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  1. Not sure what's going on here. I have a fresh install of LNM 2.6.6 which I intend to run alongside XP11.51. On first load (with nothing in <user>\AppData\Roaming) it starts up and properly detects my XP11 install and loads the scenery database. I can use LNM normally while it's still open. After that, on every subsequent opening of the application, it will close about 2 or 3 seconds after opening with no error message. Anyone have any ideas what would cause that? Thanks!
  2. Hey Steve Dra, nice pics, but do you have any thoughts on what the water looks like around TNCS? 😉
  3. I have not loaded up MSFS in weeks. It's not mature enough for what I normally use flight simulators for, nor is the SDK ready for third party developers. I hope that they'll continue working on it until it reaches that maturity level, but I fear that sales and player engagement will wane too soon and force MS to cut off development before it can happen. Hope I'm wrong.
  4. The date of imagery differs sometimes. It's really not more complicated than that.
  5. Criticizing something doesn't mean you don't like it.
  6. http://www.chproducts.com/13-29620-Downloads-and-Community-Links.php.html
  7. Yep. When it shines, it shines like a supernova. Last night I was bored so I decided to check out that hand-crafted bush airport in Alaska (forgot what it's called off the top of my head.) The sunset and cloud cover looked spectacular, and to top it off, someone else spawned there.while I was taxiing and we ended up taking turns doing touch and goes and a little sight seeing around the area in formation. I don't want anyone (including myself) to lose sight of the shortcomings because I want the sim to be the best it can be, but even as it stands right now, you can have moments that are borderline magical.
  8. I've been running it enabled since 2004 released. I haven't noticed any real performance increases, but nothing harmful, either. As that article says, it's really more about laying the groundwork for more considerable changes in the future. There have been a few benchmark comparisons that pretty much confirmed as much, although I believe the lower end of GPUs that support that feature saw a bigger increase than the higher end. Basically anyone who claims it made a huge difference is fully under placebo effect.
  9. Yeah, that's usually how it goes when big titles release with optimization issues that people desperately want to be able to enjoy but can't due to performance concerns. You will find posts about how literally every setting is either a huge boost in smoothness or FPS, OR the killer setting that destroys performance. Meanwhile, the big picture is that everything remains essentially unchanged until the developer either successfully optimizes their game or hardware comes out that "fixes" the problem with brute force.
  10. No, it's just that a lot of the ortho images are not color corrected so there's a green tinge to everything. Nothing we can do about that 😕
  11. I don't get why we are so eager to pass the buck and let Asobo off the hook here. There's room for them to improve within reasonable expectations.
  12. I put camera effects in the same category as sound effects that are sort of hyper-elevated so you can hear them in-sim when in real life you probably can't, especially while in flight, such as rotary knobs or FMS buttons. Even though it's technically not "realistic" to be hearing those sounds, it adds a lot of feedback to the player who's most likely just sitting in your average office chair at your average desk in front of an average monitor and average headphones or speakers. The camera effects are the same way, they amplify feedback in a way that "places" the player inside the sim. Like I said in my previous post, I know arguing this is a complete waste of time, I'm just trying to state why so many people enjoy these types of effects and why products like EZdok and XPRealistic are very popular.
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