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  1. Thank you very much, it’s pretty clear for me now. Best regards, Pierre
  2. Hi, I am late to the party too. Thanks for your great work! I am using FSEnhancer package, I was wondering if I could use Xvision in parallel without having the 2 interfering? I was wondering if FSE lua file might modify the same things as xVision? I mainly want to use the post process effect to get rid of Reshade. best regards, Pierre
  3. Superb news! Was not aware of this! The job on Better Pushback is amazing. I have great expectations with the TBM. Keep up the good work, Pierre
  4. xEnviro is also very light performance wise, and the weather do not pop up like default one. It is great flying high in airliner. But there will always be some problem due to it not using default weather input system. No custom weather, wind input no compatible with WT3, no ATIS... So VFR with default weather, high flying IFR with xenviro Pierre
  5. Thanks for the answers! We'll see then Pierre
  6. Is this dataref available in 11.05 or just 11.10? Pierre
  7. Hi Xplaners! It is 2 times in a row I have got bird strikes during flights. 1st one at Vegas, double engine failures right before rotation. 2nd one the next flight at Heathrow, engine fire just before minimum . In between those flights I did set renopt birds =0 in xplane.prf but birds flocks are still there. Guess what it irritate me a lot ^^ We should be able to prevent this. Is there any other way to remove those birds? Best regards, Pierre
  8. Or just use Xorganizer.... Pierre
  9. Roger that Mario! Thanks for clarification. Pierre
  10. Hi Mario, May I ask you what is the w2xp overlay you are speaking about? Because I am using w2xp europe mix but I still need an overlay generated from default scenery to have the roads. Am I missing a file? Bedt regards, Pierre
  11. Really great! And it may also be usefull for orthophoto users if we can use HD Mesh V4 to build the overlay! It may give better results than with XP11 default overlay? Pierre
  12. Hi, Just wanted to ask : How is the WT3 traffic working whith addon aiports having custom static Aircraft on the apron? Best regards, Pierre
  13. Hello and thanks for your help, Indeed when re lauching XP11 yesterday, toe brakes were working! It was my intention to buy the Simcoders plugin so hope this bug will not appear again. Best regards, Pierre
  14. Hello all, I need some help here. I just installed XP11.05 and went for my hardware calibration and setting before I tried the 172 out. Both my HOTAS Warthog and Thrusmaster Pro Flight Rudder are detected (although I do not have a picture for the rudder). I calbrated my rudder and toe axis properly and assigned the correct axis. But the toe brakes are not working in game.... In the setting screen, all is working ok, axis are moving properly. I tried to reverse but did not help. Is that a known problem? Any fix to be known? My rudder and toe brakes are working fine in XP10 and DCS... Best regards, Pierre also posted on the org forum
  15. Pochi

    LGMK to LGSK

    Very nice! Could you please tell me what are the scenery used? Thanks for all your screeshots, Pierre