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  1. You shouldn't have to do that for $120. Come at me.
  2. I'm exercising my right to criticize without owning the product.
  3. The lack of included documentation is absurd when you consider the price is the highest of any GA offering ever offered for a flight simulator.
  4. Are the "separate compilers" available on their website? How does that work? Thanks!
  5. Is the cargo traffic built into Traffic Global now?
  6. To be perfectly honest, with the "legacy" sky/clouds rendering enabled it still just looks like plain old FSX/P3D. 😕 Granted you've improved it there, but it still demonstrates to me just how much of a leap modern rendering methods a la TrueSky really are.
  7. After you get clearance, make sure to tune to ground because that's where the progressive taxi option is. Other than that it should definitely, positively be there.
  8. Hooray! If only all of life's problems (or heck, all of our simming problems) were this easy to solve. 🙂
  9. I was doing a flight into KMEM yesterday and ran into this same oddity. Using OrbX Global, OpenLC, and Vector, as well as FSDT KMEM. About 5 miles from the runway the wall popped up. I tried reloading the sim but the problem would show up every time I flew over that area. I googled for a while and found someone who said their mesh resolution was set to 1m so they reduced it to 5m or 10m and the problem went away. I tried that and it did seem to fix the problem. Interestingly, I'm positive I never set my mesh res to 1m (I always leave it at 10m) so something I installed changed that.
  10. Just to add to the mix, the default ATC when improved with EditVoicepackXL is actually pretty solid. Obviously it's perfectly integrated with the sim and controls AI as well, and the voices are excellent. Plus with the current version of EditVoicepackXL you get 5 "variants" of each voice (just pitch adjustments, but it does add variety.) It's a good option for just a few bucks and slick integration.
  11. I would definitely like to see some sort of career system with procedural "missions"/flights and so on.
  12. The 777 manuals as per the topic of this thread.
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