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  1. Hi, Regarding V1 recommendation, does he mean he puts reactivity to 0% ? I am at 30 currently. Pierre
  2. Will the A300 be more polished than the freeware A310 or same level ? Pierre
  3. Let’s not forget A320 is one of the most complex aircraft to be modeled in a flightsim. I think it is a step above a 737 or a 777 in regards to system complexity Pierre
  4. I did a test yesterday with the Fenix. I let it smash on the runway by disconnecting the AP at 100ft and let it touch without flaring. Goal was to observe flare law because yes, V2 is easier to land now but you barely need to pull the stick to have a nice landing. Well, FSI reported a rate of 368 ft/min landing when I « smashed » the runway which is about the rate I often got when landing the V1 🙃 It is quite less than the rate of descent of a 3 degrees glideslope though. I was expecting much more with the derotation law. I will try that test again. Pierre
  5. Hi, I like him too ! I like the fact he speaks his mind and opinion even if it may hurt someone ( but only the truth should hurt …😉). I am also keen of his videos because at least you always learn something… it is not always this streaming stuff where the video is always cut by someone chiming in and the youtuber have to thank him every 30 seconds. Fenix A320 is marvelous, and I really enjoy flying it. But people like me and I guess 737NG also do want the Fenix to be perfect, moreover because we know how capable the team is. That is why I do not agree when I read people telling they won’t buy an hypothetical FSLAB A320 because of FENIX. People will buy it IF it outperformed the FENIX regarding the Airbus system and flying quality fidelity. Future will tell but I really hope FENIX will do all they can to stay ahead. To conclude, I can not see any nasty sayings in the last videos of 737NG regarding Fenix V2. It is clear and factual. Pierre
  6. So far from all the videos I watched on Youtube, the landings were not that nice which disappointed me a bit. I have not tried the update yet though. Maybe the secret is about joystick sensitivity settings. Also noticed from “respected” Youtuber that Flaps 3 configuration seems to lack drag a lot and clean conf seems to much draggy Pierre
  7. Hi, For those who did not see that : “In advance of the release later today, please see the current known issues. - EXPED is a magic space button. Not behaving correctly at the moment. - AP roll is a little too snappy on certain occasions - Pitch FD bar coupling could be better - DIR TO with no FROM/TO entries causes crashes - Additionally please note that SU13 beta is not supported as it's not a full release of the program. Thanks.” Pierre
  8. Well, it is a nice addition but not until the FO will look like a character from Uncharted 4 or at least Read Dead Redemption 2 as a benchmark. If the whole sim is nearly photo realistic, characters should be as well. I know : Easier to say than do Pierre
  9. Hi, it is a great 1st step but we are not yet to the point where we can save the whole state while in the flight and replay the approach as long as we want. Now, if thanks to that, user could have the ability to create and share their own ATC scenario…😀 Pierre
  10. +1 It is a new way to enjoy flying airliners in MSFS. I really hope we will continue to get lot of voices scenario from now on. It is really immersive. Maybe a good idea would be to get a process defined so user can create and share their own scenario, maybe with a quality check in between, and using good ai voices such as OP said. Everyone should try FSI panel ! Pierre
  11. Hi, I am not surprised at all and frankly it was to be expected. Flight Simulator is becoming a franchise again just like Forza Motorsport and Call of Duty. Since it also has a great share of market on the Xbox, it has to be seen like any other AAA. 4 years is not that bad, it may be 2 years in the future…like in the old days. Pierre
  12. Hi, I have that with FSLTL from the beginning. Just do not perform 2 legs flight nor watching replay or you end up in this situation. Pierre
  13. There is definitely something going on in the flare. Either the plane float, either the landing is too hard. The window for a good landing seems really really small. It seems as if you are not in the perfect energy state during the flare, you can’t get a normal landing. I tried to shoot a few approaches in a row using FSI panel and I can’t get a clear pattern to manage the flare correctly. Even with the same technic the results differ widely. You need to be as precise as autoland to get a good landing ie begining the flare at the right time, right speed, right pitch up rate and right pitch attitude. If one of those parameters is wrong, then it results in a bad landing, which seems a bit to much unforgiving in my opinion. But as others say, we still love the plane 😄 Pierre
  14. Why no one is doing KLGA which is such a marvelous airport ? Busy, scenic and challeging approaches. That is a dream of airport for airliner in my opinion. No, Feelthere version is too bad to be considered ( I own it though faute de mieux) Pierre
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