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  1. Seriously. I find it almost laughable that people who have probably never stepped in a 777 cockpit (or even a sim), are trying to point out things the crew is doing wrong. Like, yeah, I get it, you don't need to have an ATP to say "Hey he probably shouldn't be doing that", but on the flip side, we no nothing of the situation on the flight deck. Amusingly, I always notice that non-pilot simmers (that is to say, simmers who don't hold a license of any kind) on VATSIM are always very strict and uptight about certain things that in the real world is just not that big of a deal.
  2. Wow, that's a bummer Truly is one of the most majestic planes out there, and being a former UPS manager who worked the graveyard shift on the ramp, I have a particular weakness for the MD-11 (especially in that livery!)
  3. Well, okay. Wasn't aware that using the MD-11 in P3D... It works fine after tweaking it a bit, and I don't use FSX anymore. Just didn't want to abandon this beautiful bird.
  4. I fly it everyday in P3D! It works like a champ, and it looks even better since I downloaded a VC update pack to make the flight deck more up to par with newer aircraft. Are we not suppose to or something?
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