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  1. NOW I'm doing a FINAL TEST on 7 hours non stop flight to EDDF. I will let you know the results, just to make sure 100% no drops. I'm going to stress my CPU and GPU stay tuned.
  2. Hello sim pilots I read all your comments here is an important UPDATE that will help you enjoying MSFS2020.
  3. Hello sim pilots .. before 3 days I posted FINALLY, NO MORE FPS DROPS !! SU9 and from this time I was testing every single settings to get the best quality and performance and here is an update about what I found but before moving to the settings take a look how about 35 FPS solid with ULTRA settings ! here is some photos looks great !! then here you go after reading the previous post then do this settings Everything is ULTRA except TLOD set it to 25 (yes 25) and guess what ! you well not notice any change in graphics and details (as shown in the photos above) enjoy flying .. let me know if you are satisfied with that !!😎
  4. FINALLY Knock on wood Two small steps! Stable 35 FPS even in ULTRA settings + 200 Terrain Level Of Detail + 200 Objects Level of Detail After 2+ hours of heavy stress to my GPU and CPU over EGLL and over KJFK with FLT 1500ft(737-PMDG)(777-300ER Captain sim) smooth fly 35-33 stable FPS no more drops, no more jitter some photos show details and stability of frames what I did step 1: Lock my max frames to 35 in the NVIDIA control panel (you don't need any extra frames more than 30 tbh) step 2: V sync in MSFS general option set to 30 FPS let me know if is it working great with you Enjoy!
  5. Hello sim Pilots As we know, a lot of users facing issues after updating to MSFS Su9 so here is a new one 😞 after engaging the AP, ONLY the airplane cant hold its HDG strait it angled!! And it can fly the whole route in this position! after disengaged the AP the airplane start to fly correctly again and when I have a closed lock, I found the issue is the partial span tab I also tried to solve it by using rudder trim and wing left, but nothing was fixed. I also tried the default and custom livery still the same. the issue only with this Airplane all other works great! one more thing I uninstall it and reinstall it again still the same. Thanks
  6. dear Fielder i open the printer file then what to do ? where can i see if its flickering or not? and how to delete the assignment? you mean here ?
  7. Hello sim pilots Here is what happened to me after ~ 2 hours flight, in reason I chose to fly across the north pole (no terrain at all) just to test how msfs su9 works after mid stress the CPU and GPU, so I started the flight with 146 professional, and the FPS was around 50 to 60 then the FPS begins to decrease. after 2 hours reached approximately 28 FPS(GPU temp under 70) (CPU temp under 60) after a while, FPS drop to 22 (GPU temp under 70) (CPU temp under 60). NO terrains should be not a lot of stress then FPS 11 (GPU temp under 70) (CPU temp under 60) then to 9 and 8 FPS While I press ESC and go to the menu, FPS increases immediately to 99 FPS This is my MSFS settings Hope you got solution. I tried it with overclocking and default settings nothings change.
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