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  1. The other nice thing is if you don't clean out the folder, you don't need to regenerate the flight if you want to run it again. There are plenty of things an EFB can give I like, but even on the FBW it will pull the Simbrief info for reference, but I need to also pull it from the MCDU.
  2. Good lord do I feel seen. My SIM Brief is full of real flights, flight numbers, etc. It's a hot mess in SimBrief and my head. As an aside, I wish there was a way to sort on flight duration.
  3. As an aside, if you do the game pass route, I'd advise against buying anything from the Marketplace. If, like me, you do that and then decide on a Steam sale to get the sim, those purchases do not transfer over. That was not a happy moment.
  4. They just need to release it already so we can move on to the "Complain about the Price" portion of the agenda. 🙂
  5. No that's him. Chewwy is on Twitch mostly, I think. I usually use YouTube for my video content so I don't catch a lot of them.
  6. I think they are, although the FBW does skew it slightly. They occupy the same price point (roughly), and someone who can only afford one study level aircraft, I imagine there is a lot of comparison between the Fenix and PMDG offerings. I know I can't afford both, so I use the FBW and bought the PMDG.
  7. Two reason: The throttle on the Logitech is good for GA type aircraft, but I'm not sure it has the range of precision I'd need. The more important one is, I opened a ticket with Thrustmaster and I am expecting the usual round of "try this" and I don't want to have to keep changing the Flypad settings. It's a brand new unit so I am expecting there will be a replacement one in my near future. This is just temporary until I get this resolved.
  8. Thanks. I also need to remember the FBW documentation is pretty good. I found some good mappings here that I added to my StreamDeck flyPad Throttle Calibration - FlyByWire Simulations Documentation
  9. So, my TCA Airbus throttle has died (see my post in hardware about that tale of woe). Trying to hit the detents for the A320 on my Logitech Extreme throttle does not sound like a good time. Since the only settings I really need TOGA, CLR, Idle and Reverse, I am working if there is a keyboard command or setting I can use.
  10. Cross-post from the MSFS forum in case anyone here has any ideas. I am having a frustrating, somewhat maddening problem with my Thrustmaster TCA Airbus quadrant, with the two addons. This seems different from the usual “loses connection” issues I’ve seen. I bought the pack around Christmas, and shortly after that also bought the PMDG 737. In order to get the flaps etc to work with the 737, I also got Spad.net and Lorby’s A&O. Neither of these I think are relevant, but hey, more data points. I fly mainly with the FBW A320 and the 737. I have run the calibration within FBW, as well as the hardware calibration on the actual unit. It happens with GA, not just the two. Really, any plane. The problem I have is around 30-40 min into the flight, most of the quadrant stops working. The usual result is the flaps and spoilers don’t work, and only the engine 2 throttle working. Sometimes, unplugging and repluging the unit in works, but the FBW REALLY hates it when that happens. Another frequent issue is the planes will take off and land without issue, but when I take another flight (it doesn’t really seem to matter if it’s the same craft or a different), the issue I noted above is in effect. When this happens, Windows still sees the device in device manager, and the Thrustmaster Control Panel see the unit. When it happens, however, the same thing happens in the control panel: Engine 2 is usually the axis that works. My general workaround was to reconnect the unit when I start a flight and that often lasts through the flight. So, here is what I have done to try and fix it: Different cables (both different USB-A to USB-C cables, and a straight USB-C cable). Different ports, hubs, etc. Setting the device and all the hubs to “do not shut power off” in Device Manager Completely removed all the bits of Spad and A&O just in case. Reinstalled the drivers, etc. Removed the drivers completely (this is where I am now) Reseated the SATA cables a lot. Completely emptied the community folder Today was probably the weirdest one. When I woke up, I launched the control panel, fidgeted with the quadrant it all worked fine. Opened the sim, and yep. Everything was working fine. It was hit or miss if even first in the morning the control panel would work. A few hours later, I opened the sim and the problem was there. I’d been using the computer all day for work. After uninstalling the drivers, I opened the Sim, and it worked fine. I quit the sim, relaunched it a little while later, and this time none of the addons worked, but both throttles worked. Rebooting fixed it. The only thing I haven’t tried is just disconnecting the addons for a few days to see if there is something wonky with those.
  11. An option I don't see get kicked around a lot, is buying the 737, and using the FBW A320. I know there are a lot of differences between the FBW and Fenix, it is a great option if you can only afford, or want to buy, one of the two. It's what I did. I really enjoy the FBW and haven't felt a need to upgrade to the Fenix, yet.
  12. That is an amazing story. It's nice seeing when RL and the sim intersect like this. I also can't wait to fly this plane.
  13. Thank you again, both of you. Much easier adjusting settings now. I did manage to get the -800 on the ground safely, at a good speed, and almost on the centerline today.
  14. Son of a .... I didn't even THINK of using the mousewheel. Thanks And yeah, now I know how to land a little better.
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