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  1. Lot's to read but if I understand correctly: DLAA: Runs at your current resolution but gives a better image quality then TAA | More GPU demanding. DLSS: Runs at a lower resolution but then upscales it. | More CPU demanding. So if you have a good system, you should want to use DLAA over TAA for better quality, correct? Now if I try to use DLAA, I do get ghosting in the instruments and screens...Is that a know bug Asobo needs to fix? Does updating DLSS to 3.7 have any effect on DLAA? Thanks all!
  2. Right, but I sound he was using a PC AT the an expo lol....Oops.
  3. I mean was this even your PC at the expo? I'm confused...If you used a demo PC at the Expo and then made assumption because of ONE short experience you had....So yea, I do find that interesting that you made this assumption.
  4. It's interesting how people come to a conclusion so quickly....
  5. Interesting because it's been perfect for me....And MSFS is loving that 7800X3D....Best decision in this new build was to go from Intel to AMD. Also, depends where and who builds the PC. Someone who is experience will know what hardware runs well with AMD.
  6. Same here, I do get some weird ghosting/jitters with TAA & FG. Other than that, locked at 60fps with the Fenix and smooth 99% of the time.
  7. Almost a month in and I am loving this new rig! Here is a little video with my specs and settings.
  8. Heading to LaGuardia today to see MK Studios' latest airport if you want to take a live look.
  9. I'm sorry but in my opinion you can't compare Jo's work with ORBX.
  10. It will not be released as an early access...He just has an early access copy.
  11. If anyone else is experience ghosting/jitters with FG, please vote here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/frame-gen-jitters-ghosting/637612
  12. With FG off it's perfect..I am using TAA and upscaling as well.
  13. It's hard to see on the video but see how ONLY the PFD and ND has some sort of little jitters? After moving it takes one second for them to disappear. It's only when panning/moving around. Everything else is smooth. https://streamable.com/4edp5a
  14. Yes...it's very weird. I don't remember it being like that last week...Could it be the latest SU 15 Beta?
  15. I did...It's weird because it only the light shafts and the screens inside the VC....I feel like this didn't happen before. Maybe SU 15 latest Beta?
  16. Hello all! I am LOVING FG with my new 4070TI Super, however, when I have FG ON and FPS locked at 60 I get jitters in lights where panning around. They take a second or so to settle. These jitters happen on the Fenix A320 displays as well. VSYNC is set to off. Would anyone know why this is happening? Thanks!
  17. How does it compare with the DreamFlight version?
  18. Update: I have been flying with the Fenix A320, LOD 150, Render = 120 (4127x1727) with FG on and FPS locked at 60 FPS and it has been SOOO smooth! Very happy so far.
  19. No problem here with that either so far.
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