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  1. Also the team can analyze and correct software errors but not so much with your hardware CTDs. ns
  2. BTW these are must haves: GTN750 Free (pms50.com) Flysimware Cessna 414 N414XX CLEANED & POLISHED » Microsoft Flight Simulator Cessna 414AW - Cockpit Repaint (grey/black) » Microsoft Flight Simulator Also one of the best features of this plane is the under panel cup holder. So cool. ns
  3. Funny you should say that as initial responses were that it flew too fast! 😶 ns
  4. I'm still having great fun with this bird. FSW will probably add some SU9 enhancers. ns
  5. I believe that you need to be above FL120 before the turbos really kick in for a cruise climb. ns
  6. What is the official landing distance required for the Chancellor? Sometimes I see 4000ft and often 2500ft. Thanks ns
  7. So if I'm getting 70fps now I should get 80+ with this fix? ns
  8. I suspect it could have been windows updates trying to install the KB. I always disable updates for 7 days before running the sim. ns
  9. On the other hand, the OPs title could be taken as the sim is working perfectly fine as anyone who got sick in a GA plane will tell you. ns
  10. Looking for a great flight model? Give the FSW 414 Chancellor a try. At allttitude the ride can get a bit bumpy in weather but still believable. ns
  11. Several flights now and this plane feels and looks like a plane. No fudging around - this is the best realism for me yet in MSFS. Great stuff on flightsim.to already also. ns
  12. A selectable list of passengers for the back would be a nice addition. ns
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