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  1. It would be great if it was an option... please consider it. Visually, yes there is a large difference.
  2. I asked a friend who is based there, she says that it was a ramp agent, not a mechanic.
  3. I absolutely love the Flysimware LJ35... highly recommended! With the GTN750, it's a complete suite.
  4. Yep, I'd reckon it has to do with atmospheric conditions as well... denser air, less dense air, etc... cool!
  5. Indeed, I've got quite a few hours in a Level-D 744 sim thanks to come airline connections and I never felt that it wanted to pitch down... forcing the nose down was always a common occurrence.
  6. Cold beer must certainly be an option... imagine the spray off the nose of the can as it is opened.
  7. Known issue, only way to stop it until it is fixed would be to disable labels completely.
  8. I'm uhhhh... also gonna need you to come in on Sunday...
  9. Haha, good find! Those'll make walkarounds easier.
  10. Oh I completely understand, I browsed through all 165 pages the night I got her... but you know, some people.... : :He He:
  11. I thought it was be a good idea to start a post where we can list features or easter eggs we have found in the 747! I was talking to a friend of mine who had no idea that you can middle-click on any of the landing light switches to move them all at the same time... that has been around since the 777 and he still had no idea! Another didn't know about the autothrottle click spot on the MCP, and the fact that it has 3 different functions. I remember Robert mentioned in this article: http://www.avsim.com/topic/495787-01oct16-pmdg-747-400-queen-of-the-skies-ii-is-moving-to-beta-testing/ I wonder what that surprise is! So if you have found something cool, neat, what have you... post it here, you might have discovered something no one else found!
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