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  1. Hi, Brian. I’m in New York. I’d be willing to ship, for a discount, as components, minus the case, a kind of “kit,” as it were, if it would help with fees, duties and GST best, Marshall
  2. Yep. This is all you need. Even if you're Rob Ainscough! 9900KS Gigabyte Aorus Master MoBo 64 GB RAM Titan RTX Aquantia 10GBE Ethernet card 2TB Intel 660P M.2 Custom loop for CPU and GPU 360+240 rads. Lian-Li 011XL Corsair 1200 watt PSU NO KEYBOARD, MONITOR. Shipping/handling may not be cheap, as loop will have to be drained and components heavily padded. LOCAL PICKUP PREFERRED--AND FREE. Lovingly built. Quiet and fast. $3300 + Shipping/Handling, or best offer. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5qet5sd570yekc1/IMG_0114.jpeg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/fperspxeggj17zf/IMG_0108.jpeg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8xl7kutuhngej9s/IMG_0107.jpeg?dl=0
  3. Indeed. And for so many reasons, regardless of anyone’s particular beliefs. We come here for sanity. And we discover community.
  4. >>do you have the CLS-E NG ? Yair, No. I have the more expensive one, the CLS-E marshall
  5. The Brunner is very much the real thing. Real company, with a range of products built mainly for the professional simulator sector. Built in Switzerland, with all that implies about precision manufacturing. Well supported. I've had a software fix identified, coded and pushed to me in a mater of hours. Really first-class stuff.
  6. To actually offer something helpful, the Q-A answer in the dev blog (Not an entry in its own right, so perhaps easy to overlook.) says these are non-consequential lines for desktop users, and thus can safely be ignored. Will be cleaned up in the next drop. Best, marshall
  7. 3M Velcro picture frame mounting strips. About 10 of them held my CLS-E securely.
  8. Nice! Does it have an identifier? Best, Marshall
  9. Looks great. Is this a fictional airport, or does it exist RW? Best, Marshall
  10. The point is, after so many years, with such a well-known problem, it's absurd to be asking for more bug reports. This must be one of the most-bugged issues X-Plane has. Asking for more bug reports is part of the problem, not the solution. That's the point. Austin has designed a wonderful product. However, on this, he is either incapable of, or resistant to, fixing the problem. I suspect, and it's only a suspicion based on his thinking on the rest of the sim, because he doesn't know how to fix it from first-principles. And that, again, is my only complaint: There's no need to fix it from first principles--it's a luxury and, at this point, self-indulgent. Just fudge it. However it works best, whether it's theoretically pure or not. Fudge the thing. Believe it or not, when time and resources are not infinite, but some sort of solution is desired, that's actually the best engineering practice. Best, Marshall
  11. >>He need decent input not whining ...<< No whining. I and others can only tell him whatever it is, it doesn't work. And if this were a new problem, I suppose more data-gathering would be useful. It's not. X-Plane has had lousy ground handling for a decade. We sent people to the moon in eight. And designed the atom bomb in three. More theories from the customers won't help. Nor will a eureka moment. That's my point. Fixing it from first principles, though admirable, may not be possible or practicable and, in any case, is not even needed. Practical engineering, at this point, calls for a nice, inelegant, 80/20, kludge. I don't care WHY the plane slides all over the runway, I just want it to STOP sliding all over the runway, with the quickest solution and fewest tradeoffs possible. Best, Marshall
  12. >>It'd be more reassuring if he wasn't still telling people to file bug reports.<< Exactly. More user information is NOT going to help here. Nor is an endless search for some fundamental "key" to understanding the problem. It's like not wanting to do your homework because. . .The universe is expanding. This cries out for an empirical fix, not some ground-up "discovery." Austin's futile search for more data hinges on the assumption (fallacious) the X-Plane is fundamentally "correct" at all. The dirty little secret is that all flight modeling, all of it, is based on assumptions, and limiting conditions, and pragmatically allocating computing resources that won't be free or even cheap for decades of hardware development, yet. So the answer is, just fix it, whether it's theologically correct or not! Best, Marshall
  13. There's a good (and heated) RW debate here: http://www.pprune.org/tech-log/279544-t-speed-mode-landing-737-a.html Enjoy!
  14. I have a 3.5 Six-Core Pro with the D500. It's pretty dreadful. X-Plane now resides on my ugly, stupid, noisy, clunky monster Windows rig I built for simming. A shame.
  15. I heartily concur--with your assessment of the bad and the good. It seems we're all prisoners of Austin's enthusiasms, misconceptions (see his blanket statements about turboprops), and blind spots--for better and for worse. I think, though, that every software developer needs "An Austin." They just also need a normal human being for the other, more customer-facing aspects, of running a business. Remember War Games? "Remember when you asked me to tell you when you were acting rudely and insensitively?. . . You're doing it now." "Mister Potato Head. Mister PoTAAAAYto HEAD!!" Best, Marshall
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