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  1. Can you access FSX screens like date/time or options without error message also? 75% of the time or so my PMDG aircraft will load properly in FSX and everything basically works normally, except if I attempt to access one of those screens, I'll get an "unsupported operation attempted" error. And it's fairly random in that I can load/fly something from PMDG a dozen times in a row with no apparent issues, only for either the "child window" error to show again or the "unsupported operation attempted" to show up on the 13th time.
  2. The issue being talked about in this thread is about FSX and P3D v3 because they're 32 bit apps.
  3. Nice to see DTG acknowledging this issue and hopefully can work with MS towards an actual resolution.
  4. Can confirm no fix here as well with KB4048955, which by the way has nothing in the release notes about this issue with 32bit applications.
  5. I have no problems with any of the effects in P3D v4.1. They all work as they should.
  6. When I first got the Q400 immersion package (was using it in FSX before the P3D v4 version came out) I found that if my default flight was configured in a cold and dark state (in my case, using the default Maule Orion) with the battery switch off, the immersion package effects would not load, even with the engines running. I had to adjust my default saved flight so the battery was on and then the immersion package worked. I'm not sure but I think it might be because the effects are tied to the FSX/P3D smoke system, which may require the sim's battery "variable" to be on. Your milieage may vary, it's just what worked for me... also the effects work beautifully for me in P3D v4.1.
  7. The cargo queen of the skies..
  8. If you spend absolutely no time looking at external views, then I would say you should look at some videos before you buy. I think the main things you would see from the cockpit view alone are the volumetric landing lights (including a volumetric rain effect.) For me even that is a nice upgrade, but I do also like to enjoy some external views when possible.
  9. On the plus side, the MD-11 performs far smoother than any other more recent addon :)
  10. I recently bought the full official PMDG printed manual set in perfect condition from a kind person here on Avsim :) It's still my favorite commercial aircraft simulation and as long as FSX draws breath (got really scary there for a moment with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update...), it'll be installed on my PC.
  11. It's not an individual update like those, it's the next major build of Windows 10 called "Fall Creators Update." I was doing a lot more testing last night and the DVR setting that seemed to be relevant didn't really help (as some of you found.) What was making it difficult to test is that I could load the sim up 12 times in a row with no issues, then the 13th time would give the "error creating child window" error, or would load the aircraft but then accessing any of the FSX dialog screens (i.e. date/time window, controls settings, etc) would create an unhandled exception. It's definitely going to require some sort of patch or update from MS, Nvidia and/or AMD, Dovetail and LM or all.
  12. Here's something I ran into in trying to determine the cause of this issue with the Fall Creators Update. It seems the "Game DVR" feature (which allows you to record gameplay video clips) needs to be *enabled* to avoid the "error creating child window" problem. To check if it's enabled, click on Start, settings icon (the gear), click Gaming, click on Game Bar on the left and make sure "Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcasts using Game Bar" is turned *on* as well as the "Show Game Bar when I play full screen games MS has verified" setting. Please report if this helps at all!
  13. That's what I prefer to do also. It works very well in almost all cases.
  14. Vector isn't landclass, it's vector data. That means it covers coast lines, roads and highways, tunnel placements, beaches, rivers, etc. Landclass is the part of the simulator that tells the terrain what texture and autogen to display (i.e. here's farm land, here's dense forest, here's industrial, here's open grasslands, etc.) So the only other product besides Global Vector that I know of that covers vector data is the Ultimate Terrain series of products, which include vector data as well as landclass data. However it only covers limited areas, and in chunks. USA covers the US (incl. Hawaii, but not Alaska.)