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  1. molleh

    Purchase Question

    Keep your eyes peeled on classifieds, ebay, etc for a boxed copy (published by Aerosoft.)
  2. Little Navmap is an amazing piece of software for flight simmers. I don't fly without it anymore.
  3. molleh

    MD-11 Gone Forever?

    It's surprising to me that they wouldn't at least keep activation services alive for existing customers... I'm glad I have the Aerosoft-published DVD version which has no online activation limitations. I'm sure they have valid reasons for not pursuing a P3D update for the MD-11 (not the least of which could be legal concerns regarding IP, for example) but I feel like activations need to be kept alive at bare minimum. Anyway, the MD-11 in FSX can still be a really enjoyable way to sim, and with its light performance impact you can pretty much get around FSX's poor optimization and enjoy some of the latest sceneries and addons with it, while avoiding OOMs (remember those?):
  4. molleh

    PMDG MD11 P3D V4

    lol definitely not possible, but TFDi definitely would have a leg up on creating an MD-11 for P3D, were they interested in doing it...
  5. molleh

    GSX Refuelling changes Payload fields

    Hi Ray, I experimented with it with default P3D 4.4 and RealAir aircraft and confirmed your findings. GSX appears to reset the payload settings to whatever the aircraft defaults to. For example in the piston Duke, the default is two 170lb passengers and 30lbs of baggage. If I set it to one 150lb person (the pilot) and 60lbs of baggage but 10% fuel, then call GSX's refueling truck, it properly fills the fuel tanks to whatever percentage I requested but then resets back to two 170lb passengers and 30lbs baggage.
  6. molleh

    GSX level 2 - floating jetways and parkings

    As Peter posted above, you click GSX Airport Settings from you Addons menu and on the top right you can see the airport elevation it's using to "park" the jetways and markings. If your aircraft is on the ground, you can click the little aircraft icon and it will set the jetways elevation to whatever your aircraft elevation is, which should fix it 99% of the time. You may have to go into the Couatl menu and restart/rebuild airport cache to see the changes.
  7. If every scenery were added using the Addon rules, the layering can be adjusted in addons.cfg similarly to how scenery.cfg works.
  8. molleh

    Possible flashlight for VC use in 4.4?

    Can you post a screenshot? It should be very easy to see everything if it's working properly.
  9. That was my experience when I jumped to 2560x1440. I have a 980 Ti which is roughly similar to a 1070 IIRC.
  10. molleh

    Possible flashlight for VC use in 4.4?

    It works perfectly with the Q400 on my PC as well.
  11. Since you have an Nvidia card, what you could do is enable DSR and add a 2560x1440 resolution. Select that in P3D and you will know exactly how it would run. 🙂
  12. molleh

    Possible flashlight for VC use in 4.4?

    Brilliant little app 🙂 I have one request, can you add an option to minimize to the system tray instead of the task bar?
  13. molleh

    FSX Beechcraft Aircraft Files

    Just to clarify, I have been using CH Control Manager 4.55a with Windows 10 for a long time now and never had a single issue with it.
  14. molleh

    TFDI 717?

    I really enjoy the 717. In fact it might currently be my favorite commercial airliner product. I do get the CTDs when switching back to VC, but it's very rare and not enough to really affect my enjoyment.
  15. It's almost like there might be some people out there NOT using Orth4XP...