8. I saw it too. It was a flying saucer when I flew past Bill Gates house. Regards bs
  9. After further testing Easy mode is the way I'll be flying MSFS. All the quirks of the models are mostly gone and the planes now fly per MY expectations. Cheers bs
  10. Bugs ALWAYS have the priority. All DEVs know that but there are other factors. If not then the system is too rigid IMO. Regards bs ☘️
  11. Make sure to rub it on your fuzzy sweater afew times. Regards bs ☘️
  12. Maybe still true for graphics drivers but the 5900x rocks! Cheers bs ☘️
  13. I've turned all of these to on (Easy) and now my planes fly and taxi like a dream. Cheers bs ☘️
  14. Seems the pilot weights need to be 170 to appear in the cockpit. Weird. Cheers bs
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