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  1. this is absurd hyperbole if i've ever heard it. 🙄
  2. 😅there are plenty of good products there, but yeah, shovelware certainly is a problem too...
  3. there is no benefit to using dx12 at the moment, only negatives. supposedly it is on the docket to be improved by Asobo at some point (along with DLSS support and possibly ray tracing.)
  4. i simply can't have PG turned on if i want to use complex addons like the Fenix A320 or PMDG 737, AI traffic, and airport sceneries on my aging 9900k system. even without PG i have to sacrifice some stuff (namely terrain LOD) in order to maintain a mostly-stable 40fps lock, and that goes right out the window with PG turned on. now if i was just tooling around in a 172 or something, doing some sightseeing or just general VFR flying, i'd turn it back on because the performance headroom is there. i'm looking forward to a cpu/mobo/ram upgrade later this year. msfs has been shown to take VERY well to the most recent high-end CPUs like the 5800x3D.
  5. honestly, the entire P3D era is best left forgotten. the "it's not for entertainment, only for professionals(tm)" angle, which most of the well-established developers (including PMDG) took full advantage of, was a cringe-worthy tactic that i'm extremely happy we're finally able to leave behind.
  6. they have also been completely forthcoming about what limitations the product would have at release (no EFB, potential bugs, etc) and their plan for updates to include more features, fixes, etc. furthermore, they have (so far) stayed true to their word on all of that. the amount of fuss over it all is insane to me. and that's not to say i think PMDG is some perfect god-sent developer, lol - i've had my issues with them personally, and even though i never had much interest in it, the way they abandoned their DC-6 for X-Plane and left it behind was really disappointing to see (even if it was because it was a dismal business failure in terms of sales.) but i think their 737 launch has been very solid and it's still the best performing and most 'solid' commercial aircraft addon we have at the moment - the Fenix A320 is great as well, but definitely more rough around the edges, has a much bigger performance impact, and the developer has been somewhat silent on issues over the past few weeks and support, in my experience, has been lackluster. (i'm not "hating" on Fenix, either; i'm just bringing up some fair points as many seem to treat Fenix like they have created some heretofore completely unheard of level of perfection and customer service, which simply isn't true.)
  7. when investigating issues like this that no one else seems to have, it's worth doing the following: 1) consider what addons you have installed (whether freeware or payware.) if you aren't 100% sure, take a look at your Community folder. there may be some scenery package or other mod in there that you've forgotten about but is still active, and could be creating issues. 2) try temporarily moving everything out of your Community folder and loading the sim, just to rule out any sort of incompatibility or other problem with things you have in the Community folder. 3) try deleting the content.xml from your (user\AppData\)roaming\microsoft flight simulator folder, and all the files in the SceneryIndexes folder there as well. these will be auto-generated by the sim on the next startup.
  8. what? nothing was fixed because there was nothing to be fixed. what the actual **** are you going on about? forget it, i'm not wasting my time with this anymore. carry on.
  9. i sincerely have no clue at this point what you're trying to insinuate, and am honestly just confused. there was a long discussion about whether FSRealistic's camera movement effects were problematic because some people perceived them to be incorrect, as though the plugin was moving bits and pieces of the cockpit model but NOT the rest of the aircraft model suchs as the wings or engines. the video i posted specifically addresses this point. if you still don't understand this, just move on. i literally have no other way of explaining this to you.
  10. you are 100% incorrect here. every single camera movement that FSRealistic does - whether it's the speedbrake drag vibration, the touchdown head movement, the flaps stress, all of that is really the same discussion. every effect is a small head movement (through three axes - X, Y, Z.) i think you're mistakenly assuming that the "turbulence" effect is the only one that moves the camera, possibly because, IIRC, EZdok considered any camera shaking to be the "turbulence" effect (though it's been yeeeeears since i used EZdok, so i could be misremembering that.)
  11. excuse me, but no. half of the functionality of FSRealistic is camera movement (the other half is sound effects.) we were discussing the camera movement effect and whether or not the plugin was somehow magically animating the cockpit geometry separate from the external model geometry. if you thought i was referring specifically to the individually tweakable weather turbulence effect, you were mistaken.
  12. i'm not sure what you're driving at here, but there is a specific effect in FSRealistic dealing with turbulence (i.e. the weather phenomenon, not the generic sense of the word):
  13. you may be thinking of someone else, i never mentioned the turbulence effect at all. i was only discussing the camera movement system in general.
  14. wow, i loaded up the sim to check out the new FSR update and the new turbulence and windshield wind effects were *immediately* apparent. excellent work, @FSRealistic 🙂
  15. pmdg bad! am i doing it right, guys? 🙄
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