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  1. I always keep FSX installed just for the MD-11! Molly Norris
  2. Yes you can! I just did that and it works A-OK. Molly Norris
  3. Yes, that's very true, a big downside of UTL. However, there is no AI program that "does it all" so to speak, in terms of model quality, variety, up-to-date-ness, user interface, etc. You have to pick your priorities with all of them. :(
  4. I don't recommend MyTraffic 6. The included models are way, way behind the times. Not acceptable IMHO. Ultimate Traffic Live is my choice at the moment. It's not perfect (some of the models included are actually the MyTraffic 6 ones used under license from that developer) but all the rest are of much better quality. It has a very nice user interface that makes it extremely easy to add your own repaints and AI models if you want.
  5. Does the FSX version have the NGX/777/747 style lighting or does it use the old school FSX landing lights? Molly Norris
  6. I am seeing this problem too, but for me it seemed to be FAR worse once I installed OrbX Global + OpenLC. WIthout those (just running UTX) I didn't have a problem.
  7. I think you misunderstood what scandinavian13 said, the lights should be OFF, if the light is ON at the switch that means it's enabled/audible.
  8. It is definitely not PMDG quality, but you also pay far less for it... that being said it is still nice and as ieydis said, it has been seeind steady improvements. Personally I'm not touching it again until it's truly stable and reliable.
  9. Is there one for the 747 and NGX as well?
  10. Wait a minute, there's a 5.1 surround sound option for the 777? Where can I get it? Molly Norris
  11. I agree it would probably be a good idea for LM to make dynamic lights on non-player aircraft optional, for those who need every last frame. But at least on my system with a 980 Ti, it doesn't hurt my frames too bad at all with 4x MSAA @ 1440p, and the improvement is WELL worth it. Seeing various aircraft taxi around lighting up the ground like they should is extremely cool and ups the immersion factor a ton. By the way, the reason the light passes through your cockpit wall is because the dynamic lights are non shadow casting. The effect would be cool, but the cost to framerate would be *enormous.* It's the same reason XP11's lighting works the same way.
  12. No problem! I don't have Chase Plane, but AFAIK it's been in some sort of alpha/beta "pre-release" state where you can still buy it and use it, but expect some bugs while it's being developed. That being said, I know a LOT of people here use it and love it.
  13. You can try external camera programs like ChasePlane and Ezdok that allow you to create external cameras that have options to enable/disable TrackIR.
  14. Just reinstalled Windows and setting everything up again. Activation failed in PTA... edit: Nevermind, did not realize a newer version was uploaded... there is no updated version history on the SimTweaks website so I had no idea. Please update that.
  15. Gotcha, thanks!