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  1. Is it possible to use neofly on a different pc over LAN, and using another pc for MSFS?
  2. Almost one year passed since the release of MSFS. And i still do not see any useful utilities addon. For example: AI traffic with liveries and schedules (i.e.: UT Live) "Career-Company like" utility (i.e.: FSPassengers. Please don't tell there are some: nothing available today is acceptable) Proper camera management (i.e.: Chaseplane) ...and a lot more that have already been developed for FSX or P3D, and work very well. For this reasons mainly i quitted playing MSFS, hoping something will come out, but at this point i quit my hopes. Is it really this hard to code addons for MSFS? Bad work from MS and Asobo about SDKing? Share your opinion please.
  3. I confirm, same here. So tired to be alpha tester working for MS-Asobo. And without been payed 😂
  4. Naturally i tried, no luck, and me and other peolpe say that moving windows DROPS fps, so i just wanted to have a look at what you say, having an increase. I asked kindly and other people asked as well,if you can show fps increasing making a video capture. No problem dude, actually i don't care no more, it is super ok And hey, this is the real avsim forum spirit!
  5. Oh no, thanks to you, definetely helpful 😀👍
  6. O_o actually it HALVES the fps with VSync on. And decrese 5-6 fps with VSync off. If you say otherwise, please prove it,as other people kindly asked.
  7. Well, looks like we've got a private Joker here. 😊
  8. Did the check list. Negative, Absolute no change. Microstutters always there. 30fps fixed. Ryzen7 3800X 2080Ti 32GB ram Win updated, Drivers updated, 60fps buttersmooth in GTAV, DeathStranding, any other "heavy" games.
  9. no difference for me if on or off. i firmly think that if you apply this tweak and it works, means that your system have some problems.
  10. Anybody would share his-her performance headroom in oculus environment, as OP topic?
  11. Hello everybody, I think i'm missing something. Here's my system: CPU: Ryzen 7 3800X @4300Mhz GPU: RTX 2080 Ti RAM: 32GB HyperX Predator @3333Mhz CL16 Not a monster, but not trash, i think (?) When i read some posts in forums or watch youtube videos about MSFS2020 in VR, i read/hear the word "SMOOTH"... And this just makes me laugh. I wanted to follow some guide (i don't want to name names) on some very famous youtuber channel about MSFS in VR. I set up the OpenXR registry "hack" to make use of Oculus api JSON. I setup OpenXR @70% rendering as suggested. Everything else is default. (and anyways any setting here seems to make no difference). In Oculus app, supersampling is 1, default. I set some common nvidia settings via Inspector: Maximum prerendered frames = 1 VR prerendered frames = 1 Threaded Optimization = On Power management = Maximum performance Aniso Sample Optimization = On Negative LOD Bias = Allow Texture filtering quality = High performance Trilinear Optimization = On Vertical Sync = Fast Sync I set ingame settings to be able to reach at least 30-35 fps in VR. With Oculus Tray Tool i set the "mirror" FOV to 0.70, to theorically gain performance. AWS 30Hz (to stick with the FPS i can obtain). VR Server running at hign priority. MSFS running at high priority. Disable fullscreen optimizations for the game .exe Run it as Admin. Win game mode off, Win HAGS off. ..............And so on and so on and so on......... All the common things a normal gamer should know. And, well, it is everything but "smooth". I wonder how that guy with an I5 8600K, a 1080TI and 16 RAM can say "it runs SMOOTH as silk"... That PC performances less than half mine. Now it comes your help, AVSIM friends: depending on ingame settings, i get a Performance Headroom of -120, yes MINUS 120... to 4/5. so how it could be even close to "smooth"?! How one can say a game runs smooth with so little PH percentage?! Every game with that PH makes you puke after 5 minutes 'couse of stuttering and juddering and wobbling. I play Alyx and Medal of Honor @ full details, and they are SMOOTH FOR REAL. Please, tell me what is your Performance Headroom, maybe it is just me missing something.
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