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  1. In my modest opinion, using a vr headset and be constrained to use mouse, keyboard and joystick, is completely pointless in a vr way of thinking.
  2. Hi, i can't use the oculus touch controllers. Is that as intended? you can't manipulate gauges with touch controllers, do you?
  3. There would be a super simple fix for fslabs seatbelts. Just adding a small gauge in the panel.cfg that checks the A:SEATBELTS variable and assign it to an L:var that SLC can read. May work?
  4. Hi Steve, glad to hear (again) from you! We discussed this via email, and you know my opinion, which i think lot of other simmers would agree. I hope that SLC will point more towards a PILOT oriented analisys, on how good or bad we actually fly, and not only the crew aspect. @kowen you that you got SLC, for example, can you tell me what happens if you don't use the lights in a proper way? Or if you open the doors while airborne? Or if you don't respect speed limits about taxing, or about altitudes... How does it work the flight scoring system, if there is one? Ok, all this might not be the purpose of SLC. But it's just what i need and i hope since years.
  5. I'm still not 100% convinced, and as i told i never tried it. I am looking and waiting for some PILOT oriented software, not a crew simulator... Just a stupid example, i bet that in PACX and SLC both if you open the door at 20.000ft or if you fly 320 knots at 1.000 ft... nothing happens in your rating. You know what i mean. We fly virtual airplanes, we do not work as stewards in virtual companies.
  6. Hello! As topic title, does anyone have tried this software? https://slc.lanilogic.com How's it?
  7. Thanks for sharing your experience. Please keep me updated, about how they support you, and about the software itself, if you ever will get it. Thanks! Anyways i think Self Loading Cargo is a better software, but i haven't tried it. https://slc.lanilogic.com
  8. Hi do u mean 0.9.9? Im also interested to know something
  9. no need, they'll reply that rex EF simply overwrite constantly the visibility layer
  10. unfortunately no, it's just poorly coded
  11. Infact, i cannot get how to make an ils approach with the provided fms. If i set NAV1 to the ILS frequency, set appr and set nav to drive the plane, it works, but it's far away from comfortable. I do not know every ils freq by mind... Could somebody please explain me the exact procedures?
  12. VC remains extremely poor for 2019 standards. @SunDevil56 did u get any answer?
  13. Jerry on his review compared PACX to FSPax... "Basically it’s an updated version of FSPassengers" 😄 that made my day 😄
  14. i still can't put the plane in a full dark and cold state. Is it me doing something wrong, or is it this plane extremely poor coded?
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