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  1. That's interesting! Can you see any differences in the way the Brits do these as opposed to the Americans? I only flew this approach because the airfield in question had put out a NOTAM essentially begging for traffic due to controller currency. I asked if they would give me a PAR approach and they were happy to do it, so I took this chance! I don't think I would have gotten it on normal non-Covid times. It was my first time I flew this approach and really liked the experience! Next time I won't forget to acknowledge the gear down thing as the military guys like you to do (the civilian ATCs don't care about this!) If you were in Spain, I bet it was either Rota or Morón. I did my initial flight training in Jerez LEJR and flew over the Rota airspace many times, above their controlled airspace.
  2. RAF Wittering - Talkdown Approach Precision Approach Radar (PAR) Rwy 25 Precision approach radar (PAR) is a type of radar guidance system designed to provide lateral and vertical guidance to an aircraft pilot for landing, until the landing threshold is reached. Precision approach radars are most frequently used at military air traffic control facilities. Controllers monitoring the PAR displays observe each aircraft's position and issue instructions to the pilot that keep the aircraft on centreline and glidepath during final approach. After the aircraft reaches the decision height (DH), further guidance is advisory only. The overall concept is known as ground-controlled approach (GCA), and this name was also used to refer to the radar systems in the early days of its development. METAR EGXT 311350Z 20009KT CAVOK 22/10 Q1018 RMK BLU=
  3. https://www.x-plane.com/kb/setting-the-rendering-options-for-best-performance/
  4. Many people panic when the temperatures get above 80C but I don't see it as a big deal. When I OC my i9 9900k I want to make sure that it can run Prime95 Small FFTs (no AVX) for 15 min and the max core temperature doesn't get higher than 95C. Yes, 95C is a very high temperature but this is a thermal stress test. There is no other real workload in which it will get anywhere near there. Most of the times if the OC is badly done the PC will either crash or the temperatures will runaway until PC shutdown within the first few seconds from launching the test. Running X-Plane 11 and live streaming it at the same time for 7 hours -a good real usage stress test for me- brings the MAX CPU temp to 81C and the average to 69C. My CPU is OC to 5.0 GHz, HT OFF and I am using a Noctua NH-U14S.
  5. 😂 X-Plane is one of those "love-hate" kind of relations. I want to love it, but it drives me crazy sometimes. It seems performance hasn't been a main concern for them historically. (and no, I get your sass but no zero star reviews from me. Overall I am happier in my life having X-Plane over not having it, even with all its flaws...) What I don't get is their ideal FPS range of 25 to 35. I mean, who are they kidding? 35 is "usable" but hardly "ideal". Ideal is 45-60. The difference in smoothness is very noticeable.
  6. Hello, I am using 11.41, so OpenGL. Do you mean the low resolution Active Sky cloud replacement is “lower” resolution than the default clouds?
  7. I will have a look, thank you. On the other hand, would you expect to have to resort to this with an i9 9900k CPU and a RTX 2080 Super GPU? Shouldn't a system like this be able to handle the default XP-11 without tweaking its files?
  8. Thanks Steve, The other argument in favour of HT ON is that my PC is not dedicated 100% to X-Plane, I'm doing other things on it and HT on is nice to have for productivity etc. How do I set Affinity Mask? I used to use Process Lasso but gave it up after a while as I thought that it didn't really help at all and I had some suspicions that it was preventing X-Plane from loading scenery correctly during flight.
  9. On the contrary, it's the higher number that shows the bottleneck! That number represents the time to draw one frame, the longer it takes, the worse. It's an inverse relation to FPS.
  10. Thanks very much, I will try increasing the CPU fan speed! I am using a Noctua NH-U14S with one fan. I will also try your settings and I will look for Realbench, the non-Asus version. Two days ago I run Memtest86, the full 4 passes which took almost 6h. Two errors were detected runing Test 8. I went into the BIOS and saw the DRAM Voltage set to 1.35, I changed it to Auto, re-run Memtest86 and now it passed it with no errors. However, Auto seems to set 1.51V on the DRAM, is this not too much? My RAM is Corsair Vengeance DDR4 at 3200 MHz. I am using XMP II profile. What's the difference to XMP I anyway?
  11. Hi Howard, What is your take on the HWInfo screenshot from above? I still can't get to pass Asus Realbench stability testing. It detects instability after around 15 minutes into the stress test. Any ideas as to what I could do other than increasing Vcore as that will push up my temps too high?
  12. Folks, Maybe someone is interested in these numbers I will present. Having OCed the CPU to 5.1 GHz with HT OFF, this is the HWInfo report after a 2.5h session in X-Plane 11.41 in which I flew two VFR flights within the Balearic Islands, with the JustFlight PA28R Turbo Arrow, SpainUHD orthos, Active Sky XP (with stormy weather) and the following settings: Graphics quality: HDR; Texture quality: maximum; Anti aliasing: 4x SSAA + FXAA; Objects: maxium; Reflections: off; No shadows checked. Resolution: 1440p. FPS during the flight: consistently above 50 FPS, I would say average 60 FPS with peaks of up to 100-110 FPS. I reset HWInfo before starting X-Plane and took the screenshot right after closing X-Plane so that the average values were representative.
  13. You should aim for the "aiming point" which are 1000 ft down the runway from the threshold. After flare, usually you will touch down slightly past the aiming point but within the touchdown zone. Don't obsess with vertical speed; it's more important to touch down with the correct attitude, within the touchdown zone, aligned with the centre line and without floating too much. Have the aircraft perform an autoland to see how it does it.
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