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  1. You said earlier you are using the Bravo? Do you use both? Yeah, for a test I'd just use the TCA native in MSFS without any of the other things and SPAD. I use spad, and it is easy to get a binding wrong.
  2. Can you show an image of the controls mapped to Flaps on your SPAD profile? Also, try it with the recommended MSFS profile settings by Fenix, and not use SPAD for a flight.
  3. There is a button on the overhead that specifies you are executing a flaps 3 landing. It's not on by default, and I imagine you aren't pressing it. I don't know why it pulls up. It's hard to view the widescreen videos, and the cell phone camera videos I can't read the ECAM messages. It looks like for some reason you aren't properly configured for landing and it is executing a go around.
  4. That is what we were looking for. Those are the usual suspects for your issue. Can you land fine with flaps 3? By any chance, do you have Flaps 3 pressed on the overhead?
  5. Did you check your icing and turbulence settings? A bunch of us here, and on the Fenix discord have tried to help you, but all we keep getting from you is "I am still having problems." What have you done to try and resolve this? Also, try using something like Davinci Resolve to crop down the video to the PFD/ECAM/FCP etc. That widescreen is impossible to read.
  6. 1: Jorg wants to up the quality of all the default airplanes. Hense the WT updates to the 747/787 2: The FBW does not have: a correct glareshield, sec flight plan, RNAV approaches, Missed approaches. The ini version has these.
  7. About a month ago, a group of us were flying the same course. Some on Vatsim, some not. We were spaced out pretty good, and I also think we were in different airframes. As we all hit the same geographical point, we all had the OPs problem. As near as we can tell, we hit an area where MSFS updated the weather and the changing conditions made the plane think something had happened and kicked off AP.
  8. Is it wrong I want the merger to go through so I can fly JetBlue A320n routes?
  9. I had a conversation with V1 Sims a while back before B1 came out. I mentioned, "it feels like it fights the sim." and he agreed. B1 did fix a lot of the overall issues I have with the plane. That said, with how much of the airplane runs in the external app, coupled with their desire to have an as faithful as possible A320, without stooping to LVFR levels, I can see a path of pain. In terms of the ini and the FBW, the challenge is if you fly for a VA in the states, unless it's for vSPIRIT, you need the Fenix if you want to fly a bus.
  10. To add to the pain, Dave also mentioned as a last resort they may have to write their own exporter, which could take months.
  11. I use it also. It is very good. The various modules you can get are amazing.
  12. EGNX is on Contrail for half off at $11. It's a masterwork of a scenery.
  13. I had a similar problem tonight. I know the Fenix quite well, so I was suprised it was acting up on me. Turns out, when SU14 beta reset my accessibility options, and I set them back, I missed "icing effects." The Fenix needs this to be off. Turning it off fixed the issue.
  14. Try giving yourself a few degrees of dead zone in Controller Settings to see if that fixes it.
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