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  1. It's a side effect of TAA (temporal anti-aliasing), DLSS or FSR. You can try turning it off and using FXAA or DLAA instead but the image quality is significantly worse IMHO, so it's definitely a tradeoff.
  2. Yeah but that's kind of the point - P2ATC can't control traffic, only respond to their position, so IMHO it makes sense to give the user an option to ignore AI when on final approach or something like that, at least until P2ATC (someday, hopefully) has the ability to control traffic as well. I've been using AIG and FSLTL traffic and there's like a 90% chance I'll be given a go around due to AI.
  3. No, it's not worth the hassle. I'd just use the free Microsoft voices unless you want to spend a large sum of money on Cereproc voices.
  4. i have this same problem with the Amazon Polly voices and P2ATC. they always work fine in the Windows TTS settings screen or the Polly SayIt thing, but with P2ATC it may be 3 or 4 restarts of the app before it works. i am already using the latest AWS CLI. i'm not saying this is a P2ATC problem, but i wonder if there might be a work around that could be implemented. of course that depends entirely on what the real source of the problem is, but if, for example, it was because Polly can sometimes take a second or two to return the playback sound, maybe P2ATC could have an (optional) delay of half a second or whatever? i'm just grasping for straws but it may be something like that.
  5. do you have navigraph nav data installed in msfs?
  6. IMO, with a 3080, the most sensible upgrade for MSFS at the moment (or in the very near future) would be an Intel 13th gen or AMD Ryzen 7000 3D-series CPU upgrade, with DDR5 memory. I have a 9900k (which isn't all too different from a 10900) and a 3080 Ti, and my GPU 'outruns' my CPU even at 4k in just about any scenario, and the worst performing moments (Fenix or PMDG, addon airport, lots of traffic) are always main thread limited. Just my 2 pence
  7. waiting to buy this until i get my Ryzen 7000-series '3D' cpu early next year... i already know my (once-mighty) 9900k is going to choke on it, at least while using the Fenix and some AI.
  8. Just a thought, but it seems like one decent solution could be for Dave to expand on the XP P2ATC plugin to 'take over' for XPUIPC for collecting the info P2ATC needs. Then it's bye-bye dependency on an abandoned plugin!
  9. in this case i had done something quite silly and turned off ATC voices in the realism options, under piloting i believe... why this option exists there when there is also the one in sound settings i don't understand, but i still give myself 100% of the blame for this mistake. :P
  10. Yeah, and I tried multiple different aircraft to make sure I wasn't doing something simple like that - no matter what, I get no ATC audio and the instant message delay indicating that no actual audio for voices is even being played.
  11. not sure what's going on here - i'm not getting any audio from the default ATC text-to-speech systems, either Azure or offline. the output device is system default (which should be working fine, as all other sim audio plays correctly) but i get nada for voice. and it's not just "muted", because the ATC dialogues advance instantly, meaning the sim isn't even "trying" to play any TTS audio. any help would be most appreciated! 🙂
  12. one starts to wonder whether Asobo's effort in DX12 enhancements is really worth it or not.
  13. that's because you installed it already by putting it in your community folder.
  14. well, at least you demonstrated that you don't understand how the "frame rate limit" setting in msfs works.
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