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  1. In my experience it seems to be tied directly to loading scenery objects. A good example of this is taking of from KSEA in OrbX's PNW region. A few seconds after takeoff, the sim will load in all of the many custom scenery objects in the downtown Seattle area. I always see a fairly long pause there. Other ultra-dense scenery areas have the same behavior. OrbX SoCal is the worst I've experienced yet - when I am approaching Los Angeles, and the sim loads the many custom buildings/objects in the city, I get pauses for up to 3 or 4 full seconds.
  2. That's true, but IMO nothing beats flipping open an actual manual, checking the table of contents or index and flipping through beautiful pages of data and information yourself. :)
  3. I would echo Adrian's recommendation for the Majestic Q400. Or the A2A propliners for a totally different vintage experience.
  4. I know everyone's just trying to help and has the best of intentions, but I'm still seeing the "well it works on my end, so the problem must be with your software/hardware" getting thrown around after months of this error being posted about across various forums and social media. I personally have done a completely fresh install of Win 10 Pro from brand new 1709 installation media and still get the "child window" and/or "unsupported operation" errors. There is a compatibility problem with build 1709 and certain 32bit applications. For crying out loud, there is even a post on LM's official forums about it (because it affects P3D v3 which is still a 32bit application.) Please stop insinuating improper usage. Thank you :) -it only affects FSX and P3D v3 (or earlier) NOT P3D v4 -it usually crops up with complex add ons like A2A, PMDG, FSDT GSX, etc. So "I have a totally default install of FSX and it works great, I don't see the problem, it must be you!" is probably true. It's the combination of multiple add ons + 32bit sim + 1709 that is the problem
  5. So it's running good with PMDG etc?
  6. What you will find if you load FSX and a complex aircraft (PMDG etc) repeatedly is that some of the time it will work fine, some of the time it won't. You might be able to load a dozen times in a row without the "child window" error, or you might get the error the next dozen times in a row. Molly Norris
  7. Can you access FSX screens like date/time or options without error message also? 75% of the time or so my PMDG aircraft will load properly in FSX and everything basically works normally, except if I attempt to access one of those screens, I'll get an "unsupported operation attempted" error. And it's fairly random in that I can load/fly something from PMDG a dozen times in a row with no apparent issues, only for either the "child window" error to show again or the "unsupported operation attempted" to show up on the 13th time.
  8. The issue being talked about in this thread is about FSX and P3D v3 because they're 32 bit apps.
  9. Nice to see DTG acknowledging this issue and hopefully can work with MS towards an actual resolution.
  10. Can confirm no fix here as well with KB4048955, which by the way has nothing in the release notes about this issue with 32bit applications.
  11. I have no problems with any of the effects in P3D v4.1. They all work as they should.
  12. When I first got the Q400 immersion package (was using it in FSX before the P3D v4 version came out) I found that if my default flight was configured in a cold and dark state (in my case, using the default Maule Orion) with the battery switch off, the immersion package effects would not load, even with the engines running. I had to adjust my default saved flight so the battery was on and then the immersion package worked. I'm not sure but I think it might be because the effects are tied to the FSX/P3D smoke system, which may require the sim's battery "variable" to be on. Your milieage may vary, it's just what worked for me... also the effects work beautifully for me in P3D v4.1.
  13. The cargo queen of the skies..
  14. If you spend absolutely no time looking at external views, then I would say you should look at some videos before you buy. I think the main things you would see from the cockpit view alone are the volumetric landing lights (including a volumetric rain effect.) For me even that is a nice upgrade, but I do also like to enjoy some external views when possible.