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  1. I don't think so, not any time in the near future anyways.
  2. Or the best is to way until Asobo completely get's rid of that old FSX code 🙂
  3. Hello all! Here are my findings with unlimited FPS to test. Seems like DX11 is better for me. Also using TAA with a LOD of 150. With that I can almost be stutter free. My goal is to lock frames to 40fps. i9-9900K OC to 4.8GHz - RTX 3080 Fenix A320 + LatinVFR KFLL + Ian (Hurricane) Inside Virtual Cockpit + Outside View
  4. Ah cool! So I will give DX12 a try now. Also, is this DX12 optimization with this new driver ONLY for DLSS?
  5. I really hope Nvidia releases new drivers today...Think they will?
  6. Now I wonder if SU 10 will be a different build than the latest SU 10 Beta.
  7. Ok Nvidia, now release the new drivers... Also, I''l take a 4080 16GB please.
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