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  1. found it :) over top of the engines support
  2. Thanks a lot @ubersu ! And do you or anyone know where are exactly located the logo lights bulbs?? (PS im working on a free addon i will release soon, i hope you will like it)
  3. Ok ok. Got it loud and clear :) I will add them in my next free addon. Stay tuned.
  4. No ranting. "how developers make use of"... This is exactly the point. With default stuff they just do not look as intended.
  5. Yeah right
  6. Ok i see. But, does anybody have noticed that with DL enabled the airplanes' landing lights at night do not illuminate ground enough? Just a very faint light, useless. EDIT: Please, this post is about visual effect of DL and how they look like. It is not about performance or MSAA, SSAA or whatever.
  7. O_o I know what it means. I dont undertand what is the limitation in Slait's sentence.
  8. What is the caveat?
  9. Ok it works. It was my other PC having problems.
  10. is that the right file?
  11. yes i tried. no success. btw, i downloaded this a twelve years old application...
  12. Hi Gerard, and thanks for your reply. Actually that is the point... it works ONLY for some add.ons, and they have to be well-developed. The fail @ LM was to introduce this feature in an universal way, and in my opinion it is a failure.
  13. does not start in windows 10
  14. In my opinion it is a joke, still in a too much early development state. It just mess up things.
  15. Hello everybody! I would like to ask if someone knows about the CRJ's front landing gear lighting system: Do the taxi light rotate-pan as the gear is steering? Do the gear have two landing lamps as well? Thanks a lot!