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  1. I found a set, consider this topic closed!
  2. Well someone else here got lucky, so I figured I'll give it a shot myself.. anyone have a complete PMDG MD-11 manual set (in good condition) that they would be willing to part with for the right price? Thanks!
  3. If Fabian passes for some reason, I will be second in line :) Thanks!
  4. So they update this thing for P3D (which probably sold in tiny numbers compared to the Boeings) but they won't touch the MD-11? BOO! ;) Molly Norris
  5. I have been looking for a set for a long time as well! They are hard to come by.
  6. I swear I saw a couple more as well, but the Avsim search functionality always seems a bit wonky for me. Molly Norris edit: Ultimately, we would just be going around in fruitless circles unless you (or somebody else in the PMDG testing team) can do a truly fresh clean install on FSX-SE and report what they find.
  7. Kyle, I have seen numerous posts over the past few weeks with the exact same issue with the FSX installer. edit: I think you may have gotten a mistaken impression from my post, it wasn't "accusatory" or negative in any way. You're right though, it may be some other factor impacting (like Windows 10 with a certain update, for example.) All I can say is since the major updates, I've actually done 3 clean, full installations (including OS install) and ran into the HUD DLL issue all three times, the last time being the very latest installer, after the couple of tiny updates that came out after the major one. Molly Norris
  8. The 737 installer for FSX is bugged in that it doesn't add the DLL.xml entry as it's supposed to. The installer will need to be updated to fix this. (The P3D version modifies the P3D DLL.xml just fine.) No it's not a permissions problem or the result of any other issue - I've confirmed this 3 separate times. Molly Norris
  9. I highly recommend EditVoicePackXL which is a payware (but VERY reasonably priced) version that expands some features and automates things to make it totally painless. It gives you a massive update to the airline callsign list, gives you some phraseology options, change voice speeds etc.
  10. FSX-MS

    After my angry post above, I should note that Rob reactivated my licenses. I'm also glad that he explained what happened behind the licensing issue honestly. I'm sure he'd rather not have to go this route, but it is what it is.
  11. I checked.. didn't see anything through the eclipse time frame at one of the airports along the path of totality.
  12. Is it OK to *bump* this? Molly Norris
  13. I'm confused.. the yoke is not used to steer on the ground.. are you saying the yoke in the cockpit doesn't move, or the plane itself doesn't respond?
  14. I am. I also tried removing all add ons (FSUIPC, ASN, AISmooth) in case it was some kind of interference, no change. Molly Norris
  15. FSX-MS

    Ran into this myself recently and frankly, it ticks me off.. I totally understand and accept the closing of their business, but could they have at least turned off the activation limits before hand? All of the products I bought from them over the years are useless now.