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  1. Hi, I bump up this post in reaction to @Murmur post regarding wrong clouds height due to lua script dataref modification. I am currently using Vivid sky lua script and got this altitude problem with clouds which is bad when you are expecting a 200ft ceiling but you exit clouds at 1500ft... So I would like to try editing the vivid script and find out which dataref modification should be cancelled in order to solve the problem. Any help to identify these dataref would be appreciated, Best regards, Pierre
  2. I would not expect too much from new FS2020 by reading the status of current alpha...right now it is nothing more than nice graphics. All the remaining aspects we can expect from a simulator are completely missing or messed up. It will be a miracle if all what was announced is delivered on launch. I am even more bugged by the fact that PMDG has announced they developing for this sim. Let’s hope I am wrong because frankly it is good for the eyes and clouds are a dream! Pierre
  3. Hi, I am not complaining about the TBM at the .org but I can say I have a few complaints to tell about the TBM, enough that I do not fly it anymore. The systems are top notch but the flightmodel regarding feeling of flight is weird. The aircraft is very twitchy on the pitch axis and I find it very difficult to fly manually. It is hard to explain, but take the Jrollon SF260 for exemple or Aerobask DR400, those just feel right. I fly 172, 182 and 210 as my job, and I can say the bigger and faster the more stable is the aircraft, the easier it is to handle. Also the G1000 has some limitations. I know it is xplane default one behind and that is not Hotstart fault if there are missing functions or erroneous behavior (especially VNAV does not work as the real one and is such a great function of G1000) . In fact it is a pity that the G1000 is not up to the complexity of others systems. Third, it is surely a bug I need to investigate properly with support, but since the last update, every time I launch the TBM, I get a pop up from my audio device that ask me to choose the output for my sound. whatever I choose I get no more sound in Xplane. The only way to get my sound back is to restart Xplane. All my others planes are fine. Well, I write this because Goran asked about Flightmodel complaint above but in the end, I am glad I bought the TBM because the developer worked very hard on the systems and went through a bunch of limitions that make this aircraft unique. It is so near perfection... Pierre
  4. Yep, so horrible...how can they update a product and worsen the visual? It is unbelievable... I still do not have installed the last UWXP version. I am running Xvision only now. Pierre
  5. Hello, Anyone tried the internal FSE 0.6.3 beta available via their Facebook page? Screenshots are impressive! https://m.facebook.com/FSEteam/posts/2380450418701086?__xts__[0]=68.ARC4M8AoMIpNpGSPBtfmK7lFPKqE00B3QVQJWbbHkPPX1kcF0hke7GbXatfhmLb6KvPEUCv3E3Q_mvLLG0-n3YG-0ThkeWpZUKd47uKQfeIrC0qiC2MceLqTpU2goj62rM64cnvOLY-i0wWNI_T0UtJLKfmpIPtqVqgfdgS0TLmyhI69yeIi1jA6HAGQ_SDdks6OouIZBtOSE9NOa2uXSuyLpNy6DCBfQaOqVBAAyTGodFjHX3egYgLs5sglE5ELXqQYFesd0dGYYnldZVFjQjMcVNLdZIoyJGXRy29iuSH__vBQNDkb5kszDMsVxwZTbE5TISlOd45gBtKxzrpsw3yoi3tl&__tn__=-R Pierre
  6. Thank you for the advice, it will make things simplier. Maybe weather will work better also! Pierre
  7. Hi, I just invested in Xvision today. I was using UWXP 2.4.1 with Reshade (sharpen and curves only). I wanted to try it out if I could replace Reshade and maybe UWXP. For now I tried a solution by Filou I found on Orbx forum which mixes with UWXP but the result is not so great on my system. For those using Xvision, could you please advice what is the best available solution to try out ? Thanks for help, Pierre
  8. I agree with Golfpilot! There is for sure an handling problem with TBM900. It is too difficult. It is sad that you do not want to acknowledge this problem. Maybe you could confirm the behavior with another TBM pilot? Pierre
  9. Thank you! I will try to build the area between Tokyo and Osaka. Pierre
  10. Hi, That is great news indeed! Anyone know the best ortho source for Japan? Bing is really inconsistent. Pierre
  11. Yep, known issue with current flight dynamics in Xplane. They really need to do something about it. If I remember well it used to work great in XP10. Pierre
  12. For sure, it looks good but it is only one specific type of cloud and weather...uniform overcast low level stratus layer. We have yet to see some more puffy, vertical and isolated structure. Pierre
  13. Lights seem to be no more visible through the cloud! Pierre
  14. Thank you very much, it’s pretty clear for me now. Best regards, Pierre
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