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  1. Seems to be the same for me, I was wondering if the culprit was my not very fast internet connection but then I guess it is not ? Maybe it is normal…? Pierre
  2. Hi, If you want to have 3D vehicles ( baggage cart, catering truck, fuel loader) during loading, you will have to call them and over using ATC window or another plugin. That is a pity you can not have them to appear automatically while loading through the EFB, or even manually. We need GSX !!! Pierre
  3. Thanks all for advices ! I think I will try the payware scenery Pierre
  4. Hi, I love Kai Tak but I am wondering about Navdata if one wants to land or takeoff with a modern airliner such as Fenix or PMDG ? Are the procedures available on the FMC ? Pierre
  5. It is an issue everywhere. A week ago, flying over Mont Blanc, 40C temp on ground and all the Mont Blanc area was snow covered… immersion breaking. I don’t understand why it is not a priority bug since the beginning. But good to know there is no such issue with preset weather. I would like to know how to set wind in a preset so it increase with altitude, just like with live weather though.
  6. Yes, what is the truth about those LNAV/VNAV improvements ? Pierre
  7. Yep, I am not so excited anymore seeing this… but is it really the LNAV 2.0 in this screenshot ? Pierre
  8. Hi, I am using Flight Recorder to replay my landing but the reversers do not open on touch down. Is there any trick I can use so that reversers get animated during the replay ? Best regards, Pierre
  9. Hi, I am looking for the above mentioned Pinned topic for the work around but can’t find it on the Discord … Someone can help me ? Pierre
  10. Hi, I am looking for the above mentioned Pinned topic for the work around but can’t find it on the Discord … Someone can help me ? Pierre
  11. Thanks @Sethos and @fppilot, that was the whole point. Nevermind, I understood it is not doable, so I created a preset that look the most like the live weather I had matching QNH and atmosphere. I really wanted to do the RNAV02W in SBRJ but not with 160/11KT 😉 Discussion is closed though Pierre
  12. He he yeah I might do that 😉 I know one dance to avoid CTD and it works ! Well sure it is not live anymore but à least it would be current conditions. Thanks anyway Pierre
  13. Hi, I am wondering if there is a way to edit the live weather, or I should say edit a snapshot of the live weather ? I just would like to keep live weather settings and change the wind direction so I can land on the runway I want. I often did that with Active Sky in XP. Pierre
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